tagIncest/TabooI Promise

I Promise


"I promise I can make you scream with this, mom."

Carol was on her knees, eyes fixed on Josh's massive erection. As her son presented the monstrosity, she took in every graphic detail - the wrinkled sack where two tennis-ball-sized testicles held the promise of indefatigable potency, the alabaster barrel wrought with tortuous blue streaks that throbbed rhythmically, and the head, a purple clementine, that drooled with a menacing hunger. Carol knew in her gut, evidenced by the sight before her and Josh's unfaltering confidence, that her son was probably right. Face flushed, eyes wide, and mouth dry, the 36-year old housewife felt a heat in her belly and a tingling in her pussy she hadn't felt in a long time.

Quickly losing control of the situation, Carol pretended that she hadn't heard her son. Fighting through the lump in her throat, she managed to mutter, "Uh... sorry baby, I didn't hear what you said." She smiled weakly, "Guess your mom is getting old."

The weak attempt to defuse the situation failed. Completely serious, Josh replied, "I know you heard what I said." He stepped closer, the pungent, yet undeniably male aroma from his cock coaxing a burst of fluid from Carol's vagina that soaked her panties. He looked down into her blue eyes, "And I meant every word. You taught me to always keep my promises."

Josh's unyielding gaze made Carol shudder imperceptibly. She couldn't believe that her son, her handsome baby boy, could reduce her, a fully grown woman, to an awestruck teenage girl. No less than five minutes ago, an errant boy had sheepishly asked his mother to look under his bed for a lost trinket; she even playfully scolded him and mussed his hair. Now, his ruse to reveal his physical gifts successful, a man stood large over a woman, demanding her surrender.

She stammered, "Swee... sweetie... I... we can't." Fighting every voice in her head enjoining her to succumb, she blurted out the only rational defense she had, "Your father... jesus your father". The thought of her spouse brought along a torrent of guilt and fear, "I love your dad and I could never. We're happily married."

"Bullshit. I know he can't satisfy you," Josh calmly intoned.

Carol was flabbergasted at her son's casual dismissal of his father. Mike had always been a loving husband and father, and until now, Carol had been sure that Josh revered his dad. Besides, while her spouse was no lothario, he was a patient and caring lover. With this rational defense, Carol regained some authority. "You don't know what you're talking about! Your father is a wonderful lover." Yet, even as she said them, Carol's words rang hollow somehow. She couldn't ignore that the years had produced a mismatch between her husband's waning libido and her increasingly desperate desire.

The boy smiled, noting the lack of conviction in his mother's denial. Years of covert reconnaissance on his parents' marital bed had given him a keen insight into his mother's sexual proclivities. Yes, his father used cunnilingus where his tiny penis and insignificant stamina had failed. Hell, he might have even given her a rare climax she didn't have to fake. Yet, it was the small things that neither parent wished to acknowledge that were the most interesting: the innumerable nights when Josh's concupiscent mother was denied by her tired husband, her silent boredom and disgust as the fat old man on top of her thrust away, the dissatisfied way she clamped her legs sometimes, the frantic way she fingered her pussy during an "orgasm" trying to scratch an itch that just couldn't be reach.

"I know from first-hand experience what a completely satisfied woman looks like. In the past five years, I've not once seen you satisfied."

The initial shock of learning that her son was a Peeping Tom was overridden by the surprise that her son was not a virgin. It should have been obvious, she realized, perusing his cerulean eyes, long dirty blonde hair, sturdy Roman nose, sensuous lips, and square jaw; yet, she had always seen Josh as her innocent mama's boy. Carol felt a twinge of jealousy and an itch deep inside her belly as she saw a vision of her son's tan, muscular arms wrapped around some shrieking high school floozy, his shiny quadriceps bulging as he mercilessly fucked her. The middle-aged mother felt like she was going to pass out.

"First-hand experience?"

'Plenty. Recently, more and more of them have said I'm easily the best they've ever had. I've been training hard for this day, mom."

Oh god, it was premeditated. Carol began to shake.

Josh knew she was his. He took her tiny hand, and with meeting no resistance, placed it on his penis. The temperature difference between her cool hand and his warm babymaker made him hiss softly. As if by instinct, Carol's fingers curled around the base of the massive cock - she gawked at how much length and girth still remained.

Josh wrapped his much larger hand over hers and began stroking. He moaned softly, "Aren't you curious mom? Don't you want to know what a man twice as long and wide as your husband feels like inside you?"

Carol watched with morbid fascination as the colossal glans disappeared and reappeared within the pale skin of her son's shaft. The itch in her womb was now unbearable.

"Yes," she croaked out.

"Stand up." Carol could barely feel her legs. Josh had to help her up.

Without a word, Josh slowly undid the ribbon on his mother's robe. He then slipped it off her shoulders, causing the blue garment to pool on the floor.

Josh's breathing quickened as he saw unobscured for the first time the body he had secretly worshipped for the last five years. His eyes began at the small, arched feet, complete with pink nail polish and moved onto her round calves. He couldn't help but smile at the soaking white panties and beads of pussy juice running down his mother's milky-white thighs, confirming her obvious arousal. The pleasurable vision continued up over a surprisingly toned stomach and onto the black lace bra that barely held a pair of formidable udders within. Her rapid breaths made the large pale orbs rise and fall under her flushed chest and taut neck.

"You're beautiful, mother," he whispered.

Carol observed as her son greedily studied her undulating breasts, his impossibly large shaft thickening further, jumping impatiently, and spitting a burst of clear pre-cum. It was evident that the handsome nineteen-year-old before her wanted - no, needed - her middle-aged body and she felt a strange sense of pride, even as the fear and ache within her intensified.

Josh stepped closer, and Carol felt a warm, wet prod below her belly-button. She would have looked down to confirm that it was his penis, but she was currently hypnotized by her son's unflinching gaze as he bent in to kiss her. He grasped her small waist in his large hands, pushing her towards her bed, and closed the gap, giving her a deep, sensual kiss that both confirmed the boy's obvious experience and the lack of passion in her marriage. As their tongues danced, Josh's penis traced a line of warm precum on his partner's stomach and his hands expertly unclasped her lace bra. When the long kiss ended and Josh let go, Carol, now breathless, felt her knees buckle and her ass plop down on the bed, watching as her bra fell on her son's erection and slid off. She fell back on her elbows, her flushed chest heaving as she fought to catch her breath.

The erotic sight in front of him sealed the teen's resolve, as he took off his shirt. He heard his mother gasp as she gazed upon his prominent deltoids and muscled chest that tapered down in a ruthless V to his hips. She nearly drooled when she saw his cock lightly slap his washboard stomach. How could this boy, this picture of virility, be related to her flabby, effeminate husband?

He advanced upon the bed, his formidable figure towering over his half-supine mother. "Lay back. Spread your legs."

The woman who had told him to do his homework and chores all his life followed his imperative without hesitation. The boy pulled down her panties and effortlessly rolled them off her legs, finally gaining access to a treasured vault only a select few sons ever see twice. The ample hair that covered the area was a chestnut brown, just like his own, and the red, engorged, slobbering clam below held the promise of a warm, wet, and soft downy grip as he pounded it relentlessly for hours. He found himself shivering and fought to control his excitement.

Josh stepped between her legs and laid his penis on her stomach. He groaned, "Christ, mom... look how deep I'm gonna be inside of you."

Carol stared with disbelief as the mammoth head drooled a warm pool on her belly a good inch above her navel. "This kid is going to tear my womb in half," she thought to herself somewhat morbidly.

The thought of her womb brought another concern to mind. "Shou... shouldn't we use a... a condom, baby?"

Josh had no intention of dulling sensation during a fuck he'd been dreaming of for years; he needed to feel every bump, crevasse, and grip within the woman of his dreams. Moreover, he found the idea of impregnating his mother quite arousing - his father certainly hadn't been had been up to the task of producing a second Eldridge child. He grabbed his cock and began stroking his mother's flushed, puffy labia with his glans. Carol moaned, her son's ministrations simultaneously providing relief and stoking the heat within her. She was losing her mind.

"I don't have one, and we both know none of dad's will fit me. I can go buy some magnums at CVS tomorrow. Do you want me to stop?" He smiled cockily, knowing his question was rhetorical.

"No!" she almost yelled at him. "I mean... you... you can pull out, right?" Any rationalization would do.

He met her halfway and lied half-heartedly, "Whatever you say, mom."

A silence fell over the room, female panting and the ticking of the clock above the headboard the only audible sounds. Both partners knew what was coming next, and Carol's eyes pleaded with her son to move forward. Josh wasn't going to let his mom off that easy.

He smiled, "Tell me what you want mom." He stopped stroking, producing a whine of resentment from Carol.

"God damn it. You know what I want. I... I want... I want you. I want you inside me."

"Your wish is my command." Josh lifted her milky white calves, placing them on his tan, broad shoulder, and walked forward until his legs touched the edge of the bed, partially folding Carol on to herself. Then, he aimed his swollen glans within the warm cleft and began pushing in. Despite the ample lubrication from both partners, the resistance was significant, and the middle aged housewife hissed and gritted her teeth as the fruit of her loins desperately sought to return whence he came.

"Ssssss...baby ...honey... JOSH! Ugh... it's not going to ssss... fit!"

However, with the perseverance that momma had taught him, the teen was able to finally work the prodigious crown of his manhood inside, causing a few inches to slide in with little resistance.

"Ooooh! MY GOD! Pumpkin, I can't do it - you're too big! YOU'RE KILLING ME," Carol sobbed, as the few inches inside her stretched her beyond imagination. She looked down at was horrified at how much of the thick member still remained outside.

Knowing from previous experience that the transient pain would be well worth it for her in a few moments, Josh ignored his mother's protests and positioned himself for the impending assault. He bent forward and rested on his locked arms, further folding in Carol, until his eyes gazed into hers, his head in between her outstretched legs. In this position, the middle-aged beauty was completely at his mercy - all she could do was grab his sinewy forearms and hold on for the ride.

His 38-year old mother pleaded with her eyes, completely submissive, "Darling... please... you don't need to go any deeper!"

The teen was no stranger to that line. "Yes I do. Trust me, mom. You'll be thanking me in just a bit." Carol nodded - even in agony, the housewife still needed the itch within her soothed.

With measured force, he used shallow thrusts to excavate deeper and deeper within. Each thrust produced a litany of reactions from Carol. A quick jab would yield a reflexive grunt; a slow, deep one would make her eyes go wide and she'd whimper; and deliberate rolls of his hips would produce hisses. One particular thrust, after about halfway in, caused her to reflexively put her hand on his abdomen to impede his progress - Josh smiled, knowing that he was now deeper than any man had ever been inside her.

"Oh god... sweetHEART!... it... feels aahhh... like you're in my throat. Ssss... you're in sooo deep!"

As the boy continued to bury himself in his mother's honeypot, his expertise slowly nulled the pain of the intrusion, converting it first to a strange pressure, and now to a tingling that Carol had never experienced before. Josh also noticed this sensory melioration - his mother's vocalizations turned softer and sweeter, her white-knuckle deathgrip on her arm changed to a soft caressing, and her previously absconding hips now began thrusting upwards with his rhythm.

Josh looked down to assess the physical status of their union. A son's cock slowly, but methodically, sunk in and out of his mother's vagina, his prodigious girth obscenely stretching her pussy lips. As the pipe ascended, the previously submerged portion slick and glistening, it acted as a plunger, bringing up with it a quantity of clear fluid, the aroused quim's response to its burly assailant, that trickled down the mother's thighs and spilled onto the already soaked bed. Sweat drenched both participants and a musky smell hung over the bed. The lecherous teen relished the combination of the raunchy sights, heady smells, and maternal whimpers so few sons ever experience.

Finally, with half an inch to go, Josh's glans made light contact with Carol's cervix. Carol froze up as she felt an unprecedented sensation - the soothing of that ache deep within her. As her son withdrew, she became desperate, panting with her mouth open and begged her son for relief.

"No! Sweetie please - come back! I need you where you were! Please!!"

Josh smirked and thrust back in just shallow of what his mother needed. He repeated his cruel tease, now adding clitoral stimulation with one of his hands to really drive the woman beneath him insane. His conquest was nearly complete.

"Tell me you're my woman. Tell me you don't love that pencil dick loser you married. You tell me that, I'll give you what you want."

Carol sobbed and clawed at his chest, lost between the man she owed so much to and the new man that she now needed. Yet, as the pleasure from her nub grew and the fire within her remained unabated, she knew she had no choice. No matter how much she loved her husband, her son's magnificent cock and his prowess as a lover rendered anything before moot. Any moral high ground she had collapsed.

"I'M YOUR WOMAN! THAT PENCIL-DICK LOSER MEANS NOTHING TO ME IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU! JOSH, PLEAASSEE!!!" She desperately wrapped her legs around him, trying to push him back in.

Satisfied at his domination, Josh began a merciless assault that combined rapid, medium-depth thrusts with continual clitoral stimulation, and with a timing that had made him indispensable in many bedrooms, he drove in fully, his pubic bone slamming into her mons. The fat crown of his pussy pleaser firmly rubbed into Carol's cervix, firmly scratching the itch she had borne for so many years. At the same time, her clitoris and vagina both climaxed. The result was the most intense orgasm of Carol's life.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!" she screamed. Her back arched, her legs tightened their grip on her son and shook uncontrollably, her nails drew blood in his back, and her eyes rolled back into their sockets.

Her son expertly maintained pressure while thrusting and rolling his hips, maintaining the paroxysm. As the aftershocks of her orgasm rolled through, she continued to grunt, shake, and shriek for at least another five minutes.

Josh slowly pulled out, causing another pool of fluid to slosh out of her stretched, battered pussy and dribble onto the soaked bed. Panting, euphoric, completely satisfied, exhausted, and nearly delirious, Carol fell back on the bed.

"That was amazing, sweetheart. You really did keep your promise."

To her surprise, she heard laughter. "I'm not done yet."

Carol looked up, bemused. She then realized that her son was still rock hard.

"I'm not satisfied. Hell, I haven't even really fucked you yet, mom. Dad won't be home for another five hours - I promise I'm going to make you scream another ten times."

His mother stared blankly, jaw agape. She felt that familiar itch inside her again.

"And like you taught me, I always keep my promises. Now, get on your hands and knees."

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Loved it

This is the kind of story that makes me so horny for my own mother that I'm tempted to phone her up and confess all the very naughty things I would love to do to her.

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Hope he kept fucking her got her pregnant.not just once but six times

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