tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Reluctant Journey Ch. 05

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 05


Fair warning that this is a shorter chapter, but I liked where it ended and I promise I am writing away. Also I would like to mention that I am not very familiar with the military, I apologize for any inaccuracies. Hope this moves faster than the last few, despite its lack of length.



"Mr. Yates please calm yourself- "

"Fuck You! I want to know what happened to my daughter!" Olivia had never heard her father curse as much as he had since Malia had disappeared. Her mother, the strongest woman she knew, had actually taken to crying on a consistent basis. The twins were mostly confused about everything and avoided their less than stable parents. Olivia just felt empty. She'd lost her best friend. Malia had always been her protector, even more than she knew. When she couldn't breath because she had a dream about her room closing in Malia would sit with her until she could calm down.

The council was sitting in their house, attempting to calm her parents. If her mother were any calmer she would be catatonic. Her father was a different story.

"Mr. Yates," one of the councilmen addressed her father with his hands slightly raised in a calming manner, " your daughter was needed on the frontlines of the unit. She is protecting everyone with her service."

"So you've said. The only problem with your little lie is the fact that it makes absolutely no fucking sense! You couldn't find a steady job for her when she was here and you expect me to believe that now she has some irresistible secret talent that you need? I want the truth!" He slammed his fist on the kitchen table, making several people in the room jump, including Olivia.

The leader of the council stood, looking authoritative. "The details of your daughter's service are classified. However know that the unit is grateful for the sacrifice your family has made." He was planning on leaving with the rest of the council but her father wasn't going to back down that easily.

"Let's recap Mr. Denizen. " Her father held his hand up. "An alliance unit, whom no one was aware existed, came to collect my daughter for some secret special skill that you can't tell us about. Here are some of the more obvious holes in your story. My daughter was collected by force, against her will."

"Mr. Yates any perceived force was the common way in which unit 100 operates. They have a strong army and aren't used to forming alliances. We apologize for any unnecessary fear they may have caused and assure you that your daughter wasn't harmed."

"Ahh yes." Her father laughed cynically as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Your apologies and assurances really affect me deeply." The councilmembers all stood to leave, nodding politely to Olivia and her mother. Her father looked out the window over the table. As they reached the door he spoke ominously calm.

"There is one thing I haven't shared, one more hole in your lie." He looked directly at the leader of the council. "The man who took my daughter, the unit 100 soldier," he mocked, " He wasn't looking for Malia." The council leader frowned. "He was looking for Olivia."

Olivia nearly jumped at her father's unexpected words. The entire council, her father, and mother looked over at her. She knew she looked like a deer in headlights. The councilmen looked shocked and furious. They didn't like being questioned and they definitely didn't like being beaten. Why hadn't he told them that the man was looking for her? When she found her dad in the central chamber bleeding slightly from the head she'd been terrified. He'd told her, and later her mother, that a man had barged into the hospital with a group of soldiers and kidnapped Malia. He kept repeating that he'd tried to fight them off, but he couldn't. He tried to follow the man, but they wouldn't let him. They hit him in the head to knock him out.

"What would make you think that, Mr. Yates?" The leader asked condescendingly.

"He told me."

Olivia felt like she'd been punched in the throat. This was her fault. It was supposed to be her. She knew her sister. She knew immediately that she would take her place if that were a possibility. A tear fell down her cheek. It should have been her.

"Mr. Yates I'm sure that you are mistaken." The leader smirked at her father.

He looked instantly infuriated. "I know who he was looking for and it was not Malia! He asked me where Olivia Yates was dammit! If he were promised Malia, why would he ask for Olivia? He shouldn't have even known that Olivia existed."

"I'm sorry for your loss." The leader said as the council left.

The entire family was silent. Everyone was lost in their respective minds, yet all were thinking the same thing.

"They're hiding something. Not only from us but from the entire unit." Her mother spoke softly, but it was more coherent a thought than she had had in three long days.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Olivia asked, turning towards her father.

He looked up and the anger faded. "Because it isn't your fault." Olivia instantly burst into tears. Her father walked over to her and pulled her into his arms. "It isn't your fault." He repeated softly.

"I miss her daddy." Olivia sobbed.

"I know baby, I miss her too. We'll find her. I promise, we'll find her."


Blake Denizen was furious. This was his unit and General Cain Malcolm should have never been fucking with it. Golden boy thought he could do whatever he wanted but he'd gone too far this time. Denizen smiled, Malcolm had finally fucked up. No one was to leave the unit unless it went through him first. Malcolm had weaseled his way around him though. He made sure his door was locked and pulled out his cell phone that he had to keep hidden.

"Unit 100 management." A female voice said into his ear.

"Blake Denizen, unit 118."

"Password?" The female demanded cheerily.

"B0622D79" He replied without hesitation.

"Yes Mr. Denizen, what can I do for you today?"

"I need records pulled up of a recent transaction that went through my unit without my authorization. The transaction was made by General Cain Malcolm." He clenched his teeth as he spit each syllable of the name.

"Uh, yes..." The woman sounded suddenly apprehensive. "It looks like a transaction did occur three days ago, all of the proper paperwork is filled out Mr. Denizen. You said it occurred without your authorization?"

"Can I have the details please?" He didn't want to talk to some secretary but he needed some of the basic information before he could talk to anyone else.

"Yes sir." She seemed to at least see her lapse in propriety with her questions. "A female was removed from unit 118, Olivia Yates, age 18."

"Olivia Yates? You're sure?"

"Yes sir."

"Put me through with Eli McAllister immediately." Denizen demanded.

"Um, sir-"

"It is an emergency, now!" Blake yelled into the phone. The phone began to ring.

"McAllister" The man answered.

"Sir, this is Blake Denizen, Director of Unit 118."

The Five-Star General sighed with annoyance. "Why are you calling me?"

Denizen hesitated and cleared his throat. "General McAllister, I have a crisis situation here in -"

"Denizen I don't have time for this, if you are having issues keeping control in your unit contact management." He was going to hang up.

"Wait! This is concerning General Cain Malcolm." The GA paused. "It seems that General Malcolm ordered the removal of a girl from my unit."

"Seriously Denizen? Call the correct authorities for this matter."

Blake had to hurry. "General Malcolm called in favors to get the girl out without any proper authorization. However he nabbed the wrong girl and the family is asking questions."

"Cain did this? I happen to know him well, he doesn't really need to get girls from units." The GA was laughing at him.

"Malcolm brought a team of soldiers in to get an Olivia Yates. He barged into a hospital where the girl's father works and took the girl by force. However, he ended up taking the girl's sister instead. Because I wasn't informed about the transaction I was forced to come up with a cover story on the spot. Malia Yates is missing so my cover story was for her. However, the father decided to include in the last minute that Malcolm was demanding Olivia, not Malia. I insisted that he was mistaken but the father is an esteemed member of the unit. There is a possibility of an uprising due to Malcolm's actions."

"So you called to tattle on Cain." McAllister laughed and Blake's face reddened on the other end of the line. "I don't blame you, he can be an aggravating son of a bitch. I've known the Malcolm family for a lot of years. Cain is the youngest general in Phoenix for good reason. He has proven himself and I trust him immensely. I will talk to him Mr. Denizen but in the future take your unit's problems to management, frankly this is below my pay grade." McAllister hung up and Blake threw the phone across the room.


Cain's father had been friends with Eli McAllister, they had been promoted to generals together and Eli had been around the house throughout Cain and Tristan's childhood. Eli was a good guy and a great leader. Cain's father was up for the promotion of General of the Army right before he died and Eli got the promotion. He'd taken Cain under his wing when he'd taken an interest in the military and saw him through many fast promotions. It wasn't just McAllister's help that allowed Cain to move through the ranks; he genuinely excelled as an officer and was dedicated beyond any of his peers. McAllister had several generals to oversee, but Cain had always been one of his most promising.

"Cain it's been too long, please sit." McAllister said warmly as Cain entered his office.

"Hello Eli, pleasure to see you as always." Cain sat across the desk from Eli.

"I'm afraid we're all business today Malcolm. I've had a formal complaint against you."

"Have you?" Cain smiled. You didn't get to where Cain was as fast as he did without making enemies. When he had first been promoted the complaints against him piled up on McAllister's desk.

"A Blake Denizen?" Eli read the name of a sheet of paper in front of him.

Cain laughed. "Blake Denizen? I went to school with him."

"Yes well it seems like he doesn't appreciated the disappearance of a Malia Yates from unit 118." He was reading of the paper again. He looked up at Cain and continued. "Denizen is the director of the unit and threw a fit over having his toes stepped on, but honestly Cain, he has merit. This job was sloppy to say the least, not to mention unnecessary as I can only assume it was for personal gain?"

"It was for Tristan, Eli." Cain said slowly and McAllister nodded slowly. "But the girl's name is Olivia."

"That's were the sloppiness becomes epic." Eli laughed cynically. "Apparently you have a case of mistaken identity on your hands." Cain arched his eyebrows in confusion. "You took Olivia's sister, Malia."

"What?" Cain ran his hand through his hair.

"I'm afraid you heard me correctly Cain. I know that you can be a little unreasonable when it comes to your brother so I'm not even going to ask for an explanation, but I suggest that you get this under control as soon a possible."

"Yes sir." Cain nodded and rose to leave Eli's office.

"And Cain." McAllister called to Cain's back. Cain turned. "Take care of yourself okay." Cain nodded. "And call Denizen for me, try and clean up the mess you made, please."

"Yes sir."

Cain left McAllister's office and was on his phone as soon as he got into the back of his black SUV.

"Denizen" The slimy weasel answered his phone on the first ring.

"Blake, long time no see." Cain taunted and could practically see the greasy rat's face pale.

"Cain." He could hear the loathing in the man's voice and it made him smile.

"So I hear you've been busy since high school. Went and got yourself a fancy job as director of your very own hellhole? Your parents must be so proud." Cain wasn't usually one for teasing but with someone as annoying as Denizen it was too easy.

"Fuck you Malcolm."

"Ah ah ah, that's General Malcolm to you, director." Cain laughed. "However I called for more than simple bragging. It seems someone has been in contact with my boss."

"Cause problems for you General?" Blake spat.

"Ah not so much, me and Eli go way back."

"Yes that's right, one of daddy's friends."

Cain's jaw clenched in agitation. "In fact he was. I'm surprised you would know that Denizen, as I recall your father never really ran in the same circles as, well as any of the people we went to school with. But that's always been why your panties are incessantly in a bunch huh? I imagine being the poor kid in the rich kids school could be real tough." Cain channeled his inner snob to piss Blake off.

"Well prissy-boy your connections aren't going to help you when your fuck up blows up in your face. I mean really General, you're so impressive, I see how you got your job."

Cain laughed, infuriating Blake even more. "You know it's cute how seriously you take your job, my commendations to you. However, I too take my job seriously. Going over my head isn't the smartest move you've ever made Denizen." Cain said menacingly.

"Is that a threat?" Blake sounded outraged.

"It most certainly is Director. In case you didn't get it before though here's the whole thing. If you attempt to fuck with my job, or really any other aspect of my life, I will come after you Blake. I will utilize every resource I have, and believe me I have quite a few, and I will ruin you with great pleasure. My advice to you is to work on that nasty chip on your shoulder and leave me the fuck alone Blake." Cain hung up the phone and clenched his jaw again.

Now that Blake was taken care of for the moment he had a more pressing matter to attend to. It seemed Cain had a liar living in his house.

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