tagLesbian SexThe Professor's New Toy Ch. 02

The Professor's New Toy Ch. 02


Friday finally arrived for Sky and Bess. One woman greeted the day with trepidation, while the other quietly celebrated. Sky first thought to ignore the professor’s demand that she make herself available for the entirety of Friday night. But Sky was no slouch. She consulted the college code of conduct; then she made subtle inquiries of acquaintances. Everything painted her predicament in the same fashion: trapped by her own foolish actions and with no recourse. “Slave for a night” she lamented sleeplessly all week, tormented by unspecific bad dreams and all because of a copied essay.

Her spirit broken, she relented and prepared for the most odious night of her life, as a professor’s sex toy, and a woman at that. Bess—Dr Drake rather, can’t make that mistake again she quickly reminded herself--puzzled Sky as well. The professor alternated between calling her a cunt and her Dear. What that was all about was not immediately clear to the girl. Friday would give her an unusually up close and personal look at that seeming contradiction.

She prepared herself as Bess demanded. She had herself professionally waxed, everywhere, and primped and dressed precisely as her professor wished. She marveled in the mirror at how little her pussy appeared without hair. The woman at the spa almost insisted that she leave some hair, but Sky told her that it was a surprise for her boyfriend. The woman smiled knowingly as she whispered to her “don’t just give it to him after going through all of this. Make him work for it Honey. Make him do something special.” Sky assured her that she would.

Back home and just hours from the time she was scheduled to depart, she appraised herself in the mirror as she toweled off from her shower: pert boobs around a 36B, always firm enough to forgo a bra, and framed by tan lines. She took both in her hands and pushed them together to make a futile attempt at a tunnel of cleavage and surveyed her little nipples and areola rigid from tension. She pursed her lips and half-turned to assess her thin muscular legs, finishing with a backward glance at her butt. Guys who found fault with her small boobs soon forgot about them after fully considering her rear asset. Guys loved her butt and waist and women envied it, so she usually dressed to accent both, unconsciously walking with an erotic and mesmerizing syncopation.

Though her cheeks were small and firm, her ass filled jeans as if they were invented with her anatomy in mind. The seam dipped into the deep cleft of an otherwise small bum that featured a naturally hairless backdoor, ringed—one sees up close--with a thin pink muscle. Her legs were virtually double-jointed and though they never really were, could be twisted into the most erotically revealing poses. Guys begged her to let them take her up the ass but she never relented in her reluctance to have her little pooter probed (as a former lover called it) in any fashion. Guys literally would beg for her to pose on her knees so as to be able to lick her like an ice cream cone or at least fuck her pussy from behind, but in her mind this was not a part of her to be shared.

She snapped back to reality as she remembered that all of this primping was for the date from hell. She douched just before she was to dress, assuming that was what Dr Drake meant about being “clean inside and out” when she arrived. As to how to cleanse her ass she was clueless and wasn’t about to give herself an enema for anyone.

Never before had she so slavishly prepared herself for a sexual encounter, as she was used to calling the shots. Her nails and toes were painted in clear-coat as requested. She donned open-toed white leather sandals with a narrow medium heel and crisp distressed jeans, a white cotton blouse and a new bra with cotten so thin that it showed through the faintest dot of her areola. The black choker was new to her, borrowed from a friend devoted to all things Goth, and made her feel like a slave or a slut, she couldn’t decide which, but she donned it as instructed. For good measure, just as she left the house, she downed two valium to relax her, although she doubted the entire bottle would have put her at ease tonight. For good measure she threw the bottle into her overnight bag. She finished her ensemble with her short black leather jacket.

On the way to her tormenter’s, she stopped at the mall to buy three pairs of white panties one of which she slipped on in a restroom. As requested, they were a size too small. They molded to the shape of her newly-shaved pussy, curving into her lips, and didn’t cover the top of the crack of her ass by at least two inches. Just get this over with she thought as she surveyed her body in the restroom mirror and pulled up her jeans.

She apprehensively visited an adult video store for the first time, one that sold adult toys as well. She entered and avoided the eyes of the men who were scanning intently the videos on the shelves. A woman was working the cash register, and she thought she could avoid some embarrassment by asking for help from the only other female in the store.

The girl behind the counter, tattooed, pierced and in a frayed pink tube top, with dirty blond hair frizzy from too many perms, smoked and watched her as closely as the men. She approached the counter and asked her for a “sex toy” for a friend.

“They’re always for a friend” the girl chuckled as she looked her up and down, and then added, “waddaya want, cuffs, a dildo, a double-header. What would your friend like” she chided.

She remembered dildo, another word for a vibrator, and said, “yes, a dildo.” A former roommate had several, and now and then she would see one peeking from under the promiscuous girl’s bed sheets. “Any particular kind” the girl continued, as a line of men waiting to rent movies began to form behind Sky.

“Uh, you pick, ok” she said as she uneasily realized that she had become a spectacle for these men, none of whom were looking at her anywhere above the neck.

The girl sensed Sky’s embarrassment, got a devilish look in her eye and grabbed a plain black box while Sky fumbled with her wallet. She paid in cash with exact change, grabbed the package, and bolted from the store. One guy in line who had overhead the entire conversation got a laugh from the crowd when he volunteered to show her how to use it as she scurried away with her sandals clacking on the dirty tile floor.

In her car she locked the doors, opened the box and dumped the contents on the passenger seat. To her horror she beheld what looked like a nine inch latex dick, molded in dark brown to approximate an African-American penis, complete with realistic veins that ran the length of the circumcised monster. The base felt as round to her hand as the circumference of a soda bottle, and the head, though not as large, still was a fat chocolate mushroom detailed down to the hole in the tip. She began to cry quietly as she looked at it, but then looked at her watch and realized that she was almost late. She dried her tears, having no time now to reapply smeared makeup. She threw the dildo into her overnight bag and made her way to the neighborhood of stately brownstone townhouses where Dr Drake lived, in a gentrified neighborhood next to campus.

Bess actually did vacuum her apartment that day, changed the sheets and cleaned the bathroom for good measure. She stocked up on wine and cognac and made ready to attend properly to her new protégé: three dildos (a medium, a large and a long, thick strap-on with the dubious name of Long Jane Silver molded into the sides), lube (KY and Vaseline) and restraints (cuffs and Velcro bindings), a tacky red gag-ball, a clear Lucite butt plug and a long chain of yellowish glow-in-the-dark butt-beads the size of very large marbles.

Across town, in the hours before the doorbell rang Bess showered and waxed herself bare. Admiring her reflection in the mirror, she decided she looked quite good for 31, noticeably taller than Sky at 5’10”, around 140 lbs, equally leggy but with a much fuller 40D bosom that hung in two solid teardrops creating a naturally deep cleavage, a larger ass and thighs, and overall a lightly muscled and strong body from thrice-weekly visits to the gym. A brown eyed dark haired brunette, Bess hefted one of her large solid breasts and stroked the full nipple with a thumb. She surveyed her pussy, waxed and smooth, turned and stroked her hand along the fullness of her deep ass crack, which for her was frequently a prelude to pleasuring herself. Ever a creature of habit, she became so aroused that she returned to the shower for a few minutes with her fingers and the strawberry-kiwi shower gel. One finger beat a gentle staccato on her clit, while her other hand pushed her over the edge as she penetrated her anus with just the tip of her little finger as she moaned loudly from the release. Momentarily spent, she soon felt giddy again, like a teenage girl ready for her first date.

She had just used the atomizer when the door bell rang. Six o’clock she observed, right on time. As she made her way to the door she got in character, allowing herself one more glance in the mirror. The giddy Bess was replaced with the confident and sexually demanding Dr Drake. Her hair hung around her shoulders; her make-up was soft, feminine and understated. A pair of black jeans that fit like they were made for her full ass accented her long legs and led down to black leather boots that came halfway up her calves, highlighted with silver and with a short stiletto heel. Her top was silk and teal-colored, tied in a knot around her waist to reveal her tight midriff and perfectly circular navel, and unbuttoned to reveal much more cleavage than she would have at the college, especially considering she wore no bra to accent her sexuality, not to mention her noticeably larger breasts. They hung full and pressed her large nipples into her top. She wore no panties as well, for she loved the feel of slightly rough material on her waxed muff, and already could feel the stirrings of moisture on her denuded lips and engorged clit.

“Hello Sky” she said matter-of-factly, but without cracking a smile as she swung wide the door to greet her guest. “And how are we tonight” she additionally inquired.

“Fine” Sky responded noncommittally, as she hesitantly walked through the door.

“Don’t dawdle, I’m not going to bite, yet” she said, pausing before the final word for effect as she raised her eyebrows and allowed herself a slight grin. She sensed the fear in her visitor and fed on it, that feeling of power that she now held over the younger woman. All week she had planned the night’s activities and ran various scenarios through her mind. This was heaven to Bess, the moment before she began to unwrap her new present to herself.

“Jacket” she said, and Sky dropped her bag and obediently removed it to reveal her blouse, her hard nipples brushing against the material of her bra, but more out of nervousness than out of lust. “Mmm” Bess intoned, “we are lovely. Give us a spin again. It’s been days since I saw you in my office.”

Sky, emboldened from the valium, spun slowly, her arms twisted seductively above her head. Bess took a deep breath and approached her from behind, stopping her in mid spin to encircle her in her arms and cup her breasts. She bit Sky’s earlobe just enough to get a rise from the girl, but not enough to really hurt her.

“You feel divine my Dear. Let’s see them love” she said, “remove your top and bra.” And with that she backed to the couch and sat to watch Sky unbutton her top.

“Yes Dr Drake” Sky responded as she unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it from her waist and dropped it to the floor.

“Spin slowly” she demanded as Sky complied.

“Now the bra Dear” she added.

Sky reached behind her and unclasped the bra. She quickly allowed it to drop to the floor to her right and stood before Bess, arms at her side and looking her in the eyes.

“Stroke your nipples for me love, just with the tips of one finger. Tease yourself for me” she ordered as Sky self-consciously complied, touching herself so tenderly that she began to feel the unwanted stirrings of her own arousal. Bess was delighted with Sky’s petite breasts, a fitting counterpoint to her own larger ones. She quickly became aroused as the girl performed as requested, her personal sex slave, a role Bess wanted the girl eventually to embrace of her own will. Sky closed her eyes as she complied, opening them only when Bess made her next request.

“Go into the kitchen and bring us the cognac I have warmed there and waiting for you to serve. It’s on the counter next to the stove” she politely ordered, as if she were instructing a common domestic.

Bess watched with intensity the swing of the girl’s little ass and long legs recede into the kitchen, the heels on her sandals adding an extra swing to her hips as she walked.

Sky went to the kitchen, slightly dazed from the valium, grabbed the snifters and paused briefly. She almost burst into tears from the tension, but got control of herself and returned to the room. She walked to the couch and stood in front of Bess, holding out one brandy for her to take. But Bess instead provocatively reached for Sky’s mound and stroked it before taking the glass from Sky’s outstretched arm.

“Drink it” she said to Sky. She hesitated and Bess sighed wearily, “it’s cognac, it’s not poison. I drink it every night. It is of a very high quality and quite expensive, one of my few indulgences.”

Sky still hesitated, standing in front of Bess frozen and not sure to trust the woman. Bess flashed anger briefly and snapped “give me your glass” to which Sky complied. “Now take mine” she continued, and then sipped from the glass.

“Satisfied it’s not poisoned” she finished?

Sky was satisfied and responded with a hushed “yes.” She drank, but not familiar with French brandy she shot the entire snifter in one mistimed gulp, coughing and sputtering on the drink and spilling some of the liquid on her bare chest.

“Leave it there” Bess instructed, “cognac tastes divine on the skin.”

Bess burst out laughing and then set her own drink to the side and said to Sky, “walk to the door and remove your sandals.” Sky obediently did so.

“Now remove your jeans. Turn away from me and let me watch you from behind, slowly” Bess ordered, emphasizing the final word. And when Sky turned and began to disrobe further, Bess roughly caressed her own nipples and pussy, out of Sky’s view and still through the dulling barrier of her clothing.

The view was breathtaking. Sky had a nearly perfect ass, and her panties, obviously too small, dug into the crack and barely covered her cheeks at either the top or bottom of her ass, tenting over her deep crack. Bess had to control her own breathing so as not to give away her own excitement as Sky removed the jeans from her ankles and stood, legs slightly parted with hands on hips, swaying slightly as Bess drank in the sight.

“Turn toward me now” she said softly. Sky was in the full flower of her youth and the sight of her consumed Bess with a desire to touch her, the black choker adding just the right touch of servility to her look. But being dominant has its drawbacks, at least initially, and control is one necessity. There would be time to drool all over that lithe body in the coming hours.

“Now kneel and crawl to me on your knees, slowly. Imagine yourself an animal” she demanded, “perhaps a jaguar.”

Sky knelt and began to crawl to her, her breasts, tight to her chest barely dangling as she moved. She eventually made it to the couch, her head by now spinning from the cognac and valium. Bess drank in the sight of her new protégé prostrate and moving to her, the disks of her spine a pebbled path down her back to the top of her crack.

When she reached Bess she was told to remove Bess’s boots, first one and then the other. Sky rocked back onto her ankles and did so to reveal Bess’s perfectly manicured toenails and a toe ring; her feet smelled washed yet redolent of the leather of the boots. Bess reached a foot to Sky’s mound and stroked her through her panties with her great toe.

She then stood and commanded that Sky remove her jeans for her, which she proceeded to do. Sky began to feel like a servant as she unzipped the jeans and pulled them down over the woman’s thighs and then to her ankles. Bess raised her feet in succession, stepped out of the jeans and stood there briefly with her legs slightly parted, letting her charge take in her denuded muff just in front of her eyes. Her lips were engorged with desire and moist just inside of the outer opening.

“Now replace my boots” she ordered, and Sky did so; thus, Bess was both booted and bare. She spread her legs and reached down to pull apart lewdly her lips with the fingers of both of her hands, revealing fully her engorged clitoris.

“Do you like my clitty?” she asked of her charge kneeling before her. Before Sky could answer she ordered her to “attend to it.”

Sky leaned forward and, sticking out her tongue, touched Bess’s tender button. An amazing act of control kept Bess from jerking with a spasm of pleasure as Sky’s soft tongue made contact. She tasted the older woman and decided that she tasted little different from her, an empowering realization for the young charge.

Bess decided that it was best to just get on with Sky’s indoctrination, so she pulled away and sat almost catlike as she spread her legs the length of the couch, sliding forward to where her pussy parted and almost hung over the edge of the couch. Her clit looked even larger in this position, enflamed and peaking out of the spread hood simply from the spread of her legs. She reached down to touch herself and slipped a finger just inside as Sky knelt in front of her, her ass resting on her heels awaiting her next directive. She removed her finger and luxuriated in her taste as Sky reacted in wide-eyed fashion to the coarse and brazen gesture. Bess then lazily circled a nipple with the moisture on her finger tip and drew a breath sharply from the sensation.

With one slow and graceful motion Bess wordlessly pulled forward Sky’s pliant head to within an inch of her tunnel as Sky dropped her hands to the floor to keep from pitching forward. Her hand entangled in the girl’s hair on the back of her head, she whispered almost tenderly, “do what you enjoy having done to you. Taste me again, just my clit at first.”

Surprisingly, indeed surprisingly to both of them, Sky took Bess’s clit full in her mouth, tenderly encircling it with her moist lips. The instinctual move so caught Bess off guard that she moaned and pulled forward on Sky’s head. The girl had just enough booze and drugs in her to lose all inhibitions for the moment. She circled her tongue around Bess’s clit and then gently sucked it into her mouth over and over, stroking it with her tongue, her mouth uncharacteristically wet as she virtually suckled the older woman’s clitoris like a suckling babe.

Bess had to control herself lest she cum too quickly; the girl’s beauty, her servility and her skill were combining to drive her further and faster than she had anticipated. She wanted to make Sky labor for the first one, despite that Bess wanted to explode right now. One drawback of being a control freak was self-denial she thought to herself fleetingly. She combed her hands through Sky’s hair as the girl worked on her pussy.

Bess broke the spell and brought her legs to the floor as she pushed Sky’s head back and away from her. She leaned forward and they kissed passionately as the professor tongue-fucked Sky’s mouth and crushed together their lips.

“Turn around and rest your head on the cushions of the sofa” she instructed, and Sky did so, allowing herself the freedom to sit, stretch her legs out and rest her ankles, her head cocked back on the seat and looking at the ceiling. Bess mounted the couch, knees on either side of Sky’s head, arms holding her balance on the back, and lowered her pussy onto Sky’s mouth. She looked down into her eyes as Sky dizzily reoriented herself to her new position, looking up at her tormenter as she serviced her, smelling more the pungent leather boots so close to her head on either side than Bess’s sodden pussy.

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