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The Prom Queen


In an earlier story, "Good Sex Goes Bad Then Great", a male teacher divorces his cheating wife and takes a room in a private home and ends up having sex with the woman that owns the house as well as her two daughters. This story is an overlapping one told from the viewpoint of the younger of the two daughters.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I'm nineteen now, about to graduate high school, but most of my life I was a skinny tom boy devoting almost all my time and energy to sports. I'm still active in sports, probably always will be, but sex has taken over as my main focus of the moment. I've never been sorry I like sports. I'll be going to college on a full-ride scholarship for soccer. I was on the state under-17 girls soccer team, sort of pissed at the time that I didn't make the national team. And I've run track since I was in middle school. I have an unusually beautiful mother and older sister so there was a time when I wondered if I would ever get a female figure and be like other girls. I finally did get breasts and hips, did finally discover why other girls were so guy crazy. Now I am, too, I guess.

I mentioned my mother. She's perfect as far as I'm concerned. I'd love to be just like her. Oh, I argue with her and don't always like what she wants me to do but know she's right. My father died when I was three and my sister, almost four years older, was almost seven. My Mom's raised us on her own ever since. She works full time in a decent job in a government office down town. And for money, she's rented out a room in our house for years. In fact, that rented room is sort of important in my story.

As I said, my Mom's beautiful. Slim, dark hair and a contrasting pale complexion. Everything she wears looks good on her. An old guy at a party one time said my Mom looked like Delores Del Rio, another said Rita Hayworth. I don't know about either of those women from long ago but guys always pay attention to her. My sister, Racquel, is almost 23 now and is like my Mom in looks except a little more so. Bigger breasts, more curves all over. She was Prom Queen in school. Well, this year, so am I, so I guess I inherited some of the same genes.

Anyway, when I was around 14 or so and Racquel was 18 and Prom Queen, she told me about having sex with her boy friend. We share a bedroom. Still do. She seemed to think that having sex with a guy was the greatest thing in the world. I thought it all sounded pretty icky. Over the next few years, I heard over and over about her sexual experiences and how great it was. She was on the pill and had been all along. She suggested to Mom that I should be, too. Eventually, my Mom talked to me about it, letting me know that she wasn't suggesting this because she wanted me to become sexually active, that I shouldn't, but I was an age when it seemed intelligent to be ready. So, I ended up on the pill, too. I'll admit it did make having periods a little easier, more consistent.

Our bedroom and the rented room shared a bath. There were doors from each room into the bath. The person renting the room was always male. They tended to stay several months or so, working on some particular job or something before moving on. At this time, the renter was a guy named Charlie. He was o.k. We all usually had breakfast together so we got to know him. He wasn't real old, probably 30 or 35. In good shape, he worked outdoors at something.

Anyway, Racquel came into our room from the bathroom, after I was in bed, all excited and sort of blushing or something. I could hardly believe what she told me. For some reason she wanted to ask Charlie something, so she opened the door from the bathroom into his room and stepped into his room. He was laying on the bed completely naked, playing with his erect cock. She claims she was so surprised she just stood there and stared. He smiled at her and asked her to come on in. She just stood there. So he asked her if she had ever seen one of these before, meaning his cock and did she like the looks of his. Even though she was far from being a virgin by then, she said she didn't know exactly what to do but really sort of liked seeing him and seeing his cock. She said it really was good looking. Anyway, it took a little while but she ended up naked, too. He told her how beautiful she was and had oral sex with her. I wasn't sure what she was talking about so she said he used his tongue and mouth and fingers on her pussy until she had an orgasm. Then he fucked her.

This was all very wild to me. Hard to believe that my sister just minutes ago had sex with Charlie. The other thing was, I loved hearing about it. My pussy got all wet and felt funny just thinking about it. I was sixteen or so and had, by then, started thinking about sex more and deciding maybe it wasn't so icky. I had played with myself often, had orgasms. Over the next couple years, my sister had sex a lot with whoever was renting the room, first Charlie and then a couple other guys. Because I asked how it felt, she ended up letting me use a big fake man's penis that she had. I was eighteen and figured I wanted to find out, so when I was alone, I tried it a couple times. Weird. And not easy to do. I never got it in very far. It didn't seem to fit, was uncomfortable. I mentioned that to Racquel and she said I just had to push it in a lot harder, I was running into something that virgins had and I had to break through it.

Well, once when I was alone and knew she wouldn't be home for awhile, I finally shoved that thing all the way up into me. It hurt. A lot. But it fit. It went in. Then I started feeling good about it, got sort of worked up some. After a while, I could cause orgasms with it.

Then Racquel told me something else. I was going on about Mom and probably over did it, so to get even or else just because she couldn't keep quiet, Racquel told me that Mom had sex with all the renters, Always had. Having sex with her was part of the rent they paid. I wouldn't believe her. Not my Mom. So Racquel asked me where I thought Mom was Thursday night every week that she always spent out. Usually all night. She was having sex with someone. My Dad was dead and she still had feelings and needs so she did what she wanted.

I still didn't believe her. As I thought about it, though, it did make some sense. I mean, she's beautiful. I'm even learning how good sex can be, mostly from my sister but partly from my rubber friend. So I asked my Mom about marriage and why she never got married again. She told me she had loved my father and no one else could take his place. She said that men were great to have when you needed them but actually living with them full time was difficult unless you loved them so much you could put up with them. There was one guy she'd think about but he was already married.

Anyway, I talked with Racquel about this and we decided that man must be Mr. Gonsalves. For an older guy he was pretty much a hunk. And at parties, he and Mom would often spend time together. His son, Efrain, is in my class at school. He's a hunk, too. Plus, Mrs. Gonsalves had for years had some degenerative disease that put her in a wheelchair. Maybe she couldn't have sex with him.

By now, I was eighteen and out of my junior year, ready to start my senior year. The current renter, Max, was a lot like Charlie, not too old and in very good physical shape. Racquel told me how good he was. She had better orgasms with him than with Brian, her boy friend at college. When I knew she was with him, I'd go in the bathroom and crack the door open a little and watch. I've never seen a porno movie but I'm sure they couldn't have much more than what I saw Racquel and Max doing. She even had his cock in her mouth, sucking on it. I knew what fucking was, just from what people said, but I was surprised the way she would suck his cock and he would lick her pussy. Sometimes for a long time. I would really get all wet down there and come close to having an orgasm just watching them.

Then Racquel told me she knew I was watching them, And that was o.k, she didn't mind at all. But why didn't I just come in and watch up close. Or, why didn't I have sex with Max, too. He was awfully good at it and I would love it. So, two nights later, when I was watching, Racquel was sitting on him sort of bouncing up and down, and she turned and said, "C'mon in Tonya." And I did. I didn't know what to do exactly. She kept bouncing on him and I moved around the bed until I could see what she was doing exactly. I realized then that she was fucking him. His cock was in her. I could see most of it showing up as she moved up, then it disappeared into her as she dropped. As much as I had thought about sex and talked about it, this was the first time I could truly see, up real close, a cock going into a vagina. My sisters.

"Hi, Tonya," Max said, smiling at me as he lay on his back and watched my sister moving on him.

"Take off your clothes," Racquel said.

"Yeah, we're both naked so you should be, too," Max added, looking at me.

I was over eighteen, I had been hearing how great sex was for years. I was now watching two people fuck. I was getting wet down there, I could feel it. I was actually getting twinges down there, like I'd never had before. All I had on was a shorty nightgown and a pair of panties. So I lifted the nightgown up and over my head.

"You have a beautiful body, Tonya," he said.

"Panties, too," Racquel added with a big grin. I think she was daring me. So I pushed the panties down, bending over to step out of them. They were very wet. I could smell myself.

"I can smell you from here," Max said, "I bet you taste delicious. Climb up on the bed, on your knees." I did. I got onto the bed, up on the pillows near his head where I could watch his cock disappearing into Racquel.

"Put one knee on the other side of me," He said. I did. "Now scoot forward a little,"

I was right above him. He used both hands to touch me and spread my pussy lips open. I could feel what he was doing. He lifted his head, I guess, because then I felt something. I didn't know for sure but I really did, it was his tongue coming into me.

"You're so good," he said. "Lower yourself just a little to make it easier for me." I did. I could feel his tongue moving inside me, licking. I could hear noises, wet noises. I looked at Racquel. She was facing me, just a foot or so away, grinning really big. She wasn't bouncing now but sort of moving her hips back and forth on him, much slower than she had been.

"You're gonna love this, Tonya. Max is really good," she said sort of softly, looking down where his mouth must be at me.

I'd never felt anything like this. I can't describe it because it's all just feelings. Like my insides responding or something. It just kept getting better and better. Then I could feel his tongue on my little button. It was so good it almost hurt. I couldn't control anything. It was probably less than a minute and I went into the biggest orgasm I'd ever had. I must have just collapsed down on his face. I know I was putting out all sorts of fluid. And all through my body, my brain, everything was just amazing.

Then I could feel his hands pushing on my thighs. I lifted up just a little. "How did you like that?" he asked. "You tasted as sexy as possible. I hope we do that a lot."

I'm just squatting there, my pussy just inches above his face. I'd never felt like this. "It was just amazing," I said. The first I'd said since I came in the room. Then Racquel started making funny noises and I could see her stiffening. I backed away, still on my knees. For all I knew she needed help. I looked to where her pussy lips were sitting on him and I could see moisture, liquid actually running.

She looked down at Max. "Fuck, Max, that was terrific." She lifted her bottom up and his cock started to show. Very red, looking like it was sore or something. And very big. Finally she was completely off him and moved to the side. I realized that she'd just had an orgasm.

"I'm still hard," Max said. "Would you like to try it, Tonya?"

"Go ahead, Tonya. You're really ready," Racquel said.

I just stared at his cock. So red. So big. My bottom was still pulsing from my orgasm. It was like I couldn't control myself. I crawled around him on my knees and got over him, just like Racquel had been. I reached under me and got hold of him. The very first time I ever touched a cock, I aimed it into me as I lowered myself. I could feel it spreading me. It was a lot like shoving the rubber one in but different somehow. But not difficult at all.

"You're really tight," Max said. I never even looked at him. It was like I was looking inside myself as I took more and more of him into me. I could feel him inside me, Every little bit of him I could feel. I could feel him moving further and further into me, pushing his way. Then I was sitting on him.

"Just move your hips," Racquel said.

I sort of squirmed around a little. I could feel him moving inside me. I had seen her do it, so I leaned forward a little and sort of slid forward some. I could feel his cock moving backwards in me, towards leaving me. I slid back again and his cock filled me up again.

"Lean forward more," he told me and I did. "Down onto me," he added. I got my breasts down onto him. He put his arms up around me. "I'm going to roll over so I can give you a really good fucking," he said. And then he did. Somehow we stayed together, his cock still in me. It actually felt good. Then he's up over me, my legs on either side of him. He grabs my knees and lifts them up towards my shoulders and then he started really shoving into me. Out and then in, over and over, faster and faster, harder and harder. It should hurt, he's banging into me so hard but it's unbelievable. It's just so great!

"Shh," Racquel says, "Mom will hear."

I didn't even realize I was making noises but I was. I could even hear myself. I brought my arm up so my mouth was against it, muffling my yells. In no time, I was into another orgasm. I thought my head would split or something. It almost hurt it was so good. I could feel my whole body sort of jumping. I was putting out juice down there, could feel it running onto my butt. And he kept pounding into me and everything got even stronger. I could hardly stand it. Then he pushed as hard as he could and just stayed there and I could feel his cock sort of jerking inside me and warm fluid was filling me. It took a moment to realize, he was cumming. Inside me.

He stayed there, above me. "How was that?" he asked with a smile.

"We have to do that again," I answered. Then added, "A lot." He just grinned.

And we did. Sometimes both of us, Racquel and me, would be there at the same time, sometimes just me. I guess, other times, maybe just Racquel. It wasn't every day but it was a lot of days. I even got around to sucking him and discovered that I liked it. Sexy some how. He told me I was a natural, very good at it. One night he wasn't in his room until late. When I heard him come in, I went in and he told me he'd try but he'd just finished with Lupe, that's my Mom, and was pretty used up. It all seemed so weird, trying to fuck the same guy my Mom had just fucked, so I told him we could do it later and went back to my room for the night.

I thought about sex more now than before I had actually experienced it. Even at school. I hadn't dated a lot but I had some. Now, I looked at each guy, wondering if he would be good for sex or not. When Brad Dickson asked me out, I said yes because he was a fairly big, strong, star football player and I figured he'd be a good strong sex guy, too. I also thought about it and figured that I should make sure the guy would have oral sex with me before I get too involved. I had decided that oral sex, both ways, was terrific as part of the whole sex thing and since some guys wouldn't do it, I might as well eliminate them.

So, after a movie, Brad parks his car and we start making out, kissing and feeling around a little. I act sort of innocent and told him I wasn't sure about how far we could go but if he wanted to taste me, to lick me down there, that he could. He told me that all he wanted to do was fuck me, he wouldn't get his mouth to any girls pussy. Well, I let him know that he wasn't going to fuck me. And he had me get out, told me to just walk home. Well, it was only about six blocks, so I did.

Apparently, he told some guys about it. When I heard that he had, I told my friends at school that he wanted to fuck me and when I said no, he made me walk home. I think my story sounded a lot better than his and I think it's what most people believed. So, I'm headed to the cafeteria to lunch and this guy came up to me and said, "I will."

I looked at him, not sure what he had just said. I knew who he was but I don't think I'd ever talked to him before. "You're Chad, aren't you? You wrestle."

"Yeah," he said, smiling at me.

I looked at him. Actually he looked pretty good. Great body. A little taller than me, not bad looking. "What was it you just said?" I asked.

He said, "I said that I will."

"What does that mean?"

"Well Brad had this story that you wanted him to lick your pussy and he wouldn't. So I'm just telling you that I will. I think you're by far the hottest girl in school and I'd do anything you want to be with you."

"You're saying you'll have oral sex with me, right?"

"Yes. I really want to."

I just looked at him a moment. "We really would need to be alone somewhere that we wouldn't be bothered for a while because we should both be naked, I think. I'm going to join some girls for lunch. After lunch, tell me how we can do that and I will. Whenever you want. I'd like to try it." I could see, he had a hard on. His pants were really stretched. Then I turned and walked into the cafeteria.

After lunch, he was waiting for me in the hall. "Hi, Chad," I said and stopped.

"My house. After school," he said. "My parents won't be home until at least 5:30 so we'll have two hours or more."

"I have to see my English teacher first," I said. "About fifteen minutes after last class, I'll meet you out front. And don't you dare tell anyone, ever."

Chad was waiting when I came out of the school. We walked the four or five blocks to his house. Strange, we were heading to have sex and we talked about teachers. Up in his room, I went to him and we held each other close and kissed. I figured I wanted this all to be at least a little romantic. With the roomers there was no romance. Then I started to get my clothes off so he did, too. He really is in great condition. I guess wrestlers have to be.

"You've really got a great body, Chad," I said and moved to him.

"Me?" He replied, "Tonya, you have the greatest body possible. You're perfect."

We got our arms around one another and kissed again. I pushed my tongue at him and he reacted by doing the same. I could feel his cock, very hard now, against me. As we kissed longer and longer, I moved one hand down between us and got my fingers wrapped around his cock. It's about the same length as Max's but it seems a little thicker or something. I pulled my head back a little and looked at him. "I guess I started all this so I better show that I meant it."

I knelt down in front of him and grasped his cock with one hand and put my other beneath his testicles. I kissed his cock. I used my fingers to slide his foreskin back and expose all of his big, almost purple, head. I bent my head and licked along the side of it. "This is so sexy," I told him and then got my lips around the head and started licking and sucking. I almost had to have double joints in my jaw to get my mouth open enough to get him in. I started doing what I'd learned from Max, moving my hand that held him right ahead of my mouth as I took more and more of him in. Then as I slid back, my lips tight around him, my hand moved back, too. So I sort of masturbated him as I sucked him. I have no idea why I like this. Nature must have intended it this way. But I do. It's all so very sexy. It didn't take long and I got a mouthful and had to swallow. Then a half dozen more spurts and he seemed done. I swallowed some more, slid my mouth off him, licked around his head a couple times, then looked up at him. "I really liked that," I said, "It's so sexy. You have a great cock, Chad."

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