tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Pregnant Exhibitionist Ch. 01

The Pregnant Exhibitionist Ch. 01


Part One

Melissa laid sweating bullets atop her sheets. Although the all of the windows in the house were open, the July heat was unbearable without air conditioning.

The air in the bedroom hung around her like a hot, damp curtain. A small window fan whirred at top speed, but it did about as much good as batting the ocean back with a tennis racket.

Twisting and writhing in her own sweat, she fought to get comfortable on a bed that felt more like a torture board. Glancing at the small clock on her nightstand for the umpteenth time, she saw that it was now 3 a.m.

Apparently, it was to be another sleepless night.

In resignation, she pushed herself out of bed and stood up. Crossing the room, she stopped in front of the cheap, full-length mirror hanging from the back of the closet door and stood naked before it. At just over seven months pregnant, she's stopped pretending. Running her hands gently over her swollen belly, she realized that she'd probably never regain her voluptuous form again.

At just five-foot-two, she'd once possessed an hourglass figure. Lifting her heavy breasts in the mirror, she was still proud of them; they'd swelled to an E cup from their former D status. She hoped they would stay at that size after pregnancy, but she doubted it.

Her fingers curled through the dark brown tresses that framed her face, before dropping to her shoulders, and finally coming to rest at the small of her back. She loved her hair. Besides her breasts, it was her best asset.

The rest of her was a different story.

It wasn't that she resented the baby growing inside of her; pushing her outwards in every direction...she did not. She was, in fact, excited about the prospect of being a mother; even though her pregnancy had been an accident and the father had disappeared from her life five minutes after she told him...as did the other men in her life.

Maybe it was her own vanity she thought; turning her nude form in the mirror, but the idea that she now felt ugly and unattractive was heartbreaking for her. It was very hard to deal with.

Her raging hormones didn't make it any easier. They'd suddenly begun racing out of control a few weeks ago, and she found herself hornier than she'd ever been.

With no men in her life, she masturbated like crazy...but it was never enough. She just couldn't satisfy the endless cravings for sexual pleasure that pegged her night and day.

Of course, while some days were better than others, increasingly, nights were total hell. She would lay in bed and rub herself to orgasm, over and over...sometimes several times in a row, only to find the fire starting all over again, and spreading throughout her whole being.

She wanted...no, needed...to cum constantly.

It was getting out of hand.

And the fantasies plaguing her mind were sheer torture. At times, she'd find herself somewhere in public, standing in line at the grocery store for example, fantasizing about the men around her. She'd see them naked and hard in her mind's eye, lined up, while she lay completely naked in front of them...waiting to ravish her over and over again. The fantasies kept pace with her rising sexual fervor...and she found herself lost in sexual fantasy more than in reality on some days.

Once, she even had to run out of the store to the safety of her car in embarrassment, after discovering that she'd cum all over herself in the produce section, after imagining herself surrounded by hot, naked men, stroking their throbbing cocks.

But it wasn't just the insane hornines that was making her crazy...she was also extremely emotional as of late. In fact, she cried at the drop of hat. Especially when she thought about how the men she knew now apparently viewed her as something to be avoided.

One more long glance in the mirror only served to confirm her growing depression...tears welled and threatened to spill over at the sight of herself. Not wanting to cry, she grabbed her robe from the bed. Belting it on her way out, she headed to the living room.

A single thin cigarette and small lighter sat neatly, side-by-side in the perfectly clean, silver ashtray stashed behind the couch. She'd largely quit smoking since becoming pregnant because she didn't want to endanger the baby. Every now and then, however, she really needed one...and right now was one of those times.

Grabbing the ashtray from its hiding place, she opened the kitchen door leading to the back yard, and stepped out into the muggy heat of the early morning.

Lighting the cigarette, Melissa inhaled the blessed, evil smoke, tasting it as it filled her throat. Exhaling, she walked the few step to the picnic bench in the middle of the yard and sat down.

She was still a young woman she thought...she had her whole life ahead of her...would she always feel so damned unattractive?

Sitting for moment, she took in her surroundings.

The full moon shone brightly, bathing the yard in a monotone glow. The neighbors on both sides were apparently asleep, as evidenced by the lack of lights in the houses on either side of hers. A six-foot privacy fence ran the length of the yard on three sides, but the second floors of her neighbor's houses were visible over it.

Generally, it was a pretty quiet neighborhood...standard suburbia really...but sometimes it was too quiet for Melissa, especially when the noise raging through her mind and body reached a breaking point.

Extinguishing her cigarette, she snubbed it out on the picnic table, creating small burn marks as she pressed it into the wood.

Her clitoris tightened.

Not again, she thought, feeling her nipples stiffen. She'd already masturbated that morning twice, and then several hours later in the shower, but now, her body was craving satisfaction as if she hadn't touched herself in weeks.

Glancing around quickly, she saw that the lights were still out in her neighbor's houses. Her nipples hardened into small points that bore into the scratchy material of her robe, becoming uncomfortable. She should go in, she realized...but for some reason, she continued to sit on the bench, feeling the warm wetness seep out of her, slickening her inner-thighs.

The hot, muggy air made her sweat; her robe chafed, and clung to her skin. Loosening the belt a bit, she opened the top of it slightly, and pulled it away from her to relieve her swollen, sensitive nipples.

She really should go back in, she thought again, but once more, she stayed where she was...relishing the feel of her growing excitement.

While most would probably view her uninterrupted horniness as a blessing, Melissa thought it more of a curse at times. Her clit begged for attention without rest, but no matter how many times she brought herself off...there was no real relief...it was practically relentless. It was a definite love/hate relationship, she thought, and laughed.

The sound of her laughter startled her somewhat. She hadn't meant to actually laugh out loud.

Worriedly, she glanced around at the neighbor's houses again...but all was quiet.

Without planning it, she reached inside her robe and lifted one heavy, swollen breast, tenderly, kneading and rolling it gently in her palm. Her tits were enormous, she thought, and nearly laughed again, stifling it. She tugged gently at her nipple, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body.

The fire was started and growing.

She realized of course that she was stoking it, but she couldn't help herself. The thought of a good, hard, body-rocking orgasm was exciting...and she wanted to feel it.

But she couldn't do it in the back yard.

Could she?

The idea of bringing herself off right here in the back yard was intriguing; her clitoris practically throbbed between her legs at the mental picture of it. The bench beneath her was soaked.

She'd never done anything like that outside before. Still, while her neighbor's lights were out, and she was reasonably sure that nobody could actually see her, her mind told her to go inside...but her body was convincing her otherwise.

Against her better judgment, Melissa opened her robe a bit more and slipped one massive breast out, resting it on the table. Her saucer-sized aureole was swollen with excitement. The sight of her own naked tit exposed in the moonlight aggravated her need to touch herself.

With one hand, she reached under her robe, finding her moist slit, and lightly stroked the outsides of her lips. God, she thought, this was so dirty...touching herself like this, right out in the backyard.

Twisting her head around, she made sure that the neighbor's lights were still out...and slipped her other breast out. Both of her huge, heavy tits were now resting next to each other on the table, bathed in the moonlight.

It was a hot sight.

Slowly, she slid two fingers into her pussy, feeling how incredibly wet she was. She couldn't quite believe what she was doing...but if felt too dirty, too naughty, to stop. She felt like she was doing something she shouldn't have been...it was delicious.

Standing up, she padded barefoot through the warm, damp grass to the fence, her robe parting a bit with each step. Looking down, she watched her magnificent, swollen breasts sway heavily in the moonlight as she walked, and underneath them, her bulging, pregnant belly showed a bit from her slightly opened robe.

She'd never exposed herself outside before, and the feelings she was experiencing at that moment were an indescribable mixture of fear and sexual excitement...it almost made her high, she observed, as she reached the fence, and stood a moment, running her hands over her taut nipples.

The second floor of the neighbor's house was dark.

Standing next to the fence, she unfastened her belt, allowing the robe to fall open, showing her full, naked front to the moonlight. Little prickles stood up on the back of her neck, and although it must have been at least eighty-five degrees outside, Melissa had goose bumps on her arms.

Moving along the fence, she imagined that the man next door could see her. He was watching her, safely hidden from her view in his upstairs bedroom.

In her mind's eye, he was totally naked...slowly stroking his rock-hard member as she moved, almost naked, with her bare tits hanging out through her backyard.

It was another fantasy of course, but it spurred Melissa on in her lust. She rubbed her mound in light circles with her fingers as she walked towards the gate, imagining that she was being watched.

Melissa stopped at the gate. What the hell was she doing? Was she really thinking of going through it?

Beyond the gate was the side yard where the trash cans were kept. It was dark, bordered by high bushes on the open side. Following the short, stone walk through the side yard would lead to the driveway and the front of the house, which faced the street.

She realized that she could stand in the side yard totally unseen. Before she could talk herself out of it, she grabbed the latch, pushed the gate open and stepped through.

Standing next to the house in the darkness, Melissa could hardly believe what she was doing. Her need was pushing her further than she'd ever been or dreamed of going...she was actually standing at the side of her house, with her robe hanging open, exposing her pregnant, naked body to the night.

It was so dirty.

She rubbed herself faster, pulling at her left nipple. Lifting the enormous, naked tit to her mouth, she licked the length of it...stopping to lightly bite at the nipple. She loved sucking her own tits...but she'd never done it outside before.

Moving on, she left the side yard, still rubbing her clit, and entered the driveway. She was now standing in front of the garage door, facing the open street.

All around her, the neighborhood was dark and quiet. Cars lined either side of the street, and the lights were out in the houses up and down the block. Pausing, she strained to hear any signs of danger...but none came.

She wondered if she could make it to the sidewalk.

Trying to see everywhere at once, she took a few pensive steps down the driveway.

Her pussy dripped and her nipples were so hard that they actually hurt. Taking both breasts in her hands, she alternated between them, licking first one nipple, then the other, as she walked, coming to a stop on the sidewalk.

The sidewalk was dark, but still somewhat brighter than the backyard had been. As she stood next to the curb, licking and sucking her own tits, the robe slipped somewhat, baring her shoulders. Fresh excitement stabbed at her as she allowed it to slip further, sliding slowly down her body...until it finally fell away completely, and lay in a pile at her feet leaving her totally nude.

Melissa sucked her breath in...Oh god...she thought...she was standing on the sidewalk in front of her house, totally, and completely naked...her gargantuan breasts rose and fell faster...she was so turned on that it was hard to breathe.

It was totally insane. But she couldn't stop. She needed to keep feeling this.

Turning around, she scanned the street.

She was alone.

Carefully stepping off the curb, she placed one foot in the street, feeling the warm, gravelly blacktop beneath her...the difference in texture underlined the fact that she really was totally, stark naked. She was about to walk, naked and pregnant, across the street, away from the safety of her home and her robe.

Her senses reeled out of control.

Every bit of common sense told her that this was crazy, but every nerve in her body wanted it.

Forcing herself to walk slowly over the street, she crossed, heading for the streetlamp on the other side. As she neared it, she noticed her naked, pregnant shadow on the pavement. Her tits looked enormous.

She saw her belly jutting out in front of her, and wondered if anyone was watching her...what would they say if they saw a completely naked pregnant woman walking across the street in the middle of the night? Maybe someone was watching her, and beating off...the thought made her hand go to her pussy.

She walked, moving her fingers in and out of herself in delicious, nasty pleasure.

Reached her goal, Melissa stopped, standing naked under the streetlamp.

It was like a spotlight shining down on her naked, pregnant form...lighting her up. She knew that anyone who passed by or looked out a window would be able to see her.

Leaning against the lamppost, she spread her legs wide, and masturbated in earnest, jamming her fingers into her sopping pussy. With the other, she rubbed hard circles over her clit.

It was so insane...so hot...so dirty...here she was, totally nude on the street, masturbating for all she was worth. The danger of it spurred her, drove her on...she needed to cum.

She knew she could get caught, but part of her wanted to get caught.

She wanted someone to walk up and catch her...completely nude, without any clothes, rubbing her pussy and licking her tits right out in public.

Because she was seven months pregnant, she wouldn't be able to run...and she had nothing to cover herself with. If she was caught, she would have to face it naked.

That thought almost made her cum.

Pressing her naked back into the lamppost, she pinched and rubbed her clit hard and fast. Looking down at herself, she saw her huge, naked tits swaying and moving in the streetlight.

God, she was totally nude, right on the street.

She closed her eyes, adding to the sense of danger.

Turning around, she leaned forward and stuck her naked ass in the air.

Supporting herself with one hand on the pole...the other hand dug into her throbbing pussy from behind. She pretended that a stranger was pounding her from behind, as she fucked herself hard with her hand.

"OH GOD"....she moaned out loud, slapping her own ass and dragging her nails down her naked thigh.

She couldn't stop herself from moaning, and didn't try.

Turning around under the streetlight again, she leaned back into the pole and slapped her pussy hard...the sounds of it filled the air.

"Yeah...fuck me...fuck me..." she said to the imaginary man pounding her pussy with his huge, hard cock.

Grabbing her crotch, she ground it into the palm of her hand.

"OH GOD, YES..FUCK ME..." she said loudly, not caring.

She lifted a tit to her mouth and bit her nipple, moaning hard while she slapped her pussy on the sidewalk.

Suddenly, the street lit up in front of her.

She heard the sound of a car engine approaching from her left, but she was too close to cumming to care. The car rolled down the street towards her, as she ground her clit into her palm and bit and licked her nipple.

She was going to be caught...caught naked, pregnant, and masturbating out on the street with nothing to cover up with and nowhere to hide.

Her robe lay useless on the other side of the street, too far away to get to now, even if she wanted to.

She wondered if her catcher would be a man.

Would he pull out his hard dick and fuck her, naked, pregnant and nasty, right on the sidewalk?

That thought pushed her over the edge and she came hard...gushing all over her hand, and squirting her liquid at least two feet in front of her all over the sidewalk.

The car passed her slowly, stopping in front of her, as she rocked in the throes of orgasm, pinching her clit hard.

Her orgasm lasted a full minute.

When she opened her eyes, the car was gone.

Gathering her courage, she walked as quickly as she could back across the street and retrieved her robe from the ground.

She was sure that she had been seen, although the driver of the car hadn't made any kind of contact with her.

Reaching her front door, she took the key from under the mat and let herself in, still trembling from her orgasm.

End of part one.

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