tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Prefect Place Ch. 01

The Prefect Place Ch. 01


He was having a hard time trying to follow what she was telling him. All he could think about was how her lavender sundress sketched over her large breasts, after all he was a tit man.

“Could you please excuse me for a few minutes please. I need the little boys room.” he told her.

“Sure, its right over there.” she said smiling.

She stood at the window looking out, When she heard a loud moaning. She followed the sound, it was coming from the bathroom. Thinking he might be hurt she open the door and stop dead in her steps. He didn’t hear her, he was to busy jerking his cock.

“Oh yes take off that beautiful dress Dear and let me cum all over your huge fucking tit’s.” he grunted, then his cum shot all over the floor.

As quietly as she could, she left the bathroom, and went back to the window. A few minutes later he came out perfectly dressed.

“It is the most beautiful sunset I have seen in many years.” he said softly form behind her.

He told her that he wanted a place that was a little on the smaller side, and away from other people.

So over the next few months, she showed him a lot of places in and out of the city. With each place they visited he would excuse himself and she would see him jerking off each time.

“Hello, Mr. Vermont. I think I found the prefect place for you. It just came up, needs a little work, but I am going to drive down to see it tonight. I was wondering if you would like to travel with me. We would have to stay the night or two, but I think its just what you are looking for. Call me back at this number. It’s my home number.” she left the message and went home to pack.

Phone in one hand, and his cock in the other. He sat and listen again, then dialed her number.

“Hello.” she answered the phone.

His hand started stroking faster as they talked. He told her he would love to go with her. She told him she would pick him up in about 20 minutes then. Then she asked him what his favorite color was. He told her it was sheer black, then they hung up and he finished packing.

He saw her walking around the car as he came out. She was wearing that one lavender sundress again. He knew he would be hard as a rock during the drive.

As they stopped in front of the house he got out and told her he liked it. They went inside, and he knew then that it was the place he wanted. He walked with her thru the house and again he needed to be go to the bathroom. A few minutes later she went to the door and listened.

“Oh sweet baby, I love how you suck my cock.” she heard.

She slowly open the door, smiled when he saw her. She walked over and kneel in front of him.

“All you really had to do was ask me, and I would have gladly sucked your cock for you.” she told him.

She took his cock and licked the tip good, her hand slid down to play with his balls. Moving her tongue down to lick them.

“Oh yes feels so good.” he groans.

Her hand keeps pumping his cock, as she sucks his balls into her mouth, and her finger slips down to rub his ass hole. Her finger pushes in his ass hole as her mouth moves up his length and takes the head into her mouth.

“OH GOD, SUCK MY COCK!!” he grunts.

She takes him quickly now, using her mouth as a fucking vacuum. He loses control quickly, and yells he’s cumming. She swallows, licking him clean, stands up and tell him that should keep him until later tonight. Then she walks away.

He did not see her again till after dinner that night when she came down the stairs wearing nothing but a sheer black robe, and her naked body under it. His cock was rock hard, and he could feel it throbbing under his pants.

She stopped in front of him, her hand touching his face, and slowly making its way down stopping at the bulged in his pants. Pressing in, she leaned in and whispered in his ear. Then turned around, and walked over to the couch, laid down and opened her legs for him to see her wet pussy.

He watched as her hand caressed the top of her bare pussy. Slowly he walked over and kneeled before her. He places a kiss on each inner thigh, and then a kiss on her pussy. Then he slip his tongue in between those wet lips. He opened his mouth, placing it just so, and he used his tongue to fuck her, as he sucked her pussy.

He held in place with his arms as he sucked, tongue fucked, and licked her pussy to many orgasms. Then and only then did he lifted his mouth from her pussy.

“You have turned me inside out for months Honey, and I thought I would give back to you.” he told her, standing up and stroking his cock.

He started walking toward her again. Stopped when he saw a big long bench, smiling. He held out his hand to her, she took it and he walked her over to that bench. She laid back, and he lifted her legs to rest over the only two posts there. He walked in between her legs and slowly eased his cock into her pussy. He liked this bench, it was the prefect height for fucking her.

“Mmmmmmm, tell baby does the place come with all the furniture too. Cause I must have this bench, its prefect." he said.

“OH GOD YESSS!! You can ask the owner tomorrow. Oh god fuck me with that fat cock.” she told him, meeting his thrusts.

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