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The Prisoner


I grew up in a small town in the South West. The town consisted of only Whites. The town was poor, after graduation I joined the military. I spent 4 years in the military to earn money for college. During my tour, I became a member of the military police, this was a tough assignment. I soon came to realize that if I used my feminine whiles on the drunks, they were easy to handle.

My name is Dani McCarthy, I'm 25, and have a 36C-26-36 figure, Brunette, with an athletic build at 5'9" and 135 lbs.

When my enlistment was up, I married my high school sweetheart. I started looking for employment after the honeymoon, so we could buy a house. The state corrections department was hiring, I applied to my surprise I was hired as a prison guard, because of my military background. I went through all the training classes and scored very well, on all the tests we had, physical and written. I received my first assignment, it was a long commute.

I was at the job for 2 years. Over time with the military training I had, the prisoners learned to respect me. I did not try to befriend any of them but earned their trust, by not flaunting my authority.

There was one particular inmate that was extremely intimidating, his name was Jamal Franklin. He stood 6'7" tall with a very muscular build weighing close to 300 lbs, and Black.

There was a fight in the cafeteria at lunch time one day, Jamal got stabbed, and I got the task of escorting him to the infirmary. The weather was rainy and thunderstorms were close by. We had to swipe our I.D. cards every time we went through a door, incase of a problem we could be found. During this simple task of escorting Jamal to the infirmary, lightning struck a transformer.

I found myself stuck in a hallway with Jamal, the emergency lights came on. When I tried swiping my card to open the door to the infirmary, it did not work. The lights must have been battery back up, doors operated off an emergency generator. There were security cameras almost every where in the prison, so I felt safe. "We may be here for a while, Jamal"

"Whys that"

"I don't think all the emergency generators started" this worried me some. Jamal being 300 lbs to my 135 no telling what could happen.

"More room here then in my cell" kind of crowded for a man his size in a 4 by 8 cell I figured.

"Are you Okay?" I asked Jamal he was still bleeding.

"Hurts some, but pains going away and bleeding slowing down"

"That's good; they'll have us out of here in no time" quickly I was hoping.

We sat silently for a while. I became nervous when I looked and saw the light out on the cameras. Shit! They may not know were trapped.

Talking to Jamal, I learned he was an intelligent man, who had a year left on his sentence. He was in a bar fight where a man died.

Jamal must have noticed that the cameras were not working; he became a little friendlier than I wanted. Jamal started to rub my leg above the thigh. "Jamal, what are you doing?"

"Going to be here awhile, cameras aren't working"

"Jamal, we can't do this it's against the rules"

"Rules were made to be broken" Jamal kissed me all of a sudden, pulling me close. I tried to get away, Jamal was just too strong. He started to rub my ass, with his strong hands. I had never spent much time with the Black community, I was frightened. Jamal's tongue started trying to snake into my mouth, he succeeded. OMG! I hope the cameras come back on, I thought.

Jamal grabbed my hand and brought it to his crotch, never breaking the kiss. Moving my hand up and down his crotch, with his. His penis started to become engorged, OMG it's huge. I felt Jamal's hand start to rub my pussy, through my uniform. I was rubbing his penis on my own.

I broke the kiss long enough to check the cameras, still not working.

Jamal started to undo my pants, I grabbed his wrist. When I saw my hand on his, I became intrigued with the contrast. Jamal kissed me again; I felt my panties getting wet.

Jamal's tongue wrestling with mine got me excited. I reached for the tie string on Jamal's sweatpants, when I felt my pant's being slid down. Jamal broke the kiss, checking the cameras to be sure the light was out. Jamal had me on the floor in seconds; I untied my boots and kicked them off. "Jamal any flicker of the lights on the security camera and we stop"

"Deal'' Jamal said pulling down my panties

"I would hate to claim rape, with you being out in a year" I said I did not want to lose my job for sleeping with an inmate

"Yes, Guard McCarthy"

Jamal pulled my pants and panties off, and started eating my pussy. OMG! I climaxed. "AHHHHHHHH, Jamal'

Jamal stood up, he dropped his sweat pants. "OMG! That will never fit in me"

Jamal looked at the camera, to be safe. Jamal got down on top of me, kissing me. I felt Jamal's cock slap my pussy, he didn't try to enter. He leaned up and looked down. "Guide it in"

"Jamal I shouldn't do this I'm married" He slapped my pussy with his cock, I looked down. The contrast of his Black cock and my White pussy had me wanting to fuck this man. I reached down and took hold of his cock, OMG will it fit. I rubbed it up and down my creaming pussy trying to get it started.

I looked at the cameras to be sure they were out. I had the head of Jamal's cock in my pussy now. Jamal started sawing in and out easily at first. He was working it deeper and deeper with every stroke. The girth was uncomfortable at first but the longer he was in my pussy the better it felt. Jamal hit bottom, his balls started slapping off my ass.

"OHHHHHHHHHH, Jamal that feels so good, fuck me'

Jamal started sawing out faster and faster now his cock was hitting my cervix, I was having continuous orgasms. "Jamal that feels so good, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

"You like that guard McCarthy" Jamal said he was a gentle man.

"Dani, AHHHHHHH, Yes fuck me" Jamal was really sawing in to me now his cock hitting my cervix. "Jamal, check cams, AHHHHHHHHHH"

"Cams off, Dani"

"OHHHHH, fuck me"

"Getting close Dani"

I was getting so excited with this fucking I knew I should have him pull out; a little more I thought this just feels so right. Jamal was sawing in and out, I looked up at the cameras still not working. "AHHHHH...feels so good, fuck me"

Jamal started fucking me with passion it felt so right. When his cock head expanded I should have told him to pull out. I wrapped my legs around his waist. "Fuck me, Jamal it feels so good... OHHHHHHHHHHH"

Jamal's cock exploded deep in my pussy his seed pelting my womb, intensity, I came

"Yes, plant your seed...OHHHHHHHHHHH"

We laid there kissing with his cock embedded in my pussy, it felt so right. We got dressed after 5 minutes and checked the camera's again they were still out. We started banging on the doors. A little while later we heard keys and the doors opened. "You okay, Dani"

"Yeah Sarge"

"He didn't hurt you?" Sarge inquired checking on his underling.

"No, Sarge perfect gentleman" I said to Sarge smiling.

"We never made it to the infirmary, though" not wanting to shirk my duties

"Get going; don't forget to fill out an incident report." Sarge said

"Yes, Sarge as soon as we get back" part of my job duties

I brought Jamal to the infirmary. It was a superficial wound and then I brought Jamal back to his cell. I finished my shift that day with a smile on my face and a thought in my head, When was my last period?

To be continued............

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