tagMind ControlThe Ranch Ch. 02

The Ranch Ch. 02


"Why hello, you must be Barb," Bob said and then turning to Jen added, "We kind of met already, didn't we," as Bob brazenly walked out of Mary's room with only a bath towel wrapped around his hips. "I guess Mary and I got a little carried away," he grinned as he collected their discarded clothes off the floor.

"What the hell have you done? Jen call the cops!" Barb shouted as she ran to Mary's door and gasped as she saw Mary naked putting on a very thin night gown that was almost see through.

"Hey Barb," Mary cheerfully replied seeming to be totally unaware that she stood before displaying herself the way she was.

"Umm, Mary are you okay?" Barb stammered trying to hide her confusion and awkwardness. Mary had always been so conservative often times acting as their mother when they discussed boys and college life with her.

"Never felt better," Mary said and walked up and gave Barb a hug pressing her erect nipples into the girl. Seeing Mary walking out caused Jen to gasp as well and set the phone back down, Mary turned a questioning look to Barb and then to Bob who simply smiled at her.

"You girls must be thirsty from working out in that sun," Bob said silkily now setting out two glasses for the girls and secretly adding the pink tablets.

"Yeah, errr, sure," Jen said distracted still by Mary as she picked up the glass and started to take a drink. The phone rang though before she could take a sip causing her to sit it down and answer the phone. She began to talk sympathetically into the receiver and then hung up, "That was my roommate and she just broke up with her boyfriend. I have to go and give her comfort."

"You must be thirsty from all those chores just take a drink and freshen up," Bob pressed.

"No!" Jen said almost offended to be even talking to the man. Barb followed Jen out the front door. "What the fuck is going on in there?"

"I don't know. I am going to stay behind and figure out what is going on. I will call you later tonight when I get home," Barb said hugging Jen. Walking back into the house the brunette was stunned to see her boss, Mary, standing there in the kitchen with this creepy man as he clearly had his hand on her crotch. She was even more shocked that upon seeing her enter the room neither of them bothered to stop right away.

"So you must be thirsty," Mary said taking the glass of water to Barb.

"Mary we really need to talk," Barb said growing more worried as she saw Bob helping himself to the fridge and pulling a bottle of chilled white wine.

"We will but young lady if I was your mother I would spank you for working so hard and not hydrating enough," Mary said while putting her hands on her hips still completely oblivious as to how much the garment showed off her body..

"Fine! Fine I am drinking my water now," Barb said and downed the water upon finishing it she licked her lips. "The water tastes kind of funny but good."

"Well then you will love this," said Bob handing her a glass of wine and winking at Mary who looked excitedly at Barb.

"You sure you are okay," Barb asked as she was starting to feel hot. Mary crossed her arms and looked expectantly at Barb and her glass.

"Drinking," Barb said and downed the drink. She realized something was not right as her clothes were feeling itchy. Though she did not hesitate when offered another glass and downed it.

"You feel okay honey?" Mary said as she took Barb by the hand and started to caress her hands, "You must be hot from working all day. Let's get you out of these overalls." She then started to undo Barb's overalls as Bob sat on a chair prepared to enjoy the show.

"What are you doing?" Barb asked while trying to push Mary's hands away.

"Aren't you hot and itchy in these clothes?"

"Well yeah, but he is right here," pleaded Barb more like a school girl as Mary had successfully unbuttoned both straps letting the overalls fall to the ground.

"Now doesn't that feel better," Mary asked as she hugged Barb and let her hands roam over the girl's body slipping underneath Barb's shirt. Barb's body shuddered at the feel of Mary's hand moving up to her breasts.

"Yes, but this is not right something is wrong," Barb said with some effort as now Mary was squeezing Barb's breasts through her bra. Her mind was reeling with conflicting thoughts. Barb had experimented with one of her past girl roommates but decided that was not for her. Now at the touch of Mary, her mind was rethinking that possibility.

"Mary!" Barb whined when she felt Mary unhook her bra to revel her apple sized breasts to Mary's inquisitive hands. Thoughts of making love to this woman all through the night were becoming harder to push aside for Barb.

"Ssshhh," Mary said and started to lightly kiss Barb's neck while lightly pinching Barb's nipples. Barb instinctively opened her neck to the attack as it felt so wonderful.

"You like?" Mary cooed.

"Yes," Barb felt herself saying while her mind screamed to get away but her body would not respond.

"Let's see if you have been a good girl," Mary teased and then began to pull Barb's panties down to revel that they were soaking wet.


"Bad girl, you soiled your panties," Mary scolded and then smacked the Barb's ass again as Barb was mortified and relieved at the same time to have the confining underwear taken off.

"Owww, I am sorry Mary" Barb said as her each slap caused her pussy to leak even more as her body grew even hotter.

"Only sluts soil their panties and let a woman completely undress them in front of a strange man. Is that what you are Barb, a slut?" Mary questioned as her hand glided down over Barb's flat stomach and straight into her oozing hole easily slipping two fingers inside.

"Uhhh," Barb moaned as Mary started to finger fuck her.

"Don't be rude," scolded Mary, "answer my question." Bob was amazed at the affect that the green tablet had on Mary and looked on in anticipation as to what it would do to Barb when she was convinced to take the tablet as well.

"Yes," Barb whispered as she spread her legs a little more so Mary could have more access to her pussy. Bob stood up letting his bath towel fall as he moved over to the two women. Barb looked at him approaching with a mixture of fear and hunger as her eyes drifted down to the massive appendage that swung between the man's legs and was already starting to harden again. She brought her eyes back to stare into Bob's at the touch of his hands on her breasts massaging each.

'My God, what the hell is wrong with me' Barb thought as she had lost complete control of her body.

Mary knelled down in front of Barb and clasped her hungry mouth onto Barb's pussy.

"Oh my God, Mary! Please stop. Stop," Barb begged as she bit her lip to try and stifle another moan as she watched this woman who she come to think of as a second mom acting like a whore before her.

Bob was now roughly twisting her nipples bringing yelps in between her moans. Taking her hand, he placed it on his dick letting her feel the size of it in her hand; this only further stoked the flames of her arousal. She immediately found herself wondering if it would all fit inside of her, then shook her head trying to get rid of that image.

"Get away from me," Barb pleaded as she tried to step away from both of them realizing that she was now completely naked. "Mary this is not right!"

But she felt herself allowing Bob instead to push her gently onto the top of the kitchen table causing the bottle of wine to tip over and spill out onto the table and floor. The coldness of the white wine against her skin only heightened in her mind how hot her body was now.

"What have you done to her and me?" She questioned Bob as she instinctively spread her legs at the feel of Mary's head pushing between her thighs. "Why ..." Barb lost all power of speech as Mary's mouth made contact once again with her yearning pussy.

Bob stepped forward and brushed the plum of his dick against her lips. Her mind was pleading with her body as she felt her lips part to let the evil thing inside her warm mouth and begin to suck on it. She relaxed her throat to allow more of it to slip in letting her body enjoy the treasure in her mouth.

It felt so wonderful to her body; she realized that she craved the sensation. Mary finally climbed up on top of Barb and began to nurse on each of Barb's breasts lightly sucking and flicking each nipple with her tongue. Bob pulled away from Barb's mouth and positioned himself between her legs.

"You ready for me?"

"Yes" Barb begged as Mary slid off of Barb's body and moved above Barb's head lifting her head onto her lap.

Mary completely reprogrammed by Bob looked down at Barb and smiled lovingly as she caressed both of Barb's breasts. Bob slowly started to push his dick into Barb. She welcomed the intrusion as she felt her pussy walls being stretched. "It is too big!"

"Don't worry you will adjust," Bob said.

Barb could not understand all that was happening as she should be repulsed by having sex with this man let alone with a woman, but her body overrode her mind as it craved their touch. She looked up into Mary's eyes as her body writhed in pleasure on the table from the attentions she was receiving .

"We are going to be working for Bob, isn't it great?" Mary asked leaning down and planting kisses on Barb's neck and cheek.

"Mary, what the hell is wrong with you. What work?" Barb managed to say while she spread her legs wider to Bob as he was driving into her easily now.

"We are going to be his whores and the ranch is going to be his whore house just as soon as I sign over the property to him tomorrow." Mary said.


"Oh I forgot, you have not had your second tablet yet. Green is the best!" Mary shouted and then took a green tablet from the table and plopped it into Barb's mouth.

Barb immediately tried to dispel the tablet but Mary clasped her own mouth over Barb's. There was a brief battle over the green tablet with Barb desperately trying to push the tablet out of her mouth into Mary's and Mary's tongue pushing it back into Barb's. As the tablet began to dissolve from the saliva, its mind altering green liquid began to slid down Barb's throat to Barb's horror, and then pleasure as Barb's tongue began to instead of fight with Mary's began to explore Mary's mouth.

Mary sensing the change in Barb's behavior began to passionately kiss Barb. At seeing the once two innocent women now making out as lesbian lovers, Bob grunting hard as he filled Barb's womb with his seed.

Mary broke off her kiss to revel a smiling Barb.

"So how would you like to work for me," Bob said leaning down and kissing her.

"I would love to work for you," Barb said as she reached out caressing his chest.

'Yes' thought Bob two down and one more to go. His plan was going perfectly. "You know since it is a ranch I think I need to brand you both as mine."

"What do you mean?"

"I think we will be stopping in town tomorrow at the tattoo shop," Bob commented as he pulled out of Barb and walked over to Mary kissing her on the lips, "Now let's go to bed, girls," but stopped when he felt Barb suck his dirty dick into her mouth.

"You bad girl, I did not give you permission to suck my dick," Bob scolded.

"I couldn't help it, I am so horny," Barb said as the green tablet was reprogramming her just as quickly as Mary. She began to run her hands up and down her body squeezing each of her tits before running her hands further down to her smoldering pussy.

"Come," Bob said as he took Barb by the hand and led her and Mary to the bedroom. Once inside, Mary laid on her back exposing her pussy to all. Bob gently pushed Barb down between Mary's thighs, "I think you need to thank you former employer properly for giving you the tablets," Bob instructed.

"Oh Mary, you pussy is so lovely," and with that Barb dipped her head down to Mary's pussy and began to feast greedily.

"Damn!" Jen said out loud slamming the phone down.

"Language Miss Hobert," scolded Professor Taylor.

"Sorry Professor, but last night some creepy guy stopped out at the ranch and my boss was acting really funny when I left. So my best friend Barb was staying behind to make sure she was okay, we were supposed to talk last night once she got home."

"But she never called?"

"Right and I have tried all morning."

"Tell you what, I have one session left for the day, and then after that let's go out there and see what it is going on," he offered.

"Really you would go with me? Thank you Professor," Jen said and flung her arms around the professor.

He was somewhat taken aback as Jen hugged her for it was not proper, but at the same time he had a huge crush on his star pupil. He could almost feel her magnificent breasts pressing against him through their clothes.

"I cannot let my student go into possible danger by themselves, besides I am concerned for Barb as well."

"I am sure it is all fine, but thanks again," Jen said as she went down the hall with her strawberry blonde hair swishing back and forth. Of course Professor Harold Taylor was more staring at her perfect ass, wishing that he was not a professor and her not his student. He knew though that he would never stand a chance of getting her. He was not a man that women like Jen would find attractive. He was a typical college professor spending more time in books than the gym.

As the car pulled up into the driveway of the ranch, Jen jumped out and ran into the house calling out for Barb and Mary. The professor followed inside and stopped at the end table picking up a note left for Jen. He read the note out loud stating that Barb and Mary had gone with Bob for an errand in town.

Jen said that did not make sense, for she could not imagine the two going anywhere with the disgusting man. She then called the professor over to the kitchen table as she unsnapped Bob's sales bag and pulled out the colored tablet sheets.

"What do you make of these?" Jen asked holding them up to the professor who took them from her and examined each sheet.

"Hard to say I will have to take a sample back with me to the college for further study."

Just then they both jumped as they heard the back door swing closed. Jen's eyes widened as Jake the former ranch hand came into the kitchen grinning.

"What are you doing here Jake!" Jen demanded while backing up next to the professor. Jake had been fired after he tried a little too aggressively to convince Jen to have sex with him in the barn. Jen recalled how she had ran out of the barn half naked screaming for help and how Barb held the naked Jake pinned to the barn wall with a pitch fork. If it had not been for the cooler head of Mary to tell Jake to get off the ranch, she was sure that Barb would have skewered the man to the wall.

"Jen Baby! How have you been? I have really missed you," Jake said walking right up to her. He only deviated his attention from her to the man she was with when the professor stepped protectively in front of Jen and held out his hand.

Jake looked at the hand for a moment and then smiled deviously as he shook the hand, "Name is Jake. I am one of the hired hands here on the ranch and you are?"

"Jake you don't work here! Mary fired you," Jen said now stepping forward somewhat enraged at this man's pronouncement.

"I'm back. Bob hired me on this morning," Jake said lazily as he turned to the fridge and searched for a beer.

"Bob! Bob can't hire you!" Jen said letting her anger get the best of her. The professor reached out and grabbed her by the shoulder to try and calm the woman down.

"Don't know what to tell you Jen. You can take it up with the boss when he gets back," he said as he popped the top of the beer and took a heavy sip.

As if on que, the front door opened as Barb and Mary came giggling in with a prideful Bob behind them carrying several shopping bags from the local lingerie store and sex shop. Jen was about to tell Mary what Bob had done when she stopped short seeing the bags and then realized how Barb and Mary were dressed.

Barb had on Daisy Duke shorts that barely covered her ass, and Jen let out a small gasp as she brought her hand to her mouth for it was evident that Barb now also sported a brand new tattoo. From what Jen could see, it appeared to be a rose on her left ass check that was somewhat hidden by the shorts. Jen knew that Barb absolutely hated tattoos and could not fathom how she could be talked into one. Barb turned and gave Jen a hug and Jen received a second shock when she realized that Barb wore no bra and could clearly feel nipple rings pressing into her from beneath Barb's shirt. Jen stepped back and looked at Barb questioningly, but all she saw on her friend's face was a blank happy almost bimbo expression.

"Mary we need to talk," Jen said turning to Mary praying that Mary would offer some support for the strange occurrences happening all around her. She was disappointed though when Mary turned around to revel that her tank top was so reveling of her breasts that Jen could clearly see that she too now sported nipple rings!

"Jen, honey sorry we missed you we would have loved for you to come with us," Mary happily replied. Then seeing the anguish on Jen's face added, "Is something wrong honey? Tell you what, let me get you a glass of water."

"I don't want water Mary. What the hell is going on?" Jen demanded.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, you sure you don't want something to drink? Jake, why don't you go ahead and get Jen a glass of water," Mary said waving her hand impatiently at Jake who simply groaned and turned around proceeding to get a glass from the cupboard.

"Mary! I am not thirsty! Have you both lost your minds? I mean look at you both! You both look like hookers for god's sake!"

"Nah, we are better than any street hooker Jen!" Barb said leaning her head out of the bathroom, "Jake honey, can you come help me? I need someone to apply ointment to my new tats." At that Jake grinned and gave the glass to Mary and proceeded to go into the bathroom shutting the door behind him.

"What the fuck is Jake doing here Mary? I mean he said this asshole," Jen pointed to Bob who only grinned at the whole scene, "hired him. How is that possible? Am I the only one here that is not fucking losing my mind?"

"Jennifer!" Mary scolded, "I would have thought you had better manners than that young lady. Why if it was not for your guest right now, I would turn you over my knee and give you a good spanking! Just because you brought your boyfriend over here to fuck you and we interrupted is no reason to take it out on Bob!"

"WHAT!!! Arrrggghh," Jen screamed and then stormed out of the house to the barn, leaving the professor standing in the kitchen with Mary and Bob.

"Who are you?" Bob questioned. He was none too pleased to find the man in the house for it was too early for complications to his plans.

"I, I am Professor Taylor. Jen is a student of mine. You must be Bob and Mary. I have heard a lot of great things about you Mary," the professor said feeling very awkward to be standing in the room with them. Bob moved up behind Mary and wrapped his arm around her waist whispering something into her ear which caused the woman to laugh and playfully swat his shoulder as she took the bags from him and moved towards her bedroom.

Calling out over her should she said, "Professor I think what my Jen needs is a real good fucking. That always seems to put my mind straight. Bob don't be too long," smiling mischievous as she closed the door.

Speechless, Professor Taylor was only able to nod dumbly wondering how Jen worked with such sluts. Bob moved next to the professor and starred at the closed bedroom door for a moment as sounds of lust and love were emitting from the bathroom. "Let's go out on the porch Professor. Do you have a first name?" Bob said while stopping at the fridge and grabbing two beers. He also picked up the tainted glass of water that Mary had set on the table.

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