I was all horny and rubbing the front of my pants to pleasure my dick, whilst walked in my big sister - Narmitha.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing," I said embarrassed.

She smiled a meaningful look and walked towards the cupboard. I looked at her ass swigging. Had she not been my elder sister I would have grabbed her ass right now. I had just watched a XX movie 'CHEEKY' & 'PAPRIKA', by Tinto Brass - my favourite director of XX movies. His famous quote was

'Pornography is there to give you an erection. Erotica is there to give you emotions.'

He certainly made me horny as hell throwing all my emotions away. I had a hard dick and watching my sisters juggling ass only made it worse. I could not hold out any longer. I just unzipped my pant, pulled out my dick and walked towards her. She had her back towards me and did not see me coming. She was looking through the books when I embraced her hard pressing my dick on her ass. She was surprised for a second, and then she jumped off, pushing me aside. My hand bound from her stomach to her boobs, which were small compared to her ass. I squeezed them feeling the softness through her clothes. Unluckily for her, she had not worn her bra today and I felt the spongy boobs jiggle in my palm. She yelled at me.

"What the heck do you think you were doing...?"

She then saw my wet dick hanging out. Traumatized, she touched her back to see if I had cum on her. She gave a disgusted look at me as I leered at her.

"Yeech, wait till dad hears on this. You are going to regret your life."

I smiled dazed as if I was on drugs. To me it was my ultimate fantasy to cum on my sister's ass, though I fantasized it on her naked ass I was happy that I did what I did. She walked out of the room and I packed my things. Don't know what was running thru my mind, but I just packed my bag and walked out of the home. Perhaps I was all dazed after seeing the xx movies and reading all that online stories so much that I never realized the consequences. I just wanted to fuck and kind of liked kinky sex.

To me just sex was not enough. I wanted drama, fear and risks -- this made me hornier. It was not that I was an incest man, but the thought of doing something forbidden made it hornier. So I dreamt of fucking my mom & sis. My other usual hobby was jack in the bus. I liked to jammy my dick on the girls ass with my dick in midst of the rush in the bus. Their uncomfortable only made it sweeter. Especially when a girl wanted to move away but could not because of the rush made me feel like I was raping her and gave me more pleasure.

After some experiences, I became bolder and began to pull out my dick and place it on their ass. Sometimes I would also cum on them. Seeing their back wet with my cum gave me great satisfaction. Most of the times it would be girls with saree`s and churidars but occasionally I would get girls in skirts. In the midst of rush, when we would be covered by people from all sides, I would just lift her skirt and place my dick between her legs. She would be shocked and struggle to move. This only increased my pleasure since I just had to stand still with my dick in between her legs and her tussles to escape would only mount to her soft thighs masturbating me.

Rarely I also get opportunities to pull their panties little down, just managing to get my dick into the panties and in between her ass cheeks. The soft feel of her asshole itself is heaven and her conflict resulting in; me ejaculating on her asshole is just priceless.

You can call pervert, sex-maniac or anything but that was the fact -- I did not dig the usual sex -- the normal fuck -- instead I wanted something different, abnormal or kinky. However - now you know where that led me -- out on the streets. I was sure dad would take me to a mental hospital. He was the old generation type. Once I told my friend and he laughed at me and said this was normal in most houses. He too had tried incest and not only succeeded but now his mom was always behind him for a fuck. I was astonished and happy to know that there were others like me. Soon I realized it was never incest but kinkiness, which led me to do all this.

I found myself walking in the streets. I was quite happy actually. With whatever money I had, I went to movies and had food. However as the money got over, I went on dieting. I slept on the church footsteps. No one notices or even looks around a church at night and there would be safe place from police who look for suspects. I tried for some work and got some labour works and I was happy. All the money I needed was for food and movies. It seems I was making more than my needs. I also made some friends but they never knew I slept on the church premises. They thought I had jumped from the retreat centre at night.

My wonderful life ended one day when I ran into my friend - Ajith. He began narrating how my father was worried and looking for me. From his talks, I understood that my father knew nothing on what I had done to my elder sister. So I told him let me think about it but he would not let me go and dragged me to his house until I decided. I stayed in his house for a week on the pretext of deciding. Ajith like me had an elder sister - Seema. He should not have taken me to his house.

One day Ajith and his parents went to work and I found myself alone with her. An idle mind is a devils workshop -- but my mind is a devils furnace. I changed my dress and wrapped in a towel went to her room requesting for some oil to bath. I watched her voluptuous figure as she went to the kitchen. She was wearing a cotton shirt and silk skirt, which clung, to her body. I took the oil bottle from her and went to my room. I pulled off the towel and began applying oil on my body. I kept the door open hoping that she would walk in by mistake and find me naked but was unlucky -- she did not come. I began to rub my dick lusting for her arrival. The surprise on her face would be an added fuel to my lust. After some time, I could hold no longer. I applied some more oil on my dick to get the glistering effect and wrapped the towel loosely around my waist. Taking the oil can with me; I moved the stool near a cupboard, climbed on top of it, massaged my dick until it was rock hard and ready to cum and then called out to her. She arrived unsuspecting.

"Is it ok if I keep this can here?" I asked.

"No need, I will keep it in the kitchen. Give..."

Her words stopped in mid air as my towel fell from my waist. I heard a small intake of air as she looked stunned and stared at my dick. I held my dick as if trying it to cover from her. She looked embarrassed and tried to look away.

"Wait, please take the towel and give it to me."

She smiled and kneeled to take the towel, keeping her eyes to the ground. . She did not notice that I was busy pumping my dick vigorously. As she knelt down to pick up the towel, I said wait and she looked up. It was great timing. The moment she looked up was the exact time I erupted. My cum sprang out landing on her face. She was horrified. At first, she thought it was oil, and then she noticed me pumping my dick and the white solution springing from my dick. I jumped down and my dick hit her face. She jumped up aghast and ran out of the room, straight to her brother's arms.

It was an awkward moment. She was crying in his arms and I was stark naked in front of them with cum dripping. He looked at me surprised and then embraced her. Slowly his hands began to move down until he reached her butt cheeks. He squeezed her right cheek. She suddenly muffled as if waiting to confirm her feelings. He squeezed once again harder. She looked at him. His hands slowly lifted her skirt displaying her panties. My manhood began to rise at the unbelievable situation. He let his hands wade into her panties and squeezed her ass. She tried to push him away but he had a good grip on her.

"What`s this?" she shouted at him as his hands felt her ass.

She was trying to pull out his hand. I neared her, pulled down her panties and pressed myself on her ass. I felt my dick plunge onto her soft ass. She was sandwiched in between us. I noticed Ajith open his zip and let his dick free. She was suddenly petrified and tried to get out of our clutches. She sat down to avoid our groping on her ass but it was a mistake which she soon realized since she found her brothers sick wiggling right on her face. Ajith pressed his dick on her face. I held her head as he began forcing his dick into her mouth. He held her nose, forcing her to open and close her mouth. Ajith managed to get his dick in her mouth but she kept her mouth open refusing to suck. He pulled her up, held her close to his chest, and fell on the floor. She was belligerent.

I looked materialistically at her ass. Ass was my favourite, yet avoided, due to many reasons from fear to ego. Now I had such a situation that I could do whatever I want, however taboo be it. I knelt down and squeezed her ass, then slowly began to part her ass cheeks. She began to squeal. I looked at her red asshole as if seeing some piece of diamond. I slowly inserted my finger in her anus.

"OOOw," she said

After entering a bit, it was stuck tight. I was feeling a ticklish feeling with my finger in her anus. It really heightened my lust. I knew I might never ever again get such a chance with any of the girls. This increased my taste. I parted her ass cheeks and smelled her ass. It had a pungent smell, but now it was erotic to my nerves. I kissed her asshole as she simmered and then slowly went on to lick her asshole. I felt her tighten her buttocks and her ass cheeks closing in but I held it. I teased her asshole with my tongue and slowly forced it in. After some pushing, I felt my tongue enter a little. I widened her ass cheeks and pressed forward. I squeezed her ass as if exercising my hand. The soft feeling made me squeeze more and tighter as she began to yelp. I slowly lay on top of her letting my dick rest in between her ass cheeks, feeling the heat of her ass. Like beef in between two slice of bread, my dick lay on her ass.

Getting up, I broaden her ass cheeks. My sucking and licking her asshole had turned out to be lubrication. I leisurely led my dick to her asshole and placed it. Using my dick, I circled her asshole then suddenly pushed it in. It was tighter than I thought. She was howling as my dick-head entered her ass amplifying her asshole.

"Aaw ... nooo ... yup ...ohh"

Once the top portion entered, it was easy as the rest of it sliced in. Ignoring her yowl, I led my dick in feeling the pleasure of tightness and softness. I was like a drug addict, absent to the environment but deeply immersed in what I was doing. I held her small boobs and began to ride her ass. Like a dog in heat, I rammed her ass deeper. I felt my dick go deeper on each ram. I felt indescribable emotions of lust flood thru me. I did not want to cum and end this dream episode but I could not hold on.

Ajith meanwhile had his dick out and wriggling in between. As I fucked his sister's ass, he simply lay there holding her over him. The movement of my fuck was making her pussy rub on his dick. In short, he lay in lust as his sisters pussy rubbed on his dick.

"I am Cumming," I said to him.

I squeezed her boobs and increased my pumping pulling her close to me. Ajith held her thigh and began rubbing his dick faster on her. He lifted her and placed her on his dick. Now his dick was exactly on her pussy. She too felt the tingling as her pussy rubbed on his dick. She bit her lips as the movement increased. I suddenly felt a wave of dizzy as I felt my dick burst a huge wave of cum into her ass. I just felt my dick exploding and the cum overflew as if it was not going to stop. She was squirming as Ajith also rubbed her pussy. We both held her tight and lay on her as dead meat as our dick erupted. After sometime I shivered as the last cum oozed out. I still wanted to continue fucking her ass but was too tired.

Ajith held me and turned. Now I was down and he came top. She was still sandwiched between us. I felt my dick shrinking slowly and coming out of her dick. Suddenly I felt her ass rock again. My shrinking cock suddenly stopped, waiting. Her soft ass was now rocking on my body. My dick was in her ass and her softness I could feel as she was moving up and down. Ajith held her hands, lay naked on her pussy, and was doing the fucking motion. He was rubbing his dick on her pussy mound. Her pussy hair widened like a holder for his dick. I held her hands pulling it backwards as he was free to grab her breast. He squeezed his little sister's breasts. She was now coming into mood. My ass fuck had pained her but her brother had rubbed his dick on her pussy enlightening her. Now with my dick shrivel but still in her ass was giving her a tingling sensation. Ajith`s squeezing and teasing her boobs and at the same time rubbing her pussy with his dick was making her lust rupture.

Sometimes being helpless and rubbed at unexpected places and having a growing dick in your ass increases the pleasure. Not kidding -- that is what she said, later when we were talking. Nevertheless, we did not know that now since she was still squirming making our dicks swell faster. I felt my lust rise. It was fun as I tried to rotate my dick and she squeezed it with her ass. As she squeezed harder, I felt as if her ass was sucking my dick. I slowly pushed my hip higher making my dick push little deeper. Ajith was busy sucking and squeezing her boobs. He wanted to enter her pussy but I did not allow. Therefore, he wanted to cum on her face. She lay on the floor as he stood over her pumping. I got on the floor and began to suck her pussy. An oof sound left her mouth as my lips touched her pussy. I began to tease her pussy with my tongue and clitoris. She was wriggling as I held her thighs with my head in-between. She held my head as my tongue surfaced deeper. She was now rubbing her pussy on my face not knowing how to stop her lust. She did not care if anyone noticed. Even Ajith was surprised seeing his little sister writhe like a snake. She was now the bitch in heat. I licked and sucked her pussy with renewed energy. She was beginning to express her lust with louder moans. We knew she was reaching her climax as she began to moan louder and faster. She was literally fucking my face by holding on my hair and lifting her hips up and down.

Suddenly I felt something hit my face. I had never seen a woman squirt though I had heard a lot. I felt something flowing on my face like a warm liquid. Then her pussy banged my face again and she clutched my head tighter. I was at the point of suffocation yet I held on hoping she would finish soon. Luckily, before I turned purple she slowly released me.

Ajith was looking at us and forgot his masturbation, though his dick was throbbing in his hand. As she released me and relaxed, he again positioned himself over her. He pumped his dick hard as if he was going to pluck it out. He did not have to pump much; soon his dick erupted on her face. She was suddenly jolted as cum splatter her face. He kneeled down, pressed his dick on her face, and rubbed like a lunatic.

Later we three sat down, looked at each other, and smiled. It was the beginning of a great friendship and kinky relation. Now I told him why I had run away from my house. He said I should have fucked her and ran. I laughed at him but later his words kept on ringing in my head.

My friend was persuading me to return to my home and I agreed. I asked him to talk for me. He presented a sad young person who was broken by scoldings. His presentation was such that my family decided never to scold me. Everyone ran up and hugged me -- I got a hero's welcome. It was when my sister hugged me that I got anti-hero thoughts. Her big boobs collided on my chest. I wanted to grab her butt then and there but controlled. For a few days, everyone was silent and trying to make me happy as if nothing happened. I knew everyone wanted to ask me why I had run away. Only my sister was quiet. She was hoping no one brought up that subject. She might have feared that I may spell out the truth and maybe all will scold her.

I was back to my old ways but no one knew. I was hornier this time. I even relieved myself by peeping into the bathroom while mom was bathing and masturbated. Still I was missing the real event. I phoned Ajith. He was more than happy to help me.

"How`s it going with your sister?" I asked when he came the next day.

"Great," he said "Thanks to you."

He always had an eye for his sister. He had kept it a secret in fear of tagged as pervert but on that day, he saw an opening. He might have thought the blame would fall on me or perhaps he had someone to share the blame or maybe he was just too horny to control his lust. I explained my pervert feeling. He was fascinated.

"Come to think, she does have a gorgeous ass," he said his eyes twinkling with lust.

"What do you have in mind?"

"Nothing, but want to enjoy her with others. I want to fill all her holes at the same time. I just dream her face when all her holes get filled."

"You want to call others?"

"Yes, but not now. First let us enjoy her then we enjoy more of her," I said in a leeching tone as he guffawed.

We planned many themes and moves but always found some flaws. We thought of sleeping pills but did not get the stock. When we did, we were frightened to use it fearing an overdose. We decided to rape but were against it, yet kept the thought aside if nothing worked. We were at a dilemma until we met Manoj.

Manoj was an old lover of my sister until he realized it was only one-way and then he became her enemy. He always said dirty things about her to his friends whenever I passed. One day as I was passing by, he told me,

"Your sister thinks she is an Apsara queen! Tell her it's all just a dream which will go once she faces a real man."

Apsara in Hindu mythology is a nymph with divine power. There were many of them -- all beautiful more than the next one.

"Why don't you be the real man?" I asked him.

He was ready for a fight, thinking I was insulting him. I smiled at him and told him. "Its people like you who don't show their manhood to the girls and walk behind her with sugar words that make it worse."

He looked at me as if I was crazy. "Don't force me or I will fuck your sister," he hissed angrily.

"Why don't you do it, I will also help you. Even I am fed up of her and think a good fuck will put her brains in the right spot."

He looked at me with hope. I knew that for him to fuck my sister was more of revenge than lust. He was humiliated in front of all because of her. A chance to fuck her was beyond his dreams.

Soon he made friendship with me and was pushing me to plan something. He read an incident on a sex story site to us and we felt it was worth trying. We decided to wait for the right moment. Even though I cared for nothing, fucking my sister gave me weak knees, but lust was above all and the backing of a friend and enemy was making me go for it. I wondered what the outcome would be.

Would I be a refugee again or will she become my slut --or better - our Slut!

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