tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Regular Ch. 02

The Regular Ch. 02


Jimmy drove up to the cab stand, Amanda naked in the backseat, legs spread as he'd ordered.

"Stay here." He slammed the door.

She stayed, remembering what had just transpired. She felt a surge down in her abdomen, and felt her pussy moisten again.

She groaned, and strained to hear what the other drivers were saying - they kept looking back at the car, some laughing, others looking a bit more serious.

A female driver approached the car. Amanda recognized her as Felicia, by her red hair. Amanda blushed as she peered inside at her, studying her, licking her lips.

Jimmy came back and opened the door for Felicia, who got in beside Amanda. She entwined a soft, smooth hand with Amanda's.

Jimmy took the driver's seat, but he didn't turn the car on.

"Now Amanda, you will be a good girl and do whatever Felicia tells you, right?"


"Yes what?" Felicia said, smacking her face. "Ouch! Yes ma'am!"

"No!" Felicia grabbed her face, "It's still 'Yes Sir.'"

"Yes Sir!"

"Very good," Felicia said. And she slapped her again, hard. Amanda whimpered at the sting of it.

Jimmy started the car and pulled out of the lot, saying nothing. Felicia was fondling Amanda's breasts, pinching her erect nipples and simultaneously slapping her across her face.

"Where - where are we going?" Amanda asked, breathing heavily.

Felicia squeezed her left tit and said, "Didn't he tell you? We're going to pick up a fare." Amanda's green eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Felicia laughed and continued, "He didn't tell you, did he? Ha! He never tells them. Amanda, you're our new ride."

Amanda began to panic. "I have to do this with utter strangers? People I've never even met before? On the spot?" Felicia nodded, then drew in closer and started flicking her tongue with speed over Amanda's nipples. Amanda began moaning, but managed to push out her next question.

"Who are we picking up?"

"A younger gentleman," Jimmy responded, glancing in the rearview.

"...How- unngg oh!" Felicia started massaging Amanda's slick folds. "How young? Are you selling me?!" Amanda started panicking.

"About 27. He's alright looking, don't worry. We're not selling you, we're just selling the use of you." Jimmy watched the two girls in the rearview mirror, then added "Oh - and you don't need to know his name, unless he chooses to tell you."

Felicia continued to tease Amanda away from her own protestation until the car stopped in front of an apartment building. Jimmy honked his horn and the man came out at once, eager.

Felicia pulled Amanda's naked body next to hers. Amanda could feel a wet spot on the car seat from the juices that were from Felicia's teasing and fondling of her supple body. She felt the heat go to her ears as she blushed, embarrassed.

The man got into the backseat with them, saying nothing. Felicia started kissing Amanda softly on the lips as Jimmy pulled away from the house.

Amanda felt another hand on her, a firmer grip on her smooth inner thigh. "Mmm . . . " said the passenger, "Is she new, Jimmy? Excellent choice."

"She sure is!" Jimmy responded.

As they drove, Amanda was too engrossed in kissing and licking Felicia's soft lips to notice where they were going, or how long it took them. The passenger was busy fondling Amanda and Felicia's titties, and rubbing the hard bulge hidden in his jeans.

But finally, Jimmy did stop. He stopped back at the cab stand. He got out of the car and opened the door and ordered Amanda and Felicia to get out while the passenger let himself out as well. He handed Jimmy several bills, but Amanda could not tell how much she was worth. It could have been a mere 20 dollars.

There were only three drivers there. It was a little past 1 a.m. now, and the streets were fairly quiet. Regardless of the heat, Amanda felt a chill shoot up her spine.

"Get inside," Jimmy motioned to the office.

Felicia smiled and took Amanda's hand and led her in, the anonymous man following behind and groping Amanda's plump ass.

Then the rest of the drivers followed.

The anonymous young man first ordered Felicia to strip down to her panties. Amanda stood, naked, watching Felicia unzip her pants to reveal a thong bearing a metallic silver and pink bow that rested just on her clitoris. Amanda admired her svelte, petite body, growing a little jealous at how slim she was.

But there was no time to worry about self-comparison. The young man then said to Amanda, "Kneel before that sweet little cunt, Amanda."

Amanda walked slowly to Felicia, keeping her head down, exasperated at the scene in which she had a starring role. She knelt down, slowly, and found herself at eye level with Felicia's vagina. She felt the moisture in her pussy start to drip down her thighs again.

"Spread your legs," he then ordered. Amanda spread them further. She heard him unzipping his pants behind her and tossing them on the floor. The other drivers stood in a semi-circle around them, all of them grabbing and rubbing at their crotches and fucking the two girls with their eyes.

The fare then walked to Amanda, his 7-inch hard cock exposed. He smacked her cheek with it several times. "Now slut, I want you to lick her pussy."

Amanda knew that was coming. As she went to move the thong to the side he ordered, "Do not use your hands!" He smacked her across the face hard. Amanda yelped and he smacked her again. "Yes Sir!" she responded pleadingly. But he would not take her word for it, so he took his belt, then took her wrists, and strapped them behind her back. He patted her head gently and whispered, "You are Mine."

"Yes, yes Sir," she whispered.

"Now, eat her out."

Amanda looked up at him, then at Felicia who was smiling down at her, waiting. "Do it bitch," she said.

Amanda leaned into Felicia's crotch, and grazed it with her moist tongue. She let the bow rest where it was, and ran her tongue up one of her labia, and then the other. Then she licked Felicia's dripping twat, and ran her tongue up to the bow, eating around it.

The fare watched as Felicia began to moan and gyrate in Amanda's hungry mouth. But then he did something Amanda was not expecting at all.

He laid down under Amanda's parted thighs, pulled her cunt to his mouth and started eating and fingering her throbbing, aching pussy. She moaned into Felicia's dripping cunt as his tongue explored and sucked at every part of her engorged pussy.

Then Jimmy ordered, "Amanda, you are not to cum until we tell you to."

To be continued...

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