The Ravishing of Constance Ch. 17


"You name the man, then!" he said wretchedly.

Her manner became teasing. "Should I name your son? What say you, Robert? Would you fuck your pretty sister here and now, in full view of us all?"

"Gladly," Rob sneered, and William flinched.

"Would you rather see your son take her, or a stranger?" Jacqueline asked. She pressed the edge more firmly, drawing a thin line of blood. She touched her thumb to it, and held it so that he could see the red stain. "Answer me, deGranville."

"God, forgive me!" he said to the sky, tears running down his face. "Constance, my dear one, forgive me as well … I must allow this monstrous thing, if it will save us from death."

"A wise choice," Jacqueline said. "Marie? If you'd be so kind as to strip her, and make her ready?"

Marie, tossing her hips saucily, walked past the men and climbed onto the wooden bed with Constance.

"No, Marie! If ever we were friends –"

"Sorry, my lady, but I must do as I'm told."

She raised the hem of the skirt, exposing Constance's legs, and lifted it slowly until she was revealed to the waist. William deGranville would not look, but Rob ogled openly. Marie slid the dress up and up, over Constance's breasts, over her head, until it was a bunched white heap on her forearms and tethered wrists. "Look at her, deGranville," Jacqueline commanded. "See how ripe and lovely she is. Her cunny is so desperate for a touch, too. See how she tries to resist it, but our clever Marie knows how to make her feel good."

Constance did try to resist, holding her legs as close together as her bonds allowed, but that still left Marie ample room to get a hand between them. And yes, Marie did know … the languid slide of fingers on flesh that had been deprived for so long … a melting thrill coursed through her body.

"Stop it, please, don't …" She arched her back, twisted her head from side to side, but Marie kept on.

"She does like it, Captain," Marie reported smugly.

"Go on, Marie … you know what to do," Jacqueline said.

"Be calm, my lady, be at ease." Marie got into position, her own dress gathered for ease of movement and to display her nicely-shaped legs to the crowd. She kissed the fluff of Constance's pubic hair, then burrowed down to apply her quick and sly tongue where it had such devastating effect.

Constance leaped in her bonds, unable to help it, the feeling so incredibly good and needed after her enforced celibacy. "Marie! No!"

"You've never seen her like this, I'd wager," Jacqueline said to William. She was gripping him by the chin, pinching his jaw, making his head turn toward the scene on the wooden bed. "She can hardly wait for a fine hard cock to fill her."

"Only not Rob," William blurted. "If it must be done, do not let it be Rob!"

"But, Father!" Rob's voice was whining and petulant, as if denied a treat. "Why not? I've had her before!"

Jacqueline raised a hand for silence, and even Marie stopped what she was doing to attend to the captain. Constance had managed not to moan while Marie had been so sweetly engaged, but now she locked her jaws against a protest. Her pouting cunny was aching for more.

"Here's a thought," Jacqueline said. "Lord deGranville, I'll give you another option. You be the one to fuck her."

He recoiled as if from a snake. "What?"

"I know I spoke clearly. Fuck your precious Constance, and you'll all go free. She won't have to endure the attentions of strangers or her vile brother. It would be an act of mercy."

"Mercy! You would … you would have me … I could never commit such an abominable deed!"

"Rob?" Jacqueline asked. "How badly do you wish to live?"

"I'll do anything," he said. He looked her over lewdly. "Anything at all, for you."


"Name it."

"Have you ever fucked a man?"

"A time or two," Rob admitted.

"Excellent. Here, deGranville, is your final choice," Jacqueline said. "Either you will fuck your daughter, or your son will go up your arse."

"I'd rather you or Constance –" Rob began.

"Choose now, deGranville!" she barked, and with one hand still holding the dagger against his throat, also drew her pistol and braced it over his heart. "Choose now, or die!"


Continued in Chapter Eighteen

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