The Reluctant Lesbian


Jackie smiles at Sheila. "You Like?"

"Like, I love. Look how fat my tit is." Jackie can't help but notice as it's only about 3 inches from her mouth. Sheila crawls all the way on the bed and lies on her side. "Come her Jackie and lay on your back" Jackie eagerly complies with her order. Sheila swings her leg over Jackie's body and straddles her belly. She leans forward so her swinging breasts are swaying into Jackie's face. The tit Jackie was sucking on is dripping heavily all over Jackie's face as she tries vainly to catch the nipple with her mouth. Sheila stops swaying her breasts and lets the dripping nipple just hover about 4 inches above Jackie's mouth. When the first drop hits Jackie's lips, Jackie parts them wide to catch the next drops in her mouth. Jackie's mouth is just about full of milk when the nipple stops dripping. She swallows the sweet, warm milk and feels the excitement in her pussy build as the milk reaches her stomach.

"She wants you to suck her Jackie. She won't give you any more unless you do."

Jackie quickly covers the distance to Sheila's tit and stops just short of it. Jackie starts to lightly kiss the fat, black cherry with her lips and drops of milk leak out painting her lips. Sheila shivers the whole time her nipple is touching Jackie's lips and Jackie starts to kiss it a little harder. As Jackie's slightly parted lips make contact with the front of the nipple, Sheila's tit pulsates on it's on and expands even more forcing its way between Jackie's lips and into her mouth. Jackie has to open her mouth wider to accept the nipple and as she does she feels a fresh flood of milk ejaculate into her mouth. Sheila's tit feels like a baby cock that hasn't cum in weeks releasing load after load of cum into her mouth. "OhhhhhhhhhhhAHhhhhhhhhhhhh," Sheila cries as her nipple releases milk into Jackie's mouth draining the pressure from her breast.

"That's what she wants baby, suck on her. Get it all. Can you drain her Jackie? See how fat she is when you suck on her? See how much more milk she gives you when you suck on her? You want her milk, don't you Jackie? Drain her baby. Empty her." Jackie keeps swallowing and the milk keeps coming. She takes a break as her mouth is getting tired and stops sucking. But Sheila's nipple continues to pulsate between her lips pumping milk into her mouth on its own. "Rest your mouth sweetie; she can feed you by herself now." Sheila arches her back forcing the nipple deeper inside Jackie's mouth. More powerful shivers run through Sheila's body. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, you have no idea baby, having your tit drained feels so good. But you will I promise. Oh baby, I can feel your tummy filling up with milk. It's pushing into me now. My milk. That's Soooo hot. Are you full yet baby? Just a little more. She's almost empty. Sheila leans over Jackie and grabs her breast near the base with her powerful hands. She squeezes her breast hard and forces her hands forward. Sheila's tit gets even bigger and Jackie has to open her mouth wide to except it. One last flood of milk squirts into Jackie's mouth and the flow peters out to a stream and then a slow drip. Sheila's whole body gives a massive shudder "Ohhhhhooooooooooo"and she almost cums but she cuts it off at the last moment. She has other plans for that.

She pulls her super fat nipple out from between Jackie's lips with a "ShoooooWOP," and rubs the nipple on Jackie's lips. "Sheila I took all your milk. I did it. I'm so happy."

"You did it Sweetie. Are you full yet?" Sheila rubs her hand on Jackie's belly. Jackie looks like she's pregnant again." Is that all my milk in there baby? Did my nipple fill you up?"

"I'm not as full as last time so I can take a little from the other breast Sheila" Jackie turns beat red at how much she hopes Sheila will let her. She can't believe she just said that. She is practically begging her. What's happening to her? Sheila rests her head on Jackie's stomach and listens to her milk slush around inside. She gets up and sits on the bed with her back against the wall.

" Come to MaMa"

Jackie doesn't have to be asked twice and she positions herself so Sheila can cradle her head in her lap. With her hand holding Jackie's head, Sheila lowers her full breast to Jackie's lips. The tit knows what it wants and the second it touches Jackie's lips, it expands to its full girth forcing Jackie's mouth open and rams its self between Jackie's lips, immediately shooting fresh streams down her throat. Jackie suckles the nipple like a little baby until she falls asleep. Jackie's throat automatically swallows every few seconds. Sheila's tit is pumping on its own. Sheila also falls asleep a few minutes later.

End of part 2

Jackie wakes from her dream about sucking Sheila's tits several hours later. In her disorientated state, she first believes she is in her own bedroom. Until she realizes a fat nipple is between her lips slowly trickling warm mother's milk into her mouth. Her nipples are crusty with milk and still very achy. Her breast are so full of milk she thinks she might give Sheila a run for her money in that department. Then it hits her. She jumps up as fast as she can, waking Sheila and runs to the bathroom. Her bladder is filled to bursting. She just makes it, as a steady stream of pee comes out as she's sitting. She notices how extended her belly is. But as the stream continues she sees it going back down to normal levels. After what seems like 10 minutes of pissing, Jackie wipes herself and decides to take a shower. Hoping Sheila will relieve the pain in her breasts soon.

Sheila wakes to Jackie's topless form running to the bathroom. No wonder she giggles, Jackie has drained one breast completely and about 75% of the other one while she slept. Thinking about Jackie drinking all that milk excites her and her neglected clit instantly starts to stir. She smiles as she hears Jackie's strong stream making room for more in her stomach. And even though her empty breast in now half full again, it isn't milk she wants to fill Jackie's belly with this time.

Jackie rubs her bloated breasts in the shower sighing with the feeling. Her nipples hurt so badly now she almost can't take it. Surprisingly they are not full but droopy, still stretched out from Sheila in the car. She leaves the shower and towels off. She wraps the towel around her body and walks into the bedroom. Sheila is lying on the bed against the wall where Jackie left her except she has taken off her shorts and panties and is completely nude.

"Come here Sweetie; take that towel of so I can see your breasts."

Jackie quickly obeys and her nipples stir as she anticipates Sheila sucking them. She can hardly wait as she reaches the bed.

"Lay down Jackie, I want to massage them first."

Jackie lies on her back on the bed waiting impatiently for Sheila to begin. Sheila quickly swings her leg over Jackie and she gets a quick glimpse of a fat mound and some pubic hair between Sheila's legs as Sheila sits on her stomach. Jackie is concerned that she is pinned underneath her and can't move much. Her clit jumps as she feels Sheila's pubic hair tickling her stomach and the mound she just glimpsed pushing into her belly. Sheila's large muscular ass cheeks are rubbing Jackie's upper thighs and her long legs are straddling Jackie's hips.

Sheila smiles down at Jackie and begins massaging Jackie's breast. Jackie starts to relax as the massage makes her milk laden breast feel better and she feels the milk in them start to travel to her soar nipples. Sheila slides her ass down towards Jackie's feet, lowers her face and sucks one droopy nipple between her lips. This is what Jackie has been waiting for and her eyes shoot open and her back arches at the pleasure in her nipple. She can feel her nipple fatten between Sheila's lips and when it is fully erect, milk rushes out of it into Sheila's mouth. Sheila and Jackie moan in unison at this long awaited release.

Sheila sucking the milk out of her tit feels so good, Jackie's head starts to spin. Her clit starts to ripen and she is wiggling her hips beneath Sheila. Sheila lifts her head and pulls the nipple and breast up with just her lips sucking all the time until the tit pulls free of her mouth, spraying milk all over as if it were still being sucked. Her nipple is still throbbing and she still has plenty of milk to give but the edge has been taken off. Sheila lets some milk dribble out her mouth onto Jackie's chest and dives for the other nipple. It's obvious to Jackie that Sheila is starting to get excited because she is sliding her hips up and down Jackie's body and now she attacks her other tit sucking hard to get at its milk. Jackie is starting to get use to the roughness and she is moaning her excitement as her nipple discharges its milk deep into Sheila's mouth. As gulp after gulp of milk goes down Sheila's throat, both women's excitement increases, racing towards release. Suddenly Sheila stops suckling and looks at Jackie with wanton lust in her eyes.

"Wha, Whats wrong Sheila, why did you stop?"

"You'll see why, Jackie." Sheila starts to slowly slide her ass up towards Jackie's chest while straddling her. When her mound reaches Jackie's groin, Jackie can feel Sheila's fleshy mound pushing into her. But she also feels something hard, about the thickness of her pinky, at the top of the mound, scraping along her body. Jackie realizes two things, one after the other. My God that's Sheila's clit! She knows where its final destination will be. Her first reaction is to struggle but the futility of it is instantly apparent as all she succeeds in doing is stimulate Sheila more and Jackie resigns herself to her fate.

"Please don't Sheila" Jackie says with no conviction.

"Don't worry Jackie, your ready for this."

"But I'm afraid, I've never done anything like the before. I'm afraid you'll hurt me"

"Ah sweetie, theirs nothing to be afraid off, we all have the same parts."

"But, but I can feel your clit pushing into me. It's so big! I won't know what to do!"

"It's big because it loves you baby, Just like my tits. The more it loves you the bigger it gets. And as far as what to do, you're a woman, do what you would like done. My pussy will show you the rest." Sheila giggles.

Sheila's mound has now reached Jackie's waist and her mound spreads open on it's on so Sheila's pussy can make direct contact with Jackie. As Sheila's pussy slides further up it starts leaving a combination of clear and milky fluid along Jackie's lower stomach. Sheila's pussy is directly over Jackie's belly button now and stops there as Sheila grinds herself onto Jackie's belly, then continues its journey up again.

"See baby, if she really likes you, she'll make honey for you. Do you like honey Jackie? Do you want to taste her honey Jackie? Here baby, try her sweet honey." Sheila reaches behind her and scoops some of what her pussy has deposited in Jackie's belly button up with her finger. She brings her coated finger to Jackie's face and Jackie turns her head trying to escape. Sheila rubs her finger on Jackie's lips and under her nose. She breathes in Sheila's musky scent and finds herself being aroused by it. So she slowly licks her lips. At first, the sticky liquid tastes a little salty, but then the subtle sweetness kicks in and Jackie knows she has just tasted the nectar of the gods. As she swallows the tiny bit off fluid on her lips she feels a warmness follow it down into her stomach, all the way to her pussy settling in her growing clit. Her eyes open wide, she licks her lips again and smiles.

"Oh Sheila, it's wonderful! Its so sticky sweet. It tastes even better than your milk! Can I have some more?" My God Jackie thinks, was that just me that asked for more pussy juice?

"Jackie, your making me blush. Of course you can have more. She makes plenty of honey for the ones she loves." Sheila scoops up the rest from Jackie's belly and lets it drip and ooze into Jackie's open mouth. Jackie rolls it around her tongue and swallows it down reveling in a new wave of warmness traveling down to her clit. She grabs Sheila's hand and sucks the rest of it off her finger.

"Hmmmmmm, So Good, Any more?" Jackie says eagerly.

"Soon baby. Soon you will have all you want. Maybe more. Sheila giggles.

Jackie wonders what Sheila means by that but it's soon forgotten as Sheila's pussy is now massaging her tits. She grabs one of Jackie's breasts and places it between her pussy lips and starts rubbing it up and down her slit. When Jackie's nipple is hard and plump, she puts it at the opening to her pussy. Jackie can't believe it, as her nipple reaches Sheila's opening, she feels it being sucked into her pussy and released after a second. Then sucked in again and released. When Sheila's pussy sucks it in a third time, Jackie feels her nipple expand and fire red hot streams of milk deep into Sheila's pussy.

"Oh my God Jackie, she's taking your milk. She's drinking it. Can you feel her sucking your nipple? She's never had milk before and she's greedy for it. So warm. So warm.

Sheila's pussy is filling up with milk when she pulls it of Jackie's tit and shudders." Whew, I could have come like that. That was so hot baby. Your milk is so sweet." Sheila is panting trying to catch her breath. A little stream of milk is escaping from her pussy on to Jackie's chest.

"Is that my milk Sheila?"

Sheila looks down and says, "Well I guess it is. Would you like to try some baby?" Jackie just nods her head.

Sheila on her knees, positions her pussy above Jackie's head. Her legs are on either side of Jackie's head. The first thing Jackie notices is Sheila's strong womanly scent, very musky but not unpleasant in the least. For the rest of her life, Jackie will associate this smell with sex. Jackie gets her first good look at Sheila's pussy and is thrilled. Sheila's pussy lips are large and puffy and the color of her nipples. At the top of the lips is a long protruding hood covering her clit which is just peaking out from with in. Jackie all of as sudden has a strong desire to lick it but she can't reach it. Sheila peels back her lips and Jackie is almost blinded by the pinkness of Sheila's slit in contrast to her body. Then she sees her milk dribbling out of Sheila's pussy towards her head. Jackie opens her mouth to catch the milk just as Sheila relaxes her muscle a little and the flow increases to a steady stream. Just as she swallows a mouthful, Sheila fully relaxes and releases the rest of the milk into Jackie's mouth and face.

Jackie has no time to react because right behind the last of the milk, Sheila lowers her pussy on to Jackie's face. It covers her face from chin to the bridge of her nose and the lips spread open to include her cheeks. Jackie can barely breathe and she loves it.

"Jackie, my pussy has been waiting for this for a long time. She's wanted to kiss your face since we first met. To make love to your face. To smother you. To drown you in juices. You made her wait so long. Don't worry Jackie, she'll show you what to do. She'll show you what she wants. Kiss her Jackie make love to her baby."

Sheila rotates her hips and Jackie can breathe again. Jackie feels her upper lip hit Sheila's hood and slide it up exposing her fat, half inch clit in all its glory. Jackie licks it and it grows on her tongue.

"OH MY GOD." Sheila moans as shivers make her whole body tremble. Jackie licks it again. "OOOOOAHHH. And Sheila shakes her had back and forth in ecstasy. Each new lick brings fresh shivers to Sheila's body.

"My God Jackie she loves it. She loves your AHHHHHH." Sheila pulls her pussy away from Jackie's face.

"Am I doing it right Sheila?"

Sheila catches her breath. "She's waited to long for this, just to cum after a few licks. She's greedy for your tongue and wants to cum on it. But if she waits it will be better. So much better. Sheila lowers her pussy back on to Jackie's face again, this time so Jackie's tongue is at her opening. Jackie gently sticks her tongue out and it licks up a fresh strand of pussy juice. She swallows it down and hunts for more with her tongue. Her tongue finds the source and plunges as deep as it can into Sheila's pussy.

"Baby, are you looking for honey? Do you want her nectar? Is that what you want? Here baby here's some honey for you."

Jackie feels a new wetness coating her tongue and she pulls her tongue in swallowing it. Feeling its warmth head right to her clit. She follows a loose strand with her tongue back to the source and waits for more.

"Not enough for you baby? Baby wants more?" Sheila says as she feels Jackie tongue renter her pussy. "Here's more sweetie. She loves you so much you can have as much as you want baby."

Jackie's tongue is coated again with female cum and she swallows it down. More is waiting for her when her tongue dives back in. Jackie's clit and pussy are on fire from swallowing Sheila's cum, getting hotter with each new load. Her hips are gyrating on the bed to their own rhythm.

"Lick her walls baby. That's where the sweetest honey is. And she loves having her walls licked. She'll make real sweet honey for you if you lick her walls." Jackie rims Sheila's pussy with her tongue, getting a thicker coating of cum and swallows the tastiest, warmest secretion yet. " OOHHHH, you have no idea Jackie how good that feels." Sheila says as she starts to tremble all over. Jackie is like a druggie on pussy juice. She rams it as deep as she can into Sheila's pussy licking her walls in a circular motion. "Ahhhhh baby, that's it, she's getting ready for you baby. All for you." Sheila's shivers intensify every second Jackie's tongue is in her pussy. Jackie swallows the biggest, sweetest load yet and her pussy becomes an inferno begging for release. Her hips won't keep still, now wiggling this way and that and still her tongue dives in for more Juice.

Sheila shivers uncontrollably as Jackie rims her pussy yet again and when Jackie pulls her tongue out to swallow her nectar, Sheila rotates her hips so Jackie's tongue is at her clit again. Jackie takes one lick before Sheila says, "Suck her now baby, suck her like you sucked my tits. Milk her with your lips." Jackie complies and with the first suck, Sheila's clit doubles in size reaching out for Jackie's tongue.

"Oh my God Jackie, She's Almost there. ALL....MOST..... THERE." Sheila is rotating her hips on Jackie's face like a wild woman. Blond hair spreading over Sheila's brown thighs. She's pulling hard on her fat nipples shooting milk in the air.

Jackie releases Sheila's clit and instantly sucks it back in as hard a she can. It expands just a bit more between her lips and Jackie licks it hard with her tongue inside her mouth. Sheila is perfectly still for one second then all at once she rotates her pussy so Jackie's mouth is at the opening again, grabs Jackie's head and smashes her pussy down on Jackie's face.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Sheila screams her orgasmic release into the air. A tidal wave of pleasure starts deep in her pussy and rolls all the way to her stomach and rebounds back down to her pussy releasing a powerful gusher of cum into Jackie's mouth. Caught by surprise, most of the cum bounces off her tongue and out her mouth. But what she does get, she swallows down hoping for more as her pussy is at the bursting point.

Sheila's Orgasmic wave rolls back up her body all the way to her breasts this time, as another primal scream releases from deep in her throat. This time Jackie is ready and waiting for the warm flood coming her way. As the wave reaches Sheila's pussy, even more pussy juice fires into Jackie's mouth than the first time. She gets most of it this time and as the molten lava reaches Jackie's stomach; her own orgasm detonates deep inside her pussy. Jackie's arches her back to the heavens and holds it there as pleasure rakes her body from head to toe. Jackie sends her own high pitched screams into Sheila's erupting pussy, timing it perfectly to help push Sheila's next orgasmic wave all the way to her neck.

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