tagLoving WivesThe Rally

The Rally


We decided to go to the Glen Rose Rally held every summer in Glen Rose Texas. Dot got to the house a little after 10 in the morning and helped me pack the bike for the weekend stay. I had rented one of the small cabins on the River bank, and we were ready for the party to start.

After finally getting everything on the bike, we started the ride to the rally. Dot was dressed in a leather bra, hot leather shorts and chaps. She was hot looking and was ready to party.

As we rode , Dot would lean up and press her tits into my back, and kiss me on my neck. She did this every now and then all the way to the rally. When we arrived at the rally, it was about noon and all the games had started. We unloaded the bike and drifted over to where the games were being held. There were no less than a thousand people standing and sitting around the arena.

As we walked up to the arena, heads turned, looking at Dot in her hot outfit. I was proud to be with her. She had told me that she was ready to have a good time and do wild things all weekend. I told her to do whatever she wanted, but to remember who she came with!

As the afternoon wore on, we had been drinking and not only was I getting a little buzzed, but Dot was feeling her alcohol too. She said she wanted to go to the cabin and take a shower and cool off.

As we walked back to the cabin, an old friend of mine stopped us and I introduced him to Dot. I could tell he liked the way Dot looked, and he made a remark about how hot she looked in the leather. She looked him right in the eye and said that she looked a lot better out of it! He told her that he could imagine. We walked along , talking about old times and what was in store for the rally.

When we got to the cabin, I invited him in for a beer. We got inside and I opened a couple of beers and handed him one. Dot said that she was going to take a shower and she would be back in a few minutes.

We talked and drank our beers for about 15 minutes until Dot appeared at the bathroom door wrapped in a towel. She asked me to bring her the makeup case that was in her bag.

Since my friend was sitting next to it, he picked it up and walked over to her and said..... “I will give it to you if you show me your tits! “ Dot laughed, and said ,,, “No problem”. With that, she reached up, undid the towel, and let it drop to the floor, standing there naked, with her shaved pussy looking swollen and ready for some action.

This kind of took my friend by surprise, and all he could say was “Wow”, Nice body”.....Dot thanked him, turned around and went back in the bathroom, leaving the door open so we could watch her put her makeup on.

My friend, who’s name by the way is Bo, was awestruck at the sight of this beautiful woman, standing there naked, applying her makeup as if nothing was unusual. Every now and then, Dot would turn toward us, letting us see her beautiful body. Bo was having a hard time concealing his hard-on, and Dot noticed . She walked out of the bathroom, over to where Bo was sitting, dropped to her knees, unzipped his jeans, and said, “Let me see what I can do about this!” I thought Bo was going to shoot his load right there as Dot pulled his hard dick out of his jeans and started to kiss and suck on it.

After a couple of minutes of this, Dot stopped playing with him and went back to the bathroom to finish her makeup. Bo couldn’t say anything!!

When she was finished applying her makeup, she put the hot shorts on, with the leather bikini top and said, “How do I look?” Both of us told her that she was very hot looking. Bo wanted to know when she was going to finish what she had started. She replied that it would have to wait until a little later, she wanted another drink.

We left the cabin and walked over to the arena where the games were still going on and Dot said that she wanted to do the slow-ride weiner grabbing contest. I said ok and told her and Bo that I would be back in a minute with the bike. This is the contest where the rider on the back stands up as they pass under a weiner hanging from the ceiling, and she has to grab it with her mouth as they go by.

Our turn came up, so I started slowly making my way to the center of the arena with Dot standing on the pegs. There was a lot of cheering and whistling, and Dot was determined to grab the weiner. As we passed under the weiner, Dot stood as high as she could and sucked the weiner into her mouth, taking a bite. This set off a roar from the crowd. I didn’t know why all the cheering was going on until I looked back and Dot’s top had come untied and had fallen off her tits. There she was on the back, both tits unleashed, and having a wonderful time showing them off to all the crowd.

Once out of the arena, Dot asked me to tie her top back up, and we parked the bike, walking back over to where we had left Bo. He was standing there talking to several guys when we walked up, and they all turned to get a good look at Dot. She was enjoying all the attention and started flirting with a couple of the guys. She knew that they were turned on by her, and she played it for all it was worth. They wanted to know if she was going to do the Midnight Naked Bitch Ride. She said that she didn’t know what that was , but she was game for anything.They all said “Great, we will be there to see her.”

It was getting dark now. We walked around the area and stopped to talk to several people that I knew. They were all impressed with Dot, and she was having a great time turning all the guys on. As the night wore on, Dot was getting hornier and hornier, and told me that she needed fucking. I said “ok, lets go to the cabin”. All the guys wanted to come with us. Dot said, “ok come on, but all you can do is watch!”

When we got to the cabin, three of the guys that followed us left and said that if they couldn’t play, then they didn’t want to come in. Bo and Al were still there and they told Dot that they would watch. Dot said, “Ok, you might even get to play a little!!”

As we entered the cabin, Dot reached behind her and untied the bikini top and let it fall to the floor, leaving her standing there in front of us with nothing on but her shorts. Al said that he couldn’t stand it, and with that, Dot unzipped her shorts, pushed them slowly down over her hips, letting them fall to the floor, leaving her in her thong panties and nothing else. Both the guys just stared at her beautiful body.

Dot said she would wait on us, what did we want. We all told her that we wanted a beer. She turned around and bent over the ice chest to get the beer out. Her ass looked absolutely wonderful, with the little strap running down the crack and covering up her pussy with a very small piece of cloth.

After she opened the beer, she walked over to Al, placed the beer in his hand, then bent over and kissed him while letting her hand run down to his hard cock. She rubbed it a couple of times and told him to enjoy the beer. Then she walked over to Bo, handed him his beer, then grabbed his cock and told him that she would finish what she started earlier. He said “Ok”. With that, she unzipped his jeans, reached in and unleashed his hard cock and started kissing the head, occasionally sucking the very end of it, and making it get harder each time she sucked. I was enjoying watching her play, knowing that I would be the one fucking her when the time was right.

She stood up, looked at Al, and said , “ Why dont you come here and play with my pussy while I take care of Bo?” Al almost jumped out of the chair, moving right up behind her, reaching around and playing with her tits, then down to her hot wet pussy. He stuck one finger in and started massaging her clit, making Dot very horny. The more he moved, the harder she sucked on Bo. It was just a minute and Bo told her that he was going to cum. With that, she pulled her mouth off of his dick and started pumping him very fast with her hand. Within a few seconds, Bo started groaning and shot his load in big spurts.

Al was still fingering Dots pussy, and I knew she was hot and ready for some dick. She stood up when Bo finished, turned around to Al, and said, “Sit down!”.... As soon as Al was seated, Dot unzipped his pants and unleashed his hard throbbing cock, taking it in her mouth, and sucking the whole thing down to the base, then slowly up and down. It didn’t take long and Al was ready to cum. Dot sensed this and started sucking harder and faster until he spewed his jism. When he was finished, Dot said, “There now guys, that should take care of both of you for a while, now I have to take care of my man!”

With that, Dot moved over to where I was sitting, unzipped my pants, slid them down, stood up and straddled my lap, lowering her wet pussy onto my hard dick, letting it slide in to her hot wet love. God it felt good!

The guys decided that they would leave us alone, so they got up, dressed and left, but taking one more feel of Dots tits as they left. As soon as they left, Dot and I moved to the bed. I reached down and slid her thong panties to her feet and she kicked them off. I got between her legs and slowly kissed up the inside of each leg until I reached her wet cunt, letting my tongue slide in and out, sucking on her hard clit, nibbling and rolling it around, driving her crazy. I stayed there, sucking and letting my tongue slide in and out until she was about to climax. When I felt her tense up, I sucked harder and harder while playing with her tits, rolling the nipples between my fingers, until she came with a shudder and a moan.

She was still sensitive, and I got on my back, and she crawled on top, sliding slowly onto my hard cock, pumping slowly up and down. After all the show, I was really turned on. We slowly fucked for a few minutes and she said, “ I need to cum!” With that, I started pumping faster and faster until she was starting to climax. She came with a shuddering climax, and as I looked at her sexy body and face, I came, pumping her pussy as fast and hard as I could. She collapsed onto my chest when she was spent, and we laid there for a while trying to get our strength back.

When we could finally talk, Dot told me that she really enjoyed that, she thanked me for letting her be wild, and she wanted to do more wild stuff like that in the future. I told her that whatever she wanted, she could do, as long as I was involved. She agreed!!

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