tagHumor & SatireThe Recruitment of Agent Kira

The Recruitment of Agent Kira


Thanks to the delicious Faye_Skylark for allowing me to borrow the delightful world of Whore Division; hope you enjoy my humble homage!


Kira Sallet raised an eyebrow amusedly as the hefty black man sitting on her left gratuitously pressed his thigh against hers. She wondered if he could tell that she was wearing stockings, patterned black hold-ups that showed her lengthy lithe legs to advantage under a tiny white skirt, matching her slightly impractical but absurdly gorgeous open-toed killer platform high heels. Her royal blue knitted vest top stopped two inches above her belly button and hinted at the black bra beneath it.

Kira was used to male attention and didn't particularly mind it. Even on the New York subway from a horny overweight stranger.

Kira knew that she was an attractive girl but did her best not to be arrogant or egotistical. She was of medium height with a slim yet curvaceous body; her hair was long and almost black; her skin was smooth and lightly tanned; her eyes were dark and expressive with her eyebrows almost always knowingly arched; her mouth was wide and animated; her features delicate and even.

In short she was beautiful, a visual combination of sweet girl-next-door and alluring temptress. She'd indulged herself in some decoratively ornate yet chic tattoos on her arms and right foot, allowing her to deliberately project an image somewhere along the angel-to-slut scale depending on what she decided to wear and therefore what she decided to reveal.

Kira had discovered the power that she naturally possessed through her physical appearance at a relatively early age. As her lithe body developed, she noticed that male gazes lingered over her smooth ripe bosom, her taut full arse and long lissom legs. She quickly realised that she could skilfully influence both boys (other pupils at school) and men (her teachers at school) through a suggestive smile, a hot breathy whisper in the ear or perhaps the lingering touch of a plump rounded breast against an unsuspecting arm.

As Kira matured so did the scope and techniques of her manipulation. Sex was a natural and enjoyable progression until she became highly adept satisfying men, using her dexterous hands, her creative mouth and even her tight young pussy.

And now, at the still tender age of eighteen, she loved all aspects of sex, taking immense pride in her impious and licentious ability to delight and immense fulfilment in performing the very act itself to highly proficient levels.

It wasn't that she was a bad person. In fact, Kira was proud of never taking advantage of or upsetting anyone. She always made sure that any man with whom she interacted was thoroughly satisfied. She never over-promised nor did she ever under-deliver.

She was intelligent, articulate and generous and was always mindful of those less fortunate than her, being highly public-spirited and altruistic.

For example, she didn't just like to help out her local homeless charity shelter by volunteering to cook or serve soup: she'd go the extra mile by rewarding her fellow volunteers with impromptu blowjobs to increase recruitment and even freely allow some of the homeless clients to grope her breasts and pinch her nipples to make their challenging and often heartrendingly wretched lives just a touch better, almost literally.

In fact, throughout varied aspects of her life, Kira did her best to give generously of her body not just for charity but for favours, received, for great service or, on occasion, because someone simply needed to be cheered up.

Kira knew that some might consider her a loose-principled whore who got down on her knees or spread her legs for virtually anyone at the drop of a hat but she was also caring, patriotic, intellectually gifted and determined to have a great career as a lawyer.

In fact that was why she was in New York. She had applied for and been accepted by the Columbia University School of Law - entirely on the basis of her intellect and academic achievement - and she'd decided to come to Manhattan for a long weekend to scope out various options for accommodation prior to starting her freshman year.

She was on a train heading downtown for a bit of sightseeing before getting back to apartment hunting whilst allowing the chubby black stranger to get a harmless thrill from the feel of her firm thigh against his. She speculated if he would perhaps try to cop a feel of her breast behind his copy of the Journal and whether she'd say anything if he did and then was irrationally disappointed as he got off the train at Times Square-42nd Street.

She glanced at the man who sat down in his place to her left. He certainly didn't look like the type to steal a sneaky grope. In fact he looked really nervous, sweaty browed and was breathing raggedly, his bright ginger hair in disarray, his pleasantly freckled face red with exertion. She caught his eye, fully expecting him to check her out and was surprised when he ignored her and stared at his rucksack on the floor instead.

Kira smiled amusedly to herself, shaking her head slightly. She had to guard against conceit if she were starting to get concerned that every semi-attractive man she met wasn't throwing himself at her!

The man was preoccupied, furtively rummaging around in his rucksack. Kira looked down and frowned. Suddenly her heart began pounding and she felt a rushing sound in her head. Unless all that she had learned from the exciting world of Hollywood action films had let her down, the man had a bomb in his bag! Certainly it looked like no other piece of electronics she'd ever seen, with a mobile phone strapped to a pack of something gel-like with various peripheral wires. She'd only caught a glimpse of it as he nervously checked it but she was as was certain as she could be!

He started to sit up again and she turned away casually.

What should she do? She could scream blue murder but then might he just explode the device; after all he could be a deranged suicide bomber. And what if she were wrong? That would be so embarrassing! But then again better to be embarrassed than dead. She had to do something!

Thinking quickly she took out her phone, desperately hoping that the intermittent signal would hold and surreptitiously wrote a text, "HELP! MAN WITH BOMB in 3rd or 4th CARRIAGE ON THE 1 LINE JUST SOUTH OF TIMES SQUARE! THIS IS NOT A JOKE! CALL POLICE!" and sent it to her entire phone book.

The man didn't seem to suspect anything as she slipped her phone back into her bag. She just had to hope that someone would quickly call the police and they'd act before he could do anything. Perhaps she could somehow separate him from the rucksack or at least delay him from carrying out his plans. Instinctively, she knew she had to focus on what she did best.

Without further thought, Kira turned to him and slipped her right hand under his coat and squeezed his crotch. The red-haired man grunted in surprise as she began to rhythmically fondle his rapidly burgeoning erection.

"What are you doing?" he hissed at her.

She lent in and whispered, "Do you like to have your cock sucked?"

"What? Erm, yeah but I haven't got time now!" he replied, breathing heavily, obviously aroused by her scandalous behaviour. "And who the hell are you?"

Kira kissed his neck. "Oh I'm no-one special. Just a slut who gets off on sucking strangers' cocks. And I promise it won't take long," she added as her tongue snaked around his ear, "I really give great head."

The man, wide-eyed in confusion, looked down at his bag before allowing his eyes to slide up Kira's glorious legs to her pert bust and finally to her generous sexy lips.

Kira went in for the kill. "Just come down with me to the other end of the carriage. I swallow," she promised, squeezing him suggestively through his jeans.

The man groaned, obviously caught in bewildered indecision. But, as Kira had expected, his innate lust won out over his dedication to fanatical duty. At least Kira hoped that was what was worrying him rather than simply a fear of being caught having public sex with a stranger.

Suppressing her concerns, Kira stood up and pulled him up by his arm. Fortuitously the other end of the carriage was dark, something obviously wrong with the lighting resulting in the dual benefits that the there was no-one sitting there and whatever she got up to would be at least partially obscured.

She added a little wiggle into her walk to keep him interested, ignoring a few shrewd looks from fellow passengers as she led him away.

Once there, she checked back to see that no-one was watching before pushing him down into a seat and kneeling in front of him carefully pushing his rucksack away whilst distracting him by licking her lips lasciviously; in response he moaned out loud.

Kira knew she had to make this blowjob last. She had no idea if her message had worked but she had to hope that the police would board the train and get to her before he could turn his mind back his lethal mission.

"Oh, my god, I can't believe this is happening," the man murmured as Kira unzipped his fly and reached into his jeans to pull out his rigid cock. It was of average size, somewhat unattractively covered with sparse tufts of wiry ginger hair but Kira didn't hesitate to open her mouth before plunging it down on his unexceptional penis.

"Holy shit," he sighed as she licked around his crown, teasing the tip of her talented tongue around his sensitive ridge, before sucking hard and ovalling her lips tightly around his shaft and sliding off him with an audible slurp. He tasted a little acrid with sweat and urine but she'd sucked on a lot worse in her time. In fact, despite the prospective gravity of the situation, Kira squirmed slightly as her pussy moistened. She simply couldn't help it: giving blowjobs turned her on, always had, always would.

Kira looked up at him, her dark eyes smoky with building lust as she lightly kissed down his length to his carroty-haired testicles. She opened wide to take both into her mouth and tongued them lovingly whilst pushing his springy hard-on against her cheek with the palm of her graceful hand.

She briefly considered biting hard to incapacitate him but didn't feel confident she could immobilise him without the risk of him getting to the bomb. And in any case, the less impetuous part of her mind was still worried she'd got this whole situation horribly wrong. Perhaps her victim was just an innocent electrician? At the very least he'd be happy about his impromptu public blowjob, she supposed.

She began to smooch back up his cock, humming gently as she took him into her mouth, slowly but insistently swallowing him to the hilt, her nose buried in his pubes. She paused briefly as he reached down with both hands to roughly squeeze her breasts, tweaking at her nipples through her top and bra, causing her to groan appreciatively. Pulling back, she laved his knob with her wet tongue, smiling up at him as the train slowed into the station. She paused as the doors opened. Was help about to arrive?

An elderly lady doddered into the carriage at the doors closest to them, turning away down the train without even looking into the gloom towards them.

Kira sighed and began to bob her head slowly as the train pulled away. Her new friend obviously liked the feel of her soft lips and nimble tongue on his erection, as he began to thrust his hips back in time with her bobbing.

For the next five minutes Kira engaged in a contest with her ginger victim as he grabbed hold of her hair and fucked her face desperately. She effortlessly deep-throated him but fought hard to stop him spunking down her throat, firmly encircling the base of his cock tightly with her right thumb and forefinger. Despite her own arousal, she had to delay his ejaculation; for all she knew, he might get off at the next station to set off the bomb or even explode it on the train.

As the train decelerated once more, Kira knew she had lost the battle to stop him climaxing. His moans had increased in volume and she could discern the sharp acerbity of his pre-cum. Instinctively she sucked hard on his dick as he began to spurt bountifully over her tongue, swallowing his tart semen as he thrust into her perfect mouth.

She languidly licked around his length, doing her best to keep him interested by staring up into his watery blue eyes evocatively as the train juddered to a halt in a station.

It was just as she was nibbling delicately on his no-doubt highly sensitive glans that there was a sudden explosion.

At first, Kira thought that she'd failed and that the bomb had detonated despite her best efforts. It was only as the carriage was invaded by helmeted navy-clad policemen carrying guns and shouting noiselessly that she realised that she'd just experienced some sort of concussive grenade. Her final thought as she passed out was that at least she would be safe now.

A few hours later, Kira was sat impatiently on the edge of a hospital bed, her ears still ringing a little from the grenade, her headache fading under the effect of strong analgesics.

She had regained consciousness moments after the police attack and thankfully her hearing had returned within half an hour. The putative terrorist, screaming in agony, had been apprehended and whisked away and the bomb had been defused. She'd been carried up on a stretcher out of the subway and straight into an ambulance and had spent the last three hours in hospital.

She was beginning to get frustrated but the policeman at the door of her room politely refused to allow her to depart even though she'd been examined by a doctor and pronounced fit to leave not long after she'd been admitted. He also declined to talk to her about what had happened and she'd been separated from her phone so she was incommunicado although she had been promised that her family and friends had been contacted to reassure them she was safe and healthy after her panicky texted plea. She was beginning to wonder if she were in some way suspected of wrongdoing.

So when a tall grey-suited black man knocked and entered her room she was relieved. Perhaps now at least someone would answer her questions.

"Hi, Miss Sallet, my name is Booker," he said in a deep voice. He was well-built and reassuringly solid with large hands and a slightly grizzled yet capable look.

"Oh, how do you do, Mr Booker? Please can I go now? I honestly haven't done anything wrong. Why won't anyone talk to me?" she began animatedly.

"Let me explain," he interrupted calmly. "The reason no-one's answering any of your questions is because I asked them not to. Once I heard what had happened, I wanted to hear your story in your own words and I wanted to keep it out of the public domain." He sat on the end of her bed, eyeing her full bosom and lissom body in an appraising way that made Kira feel a little warm between her legs.

"And what do you do?" she asked with a confidence she wasn't feeling.

"I am the director of one of the divisions of the Sexual Intelligence Agency, an apparatus of the federal government. Please just explain the events leading up to you ending up here," he commanded assertively.

Kira, feeling a little intimidated by Booker's assurance sighed but did her best to relate what had happened.

Booker listened attentively, nodding every now and again but still openly visually evaluating her body as he did so.

When Kira had finished, he smiled broadly, his white teeth flashing in his dark face.

"So you noticed the suspect had a bomb, called for help secretly and delayed him using the time-honoured anti-terrorist technique of distractive fellatio?" he asked, crossing his legs thereby drawing her attention to the not inconsiderable bulge at his crotch.

"Well, yes, I suppose I did," Kira replied blushing.

Booker nodded approvingly. "Yes, you did. And your story tallies with witness reports, camera footage and even a confession from Zack Scraggery, a known operative for the GLF, the man you sucked off so resourcefully."

"The GLF?" Kira asked.

"Yes, the Ginger Liberation Front. They're a fringe faction on the edges of the strawberry blond rights movement who have threatened to commit atrocities to in order to stop the perceived persecution of the differently tinted - or redheads as you may know them. In any case, Kira you not only saved countless lives by your quick thinking you managed to blow apart his revolutionary cell. Scraggery was on his way to take out the headquarters of Goliath National Bank, prominent investors in the hair dye industry, when you intercepted him. And of course the injury you gave him helped to force his confession."

"Injury?" Kira asked, puzzled. All she'd done was skilfully suck his cock to a mindblowingly fantastic orgasm using the not inconsiderable talents of her tongue and mouth. How had that injured him?

"Oh, you might not have realised. When the ESU threw in the concussion grenade you still had his cock in your pretty little mouth. Regrettably for Scraggery the shock of the explosion meant you instinctively bit down, semi-severing his unfortunate penis. He told us everything we wanted to know about his GLF buddies in return for immediate reconstructive surgery. Not that he'll need his dick in Guantanamo."

Kira's hand had flown to her mouth in astonishment. She couldn't believed she'd hurt Scraggery even though he was a terrorist and even if it were accidentally. She had always seen herself as a lover more than a fighter.

"Don't feel bad about it. You should be really proud of yourself. Not only did you notice a potentially lethal incongruity. You acted with certitude, using all the considerably pleasant assets at your disposal. You're a hero."

Kira nodded slowly. She supposed that she had been a hero. And it sounded like she hadn't injured the terrorist permanently. Her concern turned to delight. She'd taken a chance to do the right thing and it had paid off. She'd done it!

"Kira, how would you like to apply to become an agent at Whore Division? We're always looking for good people and you I have a feeling that you would be perfect."

"Whore Division? What's that? And how would I be perfect?" she asked, stunned by his offer.

"Whore Division is an elite clandestine branch of the Sexual Intelligence Agency. Our remit is to gather intelligence and perform high risk operations, basically leveraging our agents' advanced sexual skills to keep the nation and occasionally the world safe. I think our purpose can be summed up by our motto. 'Ex libidine virtu'. Or 'From sluttery comes good'."

"Wow! I had no idea! And you want me to join you?" Kira exclaimed.

"Yes, I honestly think you would be an amazing operative with the right training. I've done some research and I know a lot about you: straight A student; captain of the school soccer team; due to study law here at Columbia; volunteer for various local charities; world-class fuck, or so I've been told."

Kira blushed at his crude portrayal but didn't argue.

Booker continued, "I think with your patriotism, your eye for detail, your willingness to get involved, your delightful body and a mouth that looks like it's made to suck cock, you could most certainly be a real asset to Whore Division."

Kira couldn't believe what she was hearing. Was this man she'd only met minutes before asking her to become a kind of top secret government sanctioned slut? Kira Sallet, licensed to fuck? After the day she'd had? How outrageous!

Before she could angrily refuse, Booker squeezed her thigh familiarly and got up, tossing his card on the bed. "Obviously I'd need to interview you properly to check whether you really are good enough for Whore Division. We take only the hottest, only the sexiest, only the best. Someone will be in touch to prepare you for the interview. Make sure your pussy's nice and smooth."

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