tagLesbian SexThe Resort Ch. 01

The Resort Ch. 01


01.01 The Resort:
01.02 GenTech:
01.03 Second Day:
01.04 Susan and Amber, Bungalow:
01.05 Susan and Amber, The Jacuzzi:
01.06 Amber and Susan, Oil Massage, First Mating:
01.07 Susan and Amber, Second Mating, Fisting:

01.01 The Resort:

It isn't your normal private Resort. The Resort is an island in the Bahamas which was created and funded by group of wealthy clients and the pharmaceutical research giant known as GenTech. The members gather twice a year in winter and summer and stay in fully equipped bungalows that nestle within the majestic growth of palm trees. The recreational services include well maintained beaches, tennis, soccer and jogging paths.

The primary reason that the members come to the Resort are for the unique sexual services offered by GenTech. These range from high tech fantasies, to sexual enhancements and transformations. Non members are individuals that have either been invited or have been referred to the Resort by physicians or physiatrists. The personal data gathering of each guest is extensive and detailed.

The Resort is a nudist colony and have rules that must be accepted prior to arriving at the island. No sex in public areas and no sexual contact between an adult and a minor under the age 18. An access card and a pin number is required to access the computerized sexual 'toys' in the 'fitness' room in each bungalow.

An elaborate security network was installed a few years ago after some drunken boaters landed on the island and sexually assaulted some of the female members. HD surveillance cameras monitor the Sexual Fantasy Centers, the Transformation Center and the all rooms of the Bungalows. The cameras also monitor the beaches and the jogging pathways through the wooded areas.

01.02 GenTech:

Plants and Gel masses:

GenTech's first scientific breakthrough was in the genetic bio engineering of the Rain Forest's Banana slug. The new life form is a gelatinous mass and can live as a thick liquid state or as a circular shape about the size of a beach ball. GenTech refers to the liquid mass as a Gel and the round shape as a GelPod. Both are used for sexual enhancements and transformations. Each would be programmed with the subjects requirements and respond to direct wireless control from GenTech's computer servers. Both Gel states could form phalluses with varying lengths and diameters.

The second breakthrough was in the genetic bio engineering of the Rainforest's Monstera Deliciosa Plant. Like the Gel, it would be used for sexual enhancements and transformations. The Plant would be grown 'on demand' and have a one-time growth cycle. After completion of its tasks, the Plant would wither and die. At full growth the plant would reach eight feet in height and six feet in diameter. Imbedded within the plant, are stamens that can vary in length and diameter.

The common attributes of the Gel and Plant are the releasing of aphrodisiacs, sedation drugs, semen production drugs and sexual bonding to other subjects. Both could, under computer control, transform a male or female into a Hermaphrodite and a male into a Shemale.

1. Body enhancements male and female, ages 18+.

- penis flaccid 5.00" x 1.50"
- penis erect 7.50" x 2.75"

- breasts 36C
- clitoris 1.50" x 1/2"

2. Transformations:
- Plant, GelPod, Gel
- female/male to Hermaphrodite
- male to Shemale

3. Services:
- Sexual educators, male and female.
- Sexual surrogates, male and female.
- Sexual fantasies at two Fantasy buildings, male and female.
- Specially bred Canine sessions, male and female.

Hypothermic Chamber:

The Gel's technology was adapted for use in a Hypothermic Chamber which is similar to a personal sauna chamber using bio engineered Sea worms with the same attributes of the Gel and Plant.


A separate research wing of GenTech developed a technology that would allow a subject, male or female, to experience a new level of sexual gratification with an invisible Entity. This could only take place in a specialized room in one of the Resort's fantasy centers.

Sexual Devices:


Sybians come in two forms. The classic is primarily used by females and Hermaphrodites. The phallic size will vary to meet all requirements. They are part of the accessories in the bungalow's fitness room. The Fantasy Centers have a customized Sybian that are used with a lowering harness arrangement.

Common attributes of the Sybians are:

1. Support rail.
2. Female: Switch selection, labia and clitoral massager, phallic. (*)
3. Male: Switch selection, rectal and testicle massager, phallic. (*)

(*) Comes with 3 phallics, 6.50" x 2.25", 7.50" x 2.75", 8.00" x 3.00"

01.03 Second Day:

It was the second day and the returning members were out enjoying their naked freedom with walks, games and sunbathing. It was easy to spot new members by the way they shied away from the open activities and sat watching what the others were doing. This would fade shortly and they were begin to participate.

The teens were usually mixed on how they handled themselves during the first two or three days. Some were shy, others openly flaunted their maturing bodies. By the end of the first week, the guests had settled down to a routine. The shyness was gone, along with the novelty of seeing nothing but nakedness in front their eyes. Definite pairing was seen or groups forming that had the same interests.

01.04 Susan and Amber, Bungalow:

Susan and Amber shared a bungalow. Susan was an open lesbian. The Resort's research showed that Amber was internally being pulled in both directions and the matching computers put them together when it was assigning shared bungalows.

They had just finished eating and were relaxing on the sectional watching their HDTV. Like most guests, they had put on robes after a day full day of nudity. Amber had looked many times at Susan's body and her mind was a whirlwind of 'maybes' and 'what ifs".

Susan turned on the cushion and smiled at Amber. Her hands reached out to either side of Amber's face and she kissed Amber on the forehead. Amber's heart raced and she wondered if this was the moment that she would find out if her yearnings for another woman's touches were real or imaginary.

Susan smiled at her protégée and whispered,

"Rest back against the cushion and close your eyes."

Second thoughts filled her mind as a nervous Amber settled back onto the sectional's cushion. She felt the sash to her robe being loosened and a a surprised gasp was heard from her mouth as her robe parted and slipped to her sides. Susan's eyes now gazed at Amber's curvaceous nakedness, from her firm breasts down to the top of her hairless labia between the closed thighs. Susan reached out with her left hand and lifted Amber's right breast with a slow kneading and massaging action. Amber's body trembled when she felt Susan's soft finger tips slip onto her nipple with a delicate swirling and pressing action. Amber's quick gasp turned into a sigh when Susan's right hand acquired her left breast and nipple. Her eyes closed tighter and her hands clenched wondering if this was the right time for this.

She felt Susan turning beside her and then she felt a wonderful moist warmth breath bathe her nipple. She was about to open her eyes when Susan's mouth and lips descended onto her stiffening nipple with an exquisite sucking and suckling action. Amber wasn't prepared for the exquisite sensations and moaned softly at the wonderful contact.

"Ohhhhhhh!! Susannnn!"

Susan now used both of her hands to knead and massage Amber's breasts and her suckling mouth switched between both of Amber's erect and excited nipples. Amber's hands reflexively grasped Susan's head and pushed her breasts outward into Susan's suckling mouth and kneading hands. Susan smiled, everything was going perfectly, only one thing remained to be tried. Her right hand left Amber's breast and massaged its way downward over Amber's abdomen. Amber's mind was too occupied with what Susan's wonderful mouth was doing to her nipples to think about where the hand was going. The trekking fingers reached the top of Amber's labia and slowly the kneading finger tips slipped onto Amber's clitoral hood and began caressing and manipulating Amber's emerging clitoris.

A surprised Amber gasped loudly at the contact,


Her mind was telling her that Susan's exploring hands and mouth had to stop but her body wanted more of the wonderful sensations. Susan's hands and fingers pushed between the closed thighs and formed over Amber's swelling labia. Amber instinctively pressed her thighs together in an effort to stop Susan's hands and fingers from going any further.

Amber in a quivering voice, said,

"Nooo ... Susan ... Nooo... not down there!
Pleaseeee not there!"

Susan whispered,

"Let yourself go Amber ... This is your moment ...
If you really, deep inside, want me to stop, I will."

Susan's hand continued to massage the folds of Amber's labia and her thumb continued the delicious massaging of her engorged clitoris. Soft cooing and mewing sounds escaped Amber's mouth and Susan smiled when she felt Amber's thighs slowly spread apart, giving her exploring hand, easy and open access to Amber's sex. Susan slipped a finger between the moistening folds and the finger traced around Amber's treasured opening. Amber gasped and thrust her sex outward as the finger slipped inward, twisting and turning.

"Ohhhhhhhh!! Jesussssssss!!"

The last obstacle was removed and Susan knew that Amber was now ready for her. She stopped, pulled away and Amber looked at Susan with questioning and pleading eyes.

Susan smiled and said,

"This not the place for this, come with me to bedroom."

Susan helped Amber stand on her shaky legs.

As they stood facing each other, Susan pushed Amber's robe off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Susan undid the sash to her robe and soon it was laying on the floor. Again, Susan smiled when she saw Amber's eyes lock onto her firm, curvaceous body. Her already erect nipples stood proudly from her full, firm breasts. Amber looked down at Susan's sex and saw Susan's engorged organ of joy extending well beyond its protective hood. Susan snuggled closer to Amber's body. Their lips met and Susan ran her tongue along the opening of Amber's lips. Amber's body begin to tremble, knowing that she was about to be kissed by a woman for the first time. Susan slipped her tongue inward and found the tip of Amber's nervous tongue. Susan played with it for a few seconds and Amber slowly returned the kiss. Soon their tongues were dancing and playing together. They wrapped their arms around each other and Amber moaned into Susan's mouth as their clitorises rubbed ecstatically against each other.

"MMM!! MMM!! MMM!!"

While they kissed, Susan reached down and palmed Amber's swollen labia, her thumb swirled over the engorged organ and Amber broke the kiss gasping loudly,


Susan removed her hand and kissed Amber on her forehead and said,

"Were going to take this nice and slow. Let's enjoy ourselves in the Jacuzzi."

Amber still wanted to feel Susan's touches on her body but the idea of snuggling up close to Susan in the Jacuzzi excited her.

The Resorts clients watched intently as the HD cameras showed Susan take Amber's hand and lead her into the Jacuzzi room.

01.05 Susan and Amber, The Jacuzzi:

Amber stood as Susan adjusted the water and the nozzles. Susan then found what she wanted from one of drawers. A large bottle of creamy, satiny bath additives. She smiled at Amber as she poured a generous amount into the filling tub.

"This will make our bodies feel smooth and satiny against each other."

The Jacuzzi was now full and the jets swirled the water all through the large tub. Susan motioned for Amber to get in first. Amber sighed as the silky waters came in contact with her body. Wonderful sensations flowed over her legs, thighs abdomen and breasts. When she was settled, Susan slipped into the Jacuzzi behind her, sliding her legs on either of Amber's body. As she settled down, Amber felt Susan's hard nipples and firm breasts press against her back.

Susan whispered softly,

"Oh, Amber, this is heavenly, especially with you."

Susan snuggled closer and kissed Amber on the back of neck. Amber smiled and leaned back against Susan. She felt a pair of warm silky hands begin caressing her neck and shoulders. She sighed as the slow, sensual manipulation of her neck and shoulders sent relaxing ripples throughout her body. Susan's skillful caresses soon had Amber sighing as waves of pleasure cascaded across her body.

"Oh .. Susan ... that feels so good!"

Susan adjusted the left hand jet that was between their bodies to a low sensuous flow and directed it onto Amber's back. The warm streams of silky water felt wonderful as they cascaded across Amber. Susan's hands continued their kneading and massaging. Amber closed her eyes as the wonderful sensations flooded her mind and body. Susan's suckling kisses continued across Amber's neck and shoulders. Tendrils of arousing warmth spread throughout Amber's body, her nipples felt tingly and inner lips began to twitch as small spasms of pleasure rippled into her vagina. Susan's hands massaged their way up and down Amber's sides, slipping against the outer sides of Amber's breasts.

Susan slipped her arms under Amber's arms and her hands molded themselves to Amber's firm breasts. She massaged and kneaded the firm mounds and her fingers slipped up onto the engorged buds and began to caress and manipulate the erect nipples. Amber was savoring the sensations and was barely aware that Susan's hands were trekking downward under the warm, swirling waters. She gasped as the two hands formed themselves onto her labia. Amber's moan became louder when she felt two fingers slipping between her swollen folds and begin to ecstatically explore the flared furrow. Her juices oozed outward and mixed with the water. The expert fingers moved up to her thick, engorged organ of joy and Amber squealed and her hips bucked and jerked at the ecstatic contact.


Amber pushed her sex down on the Susan's loving hand. Her whole body was on fire, raging with a hot fierce need that Susan had created in only a few minutes. The silky bath water made Susan's fingers slip ecstatically over Amber's throbbing and aching clitoris. Her hips thrashed in the water as she tried to thrust her enflamed sex into Susan's expert hands. Suddenly Amber's body bucked and jerked and she wailed loudly when a quick and surprising orgasm rippled across her loins.


Amber slumped back against Susan, her head resting on Susan's shoulder.

Susan whispered in Amber's ear,

"The first one is always quick,
Now for a more lasting orgasm."

Amber couldn't believe what Susan was doing to her body. She loved it and wanted more of Susan's wonderful touches. Susan reached around Amber and pulled both of her knees up and back so they were resting along the outer sides of her breasts. Amber's labia was moved upward and it flared open like a flower. The water jets swirled around her parted folds and Amber mewed and gurgled with joy.

Susan now placed both hands in either side of Amber's labia and began a tantalizing, slow massage. Amber moaned and panted as her folds swelled and once again her juices flowed and mixed with the water. The fingers of Susan's left hand slipped between Amber's furrow and again made their way up to her hard organ of joy.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Yesssssssss!"

Susan's right hand now started to circle Amber's inner treasures. She could feel the oozing warmth of Amber's juices flow past her fingers. Amber's engorged clitoris pulsed and throbbed as Susan caressed and massaged the sensitive organ. Susan slipped two of her fingers into Amber's eager and waiting vaginal opening. Amber wailed and her vagina clenched around the twisting, intruders trying to pull them further into her steamy passage.

"Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!"

Amber tried to thrust her hips but her position wouldn't allow it. She arched her breasts outward and gasped and panted as waves of ecstasy flowed all through her body. Susan's actions on her clitoris and vagina increased and Susan could feel Amber's body begin to jerk and spasm. Two more fingers joined in on the ecstatic exploration of Amber's enflamed sex. Amber's breath was coming in quick gasps and heavy pants, her body shook and trembled.

"I'm going ... Going to ... Ohhhhhh!! Goddddd!!"

Amber's orgasm exploded across her body and her hips bucked her sex out of the water. Susan's hands followed Amber's contorting body and continued their relentless assault on her orgasming vagina. Amber's thick vaginal juices gushed out past her spasming labia and flowed into the water.


Amber slumped back onto Susan's soft body and moaned softly as Susan's wonderful hands let her come down slowly from her orgasmic high as delicious aftershocks rippled across her body.

Susan whispered,

"That must have felt real good."

Amber still hadn't caught her breath.

She panted softly.

"Oh God, yes!"

They stayed that way for several minutes. Amber closed her eyes and savored the wonderful feeling of being held in Susan's loving embrace.

Soon, Susan whispered,

"Let's dry ourselves off. The bed is waiting for us."

Amber's breath quickened and she whispered,

"This time I want to explore your body."

01.06 Amber and Susan, Oil Massage, First Mating:

They began drying each other's bodies with the soft, thick towels. In less than a minute the sensuous drying actions became soft touches of arousal. Soon their loving hands had each other panting and gasping.

Amber picked up a bottle of massaging oil from the vanity and Susan let Amber lead her toward the bed. Susan sat down on the edge of the bed and lay back on it with her feet resting on the floor. Amber put the bottle of oil on the floor smiled at Susan as she knelt down on the floor in front of Susan's bent and closed legs. She rubbed her hands warmly along Susan's inner thighs and heard Susan sigh as she spread her thighs slowly apart. As her thighs parted, so did the soft folds of her labia. Amber smiled as Susan's treasures opened up to her adoring eyes.

Amber stood up and leaned over Susan's body and they smiled at each other. Amber's soft hands began massaging Susan's face, neck and shoulders. The hands slowly worked their way down to Susan's breasts and lifted them, her fingers slipped up to Susan's nipples and tantalizingly played with the stiffening rubber tips. All the while, Amber planted soft butterfly type kisses along Susan's shoulders and neck. Her fingers slipped deliciously around the nipples, pushing and pressing and then back to kneading of the firm mounds. Soon Amber felt Susan's erect nipples began to twitch excitedly into her manipulating fingers.

Susan closed her eyes and moaned as waves of pleasure rippled across her chest. Both of Amber's hands started a massaging action down Susan's body toward the apex of her thighs. Susan knew where they were headed and she panted with anticipation. Amber stopped her hands at but not touching Susan's labia. Her wrists grazed Susan's swelling labia and then started back up toward Susan's breasts. She found the eager nipples were now fully erect and once again she started to massage and knead them.

Susan's clitoris hardened and extended itself outward beyond its protective hood. Her swollen labia oozed with her early vaginal wetness, making the folds glisten in the light. Her body moved wherever Amber's hands moved and she moaned with heightened arousal. Amber repeated the massaging process over and over again. Each time her hands came closer and closer to touching Susan's swollen labia. Her kisses flowed from neck to both shoulders as her fingers slipped and tantalized the engorged nipples. Amber felt Susan's breathing become rapid and she smiled knowing that she was giving Susan the same feelings of pleasure that Susan had given her. Susan began pushing her breasts into Amber's suckling mouth and kneading hands. Amber's hands and mouth left Susan's withering body and Susan's hips twisted franticly over the edge of bed.

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