The Psychology Experiment


Jada brushed her fingertips softly across one of Jenny's protruding nipples, and Jenny gasped at the touch. "Yes, I can certainly see that something's going on with your body.," she agreed. "Let's have a look, shall we?" She started pushing Jenny's tight skirt up over her legs.

Jenny started to protest, but there was no way she could push her skirt back down without letting go of the rail and risking a fall into the toilet. Jada kept sliding the skirt up, her fingers burning trails on Jenny's quivering thighs, until it was up past her hips, revealing her lacy high-cut panties. The pink lace was soaked with Jenny's juices and plastered against her pussy, hiding nothing. The musky smell of arousal filled up the enclosed space of the stall.

Jada snaked a finger inside the wet lace and traced a line up the length of Jenny's slit. The fingertip came away glistening wet. "Interesting," she commented. "Would you mind if I took a closer look?"

Without waiting for an answer she started pulling Jenny's panties downward off her pelvis, past the damp triangle of dark-blonde curls leading down to her burning, throbbing core. The thin fabric stuck to her wetness before peeling gradually away with a soft sucking noise. Jenny whimpered and twisted her hips as Jada lifted first one foot, then the other, out of the panties and dropped them on the floor.

Naked from the waist down except for her shoes, Jenny could only push her hips forward as Jada bent down between her legs to inspect her. Then the older girl's fingers were opening the lips of her pussy and pushing inside. Jenny arched back her head and moaned as Jada slid in two fingers, then three, anchoring her the palm of her hand firmly on Jenny's clitoris.

"I can't feel anything out of the ordinary," Jada commented, continuing to stroke Jenny from inside. Jenny was beyond coherent speech now, making only guttural moans while her head whipped from side to side. "Maybe I'd better stop and -"

"NO!" Jenny yelled, louder than she meant to. "I mean - ah -oh - d-don't - you can't stop now!" Jada shrugged but did not remove her fingers. Jenny was rocking hard against Jada's hand now, grinding her mound against Jada's palm. Then all at once she erupted in a blinding orgasm, her hips bucking and her feet kicking out underneath her as she slid against the porcelain toilet seat and nearly landed in the toilet.

Jada continue to finger Jenny until the shuddering stopped. "We'd better let Dr. Parks know about this," she said worriedly, wiping her fingers delicately on a piece of toilet paper. "Come on, we'll see if he's in his office right now." She picked up the discarded panties. "I wouldn't put these on again if I were you," she added, wrapping them up in toilet paper and tucking them inside Jenny's purse.

Jada left the stall, banging the door wide open on her way out. Jenny made a hurried grab for it, pulling it back shut before anyone could come by and see her with her skirt up to her waist and her legs still spread out. She wiped herself off as best as she could and smoothed her skirt down. Her legs were wobbly, but she did feel much better.

Jada was washing her hands briskly at the sink when Jenny joined her. Jenny took a quick look at herself in the mirror. Oh God, she looked like a slut. Her hair was a mess and her face was still flushed from her earlier arousal. Everything about her aspect seem to scream out sex. She splashed some water on her face and started to brush her hair back in place.

"I think Dr. Parks has office hours right now," said Jada, grabbing Jenny's hand and pulling her out the door even before she was finished brushing her hair. She tottered down the hallway after Jada, acutely conscious of the absence of her panties. The air of the hallway swirled up her skirt and tickled her exposed lips, and she kept checking her short skirt to make sure it was all the way down.

Dr. Parks was, in fact, in his office at that moment, busily grading undergraduate exams when Jada knocked on the door. "Dr. Parks, is this a good time?"

"Well, look who it is," he got up from around his desk and held out his hand in greeting. "How is everything going - Jenny, isn't it?"

"I'm all - oh!" To her amazement she felt a fresh jolt of electricity spiral down her body, and she clenched her fist against her groin in response.

"Why, what is it? Is something the matter, Jenny?"

"I - oh!" she exclaimed as her pussy twitched.

"See?" Jada said, "It's like that. She was in this state when I found her wandering around the hallway, only much worse. Look at this." She grabbed the front of Jenny's t-shirt and lifted it up to her armpits, then pulled up her bra so that her breasts popped free. Already half-erect, Jenny's nipples hardened instantly in the open air of the office.

Dr. Parks inspected the nipple mildly. "Interesting," he said in his thickly accented voice. "How long have you been feeling this way, Jenny?"

"Ever since - oh God!" Her legs felt shaky again and she fell back into a chair. "I don't know when, maybe after lunch -"

"Go on, Jenny."

She passed a hand across her head and pushed her hair off the sweat on her forehead. She felt the moistening between her thighs start again and swallowed hard. "I was giving my psychology report and - oh! I don't know what's happening to me!"

"That's not all," Jada added. "Look." Kneeling down, she pushed Jenny's skirt back up past her hips to expose her wet and swollen pussy, which was already leaking a spot onto the seat of Dr. Parks' leather chair. "Jenny seems to be having some sort of spontaneous reaction."

"Yes, that would certainly seem to be the case," The professor agreed. "Ah, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny...."

The professor kept murmuring her name as Jada continued to manipulate her labia. Jenny's control was slipping rapidly, her rational mind becoming eclipsed by lust. In her frenzy she grabbed the back of Jada's silky dark head and pulled the older girl's face hard against her pussy.

"Mmmmgggghhhh!" The vibration of Jada's lips against Jenny's engorged labia set off a shudder of pleasure before the older girl pushed herself away in indignation. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Jada's open mouth was slick with Jenny's juices. Two bright spots of color blossomed on her cheeks.

"Oh god, I'm sorry!" Jenny sobbed in utter mortification. She couldn't believe she'd just done that, forced another woman to put her mouth Down There. Yet her body was on fire, her need to cum as raw and aching as an open wound.

Jada wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, still looking shaken. Dr. Parks turned to Jenny sternly. "Jenny, I'm warning you, I will not allow you to abuse my grad students like that. If you must orgasm, you might as well do it yourself."

"H-here?" Jenny stammered.

Dr. Parks shrugged. "You can do it here or you can wait until you walk back to your dorm, Jenny." Jenny moaned as her body responded again to the sound of her name. "Go on, Jenny, what feels good? Do your breasts want to be touched?"

"Y-yes," Jenny moaned.

"Touch them, Jenny," Dr. Parks coaxed softly. With a small whimper Jenny reached up and started fondling her breasts, fingertips stroking her swollen, sensitive nipples. "Doesn't that feel good, Jenny?"

Jenny nodded miserably, unable to stop what she was doing in spite of her shame.

"What else would you like to touch, Jenny?" His voice continued, smooth, almost a caress. "Show us."

As if on its own, Jenny's right hand started creeping down her bare stomach, over the bunched-up skirt around her waist, down to find her dripping sex. With two fingers she teased her outer lips apart, opening herself wide. She lay back on the desk, one hand squeezing her breasts, one by one, while the other continued to finger herself. She rolled her clitoris between her second and third finger, flinching even as her fingertip flicked over the sensitive bud.

Oblivious now to the other people in the room, she pushed her fingers deep inside her slippery folds. Her feet lifted off the floor as she arched her hips up to meet her hand, thigh muscles clenching in rhythm with her thrusts. The impact, when it hit her, was sudden and explosive, even stronger than her earlier climax in the bathroom stall. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her body continued to spasm, over and over until finally collapsing back on the seat.

Nobody spoke. Jenny sat up, blinking. Jada and Dr. Parks were looking at her, their faces unreadable.

A fresh wave of horror suffused her as she looked down and took stock of her indecent position. "Oh my God," she sputtered as she jumped off the chair, hastily pulling her skirt down and straightening out her t-shirt. "I - I'm so sorry! I don't know what to say!"

Dr. Parks waved a hand dismissively. "Think nothing of it, my dear. Perhaps It is just a temporary after-effect of the experiment. Tell you what, Jada's presenting the results of the study tomorrow at 2:00. Why don't you come and sit in. It will give you some insight into the nature of the experiment."

Jenny nodded miserably, grateful he hadn't made an issue of her behavior. "I'll, uh, be there, I guess."

"Very good," he smiled as she gathered up her things and scuttled out the door. "See you tomorrow, Jenny!" he added, noting the brief stumble in her step as she ran down the hall.

He turned to Jada, who was busily making notes on a clipboard. "Well, I think that went quite well, don't you?"

"Oh yes," Jada smiled, "and hopefully it should make a very interesting presentation."

Part 3: The third day.

Jenny spent a miserable morning huddled under the bedclothes, unwilling to leave the room or talk to anybody for fear that the uncontrolled urges would start raging through her body again. She'd cut her two morning classes, not wanting a repeat performance of the previous day, and she knew that was going to cost her academically.

She debated on whether or not to go to lunch, then decided against that too. Great, so now she was going to be hungry on top of everything else. She scrabbled around in her desk drawer and came up with an apple and a couple of crackers.

Munching on the apple, she cracked open her textbook and tried to concentrate on reading her next chapter, but her mind kept returning to the bizarre and humiliating experiences she'd been having lately. What had she gotten herself into? She glanced at the clock. 1:15. Jada had told her that she'd be presenting the results of the experiment at two, and that everything would be explained.

Resignedly, Jenny got out of bed and headed off to the shower. She debated on what to wear to Jada's presentation and decided on a simple white blouse paired with a long straight khaki skirt. With a heavy heart she headed over to the psychology building and found the small auditorium where the presentation would be held. It looked as if the entire department was already there, a mixture of professors and graduate students. Jenny took a seat in the back row, grateful for the anonymity offered by the group of people.

Jada was standing in the front of the room, professional in a crisp black suit that set off her white skin and bright green eyes. In one hand she held a clicker, which she was using to advance through a sophisticated PowerPoint presentation.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. As you've been told, the focus of our project was on testing the effectiveness of subliminal manipulation. As you know, subliminal messaging involves the technique of embedding images and sounds within the context of a movie or larger picture for the purpose of implanting a message in the audience's subconscious. This message is usually intended to trigger an emotional or somatic response.

"We decided on a response that was relatively easy to identify, such as sexual arousal, which also worked well because it was not likely to arise spontaneously otherwise. The trigger stimulus had to be a cue that the subject was already familiar with. Since we did not have time to introduce a new stimulus to the subject, we had to use one already familiar to her, in this case the sound of her own name.

"We then did some research to find out what sort of images would trigger the strongest sexual response for the subject. These images we spliced out and paired with a low-level audio track of her name being spoken.

"The subliminal messages were embedded in a 30-minute film which we showed to the subject on Wednesday. Afterwards the subject reported feeling uneasy but not unpleasant. We believe this was the period in which the messages was integrating itself into her subconscious. I will now show a bit of the film, slowed down so that you can see the implanted messages."

Jenny stared openmouthed in horror as Jada ran the videotape for the assembled panel. Played at one-eighth speed, the implanted images of couples deep in the heat of erotic passion were clearly discernible, as well as the low voice in the background whispering "Jenny.... Jenny..."

"I observed the subject all throughput the next day," Jada continued. "The effects of the subliminal manipulation were clearly starting to show. I watched her grow sexually aroused during the course of a normal classroom interaction. Dr. Parks and I examined the subject in his office and verified that indeed the subject was experiencing a sexual arousal triggered by the sound of her own name. I have a recording of the session in the office, of which I'll just play a little right now."

Jenny sank down in her seat, wishing she could disappear. She squeezed her hands over her ears as the sound of Jada's and Dr. Park's prompting, along with her own answering moans filled the room.

"Of course, the area of subliminal,messaging still leaves a lot to be explored, " Jada continued. "For one thing, we don't know whether the responses will extinguish on their own without further reinforcement, or whether she will have to be deprogrammed. You can be sure that we will be continuing to monitor her progress for quite some time. Thank you very much for coming, and I'll be glad to answer any questions or comments."

A bearded man in the front row raised his hand and regarded Jada sternly. "Ms. Spencer, I'm afraid your data are not sufficient to convince the panel as to the outcome of the experience. Do you have any other evidence to back up your hypothesis?"

Jada's flawless composure tensed slightly. Almost imperceptibly, Jada's smile tightened, her voice became strained. "Dr. Maxwell, I can assure you the data are genuine and obtained through rigorous scientific procedure."

The man remained implacable. "As you may be aware, we did have an incident last semester where a student was brought up on charges for falsifying data. We would simply like to see some more direct evidence that links the subject's responses to your interventions."

Dr. Parks, who'd up until now been sitting quietly on the sidelines, spoke up. "Might I make a suggestion, Jada? As it turns out, our subject Jenny is right here with us in this room with us. Perhaps she would be so kind as to give us a demonstration?"

Jada's glittering green eyes surveyed the room. "Well, I really wasn't planning to do this, but I see you leave me no option. Jenny, will you please stand up?"

Al eyes turned to Jenny, who had no choice but to stand up even as the familiar tingling began afresh in her lower belly.

"If I'm right, the verbal stimulus of her name should just be starting the process of arousal in her body right now. Can you tell me if that's the case, Jenny?"

Blushing furiously, Jenny swallowed hard and nodded.

"Would you please come down here, Jenny? I'm going to need your help with my presentation after all."

Cringing under the collective stares of the panel, Jenny slowly made her way to the front of the room, her clothes rubbing up against her body with every movement. By the time she reached Jada's side her panties were already starting to dampen.

Jada turned her around to face the room. "As you can see, the subject's face is already starting to show the characteristic signs of arousal. Notice the redness over the cheeks and lips, the increase in salivation. Jenny, can you please tell the audience what you are feeling right now?"

Jenny could feel the hot flush of embarrassment creep down her face and mix with the spreading warmth in her breasts and groin. "I couldn't - not in front of all those people!"

Jada ignored her. "Are you feeling hot, Jenny? Are you feeling aroused?"

"Yes," she mumbled, barely audible.

"Speak up please, Jenny. And do try to remember this is a presentation."

"I - I'm feeling, well, horny..."

"Could you please describe the feeling to us in greater detail, Jenny."

"I'm, ur, aroused. Every time I - oh - hear my name it gets me more and more - that way. Oh."

"I think the panelists need a more specific description of what's going on in your body, Jenny. And please try and look at the audience when you speak; it gets very difficult to hear when you're looking at the floor."

Jenny slowly raised her eyes to her audience, her face a study in utter mortification. "I'm feeling very - warm - right now," she stammered. "My breasts, oh god, my breasts - are tender. My nipples are - swollen and so - sensitive - right now I feel - I feel like they'll push our right through my bra. Oh, god!" The last exclamation came out in a whimper.

"Go on, Jenny." Jada's voice was impassive, offering no reprieve.

"And - oh, god - and I'm - wet, too. Down there. And my - what's the word - clitoris - is so - swollen. Rubbing up against my underwear. Hard to walk. Hard to - stand still too. Oh.... Oh...."

"What would you want most right now, Jenny?" Jada asked softly.

Jenny's vision blurred as hot tears of humiliation sprang to her eyes. "I want to - touch myself. To - masturbate." Her eyes sprang open and she looked straight at Jada. "Please, if I don't have an orgasm soon I'm sure I'll explode!"

A hand came up from the panel. "How do we know she's not being stimulated from any devices inside her clothes?"

Jada's smile was brittle. "No, Dr. Poe, our subject Jenny is not wearing any hidden wires or electrodes which might stimulate a physical reaction. Jenny, could you please remove your clothes so that the audience can see that you are not wearing any wires."

"What?" Jenny's eyes widened in shock even as a fresh wave of arousal coursed through her body.

"Just do it, OK?" Jada hissed through gritted teeth. "My entire semester's work is riding on this."

Stunned by the harsh words from the woman she'd considered a friend, Jenny fought off a fresh round of tears. This wasn't part of the agreement. Yet even as Jada spoke, her body was already aching to be free from the tight confines of her clothing. As if of their own accord, her fingers began clawing at the buttons of her blouse.

"Let's move it along, could we Jenny?" Jada whispered in her ear. Jenny felt the skirt loosen around her hips as Jada's impatient fingers undid the zipper, and then the skirt was sliding down her legs, exposing the bottom edge of her white panties beneath the hem of her blouse. The wet spot was already visible between her legs.

Jada helped Jenny undo the rest of the buttons on the blouse and pulled it of her shoulders. Jenny stood there, shivering in her bra and panties, erect nipples clearly visible under her white bra.

When Jada reached around to unhook Jenny's bra, however, she twisted away, protesting. "Jada, you can clearly see that I'm not concealing anything in my bra. There isn't room in here for anything but me."

"That's not true, Jenny. If you don't they'll accuse me of sewing electrodes to the inside of your bra and they'll still think I'm faking it."

Unable to come up with a convincing retort, Jenny fell silent as Jada undid the clasp holding her bra closed in front and pulled it away, revealing Jenny's rosy pink nipples to the scrutiny of the assembled professors. Jenny noticed a couple of them were adjusting their glasses in order to get a better look, and she flinched under their gaze, wondering how far things would go.

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