tagErotic CouplingsThe Reawakening of Dr. Clark Ch. 07

The Reawakening of Dr. Clark Ch. 07


Author's Note: Special thanks to NeonKnickers for doing an editing pass on this and the previous chapters. The help was much appreciated.


Until recently, Dr. Greg Clark rarely had sex dreams. In fact, he almost never did. Often, dreams that looked like they might become sexy veered off at the last moment. He had ones where he and the literal lady of his dreams would be repeatedly interrupted (usually by someone or several someones who seemed entirely nonplussed by what they had walked in on) and he had ones where the alarm woke him up. But never ones where he got beyond the most chaste of make out sessions.

Then, in June, shortly after his shower "encounter" with Mallory, he started to have them all the time. Sex in a plane. Sex in a maze. Sex in his parents' old house. Sex at a high school that wasn't the high school he went to, but totally seemed like it was. Sex with fictional characters. Sex with celebs. Sex with people he might have seen once but had no idea who they were. And so.

For instance, right now, he was in the midst of a dream wherein a young Viking woman was enthusiastically fellating him in appreciation of him traveling back in time and saving her from a pack of marauding trolls.

This was probably the most realistic dream yet.

A little too real in fact...

The doctor woke with a start, suddenly very aware that this was no dream. There was a mouth wrapped around his cock, it was very talented, and judging by the sleeping body to his left, it did not belong to his wife. A small hand was slid underneath his shirt and pushed against him as he attempted to sit up. He could have forced the issue but did not want to risk waking his sleeping spouse.

Instead, he settled for lifting his head. As his eyes grew accustomed to the dark, he saw a cascade of blonde hair spilled across his lap, dipping up and down with every long suck of Greg's member. That confirmed his suspicions; his babysitter/mistress was paying him a late night visit.

"Mallory?" he murmured.

Still she continued unabated, a small moan in response the only evidence she heard him.


She adjusted her speed, moving her hand, and taking him deeper into her throat.

Finally, frustrated, he forcefully spoke her name, as loudly as he dared, "Mallory!"

This time she stopped, pulling her mouth off him with a gentle pop. She slid her body upward, dragging every inch of herself over every inch of Greg. Despite himself, he found his hands roaming over her body, identifying she was wearing a ribbed tanktop and a pair of tiny shorts. Another pass over her made it clear that that was all she was wearing; there was no hint of underwear.

"Shh, Doc," she laughed in his ear, "Your wife needs her sleep. You should respect that."

"What are you—"

"Did I surprise you?"


"Shhhhhhh," she giggled again before continuing, "I promised you, remember?"

"Promised me what?"

"That I was the kind of dirty, dirty girl who would fuck her man in the same bed as his sleeping wife."

Greg raised his eyebrows in the dark room, "Your man?"

"Am I wrong?" she cheekily returned, giving his still hard cock, coated with her saliva, a squeeze.

"Mmm," he appreciated the attention before clearing his head and adding, "Look, I appreciate this. And you feel great. But I think this is a bad idea."

She paused for a moment as if actually considering his opinion before responding with a shrug, "And I think you think too much."

Before he could speak again, she was on him, her mouth seeking his, desire removing any self consciousness. He could not help but respond in kind, tangling own hand into her flaxen locks and kissing her back, hard. Their tongues sought out one another, twisting against each other for seconds before darting across a lip here, running across teeth there. They would break the liplock briefly to venture out to an earlobe or a shoulder or a neck before returning to the other's now gasping lips with renewed hunger.

Greg twisted and turned but Mallory refused to let him move on his side or get on top of her. Part of it was she just wanted to be on top this time and part of it was she feared if he gained control of the situation, even for a minute, he'd start to think clearly again and realize just how dangerous the situation was to his future. To that end, she jerked him off slowly, confidently building his desire but never giving into the impulse to have him blowing load all over the both of them as quickly as possible. He pushed his hips on occasion, trying to beg without begging for more friction, for her small hand to go faster, her slim fingers to grip him tighter, but she ignored him.

Meanwhile, the doctor had disentangled his hand from her hair and let both hands run wild over her, stroking and teasing her skin until it seemed to tingle everywhere. Under her shirt, caressing her back. Up and down her arms in barely there concentric circles. Across her stomach. Cupping her breasts, rimming the nipples with his nails until they ached to be sucked.

Feeling Mallory becoming increasing responsive to his attentions, he once more attempted to put her on her back and seize control. With a moan that indicated a desire to let it happen, she grabbed both his hands and lifted them above his head while settling herself more fully onto his lap. She began to rock her hips forward and back, dragging her pussy across his hard cock, only a thin piece of cotton separating them. His breath hitched in his throat, he bit his tongue to keep from moaning. She added a swivel to her hips in response.

Once she was confident he was back under her sway, she let his hands go. He let them drift down her body before sliding them underneath her shorts and grabbing hold of her ass. He pulled her harder against himself and started to return her gyrations in kind.

"You like my ass?" she asked him, biting his ear.

"I love it."

"You like grinding against me? Can you feel how hot my pussy is for you through my little pajama shorts?"


"You want to be inside pussy? That hot, wet, tight pussy?"


"Even though I'm just a teenager? Barely an adult?"

"Oh god help me, yes."

"Even though your wife, your loyal, loving wife, mother of your children is right next to you in this bed, sleeping, wrongly secure in her belief of her husband's fidelity?"

"Why would you even—"

"Because I know it turns you on. Because it turns me on. We are both bad people. Filthy, filthy people."

"Mal, I—"

"Look at her," she commanded him, pushing his head to the side and sitting up, "See how calm and peaceful she looks."

He stared for a moment, his guilt rising higher and higher as the nubile woman on his dick kept grinding her dirty, tempting cunt into him.

"She looks so sweet. So pretty," Mallory whispered, calling his attention back to her. She sat over him, no longer wearing a shirt, her small tits proudly bouncing with each thrust of her hips, a twinkling piece of jewelry in her navel springing this way and that, "But she won't fuck you, will she? She would never suck you off in the shower or jerk you off all over her stomach or her thigh or her face, would she? And she certainly wouldn't interrupt your workday for a quickie on your desk, huh? So stop feeling bad and start fucking me. We both know the betrayal just makes it hotter."

Greg again found him speechless, as he often did around Mallory. Gina was his wife and she was nice and pretty and kind. She was the mother of his children and she was good at it. But Mallory was right, she never would indulge his dark desires, his less than savory lusts. And Mallory did and would and seemed pretty dedicated to doing so.

And so he wrapped his hands into the waist band of Mallory's shorts and began to pull them down. She pushed and shifted her body to help, the two of them eventually shimmying the tiny sleepwear to a place where he could push them off with his feet. Then, she grabbed his pole and guided him inside her, sinking down slowly, letting herself feel every inch of him while she rhythmically tightened and relaxed her muscles, gripping and releasing, gripping and releasing. They stayed like this for several moments, both holding their breath without even realizing. Then Mallory placed both of her palms on Greg's chest, leaned forward slightly and began to draw up and down on him.

Greg made a move to match her and she dug her nails into his chest, shocking him. "You move, you will wake her. And while I'd love to show her how she should be treating you, I know you don't. So just lay there and let me fuck you!" she demanded.

The doctor conceded, and Mallory took over, sure to ride him just hard enough to ensure they were both enjoying themselves but not enough to shake the bed.

Greg placed his thumb on her lips and she dutifully sucked on it, soaking it. He then slid pushed it against her clit, rotating it counterclockwise again and again as she bit her lip and tossed her head back in ecstasy.

They could only remain disciplined for so long. Soon, Mallory was riding Greg without pretense, without concern for rocking the bed. He thrust against her to his heart's content, ignoring her earlier warnings.

And they began to talk, teasing one another, taunting their lust til it was all they could see.

"You like fucking married men?"

"You like fucking teenage pussy?"

"Homewrecking slut!"

"Dirty old man!"

"I'm gonna cover you in my cum."

"I'm going to wake her up and make her lick me clean. But then I bet you'd love that."

"You want to fuck my wife, too, don't you?"

"I'd love to. Love to eat her out while you just pound me from behind."

"Oh god!"

"You like that, don't you?"

"Oh shit, fuck, yes."

"Mmmmmmmmmm, me too. God, I'm such a filthy slut."

"I want to fuck you all the time."

"Who's stopping you?"

"Oh god, oh god..."

"Go ahead, Doc. Lose it. Cum for me. Cum in me!"

And then, Gina stirred! She groaned and rolled over, and then rolled back and groaned again. Mallory leapt off Greg in a panic, clattering awkwardly to the floor. Greg was too far gone to stop himself so although he froze like a deer in headlights, his cock fired off shot after shot of cum over his stomach and chest. All time stopped. The room seemed frozen, every sound echoed like a gunshot.

But Gina remained asleep.

Finally, Greg slid to the floor, joining Mallory where she lay in an awkward heap. Despite themselves, despite their hearts pounding in their eardrums, they giggled.

"That was scary," Mallory whispered.

Greg agreed, "Terrifying."

"I thought we were dead."

"Me too. I noticed all your big talk about showing her how's it done went away," he teased.

She playfully slugged him, "You know I don't actually want to end your marriage. Although I totally would be the meat in your marriage sandwich."

"God, I made a mess of you," she added, touching the cum cooling on his chest.

"Well, I kind of made it of myself. But it certainly would not have been possible without you."

"I should probably clean you up."

"You probably should."

She tentatively bent over Greg and began to lap up his seed. She glanced up at him and promised, "But just clean-up. Nothing else. That was too close."


And while he meant it when she started, the sight and feel of her naked, twisting above and around him combined with the sight and feel of her tongue aggressively seeking out every spot of semen on him proved tempting. He felt himself begin to rise and harden anew. And so did she.

"You promised," she admonished him, gesturing to his dick.

He shrugged, "Can't control that. But, look, I'm not trying anything."

And so the promise stood a bit longer. Until, in the course of fulfilling her cleaning duties, Mallory somehow ended up straddling Greg's head, her bald slit hovering inches above his head. Without invitation he grabbed her hips and pulled her down on his mouth.

"You—" she began with an angry tone before it extinguished in a moan of enjoyment, "promised."

Before long, they rolled onto their sides, the not-so good doctor's head held tightly between her thighs, alternating between dipping his tongue deep inside her and sucking her clit gently into his mouth. The sight of Greg's cock, hard and pulsating mere inches from her lips, proved to be too big a temptation for her as well and soon she was feeding it to herself with both hands jerking it at its base. They writhed in rhythm with each other, keeping their focus firmly on the others pleasure even as they felt themselves losing their minds. Wet slurping sounds, hums, and suppressed moans filled the air. She came hard twice, thighs clamping even tighter on his head, before he lost control and filled her mouth with his cum. She swallowed it in two mighty gulps, barely keeping from coughing and sputtering on the load.

Shifting until they were face to face again, they kissed tenderly, tasting themselves on each other's tongues. They hugged for a moment.

"I should go," Mallory thought out loud, "it'd be bad if I feel asleep like this."

"Yeah, smart thinking."

They both stood and put their clothes back on and as Mallory began to walk away Greg told her, "We can't do this again. Fun, but too dangerous."

Without glancing over her shoulder she replied, "I don't know...we'll see."

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