tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Real Estate Agent

The Real Estate Agent

byTony King©

My wife Sarah was over the moon when she landed a job with the local Real Estate agent. All she had to do was go to the properties, make an inventory and report on the overall condition. What made it exciting was that the properties they dealt with were all in the multi million pound bracket belonging to pop stars, politicians and other very rich people.

"My God, you want to see how some of these guys live," she enthused after returning from work one day. "This one guy has a bed the size of our lounge, and you want to see the pictures on the wall, talk about pure porn, it's all kinky sex, you know, one girl being had by three men, that sort of thing."

"Turned you on did it?" I said running my hand up her skirt. "Hey, get off," she laughed pushing me away. "I'm going back there tomorrow to finish off, why don't you come with me. Maybe we can have a little fun."

Now when Sarah says fun my ears pick up. She has the most perfect body a man could wish for. Tall, slim with long shapely legs and firm 36" tits with really prominent nipples. Her shoulder length auburn hair is matched only by her dark brown eyes and the most amazing ruby red pouting lips. She loves sex and although we've never involved any one else in our sex life she loves to watch porno movies and read sexy articles involving group sex.

The next morning I watched with a growing hard on as she dressed for work. After a long hot shower she paraded round the room trying to decide what to wear. She started with a pair of black open crutch panty hose, the sort that leaves the pussy totally exposed but no visible panty line. Then she picked a half cup lacy black bra that just about covered her nipples. No panties I noticed. Then, a white silky blouse that showed just a hint of her black bra underneath and to top it of a two-piece business suit of jacket and skirt that started about four inches above the knee. When she stepped into her 4" heels she looked six feet tall and sex on legs. She sat at the dresser putting on her make up, black eye shadow and red lipstick; she looked absolutely fabulous.

We arrived at the house and Sarah let us in. What a place, the hallway was bigger than our entire house and a sweeping marble staircase led to a balcony and the upstairs rooms. "What do you think?"

"Wow," was all I could say. "It belongs to a Lord Duncan," she read from the sheet. "Isn't that the guy with the porn empire?"

"Could be, you wait till you see his bedroom." She put on a real sexy walk and headed for the stairs. "Would Sir like to ravish me here or in the master bedroom?" She giggled. I grabbed her by the arse cheeks, pulled her towards me and planted a big kiss on her puckered lips. "Why not take your clothes off and I'll decide then." She walked up the first few steps, swinging her hips provocatively as she went. Tossing her jacket over the stair rail she seductively continued up the stairs. Halfway up she removed her skirt, letting it slide down her thighs, coming to rest on the floor. Stepping out of it she continued to swing her hips as she walked up the stairs to the first floor.

She stopped at the top, and turning to face me she undid the blouse and let it fall to the floor before scooping both luscious tits from the confines of her bra, leaving them hanging over the top, the nipples getting hard. Her high heels click clacked on the marble floor as she made her way to the master bedroom. Now I was only a few feet behind her, watching her panty covered arse gently swinging from side to side. "See anything you like?" she said striking a sexy pose in the doorway to the master bedroom. "Perhaps this might be of interest." She opened her legs and slowly rubbed her hand over her shaven pussy. I rushed towards her. "Whoa, not so fast tiger." She kept me at arms length as she entered the room and sauntered over to the vast bed. Climbing on I was presented with a marvellous view of her arse with her ample tits dangling below her. She looked at me over her shoulder, her long hair half covering her lovely face. "Hmmm, this is nice and big," she cooed, "just the way I like it." I looked round the room, three walls were covered in paintings depicting women being abused by men or fucking with animals, the forth was dominated by a series of floor to ceiling mirrors, even the ceiling itself was one huge mirror. This Lord Duncan had a kinky taste in art.

She rolled onto her back in the middle of the bed and slowly opened her long legs. Again, she rubbed a hand over her pussy mound, only this time she kept it there, gently sliding it back and forth while running the tip of her tongue seductively over her upper lip. She was watching my face as she slowly inserted her fingers between her pussy lips and gently rubbed her clit. After a few minutes the hand movements speeded up and her hips started to move. She closed her eyes tight as her pussy flooded her fingers. "God that felt sooooooo good," she purred bringing her fingers to her mouth and licking them one by one.

I leant over and kissed her full on the mouth, she responded by throwing her arms around my neck. "I want you to fuck me really hard." I didn't need asking twice and within seconds had shed my clothes and joined her on the bed. No sooner had I lain down than she was on me, her hand and mouth wrapped round my erection. As she knelt beside me sucking my cock, I ran a hand along her legs, enjoying the feel of the silky panty hose. Eventually I reached her pussy; boy was she wet. I played with the lips, careful not to touch her clit. Then I inserted a finger deep into her hole. This brought a prolonged, "hmmmmmmmmm," from her lips that vibrated along my shaft. I started to rub her clit harder causing immense shudders to run through her body.

"Eat my pussy," she said laying back and opening her legs. I kissed her mouth and slowly worked my way down, stopping at her nipples and then down across her flat stomach to her smooth pussy. As soon as my tongue touched her clit she jumped as thought a bolt of electricity had shot through her. "Oh yes, you're the best cunt licker in the whole world." Sarah was prone to getting extremely verbal when having sex, a result I think of watching too many porn movies.

"That's it baby, eat my clitty, oh yeah, just there, that's it, a little harder." I loved to hear her talk dirty and would encourage her to go further. "Tell me what you are?" I said between mouthfuls."

"Oh you know what I am, I'm your lovely little slut." My tongue went into overdrive, spurred on by the fact my cock was ready to explode and wanted his turn between these lovely legs. "Yesssss, that's it baby, lick your sluts tight cunt, oh yes, that's it, don't stop." Her hips rose up to meet me as her orgasm tore through her and her soft silky legs clung to my head as the ripples of pleasure ran through her body. She pulled me up to her mouth and gave me a long sensuous kiss, her tongue exploring every inch of my mouth, cleaning her juices from my lips and chin as she went. "Now fuck me!" She said, her big brown lust filled eyes staring into me.

I climbed between her legs and lifted them over my arms. Looking down between our bodies I could see her cunt open and glistening, just begging for some cock. I guided my cock to the target and slowly inched forward. "Oh yessssss, that feels so good, c'mon baby, fuck your little slut the way she likes it." I looked into her eyes and rammed forward real hard, burying my cock to the hilt. Then I pulled it out and did it again. I started to fuck her like a jack hammer all the time staring into those big brown fuck me eyes. "It this how you like it you little slut?"

"Yes, oh yes, fuck me harder, deeper." Harder yes, but deeper, I only had seven inches and I was using the lot. Time to let her do the work. Holding onto to each other I rolled on my back, flipping her on top. She sat up straight, taking my cock to the hilt. "Play with my tits," she cooed, her hair hanging sexily over her face. I reached up and started to squeeze both tits, enjoying the soft fleshy mounds in my hands. I ran my palms across her sensitive nipples causing them to swell even bigger. All the time she was riding my cock, getting faster and faster as her orgasm approached. I started to pull and tweak her nipples. "That's it, pull the fuckers, oh yes, pull my nipples, harder." I often wondered just how much punishment she could take, it seemed the harder I pulled at them the more she enjoyed it even though it must be hurting her.

She was riding me like mad now and her cunt juices were running down my shaft and across my balls. I was worried that we would stain the bed but it was too late to stop her. "That's it, oh yesssss, I'm coming." She slammed her pussy down on my cock as her body shock. I mashed her tits together and pushed my cock as deep as I could into her sodden cunt. "Jesus, that was good," she said coming back to reality. "I think you'd better get off quick before we ruin the bed." She jumped off but it was too late, a large pool of pussy juice had collected on the cover. She tried to clear it up using tissues while I stood there, my hard cock pointing outwards.

"Oh sweety, you haven't cum yet," she said, a wicked gleam in her eyes. "I can soon take care of that." She dropped to her knees and took my juice covered cock into her mouth. "Hmmmmm," she said licking her own cum of my shaft. "You really are a sluttly little bitch aren't you?" I said. She looked up at me with those big brown eyes and took my entire length into her mouth and throat. This girl really knew how to suck cock and within minutes I was shooting my load. The first spurt went straight down her throat, then, she pulled my cock free and rested the head on her lower lip. The next two jets landed on her tongue and the last one covered her face.

She poked her cum filled tongue out at me before swilling the spunk round her mouth and swallowing. Then she carefully wiped the spunk from her face onto a finger before licking that clean. Then with a big smile, she stood up and gave me a full French kiss, allowing me to taste the mixture of my own cum and her pussy juice. It was delicious.

"Well, that was a good show, don't you think so Chambers?" We both froze. Looking over her shoulder I saw two elderly men standing in front of an open mirror. "Who the hell are you?" I asked angrily. "More to the point old chap, who are you? This is my house and I don't take lightly to intruders."

"B-b-but I thought the house was empty, the agency said it was empty," Sarah spluttered, keeping her body pressed tight to mine. "Ah yes, of course, the agency. Tell me young lady, does the agency know what you get up to in other peoples houses?" The other man, Chambers, was holding Sarah's skirt, jacket and blouse in his hands. "May I have my clothes please?" Sarah asked. "Oh I don't know, I rather prefer you as you are, what about you Chambers?"

"Yes my Lord, I think she looks very charming."

"There you go you see, Chambers and I think you look better as you are. Now you two wait there why Chambers calls the police."

"Police, what for?" I asked. "Why my dear chap, you enter my house, have sex with, I must say, a very beautiful lady and ruin a very expensive bed cover. What else do you expect me to do?"

"Please Sir, I'm very sorry, please don't call the police, we didn't mean any harm and I'll get the cover cleaned, I promise."

"I'm sorry my dear, but I fear it's too late for sorry."

"Please, look I'll do anything just please don't call the police, I can't afford to lose my job."

"Well now, a beautiful young lady like you offering to do anything for an old man like me, I don't know my dear, do you really mean anything?" Sarah caught on fast. She stepped away from me and standing with her hands on her hips stared at the old boy. "Anything."

"CHAMBERS!" Lord Duncan shouted. The man-servant re-appeared. "Forget the police, I believe we have come to a compromise. Assuming of course your young man friend here doesn't object."

"He's my husband and no, he doesn't object, do you dear." Like many men, I'd often fantasised about watching my lovely young wife being fucked by an older man, but now it was about to become a reality, my heart was in my mouth. "Sarah, you don't have to." She kissed me gently on the lips. "It's OK, really, besides," she whispered, "he won't last long." She walked over to Lord Duncan and stood directly in front of him. "What would you like me to do?" The old boy ran his hands over her tits, paying special attention to her nipples. "Well now, from what I saw from our two way mirror I'd say you rather like this, don't you." He was squeezing her nipples harder now and stretching them as though they were elastic. Sarah's face was a picture of both pain and lust as the old man continued to abuse her tits. "Chambers, see if the young ladies getting wet, there's a good chap." Chambers ran his hand up Sarah's legs, obviously enjoying the feel of the silky panty hose. On reaching her pussy, he easily inserted two fingers into her very wet hole. "I'd say very wet Sir."

"You know, Chambers and I have been watching you ever since you entered the bedroom and I must say my dear you are a truly beautiful and gifted young lady. Why not show me what you can do with those gorgeous lips." Sarah knelt before him and undid his trousers, pulling both them and his underpants down to his knees. His old cock sprung out and I was pleased to see it was shorter than mine. Sarah started to suck it as the old boy stood there with a huge smile on his face. "My. She is very good, isn't she," he said turning to me. Sarah seemed to be enjoying herself and was really going to town on the old boys cock. Holding her head steady he started to fuck her mouth. "That's right my dear, oh yes, oh yesssss!" He was filling her mouth with his milky fluid and she was drinking every drop. When she'd finished she licked his old cock from top to bottom before standing up with a big satisfied grin on her face. "There, did you enjoy that?" she asked him. "Oh yes my dear, that was first class."

"Good, then can I have my clothes back now?"

"Not so fast my dear, what about poor old Chambers here, we can't leave him out."

"What, you want me to suck him too?"

"Good lord no, I'd like to watch you fuck him."

Sarah looked a little taken aback. It was one thing sucking some old boys cock, but Chambers was at least sixty something and she didn't look to keen on the idea of fucking him. "Seems to me you don't really have much choice my dear but I'm sure you'll enjoy it, Chambers here is, how would you say it, a very accomplished lover? Now, back on the bed that's a good girl." Sarah climbed on the bed and lay on her back, boy did she look sexy. Her tits were still hanging over the top of her bra and her pussy was red and puffy from the fucking I'd given her.

Chambers stood by the bed and started to undress. For his age he looked extremely lean and fit. Sarah looked at me rather than him and was making OK signs to me when Chambers removed his underwear. My jaw must have hit the floor. His cock was fucking enormous. It was completely flaccid but the dam thing still reached to just above his knees. Seeing the look on my face, Sarah turned to face him. Her mouth fell open and she just stared. "He's a big boy isn't he," chuckled Lord Duncan. "Old Chambers here was a porn star in his younger days, you may have seen him, he's been in loads of movies, haven't you old boy?"

Chambers climbed onto the bed, his huge cock swinging about with a mind of it's own. He dangled it over Sarah's face, allowing it to slap into her cheeks and nose. It started to stiffen. "In her mouth old man, in her mouth." Chambers did as ordered and steered his cock towards Sarah's mouth. She automatically opened it and took about three inches straight in. As his cock grew erect, Sarah had trouble accommodating the huge girth and settled for using her tongue, running it up and down the shaft and round the bulbous head. Eventually Chambers prick was rock hard and now stood upright reaching towards his chest. "Don't worry my dear, you'll soon get used to it, they all did." Chambers climbed between Sarah's outstretched legs and rubbed the knob of his huge prick up and down her slit. We could hear the slurping noises. Sarah propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch as the large cock opened her up and started to slid in. Chambers was being extremely careful and doing his utmost not to hurt her. As the first five inches disappeared, Sarah lay back and closed her eyes. "My God he's so big."

"That's what they all used to say but don't worry my dear, once your used to it you'll love it, trust me."

We both stood and watched as Chambers slowly inched his monster up my wife's tight cunt, taking his time and making sure to keep it well lubricated. Sarah was doing her bit by having mini orgasms every now and then, coating his prick with pussy juice. Slowly but surely it went in until with her legs wrapped round his backside, he was completely home. Now he started in earnest. Long slow strokes followed by a few minutes of frenzied fucking had Sarah screaming for more. "Fuck me you bastard, fuck me hard." He did, and she came again and again. He certainly had staying power. "Hang on old chap, lets put her on all fours, give us all something to play with."

There was a loud squelch as Chambers pulled out and for a minute Sarah complained. She soon stopped when she realised what was going on and kneeling on the bed she wiggled her beautiful round arse in his direction just begging him to shove it back up her. Holding her hips he did just that, only this time he shoved it straight in. Holding on tight to steady himself, the old boy fucked her real hard, making her cum time and time again. "Give her something to suck on." Lord Duncan said to me. I stood by her head and she immediately took my entire length into her mouth and sucked greedily on my cock. Lord Duncan grabbed her nipples and started to roughly stretch them, letting them go to twang back into her soft titty flesh. My cock felt like it was in a vacuum cleaner. With her tongue running round the head and the sight of the two old boys abusing her body I just couldn't hold back. It was the strongest orgasm I've ever had as spurt after spurt entered her throat. She continued to suck until the feeling was so intense I thought I would die. Chambers was grunting as he too filled my wife's lovely cunt with his seed, holding her hips as he held himself in deep. When he finished, Sarah fell forward onto the bed, spunk running from her hole onto the cover, marking it a second time.

"Bravo, good show old boy," Lord Duncan said slapping Chambers on the back. "Just like the old days eh? I think she enjoyed that, don't you?" he said, running his hand across Sarah's voluptuous backside. "Bathrooms through there, oh, and don't worry about the bed spread, looks like Chambers has made a mess too."

I led Sarah to the bathroom and helped her clean up as we both got dressed. She was very quiet. "Are you all right?" I asked. "You still love me don't you?" She replied, her big brown eyes full of tears. "Love you, sweetheart, of course I do." I wrapped her trembling body in my arms, feeling the heat from her tits as they crushed into my chest. "And you don't mind that I just fucked and sucked two old men?"

"That last one was some old man, I've never seen a prick that big before, anyway, you sure seemed to enjoy it." I put my hand up her skirt and felt her wet pussy. As I brushed my fingers over her clit she trembled as yet another small orgasm hit her. "You really did enjoy it, didn't you? Would you like some more of Chambers cock?" I asked. She looked straight at me. "Do you want me to?" she replied. "Only if I can watched and join in."

"Good, then lets go make a stain on the carpet!"

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