The Prince of Valentinium


When she brought the car to a stop in her designated space she opened the door and stepped out, only to find that he rushed over to assist her...and he was looking at her like she was crazy. She'd offended him, run all over his chivalry. 'Oh, well,' she thought casting him an appreciative smile, 'I'll make it all better in just a bit...'

She had the presence of mind to let him get the door for her. Another wonder, given that her instincts were telling her to grab him by the cock and straight for the first soft, flat surface she encountered. She wanted to be horizontal with Or vertical. Whichever...she just needed him hot, hard, and in her.

When they stepped into the elevator, she expected him to jump on her, was looking forward to it. Instead, he said, "I would know the name of my mate." His voice was deep, low, and held a slight rasp in it that did nothing to cool the desire pooling between her thighs.

"Kahlia," she replied, her voice gone breathy.

He reached out for her hand and gently brought it to his lips, which lingered on the back of her palm, the feel of them nothing less than a brand on her sensitive skin. When he raised his head, he drawled his own name.

"Daeryn." Die-rinn...

She didn't know who'd she'd become in that moment because what came out her mouth next were the words of a stranger.

"Want to hear your name a different way?"

His smirk returned...he knew exactly what she meant and he had every intention making her say his name her way.


Daeryn finally had his woman in his arms. She was soft, warm, and so sweet as she smiled into his kiss that he swore he could taste her joy. She'd pulled him to her as soon as they'd crossed the threshold into her condo and stood now with her back pressed against the wall of her foyer as they tasted one another for the first time.

He pulled back, sliding his thumb down her cheek, and ran his gaze over her face. She was more beautiful than anything he'd ever seen. He'd spent more than a decade travelling through space to get here. To find her. Kissing her now, he knew that he'd do it a thousand times over if it brought him back to her each time.

"Didn't even known what I was looking for," he muttered in fascination.

She titled her head and looked at him with questioning eyes. "What?" she asked on soft laugh.

He eyed the graceful line of her neck and couldn't resist the urge to run his tongue up the curve of her throat. She released a tortured whimper that turned into a gasp of sensual surprise when he grazed his teeth over her pulse. He trilled his tongue over the same spot and she trembled in his arms.

Finally, he lifted his head to answer her. "I knew I that I could possibly find a mate on this planet, but I was expecting a human woman. I thought the rumors of an unmated Valentinian female were just that...rumors."

Kahlia smiled at him. "And now?"

He chuckled and grasped the nape of her neck, pulling her to him until their lips almost touched. "And now, I think that you're the miracle I never dared to hope for."

His fingers were in her hair and as he pulled the long curls over her shoulder something caught his eye. A single lock of silver that faded into a short bit of black.

'The Silvering!'

His smile disappeared and a look of fury passed over his face. "I was nearly too late!" he roared, clutching her by the shoulders and crushing her to his chest.

He'd never been angrier with himself than was in that moment. 'I shouldn't have doubted that she might actually exist. I could have been searching for her ages ago!' His thoughts were frantic. What if he'd lost her before he'd ever even laid eyes on her. "Oh, baby, I'm so sorry." He repeated this into her hair, his lips pressed to the top of her head.

She pushed at his chest because she wanted to look up at him and he loosened his hold on her. Just barely, for he had no intention of letting her go.

Her face was bright, her happiness at being with him so clear. "But you did find me," she whispered. "You're here now and I need you now." She reached down to cup him through his pants. "There's only one way to stop The Silvering, Daeryn, but more importantly you must save me from this terrible need." She gave him a squeezing caress and asked, her voice a purr, "Do you ache as I do?"

He was just about to answer her when she suddenly fell just unconscious. He didn't have to touch her throat to know that there would be no pulse.

He shook her in his arms. 'I can't lose her!' He hurried with her in his arms to the bedroom and laid her gently on the soft satin-covered mattress. Instinct took over as he began to tear off her clothes.


Nothingness. That's all Kahlia could see, hear, and feel. She called out in her mind but there was no response. 'I'm dying?' Panic took hold. Minutes, hours, days? She didn't know how much time had passed but a second would have been too long in this dark and lonely place without him.

Then, a shock to her senses. A light in the darkness. She felt something.

She felt...pleasure.

She followed the wave of decadent sensation into the light.


Daeryn passed his lips over her face and neck and as he tore off her shirt he brought his kisses to her chest. His heart was pounding with a fear the likes of which he'd never known, but something was driving him to worship her beautiful body with his mouth.

Her breasts, ample but high, were a smooth golden cream save for the dark blush of her nipples. As his lips grazed one taught bud, he watched it tighten and a sharp realization began to penetrate the haze of worry that had so far muddled his brain. He stood to rid himself of his pants. Pleasure would bring her back to him.

Placing his hand under her spine, he lifted her so that her back arched and attacked one sweet nipple with his tongue. He laved her there, groaning at the feel of her hardening bud in his mouth. Pulling back, he extended his tongue and flicked it with a feather light lick before taking it into his mouth to suck and swirl.

Gently, he nipped her with his teeth and was rewarded with a soft gasp. He felt her body tense and then she relaxed into a moan as he switched to give the same treatment to her neglected nipple.

When he lifted his head to look at her face, he saw that her eyes were fluttering open. Eyes a vibrant lilac and burning with lust met his.

"You saved me," she said, her voice sexy and low.

He smirked and said, "I don't think you're out of the woods just yet," before slowly easing himself down her body, dropping wet kisses between her breasts and lower still.

He ripped the tight black capris from her body and was delighted to find that she wore no panties. "Good," he rumbled settling with his hands caressing her inner thighs. "I have a rather deep appreciation for pretty lace things and would have hated to have ripped them off of you."

With that he used his hands to push her thighs up and apart. She expected him to tease her, to lick and nip her inner thighs but she felt his thumbs on her sex, felt them spread her.

And then she felt his tongue.


He ran his tongue from the bottom of her slit to her clit and latched on, rolling the pearl of flesh over his tongue. She keened helplessly as he gripped it lightly between his teeth and ran his tongue over it before sucking it back in and drawing deeply.

"Oh, god!" she shuddered at the sensations he sent coursing through her body.

He pulled back to gaze at her, at the glistening folds that seemed to weep in unbound pleasure.

"I'm going to eat you until there is nothing else in your world but my mouth."

He pressed his thumb to her clit but didn't move it, just let her feel the pressure there, and put his mouth to her opening. He slipped his tongue into her, thrusting it against the silken walls of her, until she bucked against his face. He pressed harder on her clit and she cried out, then he moved his thumb to pull back the hood and stretch her to further expose the most sensitive point on her body. He brought his tongue, the tip wet with her arousal, up to her pearl and lashed it with quick hard flicks that set her hips to writhing. He sucked it into his hot mouth where he continued to pummel the tiny nub with his tongue, and gently eased the middle finger of his other into her. Slowly, he pulled it in and out, twisting to feel her walls clenching and releasing with the rhythm of his incessant suckling.

He lifted his head to watch his finger's slow penetration and waited for her to look down at him. When she did, her eyes crazed with pleasure, he growled. "Tell me what you want."

It took her a moment to answer, her chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath.

"You...know...what I want," she moaned as he eased his finger out of her, taking the action for what it was. A threat to stop all together if she didn't answer him.

He flicked his tongue over her clit once and said in a stern voice, "Tell me anyway."

Hips undulating towards his face she whimpered, "I want you to make me cum."

He added his index finger and lazily pushed into her, giving her more and somehow less as her body began to come down from the precipice. "How?"

Animal lust in those eyes of violet. "With your tongue...with your hands," she licked her lips. "With your cock."

He smiled. "Greedy."


"Good." Then he was jackhammering his fingers into her in hard, fast thrusts; his mouth back on her clit.

She screamed.

She came.

Her body was taught, back arched and hips rocking to his touch, to his kiss. He snarled against her, fighting back the urge to tear his lips from her and pound himself into that slick, demanding heat. He was jealous of his fingers, wanted to feel her clenching on his cock. 'Soon.'

When her orgasm crested, he dug in, doubling the speed and intensity of the lashes from his tongue, pressing constantly on that spot inside of her that made her squeeze him even more tightly. She came again. And again.

Voice quivering, she moaned, "I can't take anymore," as he finally drew back to raise his body up her torso.

"Liar," he drawled, sliding the rigid length of himself into her.

And he knew he was right as he watched the storm rise in her eyes once more. She lifted her other leg, spreading herself to allow him all the room he would need, her legs framing him. He drove into her slowly, his pace meant to tease and torture.

Groaning, Kahlia held onto him as he rocked inside her in slow, shallow thrusts that tempted but never delivered.

Minutes later, she lay on her back clawing at the sheets and attempting to force him deeper with her ankles locked around his back.


"I'm the one who came all this way to find you," he reminded her. "I get to do whatever I like. Right now, I want to take you slow and easy."

Whimpering, she attempted to reach her hand between them but he snatched it and pinned it above her head. Grabbing the other, he shackled them both at the wrist in one grip and dragged his tongue up the line of her throat.

"Naughty girl," he growled. "I should punish you for that."

"Please," she begged, wriggling her hips deliciously against him. "Daeryn, please!"

He kissed her then and pulled almost all the way out. "Only because you asked so very sweetly."

He slammed home, grinding his pelvic bone into her clit and fucking her in deep, fast thrusts that kept them in constant contact. When he released her hands to get better leverage, she reached forward to run her nails down his ripped torso. She stopped at his hips, running her hands over them to reach behind and dig her fingertips into the hard musculature of his ass.

Pulling him into her, she urged him on. "I can't get enough of you."

He buried his face in neck, clamping his teeth on the sensitive spot where it joined her shoulder and groaned in response. He rode her tight sheath like a man gone mad, fucking until he felt the tremors deep within, the ones the heralded the end for...and for him.

He pushed in to the hilt once more and ground into her as she came, rolling her clit between their bodies even as he began to pulse into her. They both cried out, nearly blind with the agony/pleasure of the cresting pressure that took what seemed an eternity to ease.

Using the last of his energy, he rolled, still inside her, to his back. She settled with her face pressed to the side of his neck as they both fought to catch their breath.

"That was..."

She kissed the strong column of his neck. "I don't think I know math anymore."

He chuckled. "Good, I'd hate to have gone stupid all by myself."

They smiled at each other before sleep engulfed them both.


Kahlia awoke to the feel of big, warm man pressed to her back and the most delicious ache between her legs. Glancing at the clock, she saw they'd been knocked out for nearly ten hours. 'Not surprising,' she mused with smile.

She raised herself to sit up and then turned back to gaze down at him. He was still out, and with his jaw slack in sleep he looked almost innocent. Almost. She knew better.

She got up and padded into the bathroom, noting the storm that had begun to send rain pounding against her windows. When she emerged from the bathroom, he was still asleep but his head had turned to where she'd been laying, his brow furrowed. He missed her even in sleep. She felt something in her heart shift as she eased back onto the bed to settle on her knees beside him.

His semi-hardness was resting on one solid thigh and it looked so delicious just lying there that she couldn't resist. She had to touch him...had to taste him.

She gently pushed his legs apart, keeping her eyes on his face. She didn't want him awake just yet. When she had him in position, she moved to sit between his thighs. Leaning forward, she blew a soft puff of air over the length of him and watched as it twitched and stiffened a little further.

Smiling, she reached out to gently pick him up and rest him in her palm so that the perfect mushroom of his head pointed towards his abs. Lightly, she ran her index finger up from the base, tracing the line of the thick chord that ran the length of the underside of his beautiful, thickening erection. When she reached the spot just below the head she rubbed in small circles and watched the responding pulses that wracked his cock. Finally, she moved her finger to swirl in lazy patterns all over the head, spreading the thin clear liquid glistened at the tip. He shifted and sighed, but did not wake.

Leaning forward, she pulled him to her and flicked out her tongue, running it slightly over the slitted center at the tip of his erection. His muscles tensed and he grunted. Knowing that he was would be fully awake soon, she closed her lips over the head and ran her tongue in circles around the slick, taught skin. He came awake with a moan as she tightened her lips on him and sucked.

"Baby," he gritted, reaching down to caress her cheek. He looked down and saw her hand wrapped around him, her lips curved into a smile around him. Her eyes connected with his and his peripheral vision watched what she was doing to him. Neither of them broke the eye contact. He groaned as she slid her lips further down his shaft and he fought the urge to close his eyes. He didn't want to lose this connection with her, didn't want to miss the look of absolute abandon that covered her face. She wanted to be doing this, getting him off. Something about that made it all the sweeter.

His mind went to mush when she slid in one motion from the middle of his length to the base, the back of her throat caressing his head. His back arched and she hummed in delight, sending a vibration coursing through his shaft that reverberated throughout his entire body.

Daeryn groaned in sync with her as she continued to hum and turn her head from side to side, rubbing her throat over him in smooth, wet caresses. Meanwhile, her tongue continued to dance around the base and middle of his shaft. Then slowly, she drew back her head exposing more of his glistening cock, the throbbing chord on the underside standing out in sharp, wet relief.

"You're going to kill me," he groaned as she reached the head of his cock and attacked it with her swirling, clever little tongue even as she continued to suck at him wetly.

With a sucking pop, she pulled her mouth off of him and gave him a sexy smirk. "I couldn't possibly kill you when I need you so badly," she purred, climbing to straddle him.

He rested his hands on her hips and squeezed when felt a drop of wetness land on the lower part of his stomach.

"You enjoyed sucking me, then?"

She pushed her wetness back, running her heat over his hardness and said, "What do you think?"

She didn't wait for a response as she reached behind her to guide him into her, sinking down until she sat with him buried so perfectly within her. They both groaned as she bottomed out.

When she began to ride him, he did his best to lay still and let her have her way. It was so hot watching her use his body to pleasure herself. To please him.

After a time, though, he couldn't resist the need to slam up into her. When he did, her back arched and her breasts thrust into the air. He watched the dark pink points of her nipples bounce with each hard piston of his hips. Lifting his legs behind her back, he pressed her to lean back against his thighs and when she did he cupped both breasts in his hands. She moaned so sweetly when he ran his thumbs over the taut peaks.

"Crazy," he murmured as he picked up the pace, luxuriating in the feel of her wetness sliding over him. "You drive me crazy."

He took his hands from her breasts -- she replaced them with her own, pinching and tweaking her nipples without the merest hint of shyness -- and moved them down so that he could spread her. He licked one of his thumbs and brought it back down to rub over her clit. She bucked against him, crying out as her body began to spasm, tightening around him impossibly further.

Then suddenly she clenched her teeth and reached for his hands, grasping them in her own and pressed his arms out to the bed on either side of them. Leaning over him, she stared at him with eyes gone dark as she rubbed her damp skin against his. She was beginning to go crazy with the feeling of his dick pumping, still growing within her. She drove the whole length of him. Hard, deep, short, strokes. One after the other.

She looked totally free, having completely surrendered herself to the pleasure she took from his body. How he loved her.

Her hands gripped his harder as she let out a small cry that let him know that she was right at the brink of explosion. Body tight, she slammed herself onto him one last time before screaming her pleasure.

Each contraction of hers helping him to....

He arched his back. Tensed. Turned and bit into his pillow, grunting so loud that it rivaled the sound of the roaring wind outside.

And he came.

She fell forward onto his heaving chest and released a final, sated moan.

"I love you," she whispered several minutes later.

He smiled down at her. "I love you, too."

She felt the impression of rose petals caressing her skin, their delicate scent intertwining with the decadent notes of chocolate. All of this was in her mind, telepathically delivered from the man who held her in his arms.

"Valentine's Day plans?" she giggled.

"Every Day plans," he said, grinning into her kiss.

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