Refugee Again


My sex-maniac habit pushes me to dry-hump my elder sister - Narmitha but a un-successful attempt makes me a runaway from home. My friend Ajith brings me to his house where I get a chance to molest his sister Seema. Ajith catches me in an awkward position but instead of thrashing me, he too joins in molesting his younger sister. So I got an unexpected ally. I planned with Ajith to molest my elder sister, rope in her old lover-now turned enemy. Through Ajith I was accepted back into my family but our thoughts were full of Narmitha`s ass.We waited for the right instant. The right instant did not arrive until the next month.

All were getting ready to go to the marriage ceremony. As usual, my sister was late. I persuaded mom and others to go saying we were late and that sister too preferred them to go. I told them I would bring her and her friend. So slowly, one by them left as our heart began to race fast. Uncle Olive, our family friend was the last to leave with his family. Sis was bathing and did not know he trap being set. We went to her room. Her dress was lying on the bed. We took everything and kept it on top of the cupboard. We locked her cupboard, so that she will not wear something else, and then removed all the chairs and such things that she could use for climbing to my room and locked it. There was a 3/4th cupboard outside her room. It was an antique model and heavy. We hoped she would not use it to climb and if she did, Ajith was to rush to help her. I waited outside. Ajith waited in the front room.

We had set our trap.

After some time we could her sis scattering things around. She called out for mom but no one came. Ajith went to her. She had just come out of the bathroom. She was in her underskirt and black bra but she had wrapped herself in a big towel. Therefore, he could only see the end of underskirt, which covered her legs. The strap of her bra was visible on her shoulders.

"All have left. I am the escort to take you to the hall," he said smiling.

"All have left?"

"No, Olive uncle and family are there. All of us together are going to go in his jeep. What's the matter?"

"I can't find my dress and the keys of my cupboard."

"Did someone wear it to the marriage?" he asked laughing.

"Very funny! The only idiot who could have done that is my brother."

"You might have misplaced it here somewhere," he said looking around.

"Is that your dress?" Ajith asked pointing to the top of the cupboard.

"Well! Of all the d***** places! Who kept it there?" she said giving a stern look at him.

"C`mon, I won't do such a thing -- especially when its function time."

"The question is now how to take it," she said jumping up, trying to grab it. Ajith looked avariciously at her bouncing balls, hoping that the towel would just fall off. As she stopped jumping, he left there waiting for her call.


Yes, she did call. Just as Varun had said. He was wondering if he would have the guts to do the rest of the drama. He went to her.

"Can you get me that dress from the top? It must have been Varun -- that idiot!"

"Well, it's not Varun because he is the one who left first. Well let me see if I cannot get that. However, with my tight pants it going to be difficult. Do you have anything of Varun`s like tracksuit or so to change?"

"Well, let me see." Ajith looked around and grabbed her bed sheet. "Do you mind if I use this?"

She looked like she was going to say she did mind but then shook her head.

Ajith wrapped the sheet around him and removed his pants. He threw the pants on her bed. If she were not in a hurry, she would have noticed that he had removed his underwear too, but she had other things on her mind. Now he folded his sheet like a loonkey and asked her to help to push the antique cupboard.

"What do you need that for?"

"To climb of course!"

"But you could jump and reach -- you are taller than me."

"Oh, I won't reach it."

"Why don't you try?"

"I got a back pain so I can jump," Ajith stammered.

She agreed and both of them pushed it to the room. Ajith pulled up his sheet showing his thighs and heaved himself to the top of the antique cupboard, then slowly lifted his leg to the top and pulled himself up. He then squatted in front of her. Her face was a picture to frame. When Ajith squatted, she got a good view in between his legs. His hanging dick was a large one. Surprised, she looked at it, and then as his dick jerked, she came to her senses. She looked up, at his face, but he was looking the other side as if he did not know he had shown himself. She looked away, thinking it was just an unknown show. Ajith reached up to get her dress. Narmitha looked at him uneasily. He was reaching out for her dress but he had held one end of sheet and now his dick was sticking out. She nervously looked around wondering if this was her brother's setup or if anyone else was coming. If anyone did, she would be in a spot. Worse, she was wrapped in a towel and with this fellow sticking out his dick would put her in a moment. She literally grabbed the dress from him as he took it out, but did not get it.

"Thank you Ajith. Now you can go," she said extending her hand for the dress.

"Why, what happened? Why the sudden hurry? Once you got the dress I am to be thrown out?"

"No, No. Nothing like that. It's just that we are getting late..."

Her words stuck in mid air as Ajith squatted on his hind legs. He spread opens his thighs like a cabaret dancer. His manhood immersed in his hanging sac stood out.

"Yes continue," he said.

She looked at his vulgar display getting annoyed and suppressing the feeling to throw up. It looked like some hideous big worm wiggling. She was now sure this was Varun's idea.

"Ajith! Get out -- NOW!"

"C`mon, why are you so angry?"

"Must I say? Whose idea was this? Where is Varun? Don't you know I am like your elder sister? Would you behave like this to Seema?"

"You are better than my sister. Your boobs are bigger and I am sure your nipples will be sterner."

Narmitha could not believe what she was hearing. "What?"

"Yes. Not to mention your shaped Kundi (ass)." He said stressing her ass in the local language to make it dirtier. "I always dreamed of having my Kunna (dick) in your Kundi."

She got fuming. How dare did this boy talk like this. She neared him, pulled him down by his collar, and pushed him out. He began to laugh. It was then that she noticed that he had pulled off her towel. She was now in her bra and underskirt. Her panties could be seen thru the side of her underskirt, where the knot was there. She covered herself with her hands.

"Give me back the towel, you sick bastard," she shouted.

He threw her dress and walked out of the room with her towel, laughing saying that was her punishment and walked out of the room. She stood glaring as he went. She looked sideways to see if he was hiding there but she could not see. She slowly made way and jumped on her dress. No one jumped on her. Like a spider pouncing on the prey, she grabbed the dress and withdrew to her room. She closed the door and reached out to lock the door. She stood unbelieving, and then cursed loudly. The bolt was missing! Heaving on the door as a barrier, she pulled up her dress fast with her eyes and mind on the door. She was going to teach that brat a good lesson. She was sure Varun was behind all this. She would spell everything to her parents and if necessary to her college professors. This should stop or who knows what he may end up doing. The silence was getting to her nerves. She felt an uneasy feeling. Without tiding her hair, she grabbed her shawl and ran to the front door. Somehow, she felt this time it was not his usual pranks. Maybe it was the presence of Ajith or his bold sexual approaches. Her scram to the front door suddenly got a full break as she saw the front door opening. She was sure it was Varun but she got a shock as she saw the person.

It was Manoj!

His gleaming eyes bought knots to her stomach. She stood unfazed.

"What do you want?" she asked.

With a sly grin he said, "I just came to see you."

"I have told you many times not come behind me."

He laughed, "Yes, although I never wanted to come behind you. I always wanted to see your front however today I have really come to see your behind."

She stood there not really catching the meaning of what he was implying. He came near her. She moved back two steps.

"No one is here, so get out or I will scream."

"Sure, you can scream and when everyone arrives they also can have a laugh on your dress."

"What's wrong with my dress?" she asked.

"Why don't you run your hand on those sweet ass-cheek buns of yours?"

She wondered why all she met were talking dirty. Unknowingly her hands touched her back. She got a jolt. Her dress had been cut off from the back. Her hands had reached the panties. She pinched her panties not believing the feel. She stood rigid.

"Well that's a cute little ass draped there!"

She jolted as the voice came from behind her. She had forgotten all about Ajith. She turned towards him trying to hide her torn dress from him.

"Well, if it isn't green panties you are wearing"

This time it was Manoj. In her hurry to hide from Ajith, she had exposed herself to Manoj. She moved sideward's trying to hide her panties from both of them. Shame had overcome her fear. She was trying to hide herself from them so they would not see her privacy. Both of them came in front of her. She covered her back with her shawl. Ajith poked on her stomach with one finger and she jumped.

"What are you doing?"

"Ticklish -- he he he."

Slowly Ajith nearby, began tickling her. She began fidgeting and tried to run away but was held by Manoj. Wriggling she tried to kick Ajith off. Ajith gave her a gap to breathe as she erupted laughing, then again began tickling her. Tired after some time she began to swoon. Still holding her, they let her lie on the floor. Ajith looked at Manoj who in turn nodded. Ajith moved under the sofa and brought out something. Before she could notice, it was on her ankles. It was then she noticed the knot on her leg. Suddenly Ajith brought another rope on her other leg. Now she felt her panic return. She tried to pull away but both her legs were tied. She felt a knot on her hands and looked up to see Manoj tying her hands together.

"What are you doing? Leave me. I have to go to the marriage."

Both of them just giggled. Ajith bought a scissor and began to nip her dress. She tried to move but was unsuccessful. She looked helpless as he cut her dress into two. Like the shell of a crab, her dress opened to reveal her bra and under skirt. She tried persuading Ajith to stop but all on deaf ears. The scissor went thru her skirt like knife on butter. They pulled off her torn dress and stepped back to watch. She felt humiliated as their ravenous eyes rove over her.

Thanking her stars that she had her bra and panties, she tried to cover herself with her hands. She tried to bring her leg sideways but she looked more like a model posing than a frightened girl trying to cover up. Ajith jumped behind her to hold her hands as Manoj moved forward. She started struggling and tried to kick Manoj. Her legs were waving frantically. Manoj came between her legs and held on her thigh.

"Stop, relax, maybe we don't need to do this," Manoj said.

She stopped struggling and looked at him.

"Yes, there is no need for us to struggle. We are not going to rape you."

"What do you want?"

"We just want to cum!"

She did not understand at first but when he spelled it out, she was embarrassed.

"I don't understand what you are saying."

"Just that we want to masturbate seeing you nude."

"No way, you pervert!"

"Fine, then let's say -- in semi nude."


"You are already semi nude. We are just being good sportsmanship. Just stand straight and move around and we will masturbate -- after that we are gone and none is the wiser."

"No way!"

"You are being stubborn. Just think -- we can strip you fully naked and cum on you -- better we can and even might fuck you."

"Don't say about Police and other things," Ajith said as she was about to speak. "Even if we rape you or don't, we have crossed the line. Now whatever happens, the punishment will be the same. So on second thoughts, maybe we should rape her."

"C`mon," Manoj said. "I still love you, that's why I am giving you this chance to escape and satisfy my lust."

She seemed to be in a dilemma. Both of stood in front of her with a poker face.

"So what do I do?" she said suddenly relaxing.

"Just walk around like a model."

Narmitha got up slowly like a trapped animal, expecting the other to jump on it. Manoj and Ajith sat there. She looked at them and suddenly dashed to the door. She pulled on the door, screaming but it would not open. She turned around as she heard her captors laughing.

"Tssh, Tssh Narmitha -- I expected more sense from you, "Manoj said.

"We offered an easy way and you are making us work up. You will make us a Balan K. Nair," Ajith said in between guffaws.

Balan K. Nair was an old villain of Malayalam cinemas who always played the bad guy in 1960`s. His films, in the end, always had a rape scene - He trapped the heroine in a room and they would be circling the bed. Eventually the villain catches the heroine and confines her to the bed. While the perverts like us expect a rape scene, the hero will come up smashing the door, window or roof and thrashes him, rescuing the girl. As time passed, he was always a craze for the mimicry artists.

Narmitha stood blandly to his joke. She noticed that their eyes were trying to see past her bra and underwear. Inadvertently she brought her hands to cover herself.

"So dear, you goanna make this more exciting for us or make us cum fast?"

"Ok, but no touching," she waved her hands to move them back.

"No problemo with us."

She came to the middle of the hall and walked fast back and forth.

"What do you think you are doing? Are you going to catch a bus?" Ajith asked

"Do something sexy. "

"Like what?" she asked.

"How about starting to walk like a girl."

She walked slowly a little then walked back and continued. This time indeed, she walked like a model. Her long legs were a sight to see. They watched her ass wiggle around with each step. When she walked facing them, her boobs seemed like marching up and down.

"Enough? You pervert`s. Got what you came for?"

"Well you see we have not yet started to masturbate."

"Well, do it, "she snapped "I don't have day long."

"I don't know. You just walking around in your under dress is not so titillating. Is it Ajith?" Manoj asked.

"No. We need something else."

"You are not going to get anything more."

"How about you do a cabaret dance?"



Ajith cut a piece from the bed sheet and gave it to her. She wore it as Manoj played the song in his cell. She moved her ass like the one she had seen in the movies. She remembered how Yanna Gupta had danced in the movie 'Dum' and danced. In between, she spread her legs to give a glimpse of her panties. Manoj and Ajith found their dicks rising in salute to her motions. Manoj opened his zip, pulled out his dick, and started to wank. She suddenly missed her step in surprise and looked at him.

"This is not going to go," she said

"You have to understand, the faster we cum, the faster you are free."

She made a face of disdain and continued her dance as Ajith also pulled out his dick. Manoj and Ajith joined her dance with their dicks hanging out. She giggled for a second forgetting that she was the victim. Manoj pressed his dick on her back.

"Yeech, get off me you ...." she lost her words as he broke into laughter.

Manoj neared her and she raised both her hands to defend her. He caught her hand and started wrestling. Ajith came behind her and yanked her panties to her thighs. She closed both her knees to stop him from pulling it further down. She tried to free her hand to pull her panties but Manoj held her with an evil grin. With expert fingers, Ajith unstrapped her bra. She tried holding her bra but Ajith pulled it forward. With a little help from Manoj, her bra was on the ground. With her panties on her knees, she tried covering her boobs while wrestling with Manoj. Manoj pulled her towards him and embraced her. Ajith knelt down, widened her ass cheeks, and pushed his finger into her anus. Unknowingly she swooned backwards opening her legs apart clutching her ass. Ajith started to fingerfuck her ass as Manoj nibbled her boobs. Ajith grabbed her with one hand as he slot in his finger deeper into her ass.

Pinning her down, Manoj held her hands above her head as he sat on her face. She tried to move her face but he held her face with his thigh as he pressed his dick on her face. Ajith pulled her leg up and inserted his dick into her pussy. She opened her mouth to protest and found Manoj`s dick slide in. He started mouth fucking her as Ajith rammed her pussy. She tried to bite him but found her mouth blocked by a small iron rod. The rod made it tight when she closed her mouth and at the same time made it pleasurable for him. She tried to keep her mouth open but found his dick going deeper to her throat. Having no options she closed her mouth tight and let him fuck. Ajith's thrust was shaking her from head to toe. Suddenly she felt her mouth fill up with a white liquid. She struggled to avoid it but Manoj lying on her and the dick spurting in force made her swallow his cum. She sucked his dick in the move. Manoj patted her head like a master on a dog with an evil glee. He pulled out his dick and rubbed it on her lips. His cum coated on her lips as she tried to move away. He then rubbed his cum soaking dick on her cheeks until his cum was pasted on her cheeks like a cream. She suddenly felt a hot liquid in her pussy.

'O God, the idiot had cum in her! She wondered if she would get pregnant.'

She felt Ajith shiver in ecstasy as his cum dripped into her pussy.

'Whatever it was, she was happy the ordeal was over fast,' she thought.

However, she was wrong. Suddenly held by her hand and leg, she was flipped like a doll. She kept her head high or else she would have banged her face. She wondered what they were unto. Manoj sat on her back still holding her hand while Ajith squeezed her ass cheeks. He was squeezing it as if it was a ball of sponge. Then he parted her asscheeks and tickled her asshole. She felt her ass cheeks pulled apart letting her asshole bulge up. Suddenly she felt stiffness on her asshole. Abruptly she began to panic. She could feel Ajith sitting near her and Manoj on top of her, yet someone was inserting something into her asshole.

There was a third person in the house!

Fear gripped her more than shame. She felt the outline of a huge dick pressed to her asshole. She started shouting, and then felt something poured on her asshole and someone was rubbing it on her asshole. She felt her asshole being circled probably by a finger or something of that size. She felt a cold substance on her asshole and then something inserting the cold substance into her asshole. She felt the cold substance being pushed in. then the finger rotated applying the cold all over asshole. She again felt a dick on her asshole.

'What are these idiots doing' she wondered.

She felt the dick pressurise on her asshole. She held tight trying to repulse it away, but try as much as she could; she felt the dick inching in. Flustered she tried tightening but she was in a no win battle. She felt the pain creep in as her asshole widened by the dick. She bit her lips as she felt the lump invade her asshole. Suddenly she felt a terrible pain as the dick slided in. with great eagerness; the person was fucking her ass, ignoring her cries. She felt the dick hit her stomach -- if it was a dick; she never felt such a big one. The pumping continued for some time then suddenly it increased the speed, jammed until the end, and clutched her tight on her boobs, pinching her nipples. She felt a warm liquid flow in her ass. Like the dick, it seemed an ocean swarming in. she felt her ass fill up with the hot liquid. Then the person pulled her up, putting her on fours. She felt a long hose being withdrawn from her ass and felt a big relief. She felt some of the liquid ooze out of her ass, while her legs were widened making her ass higher. She tried to get a look as to who was the third person and got a shock of her life - It was a big Negro!!

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