tagMind ControlThe Reluctant Telepath

The Reluctant Telepath


The lights were out in her house as I approached down the quiet street. A dog barked as it heard me pass but I reached out for any worried minds and found none. I skirted around the automatic light above her garage door and stepped into the passage that led to the other side of the house. The steps to the deck were there and I climbed silently, illuminated only by the full moon. Outside the sliding door to her bedroom I paused and felt inside with my mind. She was sleeping but not very deeply. I could feel the proto-dreams that told me she was about to enter a REM-sleep period with more vivid dreams. Perfect!

I reached out and let my mind gently touch hers to speed things up a bit and guide them the right way. I was rewarded by a rustle as she shifted in the bed and I could feel the tingling in her groin as she pressed her thighs together in response to the excitement of the dream. Slowly, I guided her until she dreamed her recurring dream about a lover outside her window, waiting to be let in. Still in her dream-state, she rose from her bed and walked over to the sliding door and reached between the curtains to undo the latch.

Careful not to make any noises that could disturb her, I opened the door and stepped inside. I closed the door but opened the curtains to let a slice of moonbeam fall on her bed. Silently, I pulled up a chair and sat down in the dark shadow next to the opening in the curtains, positioning myself so that she could see my body but not my face. An anonymous lover by her bedside. She sat down on the bed and looked in my direction as one hand moved up and caressed her breast through the nightgown.

She got up on the bed and started showing off for me. Kneeling on the bed she raised the nightgown to show her panties. Then she let the gown down again and pulled at the neckline to reveal a bit more cleavage. Next she turned her back on me and leaned forward to tease me with her ass, wiggling it as she pulled her panties down. Then she lay down on her side to remove the panties completely, before returning to kneeling facing me. Slowly, teasingly, she raised the nightie to expose first the neat bush between her spread legs and then, finally, her breasts as she pulled it over her head and threw it aside.

She looked my way and cupped both hands to lift her breasts forward towards me and pinched the stiff nipples. One hand still at her breasts, she let the other hand slide down between her legs to part the moist lips of her sex and reveal her pink inside to me where I sat. This was her fantasy, her dream. Until that point, I had remained still as that was what I'd seen that she wanted. But now her demanding eye fastened itself on me and I saw in her mind that her fantasy lover was supposed to become more active. I unzipped my pants and revealed my stiff cock. As per her unspoken instructions, I pulled back the foreskin and started stroking up and down. Her reaction was to ram two fingers deep inside herself. I could feel the intense pleasure radiating out from her but I held her back a bit, made her draw it out and hold off her climax for now.

Suddenly I noticed another fantasy lying just under the surface of her mind. With a gentle push I lifted it up and was rewarded by a near-orgasmic surge from her as her mind changed tracks into this new game. She stepped down from the bed and walked into the bathroom where she turned on the light but left the door open. I rose from my chair and moved to a better viewing position but carefully kept to the shadows. Inside the bathroom, she sat on the toilet lid and was busily lathering up her pubic hair. Always facing the open door, she shaved her groin completely smooth, even going to the extra trouble of chasing down those pestering hairs back in the crack of her ass, always keeping herself turned so I'd get the best view; always playing to her unseen audience.

Following the script of her dream, I returned to my chair and put on a condom as silently as I could and when she emerged from the bathroom, she "found" me sitting with a huge erection, in my chair again - the ultimate "zipper less fuck"! As she stepped into the bedroom and saw me, the power of the fantasy scenario had so totally taken over her waking dream, that she jumped in genuine surprise when she realized I'd seen her in the bathroom. She didn't wake, though. That wasn't in the script. Instead she walked straight up to me, fell to her knees in front of me and took my cock in her mouth.

The sensation of her excitement tingled in my mind almost as strongly as the pleasure of her tongue tickling my cock. In her subconscious i saw images of debauchery and orgies. I picked up a desire for deep-throating and before I could think it properly through, I'd acted on it. A mild mental touch at the right "place" numbed the nerves from her uvula, effectively killing her gag reflex. Another mild push to encourage her to try the new ability she didn't yet know she had and I was rewarded by a triumphant surge of pride as she realized she really could take me down her throat. This was, in retrospect, my big mistake. My last sensation, before I blacked out, was of her beginning orgasm as she fingered herself while her lips slid down my shaft. Then they passed the edge of the condom and touched my bare skin.


I came to when she withdrew after her orgasm was over. Apparently my body had come, too, as I found later that the condom was full of semen, but I had no memory of it. I managed to recover in time to catch her mind as she was on the verge of waking up. I guided her back to sleep and into her bed before I staggered out onto her deck. I sat for a long time on the steps, trying to recover my wits. Finally, I dragged myself back to my hotel room where I slept fitfully for the few hours until I had to get up and go to the customer's offices again.

The next day was horrible. I had do pretend like I was focusing on the employee interviews but I kept picking up Her from the adjacent room. She was in a constant state of arousal all day, remembering her "dream" and thrilling to the secret of being shaven under her strict work clothes. And there was more. I felt her other secret desires working their way up towards the surface of her consciousness and link themselves compellingly to my mind. I knew what she wanted and I was still linked to her so strongly that her desires became mine and I simply had to make them come true for her.

I limped through the day, pretending to make notes through interminable interviews until I could make my excuses and leave for my hotel. Finding the town's only tattoo artist was an easy matter of looking in the yellow pages and he was every bit as shady as I'd expected. His place was an unsanitary mess and his mind even worse. I was lucky and caught him napping on a couch in the back of the shop, so I could get started without having to wait until night. I felt absolutely no guilt about taking control over him and the interview went quickly. After he'd taught me what I needed to know, I re-indoctrinated him so that he'd start using the autoclave and other equipment that he'd actually had all along but been too lazy to use. I left him with a zest for cleanliness that had him already scrubbing his studio and I knew for certain his business would pick up once word got around about this change so I didn't worry the least about the small bundle of articles I'd "liberated" from him after sterilizing them in his autoclave.

I ate my room-service meal nervously and stalked my room until it was safe to go back to her house once more. Again, the neighborhood was sleeping quietly as I made my way up her porch steps. Inside, I felt her sleeping. She was already dreaming about her nightly lover, excited by her own daring last night, sleeping naked this time, with a hand pressed against her bare crotch as her dreams re-lived every moment of it. I reached in and touched her ever so gently. She responded immediately, rising to unlatch the door for me and letting me enter. She surprised me by dropping to her knees and opening her mouth, silently begging me to face-fuck her. I'd never be able to do that! Inside me, the frustration was building up as I realized all the things this wonderful woman wanted that I'd never be able to share with her. But still the compulsion was so strong I could barely restrain myself from dropping my pants and shoving my cock down her throat. And that would have been the end of it.

Instead, I managed to compose myself enough that I could guide her mind over to the desire I'd picked up during the day and she immediately responded with an almost orgasmic wave of excitement, lying down on her bed and spreading her legs for me. I opened the bundle of sterilized tools and laid them on the bed next to her as I pulled on the long latex gloves that would be more for my own protection than for hers.

Instructing her to hold on to her own ankles with her hands, I got her to spread so I could access her crotch without risking contact with her wide-spread legs. Wipe down, clamp, needle through, follow with ring. Repeat. The knowledge I'd picked up from the tattoo artist was complete, just that he'd not bothered using it himself before (but he would from now on). In a mere matter of minutes she had two rings in each pussy lip, so high on endorphins despite still being in her dream-state that she barely perceived any pain at all from the piercings. I hardly needed to numb her at all.

Next, I was instructing her to sit up so her breasts would hang in their normal position when I prepared her nipples as well. As I wrapped up my gear, she was standing in front of her full-size mirror, admiring her adorned body and positively thrilling to the sight of it. I read the aftercare instructions to her while keeping her mind in a receptive state and prepared to leave but was stopped by her frantic mental insistence that she must do something for me in return.

Reaching into a bed-side drawer, she pulled out something that I could read in her mind had not been there the night before. She, too, had been out shopping that evening. A larger-than-life vibrating latex dildo, complete with veins and all. Begging the privilege to give me a show, she lay down on the bed and started running the vibrating cock over her body. Her new knowledge that she couldn't let it touch her tits or pussy frustrated her temporarily but she quickly came up with the obvious answer and after a quick trip to the bathroom for some suitable skin lotion, she was back on the bed, kneeling with her ass towards me this time and slowly working the big dildo into it, right in front of my eyes. I only had to coach and help her a tiny bit to relax and let it in. She was quite getting the hang of it herself. Then, dildo still in her ass, she got up from the bed and shifted to kneeling in front of me instead, mouth open invitingly again.

Damn! In her mind I could feel the waves of pleasure as she pushed down on the dildo, forcing it deeper into herself, as she waited for me to shove my cock down her throat. I barely had the strength to shift the focus of her fantasy a bit but in the end I managed and she changed tracks. I dropped my pants and started masturbating in front of her face. Mouth open she waited for me while she rode the dildo to her own orgasm. As she started coming, her ecstasy carried over so strongly to me that I came as well, shooting my sperm onto her tongue but never quite touching her skin with mine. She swallowed it happily while she was still coming herself and I realized that I wasn't even going to need to touch her mind in any way to teach her to like the taste of semen - she was already picking that up by herself.

Sated, she crawled back into bed, holding the dildo still in her ass with her hand as she slipped into deeper dreams. I quietly let myself out and away from there. I went straight to my hotel and checked out. Driving through the night, I left the town, knowing I'd never be able to return. I'd have to forfeit on my consulting fee but that couldn't be helped. I'd still mail them a summary of what I'd found so far and what my recommendations were. I was glad I'd written the bits about Her even before the first night. I couldn't be sure I'd have been impartial about Her at this point.

I made certain to stay away from that town and also from any branches of that company in other parts of the country. But of course I couldn't cover for the possibility of her moving and changing employer. I simply had to bank on lucking that one and it might actually have worked, if she hadn't come actively hunting for me.

It happened a bit over two years later. The set-up was perfect. An intern let me in and explained that her boss would be around in a few minutes. The room had only one exit and when I recognized her approaching outside, it was already too late. She said nothing at first, just sat down across the table from me and looked at me. Then she spoke:

"Hello again." The voice was calm and held no trace of hostility. "I suppose I should start by asking what your name really is, as I've seen you go by so many, but I'm more interested in what you are - and don't try to give me any runarounds or I'll have to get nasty."

There was no point in trying to deny anything. As for the cursing my own stupidity for responding to her needs in the first place, I'd gone over that endless times each night since then, so there was little of it left when push came to shove.

"I'm a telepath," I replied simply. It was actually a relief to be able to talk about it all to somebody. "It's a genetic disorder. A bad recessive. There's always been a few of us in every generation."

She nodded but still looked surprised. "You make it sound like it's something bad. Why?"

"Most of us go insane or at the very least appear badly autistic," I said. "Either way, it's almost always meant life in institutions. Me, I'm lucky enough to be quite insensitive. I only pick up the signals when a person is close to me. And I can only send instructions when they are sleeping or in a receptive mood. Even so, I can't visit crowded places. New York City would kill me. Even a supermarket checkout line is impossible so I survive by staying in small places, staying at near-empty motels, eating room-service meals and doing my shopping at hours when there's nobody else around. Historically, the fortunate few like me have been hermits or maybe, if they were really lucky, they became oracles, living in some protected temple with priests regulating who'd get close."

"So how did you survive childhood?" she asked.

"I grew up on a farm with just my parents who home-tutored me," I answered. "They were aware that there was a history of 'strange' kids in both families so when they saw that I was different, they decided against having more children. They were kind and tolerant but I soon learned not to scare them by telling exactly how I always knew their feelings. I was a VERY obedient child."

"Yet you grew up to stalk women in their bedrooms!"

"I admit it. I have done that at times. When I found someone - like you - who had desires lying close to the surface of their minds and I could figure how to do it without risk. There are usually too many obstacles - I just can't enter an apartment building, for example. But I always left them believing that it had all been just a dream. All except you. After that I quit. The danger was too big."

"What, exactly, was it that happened?" she asked. "After the first night I really thought I'd had a dream that got me so worked up I went and shaved myself in the night. That the spectator was really just a fantasy."

"Yes, that's how I always did it," I agreed. "But you had a dream of deep-throating that came up so strong that I was compelled to act on it without being able to think. So you ended up touching my skin."

"I figured it could have been something like that. What happens then?"

"I don't know, to be honest. My mind blacks out completely. I haven't experimented much. My parents bottle-fed me since they saw I acted strange when my Mom tried breastfeeding me. They thought I might be autistic since they'd heard autistic kids often dislike being touched. And my Mom was always a bit of a cleanliness fanatic, wearing gloves when she changed me and so on. It was probably my luck, since otherwise I think I would have lost my mind from the start."

"So you can't touch another person? That must be hard."

"Not the way you probably think. I've been conditioned to loathe bare skin contact from a very early age. But it's hard to avoid. You're expected to shake hands all the time!"

"But you can control people's minds! Can't you just steer them the way you want?"

"No," I said. "I told you. They have to be receptive, like sleeping and dreaming. And I can't put thoughts in there that aren't already in place or close. I can guide and assist. Facilitate. Remove inhibitions. Re-enforce forgotten training. And under the right circumstances I can put a sleeping person in a hypnosis-like state and then give them spoken instructions. But that obviously won't work with others present."

"So what about sex?"

"Mostly I used to get off by snooping on people making love or masturbating. Often others in my motels. If I'm close enough to the strong signals from somebody coming, I would sometimes climax myself, just from that. And occasionally, I'd find somebody whose dreams included anonymously sucking a guy off. Like you."

"Yes, except that the rest of my dreams got you into trouble!"

"Exactly. When you touched me during your orgasm, your thoughts must have gone straight into my brain because the next day all I could think about was how to help you get what you wanted so strongly."

"And that's when the idea that I'd done it myself in the night became impossible," she nodded. "I woke up to find myself pierced in my tits and pussy and there was no way to ignore that. I loved it, that was for sure, and I got so excited that I almost came when I saw myself in the mirror, but there had to have been somebody there who had done it and that scared the hell out of me. And I remembered glimpses of the face I'd seen in the 'dream'."

"Yes, the first night I was careful to stay in the shadows but the second night I wasn't fully in control of myself."

"So when you failed to show up at the office that day, it was easy to piece together."

"But why have you brought me here?" I asked. "And why now? I understand if you were furious with me for having intruded in your life but I'd almost assumed you'd be over it by now."

"I was over my anger," she assured me. "I still am. I'm not mad at you. But you're not the only one who can obsess over something. I couldn't get over the mystery of who you were. What you were. Besides, you were a very thoughtful lover who made some of my inner-most dreams come true. That's not something to ignore. I owe you a lot."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, first your recommendation got me the promotion that set my career moving. That and the new confidence and self-esteem that helped me manage the new responsibilities. I was head of HR within six months and as you see I've since moved on to a major company. But you also helped me wake up and evolve sexually. Can you see what's on my mind right now?"

I shook my head. "No, I'm working really hard to block out everything these days. Especially when there's potential conflict."

"Let me assure you that there's no conflict here. If you look you'll find that I'm very happy with my sex life. There are endless places for a self-assured woman with kinky tastes to find play-partners. And I really enjoy the piercings..."

The conversation halted to an awkward pause. I think she was half-expecting me to scan her and maybe she was wondering if she'd feel it. But I was still in total panic and barely able to think at all. After a while, she realized what was happening and switched tracks.

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