tagErotic CouplingsThe Princess & The Harem

The Princess & The Harem


Princess Victoria lay on her bed, frustrated, she longed to touch herself between her legs but the cold metal of her chastity belt prevented any relief. She lay back and sighed forlornly to herself. By rights she should have been married long ago. She was nineteen now and a year older than her sister had been when she was married, but Princess Jane had been plain and plump whereas Victoria was the pride of the Kingdom, she had inherited her mothers breathtaking good looks and her stunning beauty was famous in all the surrounding lands.

Men's hearts would skip a beat when they saw her angelic face, her stunning eyes, high cheekbones and captivating smile. While her bottom lip was perhaps a little large, the fullness of her mouth gave suggestions of indecent pleasures that such marvelous lips could bestow upon a man, her golden hair fell half way down her slim back to where her pert young bottom jutted out obscenely, firm and shapely and begging to be fondled and stroked, not that any man would ever dare do such a thing, her exquisite ass was set at the top of long slim legs toned from hours of riding and hunting in the forests around the palace.

Her body had blossomed with womanhood, her breasts, firm and high on her chest had grown full with promise so that the cleavage of her gown drew the eye of the invited knights and gentry as they met in the Palaces Great Hall for the many feasts and balls that the King loved to hold. At every dance the young men of many surrounding Kingdoms would come to the palace to gaze upon Victoria's beauty, competing among themselves to dance with the Princess, staring into her big blue eyes as they span around the dance floor. She would laugh at their jokes and her face would light up, stealing the heart of every man in the room.

Any man in the realm would have given anything to have her as his bride, but her father the King had seen what a prize his daughter had become and was determined that her beauty would seal his alliances with the powerful Lords in the West. Trouble was brewing in the East and the King felt it wise that his country strengthen its alliances in preparation for the troubled times ahead. Being a loyal daughter, Victoria accepted her role and waited for her marriage to be arranged.

Early one morning she was awakened by a commotion in the palace courtyard, looking out of her window she could see soldiers running to and fro. Looking out of the window she could see clouds of dust stretching across the landscape like a mist. The great Eastern Warlord had come to conquer the West. But she knew that her people were not yet ready to face this mighty foe. Victoria moaned with fear and retreated to try and find her mother within the castle.

Within a day the Palace and surrounding town had been taken. Many guards had died at the hands of the invaders as they had tried in vain to protect Princess Victoria's bedroom from the attackers. But their efforts had been futile as one by one they were slewn until Victoria's door had been beaten down and the screaming princess carried off into the night.

Six months later, Victoria lay naked in the main large room of the Emperors harem, she had grown comfortable with her naked body and now walked nude around the luxurious surroundings without shame. She had seen many of the other women casting admiring eyes over her firm body with her large full breasts jutting out proudly and delectable heart shaped ass. At first she had hated The Emperor, though she had seen him only once in the last four months, a huge dark figure clothed in robes of finest silk, his skin was the colour of bronze and she could tell that beneath the robes his shoulders and chest were wide and powerful.

She had expected that he would come and force himself upon her, but as time had passed she had seen the other women being lavishly prepared for his bed-chamber, seen them come back the next day glowing with happiness and adorned with gold and jewels, gifts from their grateful master. Some girls had been called many times to the Emperor's chamber and Victoria had noticed how respectfully the other girls treated these chosen ones.

Victoria began to wonder why she had never been chosen. She knew that she was beautiful, easily the equal of any other girl she had seen. She began to befriend some of the other girls who had been chosen by the Emperor. She asked them what he was like, and they became excited, their eyes growing wide as they told Victoria of the nights they had spent with their master, he was such a huge man they said, well over six and a half feet tall. They talked about how he had the stamina to keep on making love throughout the night, again and again. The emperor would cover the bodies of his lovers with his come or make them take him into their mouths as he came, his seed was considered to be sacred and careful steps were always taken to prevent the women of the harem becoming pregnant.

What Victoria did not know was that the Emperor had been watching her carefully, he had seen her slowly lose her inhibitions and shyness so that she now willingly let the servant girls shave her body hair every day. Despite Victoria's doubts he lusted after her with greater desire each day, often he would lie awake thinking of her magnificent body so that his lust was reawakened with great vigour and he would throw himself upon the body of the woman sharing his bed, driving his huge prick into her body as he wished that it was Victoria's virgin sheath that he was conquering. He liked the way that he saw Victoria starting to talk with the other girls in the harem. His plan was starting to come together and surely soon his waiting would be over.

One night he told his most favoured concubine as she shared his bed that he wished her to take Victoria under her wing. He wanted her to teach Victoria the ways of pleasing a man so that she would begin to further accept her role within the palace and would be a competent lover when he finally claimed her. The girl, Alice, was highly skilled in pleasing her master, and though she was a little jealous that her master had so clearly cast his eye upon another, Alice knew that Victoria was an exceptional beauty and that her masters pleasure was of the greatest importance.

The Emperor had to go away to battle, subduing rebels in the recently conquered lands including Victoria's fathers former kingdom and he wanted Alice to start working on Alice while he was away.

Alice was seen by the other girls as being very highly favoured by The Emperor and she was held in very high esteem within the Harem. When she approached Victoria to talk, Victoria was at first surprised but also flattered that Alice wanted to be fiends. The two girls became very close and would talk all the time about life in the Harem and gossip about the other girls. Alice was very clever, she was reluctant to talk about life before either of them had been brought to serve The Emperor, she knew that the more she could convince Victoria that Harem life was normal life for Victoria now.

Alice would talk about how much pleasure she got from pleasing the Emperor and how proud she felt when she had served him well and left him satisfied at the end of a long night of hard fucking. She told Victoria about all of the things The Emperor enjoyed, how he liked to be licked all over his shaft, balls and anus, how a girl should take his shaft into her mouth and tease the head of his cock with her tongue while her mouth and hands worked the shaft. Alice showed how to perform these tasks with a carefully chosen vegetable from the Palace kitchen, and she also got Victoria to try out the techniques on the vegetable as well, Victoria went along with the game and felt proud when she quickly picked up the techniques shown and was congratulated for her efforts by her new friend.

But cleverest of all the things Alice did to prepare Victoria for The Emperor was to get the Harem servants, supposedly on the Emperors orders to fit Victoria with a chastity belt.

Then, knowing that Victoria would not be able to obtain relief, Alice would torment her friend by stroking and massaging her. Alice would play with Victoria's breasts, admiring the way that the large round mounds sat so high and firm on her chest, her nipples were large and very responsive, just begging to be licked and kissed. Every morning the servants would come and remove Victoria's belt, they would clean and shave her mound, but under prior orders from Alice they would take care to stimulate Victoria's sex without ever allowing her to find relief. A week after The Emperors departure Victoria was a frustrated wreck, her body begging for sexual release.

When The Emperor returned, tired and bruised from two weeks battling with the rebels, he came and looked from a secret hiding place at His Harem seeking out Victoria, when he saw her he was surprised to see that she was wearing a chastity belt though he also noted with pleasure that Victoria and Alice were laughing happily together. He summoned Alice and when she told him of her reasons for fixing the belt and how well the tactic was working the Emperor was very pleased. He ordered that Victoria be prepared for him and brought to his room this very night.

Servants came and led Victoria to a large bathroom, she was bathed in scented water and massaged all over her body with aromatic oils that further heightened her senses until she tingled with need and longed for some relief. The servants ensured that every inch of her body had been shaved to remove all body hair, her skin was left soft, smooth and gleaming under the rooms candlelight. She was clothed in a tight corset that thrust her breasts together into an indecent cleavage, silk pantaloons clothed her lower body, so thin that they revealed her shaven mound and firm ass completely.

That night when Victoria was presented to The Emperor, her breasts were pushed obscenely high by the tight corset, they gleamed with the oil that had been applied to her whole body. Her thin see through pants stuck to her oiled legs, her carefully shaved hairless sex could be clearly seen through the material. When the servants had finished preparing her she was led through the harem to the Emperors chambers, the other girls and servants stopped what they were doing and stared, they had never seen anyone look more beautiful. Victoria saw the admiration in their eyes and felt proud that the beauty of her body could have such a profound effect upon her friends.

She met The Emperor in a room outside of The Harem, he was dressed in long white robes embroidered with gold, he appeared very tall and powerful as he looked her slowly up and down. He seemed happy with what he saw, "Princess" he gasped "you are more beautiful than I ever dreamed, I hope that soon we can spend some time together and, maybe, get to know one another a little better. I hope that, despite our past, we can grow to be close."

The Emperor took Victoria out into the palace grounds where the rebel prisoners that had been captured were standing. When they saw the former princess, looking so beautiful but walking with their enemy they were heartbroken. Victoria was unable to meet the eyes of the prisoners, many of whom she recognised from palace dances. When she glanced at their faces she saw a great sorrow, they looked like beaten men, gone was the vigour and arrogance that she had once seen, replaced by a haunted distant look of men who know that all hope is gone.

Victoria was led back into the palace. She looked at The Emperor with fury in her eyes, how could he use her like this she demanded to know.

Without replying he moved to stand behind her and she could feel his breath against her neck. His hands slipped round to cup her breasts, stroking the large mounds. Her body was on fire, begging for release after the relentless teasing she had been forced to endure over the previous weeks. Despite her anger her cunt was moistening quickly in excitement, her body betraying her feeling of loyalty to her father and the kingdom he had once governed. The Emperor pressed his erection, straining the front of his robes against her ass, he smiled to himself when she did not move away.

He undid the laces that were holding her corset together and with a forceful yank pulled it open, her constrained breasts sprang free and he was finally able to get his hands upon the magnificent globes that had driven him mad with desire for so long. Her chest rose and fell as she panted with a mixture of desire and anger, the oil had made her breasts slippery and this mingled with the sweat caused by the rising heat of her body, he caressed the luscious mounds slowly savouring their weight and softness, her nipples, so long and hard, were pressing into the palms of his hands. He looked down to where the large mast of his prick was pressing against her bottom. Her ass was so firm and rounded that there was a deep crease between the two half moon cheeks and he moved his hips up and down sliding his achingly hard dick between the silken globes.

He span her around and took her face into his hands, she was gasping as he brought his mouth down to hers,

He thrust his tongue into her mouth and she willingly accepted it, sucking upon it, her head bent back as she submitted to the massive man towering over her. His tongue explored her mouth as his hands explored her body, delving between her legs he pushed his hands into the waistbands of her trousers, loosening the string at her waist so that the silk trousers slipped down her legs to the floor.

Victoria was overwhelmed with desire and lust for this powerful man, she was ready and willing to give him what he wanted, she opened her legs to give him access as his fingers pressed into her pussy. Feeling the wetness there he knew that he had won. And he pulled back his head and bellowed a victory cry. The shout reverberated around the palace, the courtiers who heard it smiled to themselves.

The Princesses beauty had been legendary and they were joyous that their Emperor had claimed her for his own, there would be celebrating throughout the capital tonight as news of his conquest spread, this would add to the growing legend of their Lord, the unbeatable conqueror on the battlefield and in the boudoir, none could stand against him without bowing to his will, they knew too that this would be the final nail in the coffin of the rebels, with the King dead and his legendary daughter taken they would have nothing to battle for.

Stepping back from Victoria The Emperor motioned for her to undress him. She did so willingly, her juices were dripping down her leg. She undid his robes and peeled them off his wide shoulders leaving him naked. His cock stood out vertically, huge and dark. His physique was massively muscular, Victoria reached out, tentatively and lightly running her fingers up and down his shaft. She looked up into his face, her big, beautiful eyes seeking guidance.

"Take me in your mouth" ordered the Emperor.

Victoria was glad she had paid attention to her friend, that she had learnt how to pleasure a man, and more importantly, this man. She went down on her knees and taking the massive cock in both hands ran her tongue from the full heavy balls up the shaft to the head, the foreskin had pulled back and the head was shining with pre cum, The Emperor was excited beyond belief that he would finally have this girl, she flicked her tongue around the head of his cock, licking every part of the bulbous end. Opening her mouth wide she slipped her lips around the head and down to the shaft. She worked her head up and down lapping at the tip with her tongue at the end of each upward stroke. The Emperor smiled to himself, her mouth felt so good around his cock and the wicked actions of her tongue were driving him wild.

He pushed her head off the end of his cock. Victoria looked up at him, worried that she had made a mistake, but she saw that he was smiling. He picked her up effortlessly and carried her over to a huge bed, placing her down gently he moved between her legs. Victoria was nervous and bit her lip, knowing that the moment had come when her virginity would be taken. The Emperor was aroused even more by her nervousness, he raised himself on one hand and with the other he ran his hands over her body which betrayed Victoria's excitement through the swollen size of her breasts, her large rock hard nipples and the seeping wetness of her vagina. He stroked his fingers over her breasts, luxuriating in their softness, pinching her nipples between thumb and finger as she gasped with pleasure.

With one motion he moved his body over hers, resting his weight on both hands he thrust his hips back and forth his shaft sliding over the lips of her sex, nudging against her clitoris, she writhed underneath him in ecstasy, the lubrication from her was leaking onto his cock and balls making them glisten with moisture. Finally he could take no more and reaching down he placed the head of his cock between the lips of her sex, she was incredibly excited, gasping for breath as she looked down between her large, heaving breasts at his huge cock, she felt her pussy stretch open to accommodate the big shining head of his prick, the sensations were incredible as bit by bit he slowly worked himself inside the velvet sheath of her cunt.

Eventually he rested at the brink of her maidenhead, taking her head in between her hands he kissed her as he thrust through the thin membrane, she gasped in pain and for a second he stopped leaving his cock still and hard within her while he stroked her face, whispering soothing words to her.

He waited until she had become accustomed to his size inside of her, then staring into her wide open eyes he kissed her again, pushing his tongue between her lips as he began to move within her body, she stroked he hands up and down his muscular torso, stroking his body and marveling at his hardness, going further down she could put her hands over his firm buttocks feeling them tense as he pushed his penis into her belly. Gradually she began to move with his rhythm pushing her body back against his own, her tongue battled with his exploring the depths his mouth.

He lifted his weight off her with his arms her tongue slipping out of her mouth and eased his cock out of her pussy, Victoria whimpered as she felt him exit her, she felt empty and looked up at him trying to understand why he had pulled out.

"Turn around!" he ordered, "Get on your hands and knees with your ass in the air!" Victoria blushed with shame but did as he asked, desperate to have his big prick filling her again. He looked down at the beautiful milky globes of her ass, they were so firm and toned yet soft and rounded, he opened the cheeks with his fingers, looking down at the tiny hole of her anus and the swollen glistening lips of her shaved sex beneath, The Princess blushed even more with the shame of presenting herself so intimately to the conqueror of her homeland and feeling so aroused at the prospect of showing herself so brazenly to him. She desperately wanted him thrusting back into her, taking her luscious body, using it, enjoying it.

"Who do you belong to now, princess!" whispered The Emperor in her ear, rubbing the head of his penis over her swollen clitoris.

"You" gasped Victoria "I belong to you... my Lord!"

"and will you do anything to serve me? Whatever I desire?" He whispered again, seducing her with the softness of his voice and the hardness of his shaft, rubbing against her so maddeningly.

"Anything!" She moaned, "Please Lord, I beg of you, fill me with your mighty weapon!"

The Emperor smirked as he removed the head of his penis from her clit and placed it at the entrance to her vagina. With one smooth push he entered her to the hilt, his hard stomach smacking against her ass. Her mouth fell open in ecstasy as her eyes bulged with pleasure, she couldn't believe that anything could feel so good. With hard fast thrusts he took her, his huge balls swinging and slapping against her pussy at the end of each powerful movement. Victoria felt strange sensations tingling through her body, The Emperor reached under her and grasped hold of her large swinging breasts, squeezing them tightly her thick hard nipples burning holes in his palms. The Princess screamed out loud as she came on his cock, her juices spurting around his prick and over his balls.

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