tagMind ControlThe Reluctant Psychic Ch. 01

The Reluctant Psychic Ch. 01


"I didn't want any of this..." I thought to myself, as I gazed out over my pool and yard. The sun beat down on my bare back as I lay with my chin propped up on the back of my hands. I listened to the girls laughing and playing in and around the pool. Two of my girls were down the hill a ways, trying to fly their kite in the soft summer breeze. The warm air was too tranquil for them to succeed, but they enjoyed the effort, running back and forth through the grass. And I enjoyed watching them as their long tanned legs propelled them along, flipping their light skirts upwards.

"If you don't want it, then make it go away!" That last thought came from Anna. No, Anna isn't a person, she is my conscience, the little angel on my shoulder that tries to get me to do the right thing. All men have a conscience which speaks in the voices of past authority figures or victims of a man's misdeeds. My inner voice is unique in all the world, because Anna is unique.

At least she was before I fell completely and totally in love with her.

* * *

I had a fairly normal childhood until my tenth birthday. There was no magic gift from a crazy uncle, or trip to a voodoo priestess, just a birthday cake with ten candles and a wish. Reflecting back, it could have started long before that, since I had always been a lucky kid. While playing in little league, the other team would always be a little clumsier when I was batting, and in school the teacher never seemed to call on me when I didn't know the answer. It was an accumulation of little things that in hindsight pointed to my special abilities. My tenth birthday, however, was the day I realized that something might be different about me.

My mother had made me invite the entire class to the party, even though I only wanted about half of them there. It wasn't so terrible really, since I was able to invite Mary Beth, the girl I had a secret crush on. She was my wish, I wished that Mary Beth would kiss me.

She arrived at the party with two other girls from my class. She wore a light blue jumper and a white blouse. Her blonde hair was held back by a blue ribbon with a big bow on top of her hair. She was the cliché of an innocent ten year old girl. Cliché or not, she made my ten year old heart flutter. For the entire party the girls stayed on one side of the room and the boys on the other. Occasionally one of the guys would get caught staring which would cause the girls to start giggling and whispering.

The boy who got caught would flush and turn away hastily and say, "I wonder what they are saying." After the scenario played out a few times I seemed to be able to hear what the girls were whispering, things like, "Did you see Billy? He's so gross!" or "David's kind of cute, but he only looks at Betty." I started relaying these bits to the boys and they would laugh, thinking I was making it all up. I even started to believe I was making it all up, since I really couldn't hear their voices.

The two groups finally got together for the cake and opening the presents. I don't remember which was done first, or even what presents I got. All I remember is my wish. As I leaned forward to blow out the candles, I gazed longingly right into Mary Beth's eyes. In my mind, I knew she was wondering why I was staring at her.

I blew and wished as hard as I could. As the last candle guttered out, I thought she said, "He deserves a birthday kiss! That'll show those other girls I'm not a goody two-shoes." I gasped and inhaled some of the smoke from the candles. The ensuing coughs seemed to cover my gasp and made everyone laugh.

There were a couple of games after that, but eventually the party started running down and the parent's arrived to pick up my guests. When Mary Beth's father arrived to pick her and the other two girls up I was crestfallen. She was almost all the way to the car and I hadn't gotten my kiss. Then I heard her say, "I can't believe I am doing this." She suddenly turned around and ran back to where I was standing. She then planted the softest sweetest kiss on me that I have ever experienced. Our lips touched for the smallest part of a second, but the feeling lingered for hours. "Happy Birthday!" she said before running back to her giggling friends and her dad's car.

* * *

For months afterwards I was wishing people would do things, but they never did. I started to be convinced that I had imagined the whole thing. Maybe Mary Beth really liked me and wanted to give me a birthday kiss anyway? Or maybe she had done it on a dare. I even started doubting that I had wished for her to kiss me. Maybe I had wished for a bike, or a model airplane, but changed my wish when she kissed me.

Yeah, it sounds kind of odd to think that I had changed my own memories, but my parent's were both psychologists, and occasionally I would hear them talking shop. Of course, I didn't understand most of what they were talking about, and things would be taken out of context. Anyway, it meant that growing up I was convinced my mind would play tricks on me.

We moved at the end of the school year, my father had gotten an offer from a research company in another state, and my mother was excited about a change of scenery. I was miserable, and kept wishing that Mary Beth would kiss me again. When she never materialized at my house for a goodbye smooch, I knew I had no powers.

* * *

As I thought back on the move I started to get a headache. I get headaches a lot which the doctor tells me comes from too much stress. I tried not to laugh too hard when the doc said that. What could I possibly have to be stressed about? When I think about all the wonderful things in my life that I should be grateful for, I always seem to get more stressed. It's not that I want more, it's that I think I deserve less. "At least we agree on one thing..." I heard Anna say, surprisingly without malice.

Magda broke me out of my revelry by asking, "You seem a bit tense. Would you like me to rub your back, darling?" I knew it was her without needing to turn around, even before I heard her lovely pixie voice made more enchanting by her Czech accent. Since, for all her charms, her voice and her beauty, what I really adored was her fingers and the way she massaged me. Right now, I needed a massage.

"That would be divine, my dear," I said as she settled down beside me. She quickly started spreading the suntan oil over my back and shoulders, making my skin slick for her ministrations. Her clever little fingers played over my back driving my memories, and Anna's voice, far away. My eyes drifted closed and my whole universe became those subtle fingers as they played over my body. Every little twinge was soothed, every tight muscles was quickly discovered and massaged into submission. She poured more oil on my feet, my legs and my bottom. Her massage was so sweet and innocent, and effective, that she wasn't making me aroused. Even as my legs were rubbed against her bare breasts, and her hands were between my legs and on my bottom, I merely felt myself drifting off on a relaxing cloud. Soon my entire body was completely loose, but my head still throbbed.

"Does your poor head hurt too, darling?" I merely nodded and Magda continued working her magic. I felt her leg slide over my bottom until she was sitting on my lower back. I felt her bare sex rubbing against my spine for a moment before I felt her breasts sliding against my back. She lay her nude form on top of mine, resting her check on my shoulder. Her arms draped over mine and her fingers went to work rubbing the sides of my head. Her fingers traced intricate circles on my temples and scalp, chasing away the last of the tension that was causing my headache. I felt her readjust her position on top of me and felt a drop of hot liquid on the small of my back.

She slide her body up against mine so her mouth was next to my ear. "I shaved this morning just for you, so I wouldn't scratch you when I help your headaches." She said such a dirty thing with such innocence that it sent a thrill through my entire body. Magda is the only one of my girls who shaves completely, because it really does scratch my back when her sex rubs against me. She appeared shaved after the first massage session, and has been religiously bare since. No waxing or electrolysis to keep her bare, she seems to know that I appreciate the effort that shaving takes and that I wouldn't want her experiencing such pain just for me.

Who am I kidding, she doesn't seem to know, she does know. Just like she knows when I am tense, or when I have a headache. I could feel my teeth clinching as the thought plagued my mind. I could feel Anna's disdain boring into me. But soon all my thoughts stilled as I felt Magda's cool fingers rubbing my temples more forcefully.

Magda's fingers traced intricate patterns on my head as her hot breath settled into a steady pattern in my ear. The steady pulsing of air from her lungs was like a lullaby to the thoughts in my head. Her fingers held my head in place as her hard white teeth gently latched onto my earlobe. Even as her tongue explored the contour of my ear, her breathing remained perfectly steady.

Her magic fingers and steady heavy breath again banished all stress from my mind. I found my own breathing was matching hers. As my breath became synced with hers, I could also feel my heart beat slowing to match her heart's steady thrum. I could feel her heart and breathe through the entire length of our bodies as she laid stretched out on top of me. The oil seemed to glue our bodies together and add in our joining.

She sensed that her touch had soaked into me completely and began moving ever so subtly. As her fingers continuing massaging my head, I felt her legs slide along my body. She rubbed the top of her foot along the back of my legs. This brought a quickening to my breathe which she quickly subdued. "Shhhhh" her whole body seemed to say to me as she slowly moved her leg against me. I could her the sound from each measured exhalation, which traveled through my ear to my entire body.

Soon both of her legs were moving against mine and I could feel her sex slowly sliding along my spine. This caused another wave of tension to rush through me, but the slow steady rhythm of her body and the constant "shhhhh" drove the tension from me. My cock started hardening, growing with each beat of my heart. I could feel it boring into the cushion, trapped beneath my body.

My concentration wasn't on my own body, so much as the feeling of Magda's taut body against me. I could feel her pulse rate start to rise, my own jumping joyfully to match. Her breathing became first heavier and then faster. I could feel as her sex grew more inflamed, feeling the heat of it on my back. I knew the need that was building inside of her, causing her clit to swell and slip out of its hiding place. She continued sliding along my back, and I could feel as her clit bumped across each ridge of my vertebrae, sending a vibration of pleasure through her whole body, and through mine.

Her nipples hardened against my back and worried runnels into the film of oil. The slickness of the oil subdued the friction making her ache with need. I could feel her arch forward to try to gain friction on her sensitive nipples, trying to milk a little more pleasure from the subtle movements. As she pressed her firm breasts into my back, it robbed the pressure from her clit. The needs of her body had her conflicted and I felt every bit of it.

Our breathing was much faster now, and the beating of my heart seemed to drown out her voice. The calming "shhh" was less heartfelt and was now ending with a groan. Each groan felt like a vibration moving through my body, like the purring of a giant kitten.

Finally the pressure on my trapped cock was too much and I quickly rolled over beneath an only slightly surprised Magda. The slick oil and her naturally litheness meant that we maintained contact as I rolled. The twin points of her nipples were dragged around my side and to my chest where the hairs provided the friction she had been craving. Her clit did not maintain the tight contact through the roll, but quickly pressed into the hair over my pubic bone.

The relatively cool air and breath of freedom had a soothing, and softening effect on my erection. I was too relaxed to will it back to full hardness, especially as the breeze seemed to cool it even more. I kept my eyes closed and allowed my body to sense the entirety of our contact. Her fingers wrapped over my shoulders, just as her legs wrapped around my hips and legs. I could feel the hard points of her nipples boring into my chest, and her sex rubbing against me. Beyond my body, I could feel the frustration growing in Magda. I had thrown off her rhythm, disturbing her building orgasm. I opened my eyes and gazed into her lovely face. I could see the frustration in her eyes as she looked at me with a cute little pout. I could see a smile slowly displacing the pout and heard her think, "I just have to start a new rhythm..." Her thoughts turned decidedly dirty at that point.

Her hands, freed from their labors on my head, moved down between her legs. I soon feel her warm fingers wrapped around my cooling cock. He deep blue eyes, filled with need, gazed mischievously up at me. "I have to get him warm," she said matter of factly. She held me in place as she squeezed her legs shut, trapping my cock between her thighs, and pressed tightly against her hot sex.

Feeling the heat from her sex against me, and the liquid need running down my cock, breathed new life into me. I was quickly swollen back to size as Magda began rubbing herself along the length of my cock. She reached her hand behind her to grab the head of my straining cock and press it more firmly against her. It was impossible for her to get the friction on her clit that she needed in this position, and the head of my cock would poke out from between her legs.

She started to sit up, and my cock felt the absence of her warm flesh. She kept her hand on my cock, pressing my cock against her bottom as she sat astride my body. "It's not working," she said with her mischievous pout. "He keeps sticking his head out and getting cold." Even as she spoke she keep rocking her hips, grinding against me and allowing my cock to slide along the cleft of her ass.

She looked beautiful sitting there. She had her long blonde hair held up in a bun by a couple of blue chopsticks. The light grey eye shadow made her blue eyes stand out all the more. Her cupid bow lips were pursed with a slight frown. My gaze dropped toward her long slender neck where I could faintly see the lifeblood pulsing through her pale skin. There was no mistaking the flow of blood in her chest, where I could see the flush of arousal spread. Her body was twisted slightly as one hand continued holding my erect cock, allowing me to see one lovely breast in profile and the other nearly head on. I love the way they seemed to erupt from her chest, the soft flesh moving straight outward before starting a gentle curve upward toward her nipples. Her nipples which were normally the same color as her peach skin, were now a fiery pink, standing out lividly against her chest.

She lifted her chin in determination and said, "There is only one thing to do." To do about what? I started to wonder. I had been so keen on appreciating her beauty that I had forgotten what we were doing. Forgotten until my cooling erection slowly being submerged into a veritable sauna.

As the head of my cock sank into her body, I could tell there was a battle raging within her. Part of her wanted to have me all the way inside her at once, the other part was enjoying the feel of my cock slowly invading her body. It was as if each nerve the head of my cock passed sent a separate note of pleasure through her body. Every time my heart beat it would send a pulse into her. I could feel the pings of pleasure course through her body and used all my will power not to thrust deep inside of her.

With a mere inch to go my will power gave out, as usual. I grabbed her hips and thrust into her. Her eyes that had been slowly falling shut, opened in outrage and ecstasy. Her fists banged against my chest as I felt the muscles inside of her clamp around me. The orgasm that swept over her caused her to collapse on top of me. She tried to pull into a ball, but my cock spearing into her body only allowed a semblance of one. I could feel all the muscles in her body twitching in spasms of ecstasy.

Now it was my turn to offer her a gentle "shhhhh". My arms wrapped around her back, and I avoided those strangely sensitive spots that I knew would send a new spasm through her body. As my fingers would near one such spot between her ribs, I could feel a feeble tremble in her mind, and avoided it. Eventually she had calmed down, and her entire body, except her vagina had become relaxed.

Her sex trapped my cock in a viselike grip. I could feel the rings of muscle squeezing tightly around me. It felt like my cock was growing inside of her, or her sex was shrinking around me. A need for my own release filled me, and I stopped worrying about her still sensitive body. I started rocking my hips enough to move my cock within her, such a subtle motion that I didn't slide out of her at all. This sent a spasm through her again, and I wrapped my arms tightly about her, holding her still. Every subtle movement would send sparks through her mind, and shivers through her body.

Her legs wrapped convulsively tight to my body as she stayed in as small a package as she could. This filled my mind with a picture of how small she must seem with my large erection thrust inside of her. Soon the erotic image filled my mind, that my cock continued to grow inside of her, and her to shrink around me. It was as if her whole body were merely a tight sheath around my swollen cock.

Magda started saying something in Czech between gasps and shivers. I didn't need to speak her language to know that her words were reflecting my mind's image. I surged within her as she spoke, starting to pull a fraction of an inch out of her with each thrust of the hips. She had clamped so tightly around me that any greater withdrawal from within her actually hurt.

I kept moving within her, in a steadily increasing pace. I felt like I was getting harder and harder inside of her, like my cock was tied in a knot and couldn't find release. Magda started sitting up a bit as my cock seemed to spit her more deeply, forcing her to straighten under its turgid force. As waves of smaller orgasms ran from her sex through her body, I could feel her sex rippling around my cock.

I opened my eyes, to see the real image and not the one in my minds eye. Magda looked down at me with need bordering on desperation, she couldn't take much more. "Please" her eyes said, as her lips murmured in Czech.

"That looks so hot!" I heard, and felt a rush of lust come from a couple of my other girls. They were no longer playing in the pool, but watching the lewd display Magda and I were putting on. I could feel there jealous eyes on the European beauty, wishing they could feel my cock pierce them. I knew it was more than their imagination making them feel the sensations that Magda was experiencing. They could feel Magda's ecstasy as it resonated through me. Their combined desires for my body and my cock, sent a shiver through me, bursting the dam within me. All the pressure that had been building within me erupted out the tip of my cock deep into Magda. My hips thrust upwards as my hands pushed downward, pushing Magda down as far onto my cock as was possible.

Her eyes shot open and her mouth emitted a cry skyward as the echo of my orgasm shot through her mind. I could sense the other girls falter as an orgasm spread through their bodies as well. I knew the two in the field felt it as well, but more as an ache than a release.

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