tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Punishment

The Punishment


It was late Friday night after a smashing victory for the varsity football team. Everyone had gone home, and Jeff Holden was alone on campus. He had decided to stay late and get some papers graded in the quiet of the night, no one to bother him. Those research papers were really a bitch to grade, and he needed the uninterrupted time. Since he was already there for the game, it was convenient just to stick around afterwards. Finally, he'd had enough of reading through the papers and was ready to get home. He checked his watch. 'Saturday morning, actually,' he thought.

He jiggled the door as he walked out of the building, making sure it was locked behind him as he left, heading toward the parking lot. The moment he walked around the corner of the building, he saw the graffiti in the beautiful old red brick. They had struck again.

'Shit, those little bastards.' Whoever it was, they had managed to evade getting caught for months. This was probably the fourth incident. 'At least they're creative,' he thought. The picture wasn't bad, and it was sexually graphic. It was almost art. 'Maybe we should be keeping an eye on the art students.' Shaking his head, he reached into his pocket for his cell phone to call it in. That's when she walked around from the other side, the evidence in hand.

Jeff stared at her in disbelief, still grasping the phone. He hadn't even had a chance to dial. He slipped the phone back in his pocket. "Kristine?" He couldn't believe it. He looked at the girl standing before him, and she seemed to be in shock, not moving a muscle. This was a star student. A senior, getting ready to go to an Ivy League school. Probably headed for valedictorian. Her future secure. And now suddenly not so secure. She knew it.

"Mr. Holden, I..." she began, and stopped. There was no way to explain.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw some shadows ducking and running, and within moments he heard a car start and drive off. Apparently her accomplices had just abandoned her to her fate. Jeff looked at her, standing there in her little minidress and barefoot. Long beautiful tanned legs. So sweet. He'd seen her earlier that night at the game, and she'd been wearing heels. 'Explains the loss of the shoes,' he thought. 'Hard to commit a crime in heels.' He felt his cock grow hard, and he cleared his throat.

"What the hell are you doing, Kristine? Do you know what you've just done to your future?" he questioned harshly. His disappointment was evident.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and her heart was racing. He was the last person in the world she wanted to be the one to catch her. Her advisor, the one who had helped her get to the top of her class. Her mentor. 'Her crush.' She swallowed hard and shook her head. There was nothing she could say.

"We are going to have to make some kind of decision here." He pulled his keys out of his pocket and looked around the dark parking lot. No one had seen them, except for the rest of the guilty party. "Let's go to my office. We can talk about this."

She nodded and walked through the door Jeff opened for her into the dimly lit hallway, and he closed it behind him and locked it. Turning around he had a nice view of her walking ahead of him, her sixties style dress barely covering her ass. Long brown hair flowing down her back. 'So fucking beautiful.' She'd given him so much grief over the last year, thinking about those long legs and tight little ass. 'So wrong.' He adjusted himself, cursing the raging hard-on in his pants. 'So tempted to do something about it.'

She stopped at the door of his office and waited for him to unlock it. They walked in and he shut the door, then he turned to look at her, trembling before him.

"I think we should try to come to an understanding that doesn't involve you losing everything you've worked for," he began. "So let's make a deal. I'm not even going to ask the question why. And I'm going to keep this to myself. But you're going to have to give me the names of your buddies. I want to know who was involved."

She stubbornly crossed her arms and shook her head, "No way, Mr. Holden. Anything but that. I won't be a snitch."

He smiled. That was exactly what he thought she'd say.

"Okay, then. I guess we are going to have to think of something else. Maybe a little corporal punishment is in order." He almost laughed out loud at the look on her face. "How badly do you want to get out of this?" he asked. "Enough to take a paddling?"

She took a deep breath, her sweet young tits straining against the buttons on the front of her dress as her chest rose and fell. She shrugged. "I guess I can take it," she answered.

His cock was rock hard now. 'We'll see if you can take it,' he thought to himself.

"Okay then." He cleared a space in the center of his desk. "Come here." She slowly walked to the front of his desk where he was standing. "Bend over."

She bent over the front of the desk. She couldn't believe this was happening. It was enough getting caught, but for Mr. Holden to be spanking her in the middle of the night in the empty school building was unbelievable. She would have never imagined him taking care of the problem in this manner. She had never seen this side of him. Only the charming, blue-eyed, adorable teacher that every girl in the school had a crush on. Confusion clouded her thoughts, and it didn't get any better when she felt him lift up the back of her skirt. She felt the cool air on her bare ass.

Jeff sucked in his breath when he saw that she wasn't wearing a goddamn thing underneath that dress. "What the hell. No panties?" he couldn't resist asking. "Well, I guess you should have come more prepared." He was standing behind her and he got a clear shot of her pink pussy lips peaking out. Before she could answer, he raised his hand and smacked her hard on the ass. She gasped and her body jerked. She closed her eyes, trying to keep the tears from falling. Again he raised his hand. 'Smack.'

Three, then four times he hit her. She was shaking, and the tears were falling freely now. Her ass was red where his hand had made contact. Then she felt his hand once more, but this time he was rubbing the spot he had made so red. She trembled.

Jeff caressed the tender spot and savored the soft skin that he suddenly had access to. Her little pink pussy was so close. He let his fingertips brush the lips gently as he continued to rub her beautiful ass. He heard her suck in her breath. Smiling, he let his middle finger find her opening and he dipped the tip in, finding her surprisingly wet.

Her eyes flew open. She felt the pressure of his other hand on her back, gently holding her down. "Mr. Holden, what are you doing?" Her voice was alarmed. She couldn't believe this man who she looked up to was violating her.

"Kristine, you fucked up. You know how damaging this incident would be if the authorities learned of your guilt, especially since you're eighteen. Something like this will stay on your record forever. But I am the only one that knows. So you don't have much of a choice here do you, young lady?"

She had never even heard the work fuck come out of his mouth. He was like a different person, and she knew he had her cornered. With a sinking feeling she realized there was nothing she could do. The she felt a shiver of fear, wondering how far he was going to take it. She could feel his finger dipping into her gently, in and out and getting a little deeper each time. Then the tip of it just slowly tracing the line down the lips of her pussy.

"You've been very bad, Kristine. A very bad girl. And bad girls should be punished." Jeff lifted his finger to his mouth and sucked the sweet juices off the tip. Then he reached down and unzipped his pants, letting his cock free. It stood at attention, so close to this firm little ass in front of him. He put a little more pressure on her back as he stroked his rigid member and drank in the sight of her, bent over his desk with her dress bunched around her waist.

Kristine had heard his pants unzip and her heart was racing. She was about to be raped by her mentor, the teacher she had so much respect for. She could feel the sobs welling up in her chest. How could she have been so wrong about him? And she knew she had betrayed his trust as well. She felt him press against her and lean over her until his mouth was close to her ear. His cock was pulsing as it pressed against the skin of her backside.

"And do you know what kind of punishment naughty little girls get?" he breathed into her ear. He pressed his hips down harder on her naked little body, crushing her to the desk with his shaft throbbing between them. "The get fucked." He felt her sob underneath him, and it made him harder. "I'm going to fuck that sweet little cunt," he explained to her. "I'm going to ram my cock hard in that tight little pussy. But not yet. First I'm going to get a taste of how sweet you are."

He stood back up and bent down, caressing her ass. He was now at eye-level with her pussy lips puckering out. He bent his head in and traced the outline of her entrance with the tip of his tongue. She gasped. He let his tongue dip in a little, tasting the sweet honey inside. 'So fucking good.' He couldn't resist, and he pressed his face into her and shoved his tongue as far as he could get it into her tight little hole. He heard her cry out, and it didn't sound like a protest.

He fucked her with his tongue, moving in and out, tasting her sweet juices. She was getting wetter by the second. He stopped and went lower, finding her hard little clit and lapping against it. He licked all over her clit, licked and sucked on it, that hard sweet little nub. Then he gave her one long lick all the way back up to where that precious ass was open wide to him. He reached out and tickled her tight little asshole with the tip of his tongue, pressing gently, pushing it into her puckered little hole. He probed, pressing his lips around it as he worked his tongue into her.

Kristine had never felt sensations like this in her life. She wasn't a virgin, but even the boys that had gone down on her had never made her feel this good. The feel of Mr. Holden's mouth pressed into her, tongue lapping at her pussy, and the shocking sensation of her asshole getting stretched open was amazing. She was beginning to relax and just let him work on her. But then she felt him let go and get up. Her heart started racing, wondering what was next. She felt his hand on her back again and something soft rubbing along her entrance, and she knew exactly what it was.

Jeff had his cock in his hand and he was rubbing the head up and down on her pussy lips. He groaned as he let it dip in just slightly, pumping the tip of his engorged shaft into her with tiny little movements, just barely penetrating her hot little cunt. He closed his eyes. He could feel how tight she was, and he hadn't even gone very far. But he wasn't ready for that yet. He pulled out and rubbed his hard cock all over her pussy, all over the skin of her ass, and let the tip slide down and press up against the hole there, just enough to scare her. He then let go and stood back.

"Get up," he commanded. She slid off the desk and stood up. He pointed to a little stool that was against the wall and ordered her to sit down there. She sunk down on the stool, apprehension evident on her beautiful face. He walked up to her, still stroking himself. She was now at exactly the right level. She was looking at him with questioning eyes, and he saw just a little fear. He put his other hand under her chin and lifted her head up a little. "Open your mouth. Open those pretty little lips and let me fuck your mouth." She started to protest and he grabbed a handful of hair at the back of her head. "Open your mouth," he said impatiently. Her lips fell open and he slid his cock between them, feeling the warmth of her mouth enveloping him. He looked at his victim, watched the head of his cock disappearing into that sweet mouth.

"Yes, baby," he breathed. "Suck that hard cock. Suck it good. Getting your pretty little mouth fucked for being so naughty. Such a bad girl." He pumped his cock into her mouth further and deeper, getting closer to the back of her throat. She was pressed against the wall and he still had her by the hair, and he started pulling her head towards him as he thrust between her hot lips. "Oh, yeah, baby. So fucking good. Such a bad little girl sucking on my cock, letting me fuck her mouth. Fuck yes, baby." He felt himself throbbing against her tongue and the tip of his cock pressing down the back of her throat. She was making little sounds of protest as he thrust hard, pulling her down on his cock as he drove into her warm, wet mouth.

He felt it start to build, but he didn't want to cum yet. He reluctantly pulled it out and looked at her sitting there, tears in her eyes again, her lips wet and slightly parted. He pulled her head back and exposed her throat, still pumping his hard shaft in his fist. He bent down and kissed her hard. She whimpered. He straightened up and pulled her up. She stood as he let go of her hair. Grabbing her with both hands, he turned her around and pushed her forcefully into the wall beside the stool. He was suddenly behind her, pressing hard against her, crushing her to the wall. She felt his hands running up under her dress, pulling it up to expose her ass. He pulled back slightly, just enough to slip his cock between her legs, and with his hand he guided it up to the entrance of her pussy, feeling the lips sucking him in. Finding that little hole with the tip, he said, "Now my naughty little girl is going to get fucked," then he thrust upward in one swift motion and drove his cock into the tightest cunt he had ever felt.

She screamed as his hard shaft plunged deep into her, stretching her and filling her completely. She felt his hand at her throat, pulling her back against him as over and over he ploughed into her wet pussy, his weight crushing her to the wall. She was crying out as he fucked her harder and harder, taking all the frustrations out that she'd caused him in the last year, right there against the wall. Plunging deeper and deeper, savoring the tightness of her young cunt squeezing his cock. He felt her clench the walls of her pussy tighter and felt her quiver, and he knew she was loving it.

"Yes, fucking that sweet little cunt. You love it don't you, you bad little girl. Love my cock buried deep in your tight little pussy." She was crying out with every thrust, and she screamed, "Yes!" He could feel her little body shuddering, her cunt clutching at him, and she started to cum all over his shaft that was rammed up inside her. It was just enough to send him over the edge and he exploded inside her, blowing his load deep into the recesses of her soaking wet pussy. He pounded his cock into her over and over until he was completely spent. Then he collapsed against her, still pressed into the wall, breathing hard. She was trembling.

"I hope you've learned your lesson, Kristine," he whispered in her ear. "Unless you like getting that tight cunt fucked hard."

She whimpered again and the feel of him, still pressed up against her tight, his cock softening inside her and knowing she was dripping with his cum, was incredible. She decided right then and there that she liked this new side of Mr. Holden. Much more than the nice proper teacher she had thought him to be. "Yesss...." she whispered.

He moaned and knew this wouldn't be the last time he had to punish his naughty girl.

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