tagErotic CouplingsThe Red Dress

The Red Dress


Long red velvet dress with a slit all the way up my thigh. Low cut in the front showing more than a hint of cleavage and very low cut in the back resting on the tip of my bum. Long, tight sleeves bunched at my wrists. I stood in front of the mirror tilting my head to put in my single solitaire earrings. I tussled my hair a little and tweaked the lipstick on the corner of my mouth. Then I analyzed the final product. Not bad, I am pretty sure he'll like the red. But maybe...no heels.

I reveled in the feel of the fabric against my palms, running my hands over it as it hugged my curves, too tight for undergarments.

I was bent over in the closet when you walked in the door.

"Hey Doll!" you called but I didn't hear you. "Sam, I'm here!" Still no answer.

I didn't hear you come up the stairs or into my room. I was desperately searching for the one pair of red flats I had buried somewhere deep in the mess of shoes at the bottom of my closet. I also didn't realize that my bum was wagging as I fought with the shoes.

You walked up behind me smiling, "Mmm...great view."

"Oh, Hi. I'll be just a minute. Can't find my damn red flats..." I was still bent over searching when you put your hands on my bum. You slid your hands all over, enjoying the feel of the velvet. "Mmm nice dress Darlin, when did you get this one?"

Having found my shoes, I stood slowly, not wanting to stop you from your exploration of my body. As I stood, the dress hung down, exposing the low dip in the back. "I bought this one for you today...do you like the red?" I looked back at you over my shoulder. "I love it...and damn Sam, nice back." You traced the edge of the dress were it rested above my bum. Your finger gave me goose bumps and sent a rush of heat straight out from my core. My nipples hardened instantly and I stepped back toward you. Swaying to the sound of R&B soul, coming from the radio in the bathroom. "Mmm, I love when you touch me. I'm glad you like the dress."

You moved my hair from were it hung down my back and started kissing the nape of my neck. I bent my head forward.

"God, you smell so good. Is that the one I sent you?"

I nodded. "Channel No5, good choice, hmm?"

"So what's the occasion?" You continued kissing me as you spoke.

I gasped in mock surprise, "Dinner silly," I giggled, "Don't tell me you forgot."

I reached up and held my hair out of the way for you, wanting you to kiss my neck more, and stepped back again to feel you against me. Your hands slid up and down the edge of the back of my dress and then out over the sides. Down my rib cage and down over my hips. You kissed my spine and your hands slid down the sides of my thighs as your mouth traveled closer to my bum. You found the slit and traced it with your finger tip causing more goose bumps. My body was on fire.

"B—but if you don't want t—to go out..." I couldn't finish the sentence as your hand slipped inside the slit and down my bare thigh. Your hands were warm and firm. I bent forward with you as you reached further down to the inside of my knee and back up the inside of my thigh. I could feel your penis press into me.

"Mmm," you laughed softly through your moan, amused with your affect on me.

Before your hand had total control of me, I pulled away quickly and turned around to face you, getting some distance; both hands on your chest holding you away from me.

"No, no, no, I am not getting all messed up if you want to go out." I said, my voice not quite as assertive as I wanted it to be.

You then, got the full impact of my dress with the hair, the neck line, the slit and my tight nipples. I could see that you liked it. I blushed and smiled feeling suddenly naked to your assessment. You stood there speechless, your eyes fathomless. I looked, I couldn't help it, and saw that you 'really' like my appearance.

"So? Are we going?" I smiled "Or are you just going to stare at me all night."

I reached down beside you and picked up my shoes. I stepped into the bathroom and shut off the radio and the light. The bed room was dim now only the light from the hall way providing illumination. You still said nothing just watched me. I paused to look at you, so handsome; the way the light cast shadows across your face and your intense blue eyes, so sexy it made my heart skip a beat. I kept looking at you as I walked past, towards the door. Your hands moved so quickly, I gasped as you grabbed my arm, and snaked the other around my waist, pulling me into your arms. Your breath was hot in my ear, and I melted when you said, in your sexy low voice, "You're not going anywhere, Darlin. You are my dinner."

My head fell back against your shoulder at the power of your words. I love being held in your arms. I was trembling with anticipation as you kissed, licked and sucked at my neck, causing the wide neck of my dress to fall off my shoulder. Your other hand slid inside the slit to my inner thigh. I opened my legs and leaned forward slightly. I reached up behind me and around the back of your head. I turned my head to you to say, "God I love when you touch me." And you captured my mouth with yours. Your lips were so warm and soft and your tongue, purposefully and curiously seeking mine. I opened my mouth wider to you and pulled your head closer. Lost in your kiss I was startled by your hand on my bare breast. Your touch felt so good; strong hands cupping and kneading my breast. Pinching and twisting my nipple as your other hand cupped my mound. You pawed and probed at the wet swollen folds of my smooth, bare pussy, deftly bringing me close to the edge.

"Mmmm, no underwear, thank you for obeying." you spoke in little more than a whisper.

You walked me to the edge of the bed, placing your hand on my back to bend me down over it. Your fingers on either side of my clit slowly but firmly sliding your whole hand up and down; your palm grazing my clit with every downward stroke. My hips were rocking with your hand and my ass was sliding up and down your raging hard on through, way too may layers of clothing.

You stood up and I followed but you pushed me back forward again. You slid your hand in the back of my dress and I moaned as your fingers slid down between my cheeks, over my rosebud and across the wetness of my opening to meet your other hand.

"Oh Steve." I whispered and flipped my hair up as I looked at you over my shoulder. "God, I want you inside of me." I continued to rock my pussy against your hand. Having thoroughly wet your fingers you brought them back to my ass and pressed against me; your other hand still stroking my clit.

"No, not yet" you said in your commanding tone.

You flipped up the back of my dress. Your hands smoothed over my lower back and down over my ass. You gripped my hips and pushed me further onto the bed. The awkward angle caused my legs to tremble as I struggled to stay bent over. You got to your knees behind me and paused for what seemed like an eternity. I looked back but could only see your hands and when I attempted to move to see you, your grip held me firm.

I squirmed, wanting the next move. Frustrated that you did nothing and I wanted so much. Minute by minute, my arousal intensified; my hands gripping the comforter. I sighed loudly disturbed by uncertainty. My legs shaking violently, but I wasn't really sure if it was muscle fatigue or excitement.

"Please, Steve," I said in a whisper. "Your---, Please touch me."

You blew on me and it felt like I had been brushed with a thousand feathers. Your hands were warm and firm as you caressed the back of my legs.

"Relax Sam, you're shaking." Your voice was hypnotic.

I pressed my forehead into the bed and closed my eyes. I tried to concentrate on not moving but wasn't succeeding very well. Deeply I breathed, in and out, slowly, as you continued to blow on me. Just as I was relaxing, finally, your tongue touched me. You started down my thigh and dragged it dangerously close to my swollen lips up to the top of my ass. Fuck! I thought.

Then you bit me. The shock jolted me. But I stayed were I was. You repeated your moves on my other thigh and up to my ass, biting again. Oh my God, I thought, the tension was so great I was sure I was going to cum right then and there. My legs started to tremble again.

The next swipe of your tongue was closer still, the heat of your breath on my pussy made me whimper. Only instead of a bite this time you slapped me, hard, and again you repeated it on the other side.

Then you stopped again, and I squirmed and shook. My ass burning, my body hanging on the razor sharp edge of ecstasy. My body was going to collapse. Then I felt your tongue, underneath me. Flat and firm against my rock hard clit. I gasped violently, suppressing my scream. Your hot breath leading, as your tongue followed along my slick folds, over my rose bud to the small of my back.

"Ohhhhh, Steve, yes." I lost it and fell forward on the bed. My bum still poised for you, you groaned and came at me again. Licking from my clit, along my now dripping pussy, up to my ass hole, then back to my clit. I couldn't stay still and I moved against your face with every brush of your tongue. Meeting you stroke for stroke until I couldn't stand it any more. You never slowed, my legs tightened and my muscles clenched. Your hands on my ass held me still as my orgasm rocked me hard and my face, still buried in the bed, smothered the scream as my body thundered.

It didn't take me long to recover and the frustration to turn to determination. I quickly rolled onto my back, up on to my elbows. The dress covered most of me leaving my entire leg exposed. You stood looking down at me your eyes still dark, but with a devilish smirk on your face. I lifted my leg onto the bed, I saw you eyeing it. Panting, I looked up at you. "You are so, going to pay for that you know. Go sit in that chair." And I slowly sat up, as you walked to the chair. You took the large chair like the imposing man that you are. One arm on each arm rest, your legs apart. Your head down and your eyes staring straight through me.

I stood up off the bed slowly, and traced my finger across your knee as I walked past you to the bathroom. Oh ya, I was workin it better than any chick on the cat walk. I turned on the radio, low, but loud enough to hear the thump of the soulful music. When I came out of bath room, seductively leaning against the door frame, you smiled. I did not smile back. I sauntered toward the bed trailing my hand down the doorframe behind me. Every step, slow and methodical to the rhythm of the music; my eyes never leaving yours. I danced my way to the corner closest to you, swaying and caressing my body. Cupping my breasts and sliding my hands down to were they met my legs. Leaning forward with a yearning look in my face, I spoke softly, "Mmmmm Steve, I love when you touch me here." And I smoothed my hands over my tummy and under my breasts, "And here." Then I turned and slid them around to my waist and down over my ass, as I looked at you over my shoulder, "Mmmm and here."

I continued to dance with my back to you. Moving my hips and ass to the music. Hanging my head to one side and then the other. Letting my hair fall over my shoulders; then rolling it back, my hair following. All the time, trying to distracting you from noticing my dress coming off my shoulders. My arms now free, I turned to face you clutching the dress over my cleavage. Still swaying and moving to the music. The beat was resonating deep within me and the feel of your eyes on me made me so wet. I looked up at you and stopped, as the music segued into a new song, I dropped my dress, it clung briefly to my hard nipples on its way down to my waist.

I looked down to my breasts and pinched my nipples, making them even tighter and harder. I looked up to you, and smiled out of the corner of my mouth. My voice was husky as my arousal heightened. "Mmmm, I can't wait to feel your mouth on my breasts, mmmmm." My hair tickled my skin. I love the feel of my breasts in my hands and as I started to move to the music again I closed my eyes enjoying the tender skin in my hands. The hard nipples, so sensitive against my palms.

I opened my eyes again to find you staring still. Feels so nice when you look at me. So much desire and hunger. I slid my hands down my sides again and over my waist, back around my ass and up again. Constantly moving and grinding to an invisible partner. I hooked my thumbs in the edge of my dress and swayed my hips as I inched it further and further down over them. I turned and continued, finally letting it cascade in a pool around my feet. I reached up for the tall bed post and, resting my head and back against it held on, I turned back towards you. Fully naked, arms above my head, leaning against the post with my legs and pussy pointed to you.

I took a minute to gage your mood; tempered and controlled, you evidently wanted me to continue.

I turned even more towards you and begged you with my eyes. I pulled my arms down over my the top of my head, down the sides of my face, closing my eyes, down my neck, imagining that they were your hands, down over my chest, swaying and moving to the new, slightly faster piece of music on the radio, down over my breasts, looking back at you, down over my tummy to my mound. "Mmmm Steve, I am so hot for you right now."

I slid my hands down over my thighs and out to my knees, never breaking from your gaze. I spread my knees as I squatted in front of you. Tilting my head, my hair falling over to cover one of my breasts, bringing my hands to my pussy, playing, pawing, probing, in full view of you. I had to close my eyes and throw my head back at the intensity of my touch overpowering me a little. My fingers buried deep inside of me, I grinded my hips in rhythm. "Oh God, Steve," I said breathy, "I want you inside of me." Opening my eyes to you, I trailed my sticky, wet fingers up from my pussy, between my breast, wiping a little on each nipple before carrying on up the center of my neck, up over my chin and slowly, very slowly, slipping them into my mouth.


My eyes closed. Running my tongue over, under, and around my fingers. The smell and the taste taking me closer and closer to the edge.

I opened my eyes. I love looking into your eyes. Still there, waiting intently, ready. You were still far too controlled. You had made no sound. No change in your breathing. No movement from your hands; although I had no doubt of my affect on you; your eyes betrayed you completely.

I put my hands on my knees and closed them to one side, slid my hands up my thighs and over my ass as I arched back into a standing position. I turned toward you and slowly walked forward. Your eyes surveyed me, top to bottom and there was that smirk again, causing me to blush a little.

Standing in front of you, I took your hands and placed them on my breasts. Your hands felt so good on me, my body came alive with goose bumps. My hands over yours, grasping my breasts, I pulled you to standing. I stepped closer to feel the heat from your body against mine and as you touched and pinched my nipples. I undid the buttons on your shirt. You leaned in to kiss me, but I pulled away. I continued, pulling your shirt out of your pants, over and off your shoulders. I slid my hands down your chest to the waistband of your pants. I quickly undid them as well, pulling out your undershirt. My hands finally touching even just a tiny bit of your skin, caused me to sigh and whimper. I craved you so bad. Wanted to feel you against me so bad. Your hands slid around my ribs to my back and you roughly, pulled me close. I pushed back again, and pushed your hands down from me too. I tugged at your shirt, pulling it up and over your head; you didn't fight me. I pulled at your pants and as they slid over your hips, down, and over your cock, it sprang up once it was freed. It was as powerful as the rest of you and I paused to look, in awe of how sexy you were. I was so eager to touch you. I wrapped one hand around your steely, hard shaft and cupped your balls with my other.

My mouth was watering as my jaw clenched. My thumb brushing over the drop of precum on the deep red head of your gorgeous cock. I pulled and tugged as I looked back up at you. Your hands were at your sides. I bent to kiss your chest, licking and tasting the saltiness of your flesh. I took one nipple in my mouth and bit. You gasped and flinched, your eyes angry and intense. You growled and grabbed the back of my neck, yanking me to you and you latched onto my neck. Under my chin, licking and smelling the residue of my juices; down over my breasts, taking one nipple in at a time, gently, but eagerly licking and tasting everything. I didn't let go of you. I pressed my lower body against yours, squirming and grinding against you in my hand. You looked back up to me, paused, and then kissed me. Deep and passionate, drinking me like a man fresh from the sand box. I too, was being swept away. Thirsty, it had been so long since our last...visit. My knees felt weak again and my heart threatened to explode from my chest.

My grip on your cock was too firm and erratic for my liking, so I took a step back and let go. I had to push with both hands on your chest to get you to let go.

Standing and staring at each other, breathless, completely naked and so fucking hungry.

I walked you backwards towards the chair again, and fell to my knees before you could sit. I took you into my mouth; hungry and sloppy, I sucked and licked at you, slurping and moaning wildly. You held onto my head, more for balance than direction. I had my hand on your ass pulling you deeper and deeper into my mouth. I took hold of you and stroked as I twisted my wrist back and fourth, my mouth sucking you in and out. I wanted to taste you, I needed to taste you.

"Fuck, Darlin, do you want me to explode in your mouth?" Your voice raspy and low.

I looked up into your eyes with my answer and you held on to my head following my rhythm. Only a few more strokes and you exploded. "Oh, oh Sam, oh yes, oh, oh." Loudly you came. The last couple of deep thrusts causing me to gag slightly as you slammed into the back of my throat.

You tasted so good, so sweet and salty. You stood there for another minute and then when I let you slide from my mouth, you collapsed onto the chair behind you. Remarkably you were still hard. I sat at your knees, staring at you. You were still breathing heavy so I started to caress you. Cupping your balls and down your thighs. Your head fell back and your eyes closed as you let me touch you.

My hands flat, smoothing gently up your legs, sliding in between your thighs, up over your pelvis, wrapping around the base of your cock. Up over your belly to your chest. Slowly and smoothly, gently lulling you. I leaned against you to reach your shoulders and up your neck. Back down over your shoulders. I love the feel of your muscles, down over your biceps to your forearms and out to your fingers. You didn't notice me rise and stand as I continued to caress your chest again.

Then I turned and placed my leg on either side of yours. Slowly lowered myself to your lap and reached between my legs to guide you. I slid slowly down around your cock. I heard you moan as you hands gripped my hips. I wiggled to take you fully. Stretching to accommodate you. Your fullness took my breath away. Once you were completely in me, I sat still. Not moving. Loving the feel of you inside of me, finally. Slightly painful, but so good.

You began to move, growing again. I moved back. It didn't take long for us to climb again. You sat up, your body pressed against me and your arms wrapped around me. Your hand found my clit again, engorged and throbbing. My fingers dug into the arms of the chair. Your head pressing into my back as I rocked my hips back and forth, my pussy making sucking noises as my muscles drew you in deeper with each pass along your long shaft. Your hand kneading my breasts, your fingertips pinching.

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