The Renovation


Last year I finally convinced my husband we needed to renovate the upstairs guest bathroom. Now that our boys are gone it was time to 'adult' the place by ripping out the shower and installing a Jacuzzi. I interviewed several contractors and decided to go with Rick. He is in his late fifties and very reputable. His short (five foot, six) height made him look husky and energetic. Although balding his trimmed beard suited his appearance. I had also met his wife a few times and he came highly recommended.

Rick started early and after letting him in and giving him a key I left for work. When I came home that evening I was surprised with all the work he had done. The shower was ripped out and the floor was down to bare wood, ready for the ceramic tiles. I was glad to see the $15,000 project was well underway.

The next morning I decided to exercise at home instead of the gym in case Rick had any questions. He arrived just as I finished my workout and after getting him a coffee we discussed the job. Rick's eyes kept dropping to my chest and although flattered I was slightly embarrassed. My workout spandex leaves little to the imagination and when I'm at the gym I still turn heads. Even at fifty-eight, although it is a constant struggle, I try to maintain a decent figure. My perfect 36C has sagged to a 38D and my butt is starting to show slight gravitational pulls, but my tummy is flat and I can still keep up appearances with the best of them. Mind you a daily, high energy workout routine, along with eating the right foods, has made all the difference.

I told Rick I had to get ready for work and went to my bedroom and closed the door. We have a roomy, walk-in closet, which leads to a very large bathroom, complete with two sinks and a six foot square shower. The bathroom shares a wall with the one currently under renovations, but everything seemed to be intact. Still in the bedroom I removed my workout clothes and stretched, glancing in the mirror of my dresser. I was very pleased with my body, which is important to me. I am quite superficial and put a lot of emphasis on the physical being. I enjoy sex and share intimate moments with my husband three or four times a week. For those of you who have read some of my escapades you will know that my husband is not the only person I am intimate with.

I walked to my bathroom and started the shower. I enjoy the six heads, each of which pulsate a strong stream of warm water over my tight skin. I have never taken hot showers, as they are bad for the skin. As soon as I finished showering I cover myself in lotion, part of my morning ritual. I should mention that normally I wake up and head straight for the gym. After a rigorous workout I drive to the office to shower and dress before anyone arrives. Being able to shower at home is fantastic, as nothing beats the comfort of my own facilities.

I dried myself and brushed my teeth and suddenly I saw what I thought was a small movement, in the mirror's reflection. I continued to glance into the corner, where I thought I saw the motion, but there was nothing. Then I saw it again. First I thought it was a small animal, but I quickly realized it was Rick in the room next door. I froze when I understood a small piece of wall was missing, where the pipes went through. I had not noticed the opening before, because I was not looking for it, but now I wondered how much of my room was visible.

Without letting on that I knew, I glanced in the mirror and was stunned when I saw the reflection of Rick's glasses. Only a small part of his face was visible and I could not understand how he could be that low to the ground. Then it hit me; Rick had taken the mirror from the wall and positioned it so he could see into my bathroom from the room he was in. I was shocked and about to approach him, when I also realized how excited I was to know a stranger was watching me while I was nude.

I decided not to do anything immediately instead continuing with y routine and apply more lotion, taking more time and deliberately emphasizing application to my breasts and butt cheeks. I stood in the center of the room daring an occasional glance at the opening and could clearly see Rick's face staring back at me. He had no idea I was watching, which was a real turn-on for me. I felt a stirring in my groin and gently rubbed my hand along my tummy to my mound. I applied lotion around my recently waxed vaginal area and quivered when I came into contact with my clitoris.

I moved to the toilet and raised the lid. I sat with my legs apart and stretched out. I began to rub my love button and felt the pleasurable sensations rivet through me. I glanced to the corner and saw slight movement. Rick had repositioned himself, I assumed in order to see me better. I continued to fondle my womanhood building pleasurable feelings throughout my body. I could see a rapid movement in the reflection in the hole in the wall and after a moment of analyzing I realized Rick was masturbating while secretly watching me do the same.

The actions excited me even more and I inserted a finger into my hole. It felt wonderful as I slid it in and out, increasing speed with each movement. I added a second finger and immediately followed it with a third. It felt like a thick cock was penetrating my private spot and I pretended I was being laid by a stranger while Rick watched, pleasuring himself.

I was so turned on, knowing I was being spied on that my climax was near. I stretched my legs out as far and tight as I could, continuing to finger my pussy vigorously. My other hand was massaging the soft tissue of my large breast, pinching my nipple harder with each push of my other hand. I stared into the corner and could now clearly see Rick's hand around the shaft of his penis. It was enough to put me over the edge. I could feel my orgasm begin and the muscles in my stomach tighten. The convulsions began as the ecstasy arose. I could not hold back any more. Feverishly I rammed my fingers into my puss and my soft moan turned into a loud scream, followed by a self-imposed muffle, as my orgasm peaked.

Slowly Ii relaxed, allowing my legs to go limp and exhaling slowly. I slowly removed my fingers from my passion hole and brought them to my mouth, licking my love juice unhurriedly, savoring the taste and the moment. The movement in the corner had stopped and I assumed Rick had also finished his voyeur act. I cleaned myself and dressed. Before I left the house I said goodbye to Rick. He acted as if nothing had happened, but when I arrived home that night I looked to see where he had stood. I saw the mirror and posited it as I imagined rick had done and saw a clear view of the toilet and the shower, where I had acted so promiscuously earlier that day.

Knowing that a stranger had watched me shower and touch myself intimately was a real turn-on. I love to be watched when I pretend to be unaware and this was certainly such a moment. My husband was out so I stripped and lay on my bed, reminiscing what had happened that morning. I reached for my favorite vibrator and began to pleasure myself. I took my time and reached another satisfying orgasm. I relaxed a moment when I heard the front door open. My husband called and I could hear him walk up the stairs. I put the dildo away and moved the covers down, laying flat on my back with my legs apart. My husband walked into our room and looked at me. "I need to be fucked, hard," I said. "I hope you're in the mood?". He smiled.

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