tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Rent is Due

The Rent is Due


About two years ago I had the opportunity to buy my first rental house. A friend went off the deep end, stopped paying his mortgage, doing drugs etc. We met up one day and he agreed to let me buy it out from under him to avoid foreclosure. Not a bad transaction. Tax value of $210k, estimated sale value of around $240k. All for just under $160k! Not bad for a day's work. My friend? Went back home to get help from his parents. Pathetic at 40.

I cleaned the place up nicely, and then went about trying to rent it out until I could sell it. I got really lucky, the third people to look at it were Heather and Mike, a nice couple just moving to Denver from somewhere in the Midwest. I I didn't realize it at the time, but there were actually three of them including Heather's daughter Taylor who came and went between college semesters.

Things went along well for about 8 months, and then the rent payments started coming in late. I didn't complain at first as they included the late charges without objection. Then come June, they started short paying by about $200 each month. This went on for 2 months before I sent a strongly worded letter, then nothing. No payment, no phone call, nothing. I called a couple of times, left a message or two, then contacted my attorney so I knew what was involved in eviction. Bummer. They seemed like such a responsible, nice couple.

After about 5 messages I started driving by the house at different times, hoping to catch one of them at home. After three days of nothing but a dark house I started coming by earlier in the morning, then later at night. Eventually I caught them. At about 4:30am Mike would slip out, leaving the lights off. He walked down the street to where he had parked his car. I guess he thought this would keep me from blocking him in or something.

Shortly after Mike left I could see a faint glow in one of the windows I knew to be the master bath. I could see how hard they had tried to black out the window, I guess they didn't realize that the paper they used wasn't all that solid, it glowed faintly from the light behind it.

With Mike out of the way I figured I would approach Heather. She would most likely be more reasonable than her Husband. Women in bad situations tend to be. I knocked on the door for a bit and rang the bell. No answer. I walked back out into the street and could see that she had turned off the light in the bathroom. Stupid girl.

After about 15 minutes of renewed pounding I guess she gave up. The door opened a crack and I could see Heathers tear stained face peering out.

Now, let me describe Heather. She is 34. I know, in stories like these the girl is supposed to be young, maybe 24, slender with massive tits and no brain. Well, that's not Heather. She is slender, and muscular with perfect handful breasts, but she is a well matured 34 year old woman who has taken impeccable care of her face and body.

Through the barely opened door I could see that she had done her hair and makeup, the latter a bit smeared from the tears I am sure came out when she realized it was me banging on the door. She had on a robe. Nothing spectacular, white with her initials in blue ink over her left breast. However, she hadn't pulled it all the way closed, so I could see the tops of her lovely firm breasts. Nice!

She didn't say a word, so I stepped up. 'Heather, what's going on with the rent? You short paid for a couple of months, and didn't send anything last month. What's the deal?'

'Rick, we don't have it, can't you just leave us alone?'

I think she knew it didn't work that way. What is it with some people? Just because I own and they rent from me doesn't mean that I am flush with cash. Heck, I still had a small mortgage on the place, AND plans to buy more real estate as my savings grew.

'Heather, you have to pay me what you owe me, and move out if you can't make the rent. What's going on? Things seemed great at first, your credit was stellar.'

'Damn it Rick' she said. 'Things are tough. Mike got let go, can't find anything else and I only make enough to cover our living expenses and part of the rent. I have a new thing I am trying, getting some money, but not quite enough. I don't know what to do....' Tears rolling down her pretty face.

'Heather, what is the new thing you have going?'

'well............' blushing deeply 'I am doing erotic massages'.

??????????? This got my attention!

'Heather, that's interesting! With your looks I am sure you will make a killing. How's it going so far?'

Oddly this seemed to perk her up, I guess somewhere deep inside was a little girl that loved attention.

'Good. I have been doing it for about 3 weeks now, making steady money, but not enough! I think we can start making short payments again, but we always seem to be about $200 short.'

'What do you charge?'

'A hundred dollars, plus tips. Since I don't go all the way, I usually only get about $120 per client. In the past three weeks I have had 11 clients. One has come back twice so maybe I am on to something. It makes me feel dirty and I don't really like most of the guys I see, but it may help us pay the bills. '

'Heather, at that rate you should be able to pay the rent, but I'm not sure how you will make up the 2 months short pay and the month you skipped. $1,800 is a lot to come up with. What are you going to do about that?'

The spark drained out of her eyes as I said this, I could see that she had gotten carried away, forgetting that I was not her friend, but her landlord.

'Heather, how about me? Why not make me a client to work off some of what you owe each month?'

'You would do that? But what about your wife? I thought you were happily married.........'

'I am Heather, but what the fuck. Shelley doesn't seem to have much of a sex drive these days and I like the way you look. Plus, I figure if you owe me you will put a little more into it. Am I right?'

We went back and forth like this for a while. Slowly she warmed to the idea, but wanted to keep it secret from her husband. I wasn't sure why.

'Let's go now Heather, any reason I can't have a sample to cover the interest on what you owe?'

She hesitated, then looked at her feet and said 'can we do this later?'

'No Heather, I need some sort of payment or I have to start eviction. 'I said with a firm tone. 'Open your robe, let me see more of you.'

She opened the door and motioned for me to come inside. Refusing as I grasped her wrist and said 'No Heather, let me see you here and now. Your neighbors aren't my problem.'

Looking mortified, but knowing that she had to please me she tugged at the belt on her robe, letting it fall open, revealing two firm perky breasts, each the size of a large grapefruit. Lovely! As a bonus I could see that she had not put on any panties, and I could just barely see between her legs. Shaved. Obviously part of her morning routine. Perfect.

'Ok Heather, let's up the ante a bit.'

'I understand' she said giving in. I released her and she stepped back into the room and dropped the robe, she bit her lip trying not to cry. Her firm breasts bounced to attention, her dark nipples firm and erect. A single blue vein moving through the soft tissue in her left breast.

Pushing her back with my right hand I entered my rental house and gathered her into an embrace. She returned my kiss, at first softly but then with the abandon of a wanton slut. Perfect.

I kept pushing her backwards until she was laying back in a large recliner in the living room, still deep kissing me as I lean over her luscious body. My hands lightly touch each breast my right leg pressing against her bare pussy between her legs. It's warmth radiating easily through my jeans.

My hands begin exploring every curve, eventually covering her shaved pussy, one finger easily slipping into her wet depths. 'Please don't,' she sobbed, jerking as my fingers brushed her wet cunt. 'Don't touch me there, please, I'm not supposed to..... Please!' Even as she begged for me not to, her clit throbbed against my hand, her legs jerking. There was clearly an ache deep inside her that begged to be filled, that begged for my fingers to slide deep inside her warm, wet pussy.

'But you're so wet,' I told her, sinking one finger inside her smoothly, heedless of her begging. 'Your mouth says no, but your pussy wants attention.'

'Your cunt is sopping Heather, does that mean you like me?' I ask with a grin.

'oh' is about all I get out of her before I plunge my tongue back into her mouth. The faintly sweet lip gloss she is wearing making this whole event seem like the prelude to a feast.

Pressing my fingers deeper into her now pulsing cunt, stroking and exploring her swollen clit and labia. I felt her beginning to moan. As I stop kissing her she gasps, eyes closed. Clearly enjoying the attention I am paying the few inches of pulsing flesh between her long legs. I can feel her strain as she reaches orgasm. What a little slut!

After a few deep breaths, 'Wow. I usually have to start things off Rick. That was amazing. What can I do for you'?

'Heather, I intend to be here for a while, I don't know how long your usual session goes, but I expect more since you owe me. Clear?'

'Uh, Mike will be back in about 2 hours. He's just meeting a friend for coffee, looking for a job lead. I really don't want him to find you here. We agreed I wouldn't 'work' at home. And I really don't think he would want me servicing you.'

'Ok' she adds. My rules are simple. You can touch, and ask me to touch. I give a great massage, then I will get you off. You can bribe me for a blow job if you like.' This last bringing a grin to her face.

I wasn't having any of it.

'Listen Heather. You don't seem to get it. Fuck your rules. This next hour or so is mine, and you will do what I want. I like your hot little body and your juicy cunt interests me, that's it. I am not a client, and I don't play by your rules. Got it?'

'but........' she starts.

'Heather, you are doing this behind your husband's back. You owe me money. I think I have some leverage here. Stop playing and bend over.

As I told her to bend over I pulled her up from the recliner and pushed her face into the cushion, her ass over the wide arm. She resisted a bit at first, but when I didn't spank her she relaxed a bit.

'what are you doing?'

'Checking you out honey. I have liked your ass since the day I met you, it's nice to see it up close'.

Sliding my finger back into her pussy while pressing her little asshole with my thumb resulted in her bolting up and jumping away from me and the chair.

'NO! not there! Please........' Her voice falling from indignant to pleading.

'We'll see' I said as I began unbuttoning my shirt.

'Shouldn't you be helping me with this?'

'Yes, of course. Hang on.' She said, her expression one of concern, or maybe reluctance. Gliding over to me, kissing my neck as she slowly unbuttoned my shirt.

Once my shirt was off, my shoes, socks and jeans soon followed. Since I rarely wear underwear, I was fully naked in no time.

Taking me by the hand we moved down the hall toward the master bedroom where she hesitated.

'I don't want Mike to catch us. Damn.' I could tell she was worried about him detecting our activities.

'What's in this room babe' I asked?

'We leave that room set up for my daughter.'

'I didn't know you had a daughter, wow. You must have been young!'

'She's 18 and lives with her biological dad in St. Louis but she visits now and again. She won't be here for a while.'

'Heather, if you are worried about Mike catching us, let's play in there. You'll have plenty of time to clean up.'

I could tell this bothered her a bit, it wasn't clear to me why. As we entered the room I smiled at the little girl decorations. Stuffed animals, bright pink and white wall paper, and cloths scattered all over. A framed picture of Heather, Mike and a well-endowed young lady sat on the dresser.

'Is that her?'

'Yes' she said. That's my little Taylor. Isn't she sweet?

'Sweet? Holy shit Heather, she's fucking gorgeous! Do they all get tits like that at 18 now? I don't remember that from when I was in high school! Fuck!'

'The times they be a changing' Heather said with a smile. 'But you're right; she is a hot little thing!

By now Heather was feeling a bit more confident, pushing me face first onto Taylors bed, straddling me and pouring massage oil on my back that she had picked up somewhere along our walk from the living room. She truly is an excellent masseuse. In no time I was full relaxed, but that isn't what I wanted from her.

After about 15 minutes of massage I rolled over, pushing her up a bit so that my hard cock rested between her legs, her protruding cunt lips on either side.

'Rick, that's about as far as I can go. No fucking is the deal I have with Mike, ok?'

'No Heather, it isn't ok. I like what I see. But for now, come up here' I said as I pushed her ass, giving here the idea that I wanted her to sit on my face. I could see the relief in her eyes as she shifted her weight.

As she straddled me, I parted her cunt lips and pulled her forcefully down onto my face. This is my addiction, I love eating a hot pussy, especially one already drenched with her own cum. Grinding away, I think Heather eventually realized that this is what I was after and she really started getting into it.

After about 20 minutes of pure cunt licking bliss I pulled her off and turned her around, still lying on my back. Grabbing my stiff cock in my right hand, I waived it at her and said 'I need somewhere to put this, any ideas?'

'My mouth. Please put it in my mouth' she begged. I could tell she was hoping that I wouldn't fuck her, or go after her virgin ass again.

Firmly grasping my balls in her left hand she began to slowly and skillfully lick my cock, starting at the base, working up, stopping just below the head. Clearly this woman was skilled!

As she slowly enveloped my cock in her hungry mouth I could see both lust and regret in her eyes. Skilled or no, she was still getting used to her new life.

Stocking my cock up and down with her right hand, gently with her soft hands. The firm yet soothing feel showed just how experienced she truly was.

I watched as my cock disappeared, then reappeared, glistening with her saliva. Over and over, like a little girl with an ice cream. Not hesitating a bit she sucked first my left nut, then both together, the tip of her tongue just flicking my ass hole.

She was a stunning sight! Sucking my cock like a wanton slut, bringing me ever closer to a much needed orgasm!

I especially enjoyed the soft noises coming from deep in her throat, deep animalistic purring sounds, rhythmically interrupted by the sound of my balls slapping her chin. I could tell she was loving this, even if part of her regretted what she was becoming. What a natural little cock sucker!

'Can I make you cum?' she whispered, looking up, tears clearly visible in her eyes, one slowly rolling down her left cheek.

'No babe, we have a bit more ground to cover' I said, gently wiping away her tear.

Seeing that I wasn't going to let her make me cum this way, she smiled up at me from between my legs, gently licking my cock again and asks 'so, what else can I do for you?'

'Do you mean how else can you work off the money you owe me? HA! How badly does your husband NOT want you fucking for money?'

'No Rick, I can't. Please stop. Mike would kill me, and I don't want to do anything to hurt him. Please let me get you off some other way, besides he will be home any time now.'

Not being one for small talk, I simply picked her up, pushed her down on her back on her daughters' bed and spread her legs, her gaping pussy pulsing as if it had a mind of its own.

'You can cry all you want Heather, I kind of like it..' I told her, and it was true. Hearing her gentle sobs was a turn on, especially as I pushed my now well lubricated cock against her tight little ass. Since I was on top she couldn't really get away this time, so I played to my advantage and kept pressing.

'Fuck, no.... no... Rick, no, not there.... Please no... oh god, somebody help me please,... oh......' she sobbed, quietly.

'Heather, cunt or ass, your choice? Beg for it..........'

'ohhhhh....' She wailed 'no, I can't... please stop'

In retaliation I pushed harder into her back passage, just getting the tip of my cock past her sphincter. This shook her up a lot.

'God no, Rick, fuck me normally, you know.... Fuck my pussy.. come on, oh god that hurts! Please no, PLEASE NO for gods sake, FUCK, please fuck my tight little cunt, PLEASE.........'

'Please, Ricky.' she continued to plead. 'I can't take it there! You can do my pussy or mouth if you want, but please not there!' That was odd, how did she know my step daughters pet name for me?

'Beg me to fuck your pussy.' I told her.

She seemed to give it her all. 'Please fuck my pussy, Ric. Please.'

I pressed my cock farther against her ass.

'Oh, Ric. Please fuck my pussy. I need it so bad, please fuck my pussy.'

Who can resist a polite invitation like that? Sliding my cock out of her ass I rammed it home in one brutal thrust, pushing eight inches of cock into her at once before bottoming out, leaving two inches outside of her, my cock pressing against her cervix. Her eyes widened in shock. Just then the cell phone she had carried in with her started ringing. Some stupid song turned into a ring tone. Totally annoying.

'Oh god' she said, 'That's Mike!'.

'Answer it then, I can wait' I insisted, my cock still filling her tight cunt.

'I can't, not with you in me, can you move, please?'

'Nope, answer it, I will be quite!'

'Argh, ok. Hello? Mike? What's up? No, everything is fine, sure, fine, ok, see you in 30. Love you, ok, bye.'

'Rick, we have to hurry, he will be here in 30 minutes, please stop....'

Something in her eyes made it clear that my cock, pressing up against something inside her made her feel sick, her pussy full of me. She clenched helplessly around me, her pussy sucking me in like it wanted me there, her body spasming helplessly, her clit throbbing demandingly.

'That's it. You like that, don't you, whore?' I asked, starting to fuck her in long, hard slides. I pulled out all the way to the head , then shoved inside again as deep as I could.

She jerked and began sobbing underneath me, pleading helplessly; all she could do was lie there and take it, her body reacting to my thrusts against her will.

'Please stop,' Heather pleaded.

'Fucking whore, stupid little fucking whore. Whores like fucking. Whores deserve fucking!'

'Stop, stop, STOP.'

'Admit it Heather, you want every guy to fuck your hot cunt'

'Please, Ric, please stop, please, please, please stop, I'm not a whore. Please!'

How could I let that go? Such an obvious slut, first begging for it as directed, then begging me to stop. As I reached around and pressed my thumb into her ass I got an even better response.

'Stop... oh God, please stop...' she sobbed and choked , tears streaming down her cheeks, strands of hair now glued across her face.

Getting ready, I figured shooting my load deep inside her would be a satisfying way to end the session, knowing full well that she was on birth control, but would still worry.

'God no! Please don't!' she cried out, clearly not wanting me to cum inside her. Of course I ignored her and rammed myself harder into her. After fully draining myself I pulled out. She just lay still, her pussy gaping open, a trickle of my cum slowly running out of her hole and down to her ass.

Finally, pulling out of her, I threw her off of the bed and onto the floor where she curled up, her body shaking with each sob.

'I will see you again soon Heather. Let's say that a couple of sessions like this makes up for a short payment of around $200. Get me something and I won't evict you, or tell your husband what a naughty slut you are'

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