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Susan D. Wolstenholme was in her mid twenties very ambitious and was already a respected reporter/journalist on local television. She believed her current assignment covering an insignificant college fete was well below her abilities and was the kind of work she would usually refuse point blank. During their frank discussion even her editor who she had a good working relationship with seemed genuinely bemused as to why she had been chosen. Though just as unaware of the reason Susan had been selected as she was he stressed the fact that in his opinion that someone influential must have requested her attendance personally. Furthermore in an earlier briefing the station's hierarchy had made it plain to him that her refusal would not be looked on at all favourably.

So here she was then, thought a mildly irritated Susan, miles from anywhere, she had purposefully arrived late on Friday afternoon. After being made most welcome by the Principal, a Mrs. Veronica McWhirter and her pretty assistant Elizabeth Montgomery, the latter had stared at Susan far to much for comfort, she had been given a brief outline of the weekends events. To be honest she was not very pleasant with them and had been fairly unreceptive to their attempts at conversation, which clearly perturbed the Principal. She got little pleasure from antagonising them but couldn't help herself; she paid the main context of the conversation little attention.

Susan's ire faded a little as Veronica McWhirter's discomfort grew, though her thoughts gradually grew more focused on why Elizabeth Montgomery kept looking at her in that strange way. Well used to the ways the public saw her in either awe or disrespect and the various ways they reacted to her or her contemporaries treated her Susan felt confused by the stares. There was something else showing in the woman's eyes that she could not quite put her finger on, almost as if the young woman knew something she didn't but soon would. After the uncomfortable exchange Veronica McWhirter excused herself and left Elizabeth to finish welcoming their unenthusiastic guest. Susan had been shown to one of the Academy's quite sumptuous guest rooms in the West wing by a striking young man who had graciously carried her luggage. She wondered who had conspired so hard to get her here in person, and why.

The rooms were adequate and nicely furnished with good quality antique furniture though there were no chairs save for a single upholstered stool at the vanity table. A big old brass bed took up most of one wall, it looked really comfortable and she sauntered over and wrapped her fingers about the thick curved main frame of the highly ornate lower bedstead for support as she cautiously tested the softness of the mattress with her other hand. Satisfied that it was comfortable enough for her needs Susan spent a while unpacking then went into the small bathroom and started running a bath. Once the bath was filling she decided to try and call Tony again for some reason since she had arrived here her mobile phone had been playing up. In frustration she cast it down on the vanity table when it refused to function properly.

She was to be trapped here for at least two days and she smiled to herself thinking how much fun Tony and her could have in that big brass bed. After a long relaxing bath she slipped into that long tight-bodied peach nightdress that Tony loved so much, pulling it tight she laced it up the front. As she fastened the chain on which hung the Celtic cross he had bought her last week Susan thought of him again. In fact as her mind wandered her thoughts became quite rude making her feel somewhat aroused.

Standing before the mirror Susan watched her reflection's nipples stiffen beneath the thin satin as a delicious butterfly of excitement fluttered through her abdomen. In mere moments the intensity of her arousal had grown incredibly. The compulsion was too great to resist, she did not masturbate often but she found the urge to do so irresistible now. Watching herself in the vanity table mirror her breath grew ragged as she touched an aching rock hard nipple with her fingertips. In a detached manner she watched her reflection's other hand alighted on her ribcage, she watched it unhurriedly slither down over her body like it had a mind of it's own. At an agonisingly slow pace it slid snakelike over the smooth peach satin towards her heated mound, her eyes stared at the mirror avidly, she wanted to close them but couldn't. The soft hiss of her fingers sliding over the satin seemed incredibly loud in the otherwise silent room, apart from her urgent breathing and thumping heartbeat that is. Her fingertips had just reached the swell of her pubis when the soft knock on her door broke the spell, attempting to gather her composure she called out.

"Just a minute I'll be right there."

In a state of mild panic she turned from the mirror and grabbed her dressing gown and pulled it around her. Striking a pose of aloof defiance she took up position before the bed and folded her arms over her breasts to hide her traitorous nipples attempts to betray her excitement, that part at least was easy. Desperately she attempted to erase the flushed guilty expression from her face with only minor success.

"OK come in." she called out in an authoritative tone.

The door swung inwards seemingly of it's own accord. Susan realised that she had been so absorbed in her fantasy that she hadn't even locked the door; any one could have come in and caught her in a most embarrassing position. For what seemed a long moment no one entered then a barefoot young girl bearing a tray swept silently into the room. She wore a loose black silk dressing gown tied about the waist by a bright scarlet belt. Her abundant long gleaming jet-black mane was gathered tightly into a ponytail high on the back of her head and cascaded freely down her back.

"I've brought you a night-cap," the girl said quietly holding her head down hiding her eyes from Susan as she closed the door with her rump.

Perhaps due to her journalistic instinct Susan found herself inspecting the girl quite closely as she moved past her towards the bedside table with the tray. She was foreign or something Susan decided noting the golden tone of her glowing skin, a lot of women would kill for skin like that she thought. Examining the passing girl's profile she noticed her unusual hairline with its prominent widow's peak and her unusually pointed ears but paid them little heed. For someone supposedly ready for bed this girl wore a hell of a lot of jewellery. Her pointed ears alone had several rings, clasps and sleepers adorning them. All of her slender long nailed fingers bore one or more rings and several bangles slid noisily down her forearms as she put the tray down.

"Excuse me, could you possibly spare me some of your precious time Ms. Wolstenholme?" asked the girl seemingly timid but with the slightest undertone of sarcasm present in her voice.

Something was amiss, it seemed strange to Susan that the girl was purposefully averting her gaze from her as she spoke; mistakenly Susan took this for shyness. She presumed this was going to be another one of those tedious "How does one become a big TV star" chats that pissed her off thought Susan. That warm aroused feeling bubbled restrained but insistent within her and she wanted to get rid of her uninvited guest rapidly, partly to relieve the threatening embarrassment she would feel if the girl noticed her state of arousal. Probably the quickest way to dismiss this amazingly attired young girl would be to allow her request to talk briefly thought Susan.

"Yeah sure, sit down and relax." she attempted to mask the indifference in her voice as she spoke, "call me Susan, what's your name?"

After finishing shuffling the items on the small tray seemingly nervous the girl sat herself gingerly on the edge of the bed without speaking. The girl glanced up flashing a brief look at the woman stood before her and smiled as if she was afraid of speaking to a nationally recognised celebrity. The girl's reticence to speak caused a peculiar mix of anger and warmth to develop within Susan.

"What do you want then young lady?" Susan waited for the girls name trying to make herself sound important as she crossed to the bed and sat next to the reticent young girl.

"Sorry! Raven, call me Raven, err Susan" came the quietly whispered reply as the girl looked up.

Their eyes met properly for the first time as the whispering girl turned her head and smiled coyly at her from beneath her thick lashes, her eyes rose to greet Susan's. Vivid green dark ringed irises that seemed to shine almost iridescently from her beautiful long lashed, heavily made up exceptional almond shaped eyes. The very sight of them sent a deliciously unnatural shiver tingling down the length of Susan's spine. Their fiery greenness seemed to ensnare her; they burnt into her unprepared soul relentlessly. Her breath stilled, Susan couldn't stop herself gazing dreamily into the girl's big dilated deep black pupils. At last she gasped drawing a needed gulp of air into her now tortured lungs, somewhere deep down inside her psyche an alarm bell had sounded. It broke Susan's wandering chain of thought suddenly bringing her back to the real world, she realised she was staring at the girl something more than was a polite manner. Disturbed to discover how aroused she was once again becoming and what her thoughts had turned to as she had stared into the girl's eyes she openly blushed.

"Well hurry up then!" she endeavoured to hide the breathless wavering tone in her voice.

Turning half away Susan carefully focused her gaze on the jumbled contents of the vanity table opposite. For now at least she regained her composure and tried to fend off the sexual urges that were running riot in her. How embarrassing it could be if she should obey the perverse ache that ceaselessly urged her to make a pass at the girl and she was refused or worse. Think what her associates in the press would write, they would have a field day assassinating her if the story came out. Surely she was misreading the blatant come on the girl's gorgeous eyes had appeared to flash at her.

"I have seen you on television many times Susan" the girl began quietly.

Instinctively Susan knew the girl was looking at her but desperately tried to concentrate her own gaze on the vanity table.

"I am on TV most nights!" Susan's tone was terse and a little annoyance slipped out revealing her discomfort, which she found she instantly regretted.

"Oh!" the girl sounded hurt.

"I'm sorry Raven you see I'm feeling a little tense this evening" she lied feeling guilty still staring at the vanity table.

"That's all right, honest" the girl's sympathetic soft gentle voice soothed "I understand, and you know Susan I really admire you."

Silence reigned for a moment as Raven paused almost as if to see if her words had caused any effect on Susan before proceeding. Susan could sense the girl's eyes boring into her from behind as she deliberately averted her eyes. During this time Susan's elusive gaze fell on the large vanity table mirror where she saw the other girl reflected there in all her glory. Surreptitiously she observed the girl's image reflected in the mirror trying very hard to both prevent and disguise the effect Raven's closeness was having on her. Several moments of electrifyingly tense silence followed before Raven continued.

"I suppose your expecting me to ask about getting into television aren't you?"

"Er yes actually" coughed Susan as her voice seemed to dry up "I oh Er I would be a little surprised if you didn't."

All the time she was helplessly gazing adoringly at the girl's reflection in the mirror hoping Raven did not notice. Her heart leapt into her mouth as she felt Raven gently lay her hand upon her knee. As she did so the image of beauty in the mirror looked straight at her making Susan gasp audibly with shock. Instinct told her to fight or flee the situation, common sense told her this was all wrong, she wanted to leap up to escape the delightful touch of the girl's hot hand but found herself hopelessly unable to resist.

"Susan look upon me!" the girl's soft voice was most insistent "Look at me."

Uninvited the hot electrifying hand resting upon her thigh edged it's way beneath her robe to caress her lower inner thigh through the thin satin of her night-dress. Incredibly aroused as she was Susan's conscience still fought back desperate to convince herself that this was not turning her on. After all she had never ever looked upon another woman in any way sexually in her life. Confused she froze as the hand slipped further up her inner thigh to grip the flesh alarmingly close to her overexcited sex.

"Susan, Susan" whispered the irresistible call "Look at me Susan!"

She wanted to resist but couldn't, she was unable to stop herself; slowly she broke her eyes away from the mirror and turned to gaze at the confident young girl. How did a seemingly innocuous girl like this take control of a supposedly experienced mature woman so easily, somehow Susan knew that she would soon be finding out. Totally ensnared Susan gazed adoringly into Raven's eyes, the girl was absolutely sure that she had her undivided attention she spoke to Susan, or at least the obviously highly aroused helpless creature that she had become. Her sultry voice oozed confidence now and the convincing little lost girl tone had been cast aside.

"Yes Susan I do watch you on the television but I don't want to be like you" the girl spoke slowly watching her like a cat watches a mouse, deliberately letting every word sink in, "I'm not interested in you for that as I'm sure you've guessed already."

"Why then?" gulped Susan breathlessly, "what do you want?"

"Don't try and play games, your not strong enough to fight me," laughed Raven flashing her eyes at Susan, "you see Susan, I'm sure you can tell that I find you a very attractive woman."

"Raven I'm not sure I know what you mean" Susan bleated as she tried to stall the inevitable for she knew herself that she couldn't resist such wicked temptation.

"As a woman you are a most desirable and sensual delight and I desire to have you! I need you Susan, don't you realise? I can take you to the edge of delight and far beyond?"

Her brain spun, the insistent alarm bells told her this was wrong but they were soon swept aside along with all the other misgivings that had worried her moments earlier. The final cause of her utter surrender was the merest touch of a roving fingertip against the wet aching responsive lips of her vulva through her flimsy satin nightdress. They both knew that she was game though for some reason Susan still felt highly afraid of the girl.

"Take your robe off my love" the girl's slender fingers once more delightfully brushed against her boiling crotch making her whimper this time.

Raven got up from the bed as Susan obediently began to untie her robe; she shrugged it over her shoulders without further thought. As it fell to the bed about her Susan watched the incredibly beautiful girl transfixed while Raven stood right in front of her and untied the blood red belt of her black nightgown. Dry mouthed she watched the girl draw the robe open; beneath it her exquisite body was naked. As she dropped her arms the shimmering black silk slipped from her shoulders falling by it's own weight. Sitting transfixed on the edge of the bed Susan was amazed by the yearning excitement the firm young girl's hairless naked golden body caused to rise within her as the nightgown dropped away. Raven obligingly stood motionless before Susan for sometime and she allowed the enthralled woman to examine her perfect body.

All the time Raven watched her prey intently with an amused smile playing on her full red lips. Susan's eyes wandered all over the girl's vibrant body from the pert pointed breasts with their hard looking brownish teats to the smooth split peach that seemed to thrust from between the girl's firm tanned thighs. The only thing that protruded from the neat glistening slit was the angry red-brown knob of the girl's large clitoris. Susan found herself wondering what Raven would make of the large fleshy orchid blossom that ached urgently for attention between her own trembling thighs.

"Kneel on the bed my sweet and grip the bedstead I am ready for you" Raven whispered hoarsely.

Without thought Susan obeyed the girl climbing up onto the soft bed and turning around took hold the cold thick brass tube frame of the bottom bedstead in her sweating hands. All the time her heart thumped alarmingly in her chest and her breath became even more ragged as she waited for the girl to make a move. As she knelt there waiting for Raven her eyes fell upon the unlocked door.

"The door it's not locked!" she gasped anxiously almost panicking "Someone may...."

"Have no fear we won't be disturbed sweet Susan!" obviously it seemed Raven knew something she did not.

She could not believe how aroused she felt as the bed began bouncing about as Raven clambered on behind her. Gripping the thick brass bedstead tightly in her sweating palms Susan felt sure she could feel the heat radiating from the closeness of the naked girl behind her. Susan twitched as she felt the other girl's incredibly hard nipples brush electrifyingly against her tingling back. A strange unnatural groan emanated from behind her and she felt the bed jolt several times as the girl seem to suddenly spasm and shudder. Concerned about Raven she was just about to turn around when she heard the girl gasps briefly as if in agony then sigh ecstatically. Perhaps, she thought Raven had not been unable to contain her own arousal and was coming. Sadly it was then that Susan thought of Tony and a wave of guilt and doubtful fear welled up inside.

"Oh Tony, Tony what am I doing," she cried, "Forgive me my love for I am weak!" tears welled up and ran down her flushed cheeks. "NO, stop please!" she wailed, "Raven stop, please stop!"

Though she protested quite convincingly verbally Susan actually made no attempt to escape the girl's embrace as Raven's lithe hands slipped under her arms to cup her breasts and gently draw their two bodies closer together. The intimate closeness and sense of urgent extreme desire suddenly overwhelmed Susan as she began to rub her back against Raven's hot firm body.

"Forget your beloved Tony my sweet," the seductive voice whispering softly in her ear sounded so sincere "You will love me, I can do so much more for you Susan!"

Looking down to watch the hands that were toying with her small tits so wonderfully Susan felt sure the girls incredibly long deep red nails had not been quite so long earlier. As her modest nipples were repeatedly teased to full erection between the long fingers that were kneading her breasts she squirmed herself pleasurably against the girl behind feeling her lover's rock hard nipples rasping against her back.

Oblivious of the dangerous predicament she was actually in Susan enjoyed the exquisite caresses as Raven began kissing her left shoulder ardently. The heated kisses slowly moved up through her dark brown curls towards the back of her neck which was one of her favourite erogenous zones. At the same time the girl's left hand left her breast to glide down over her body to score her upper thigh through the satin nightdress with its long talons. As the girl's nails rasped lightly across her enflamed sex for the first time Susan instinctively thrust her hips forward accepting the caress.

"My love your beautiful hair it's getting in the way" Raven whispered urgently close to her left ear.

Without thinking she reached back with her right hand and swept her curly mane aside for the girl. She was handsomely rewarded as Raven began licking the gathering perspiration from the oh so sensitive area at the back of her neck with long slow strokes. As the slithering tongue ran over her skin Susan's spine turned to jelly and she moaned out her appreciation.

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