tagLoving WivesThe Promotion

The Promotion

byNo Panty Girl©

Rick was looking forward to the promotion and it was all he talked about.

My husband had been with Trans Canada Couriers for over five years as a driver and there was an opening for a supervisor coming up when old Ernie Green retired. Ed Karnack, the branch manager, had more or less implied Rick was on the short list to replace Ernie.

The promotion meant a substantial raise in pay as well as freedom from the monotony of running routine trips night after night. Rick would still be on the road at night, that was when the courier business was at its peak, but he would not be stuck to a particular route but be roving the area checking and assisting other drivers.

As part of his campaign to ensure his promotion Rick had me invite Karnack and his wife Florence over for a barbeque dinner one Saturday night. We went all out, I bought two-inch thick porterhouse steaks and Rick got a bottle of Crown Royal.

Ed Karnack was a womanizer and he treated his wife like a piece of shit. Florence was a mousy-hair nondescript sorta woman who idolized her philandering husband and tended to blend into the background.

The Karnack's arrived shortly after 4 pm on the hot July afternoon. Ed immediately showed them out to the backyard where our prize in-ground pool was located.

After pouring our guests' drinks Rick invited them to use the pool while he tended to the steaks.

The Karnack's had brought their swimsuits with them and went into the house to change.

A few minutes later they emerged, Ed in a Speedo with is gut hanging over and Florence in a dated one piece that concealed all but her arms and legs.

I felt a bit self-conscious as I removed my beach robe and stood there in my Wicked Weasel string bikini. Aside from my nipples and labia my suit hid nothing.

Rick knew Ed appreciated a hot female body and had decided to offer mine in exchange for his promotion.

At twenty-eight I was in my prime. Standing five foot seven and a trim one hundred and twenty-two pounds I looked fine with my still perky 36C breasts and long shapely legs.

The plan was I was going to offer Karnack the pleasures of my body in exchange for him agreeing to promote my husband. "I'll never miss a piece off a sliced loaf!" Rick told me when he asked me to fuck his boss.

If I were going to fuck a guy there were at least a hundred I would pick before Karnack. The guy was short and out of shape with a beer belly and starting to bald, hardly my idea of a hunk. However I knew how much the promotion meant to Rick and agreed to screw his boss in exchange for that red dress I had my eye on in Millie's window.

My butt crack swallowed up the string of my swimsuit bottom leaving my ass virtually bare. The two tiny yellow triangles almost concealed my pink aureoles.

Karnack had taken the bait and he was examining my almost nude body carefully indifferent to his wife's presence.

"Wow!" he exclaimed as his eyes feasted on my charms.

"Tight as a virgin!" Rick volunteered.

I felt embarrassed for Karnack's wife with her husband so blatantly ogling me as she sat quietly by.

"Loves to fuck." Rick added.

I saw Karnack's package bulging beneath his Speedo with all this talk about fucking me.

"Maybe after we eat you can take her for a test drive?" Rick offered.

A smile appeared on Karnack's face as if he had just won the lottery jackpot.

We took a quick dip in the pool during which my eighty-five dollar suit turned transparent offering Karnack a preview of things to come.

I had just been freshly Brazilian waxed and there was not a strand of pubic hair on my body.

Karnack could not get through his steak fast enough, anxious for dessert.

Florence just sat meekly by aware her husband was in a hurry to jump my bones.

"O.K," Rick said, away you guys go and Florence and I will have a drink."

I took Karnack by the hand and led him into the house.

As we entered my bedroom I pulled the string tie on my top and half of my swimsuit fell to the floor.

I cupped my bare breasts in my hands pointing them towards Karnack, "You like?" I teased.

As I reached for the bow on my right hip Karnack quickly peeled off his overflowing Speedo. The small triangle that had been hiding my pussy dropped to the floor.

As my smooth cookie came into sight Karnack's boner sprang out to greet me.

Whatever else I thought of the guy he was hung! About eight inches of rock-hard curved cock rose from a forest of pubic hair.

"On your knees bitch!" Karnack snarled.

Karnack knew I was about to buy my husband's promotion and he had just raised the price. He wanted me to suck his cock first.

Obediently I dropped to my knees naked with his cock inches from my face. Without further instructions I reached out and gripped his cock, guiding it to my waiting mouth.

My tongue shot out to provide a ramp for Karnack's meat to enter my head. Opening wide I was able to pass the bulbous head of his cock between my lips. When about half of his length was inside my lips closed around his shaft forming an airtight seal. A deep breath in and my cheeks sunk in forming a vacuum chamber around his meat.

I started sliding Karnack's cock in and out between my lips, each time taking a bit more cock into my head until his dick was kissing the back of my mouth. Skillfully I allowed him to started to enter my throat being careful not to trigger my gag reflex.

I worked him into a steady pace of skull-fucking me until I was deepthroating him and my lower lip touched his ball sac.

Karnack had a firm grip on the back of my head and was driving his cock into me like my mouth was some sort of a cunt.

I decided to drink his cum.

My hand slid around to his asshole and my finger penetrated his shithole. Karnack's hips bucked, I knew he was going to cum!

My finger worked his sphincter relentlessly forcing him to empty his testicles into my mouth.

His salty cum came in a tidal wave setting my tongue and teeth awash in a sea of thick, sticky brine. As my mouth rapidly filled I swallowed like a good slut should.

His strings of snot drained down my gullet as spurt after spurt of his guck replaced it. I had never known a man carry such a load.

I allowed Ed ample time for Ed's balls to drain into my mouth before I removed his cock and licked it clean.

"You like eating pussy?" I asked him.

The smile on his face answered m question. If I let him slurp around in my cunt it would give him time to regain his erection. I lie back on the bed and spread my legs.

Karnack buried his face between my open legs and I felt his tongue begin to search my warm, wet pussy. I emitted a low moan as he discovered my clit.

I have to give Karnack credit, as he knew his way around the inside of a pussy. Skillfully he manipulated my clitoris with the tip of is tongue until it started humming.

Back and forth his battered my little punching bag as he stirred up what could be the beginning of an orgasm.

"Oh yes!" I couldn't help moaning my approval.

Instinctively I ground my oozing cunt into his face, his nose penetrating my opening like an unreal phallus.

Karnack suddenly left my honey-pot and looked up at me smiling. His lips glistened with the glossy nectar of my vagina.

He stood and I saw his cock, he was ready to fuck me.

Karnack guided the head of his cock to where his tongue had just been. With my legs widespread he slid into me like a blade into a scabbard. I wrapped my legs around him and embraced him into me.

Karnack moaned in ecstasy as my velvet fuck hole enveloped his cock. I contracted my pelvic muscles to give his meat a welcoming squeeze.

"Fuck me big boy!" I goaded him.

Karnack did not need inspiration as he immediately fell into a rhythm of thrusting his cock in and out of my tight hole. My hips started to gyrate as my cunt pulled his cock in a circular grinding motion.

He filled his hands with my bare breasts and his mouth swallowed my left nipple.

Karnack's cock was igniting a fire in me that I knew would result in me cumming with him. I did not want to give his the satisfaction of making me cum like some little schoolgirl but his cock was working my hole just the way I liked it.

I clamped myself onto him like a leach and decided to go for it.

Karnack could tell by the way my cunt was mauling his cock I was not just trying to satisfy his need but enjoying having his dick in me.

"You like that baby?" he said as he drove his cock deep inside of me.

"Yes, I love it!" I shamelessly confessed.

Knowing that he had conquered me turned Karnack into more of an animal. He started humping me determined he was going to make me squeal with pleasure.

I clung to him and tried to stay with him as he road me like a livery stable nag, hard and furious.

"Oh my God!" I cried, "I'm going to cummmmmmmm!!!"

There was no doubt about it for the genie had escaped its bottle. The first shudder radiated from the head of Karnack's cock pounding its way though my whole body.

"Fuck me you son of a bitch!" I groaned as the orgasm took possession of my senses.

I was actually begging this horrible man to make me cum.

I felt my juices flush over Karnack's cock as I erupted like a volcano, lava flowing down the sides of Karnack's intruder.

I felt the surge of Karnack's sperm mixing with my fluids as his body stiffened and then he collapsed exhausted on top of me.

For what seemed like an eternity he laid on top of me, his spent cock soaking in our blend of bodily fluids.

Finally he got off of me, pulling his cum dripping cock from my satisfied fuck hole.

Silently we put our swimsuits back on and went out to join our spouses.

"How did it go?" Rick asked Karnack.

"She begged me for it!" Karnack bragged.

I could feel the daggers Florence's eyes were throwing into my back.

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