tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Purple Dress

The Purple Dress


Her plunging cleavage is what first drew my attention. Two firm, round orbs rising on her chest, covered in a purple summer dress- clingy on the top and free flowing beneath. The interesting design choice for her dress was in the cleavage itself- instead of a wide square cut, the dip in her dress formed a thin, vertical slit that went halfway down her breasts.

I'm a bartender and seeing her bounce up onto the bar stool lifted my hopes. I was dreading a boring, shitty night, but my luck had just turned around. She was out with her man, enjoying the warm change in weather no doubt. We had pleasant small talk while they enjoyed their meal and I made sure to let her know I appreciated her delights. We would lock gazes and I'd feel a warm smile slide onto my face as I held the eye contact, then let my gaze slowly slide down her face and neck to settle on that valley of tit flesh. Halfway through the meal her chest rose up and down much more, as she kept glancing at me to see if I was checking her out.

I winked and smiled. Of course I was.

I saw the blush bloom rose red on her face and I chuckled to myself as I turned away to attend to other things. Shortly after another glance in my direction, she asked me where the bathroom was. I smiled, and she blushed all the more. I could feel my cock thickening in my pants. I wanted her. I point out the way for her and start fiddling with the bottles around the bar as I hear her stool rake backwards on the floor. Her guy Mr. Oblivious nods in faint acknowledgement of her existence as she passes him, and resumes his full attention on his phone as he works out his fantasy league. I fake looking busy (we're pros at it) and act as if I need to get ice as soon as I know she's down the bathroom hallway. I trace her path shortly after I get from behind the bar, and manage to hop in the women's restroom without anyone seeing me.

As I glide into the forbidden realm, I smell her perfume and see her standing before the mirror, looking at me in the reflection with a look of absolute shock and surprise.


The lock is the only sound beside the slight intake of breath from her, before I capture her in my arms. My left hand slides up underneath her left arm and clamps over her mouth, as my right arm wraps around her waist. I bury my nose in her neck and inhale sharply, as she tries to struggle in my grip. I hear the murmurs beneath my hand, feel her moist, hot breath as it washes over my palm and fingers. I apply a gentle pressure with the hand over her mouth, just with my fingertips.

All sound immediately ceases from her.

Like so many times when I was behind the bar, I raise my eyes and we lock gazes. Hers is a look of a frightened deer, the cold shock of her sense of "normal" and "reality" being altered forever had made her entire body go rigid. Safe, would never really feel safe, for her again. She saw what I wanted in my eyes and she rattled out one shuddering breath. After all the air had left her lungs and blasted between my fingers, I noticed the slight shiver, the silent shake. She was trembling. Was it fear?

I raked my eyes over her body. Those tits. Laser-beam testosterone rays locked my eyes on the targets of the night. As she trembled, they shook and jiggled with calming regularity. I felt my dick grow another inch, felt her soft, enveloping butt as it devoured my shaft unwillingly. I haven't even fucked her yet, and I could feel her warmth through her dress and my pants. This bitch was on fire. Was it Lust?

N-N-N-Nipples. Bingo, the a/c ain't on bitch.

"You're horny." I growl into the nape of her neck.

Her entire body shivers, the epicenter originating where my hot, sharp breath splashed onto her skin. She says nothing, staring at me with wide, open eyes. I press the flat of my tongue to her neck, and slowly, slowly, run it up, drag it across the goosebumps that are now prickling all over.Two sharp breaths rack her body, and she subconsciously struggles, rotating her hips in an exaggerated oval,cushioning my cock in a salsa of butt-flesh.

I grunt in appreciation, and raise my right hand up from around her waist, drumming the fingers on her belly as they traveled north. I spread them far out as I glided up and cupped her full, heavy left tit in my hand. We both groaned at the same time.

As she slowly kept moving her butt against my cock, I started to maul and squeeze her breast. I felt her head tip up and her eyes start to close, as the tip of her tongue licked against my hand. I rolled her nipple between my fingers, pulled it, dragged it out and let it fall. I slapped her tit with my hand as she started to lick my hand and moan, rubbing her ass up and down. I pull my hand away and replace it with fingers for her to suck, which she does quickly into her mouth. I piston them in and out as I move to her other tit, and proceed to grab, slap and bounce whatever flesh I want to.

It's time for more. I spin her around, and place both my hands on her head. She drops to her knees, unzipping my fly and using her lily white hands to pull my throbbing, black member out into the open. As the bulbous purple mushroom head pops into view, she coos with joy and leans forward, wrapping her ruby lips around and sucking hard.

I wrap my fingers in her brown locks, intertwining my fingers and pulling tight on strands as her warm, wet mouth serviced me. I could feel her tongue rubbing on the bottom of my pole as it squelched in and out of her mouth repeatedly. She was using as much spit as possible to help, but still gagged on it sporadically as she worked to the bottom of the shaft, rubbing her nose in my trimmed pubic hair.

Every now and then a moan would emanate from her throat, causing the most pleasant vibrations to surround my cock.

I yanked my cock away before I could cum, and dragged her by her hair to one of the stalls. I kicked the door open, and used the hand still wrapped in her hair to toss he into the stall. She yelped in surprise as flew forward and landed on the toilet bowl. I push her forward and down, shoving her head down on the bathroom floor.

Her skirt is then lifted over her waist, and I push her soaked panties to the side and ram my dick in.

"Uhh!" She moans as I start pounding her. Not wanting our fun to be disrupted, I rip off some of her skirt as I continue rocking my meat into her, and I rub the tattered piece over both our crotches, soaking the cloth with pre-cum and honey. Then I shove the sticky cloth into her mouth and continue shoveling her pussy ditch.

Her moans are constant regardless, and I pick up the pace, knowing this won't be able to last for a number of reasons, one being how hot this bitch is, my nut is imminent, and two, someone is going to come investigating the wondorous moans coming out of this bitch's mouth. I feel my balls churning as I hear the first knock on the door.


My hands slide up and down her waist as I raise my voice in response.

"Give me five minutes and she's all yours."

The moans go up an octave as I give my fuck toy a few hammer strokes- quick deep pumps.

"Uh...you mean the bathroom, right?"

I gab her arms and twist them around towards me, gripping her wrists and holding them over her butt cheeks.


I guess that worked, as I hear the person go away. That or they didn't want to go further. I honestly forget to care which it is as my nut gushes forth and fills this hot little white bitch with my seed. I feel her garden quivering in response and a waterfall of liquid drenches my shaft as she cums. Once we both ride out the waves of our orgasms, I release her hands, and they drop to her sides.

She is still bent over the toilet seat, face down with the cum-soaked remains of her sundress in her mouth as I step out the door. Gotta make sure to wash my hands before I get back to work.

Safety first, after all.

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