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The Restaurant


Dan and Ava were out for the first time since their baby had been born. It was their anniversary and they planned a nice dinner and movie afterwards. A night alone was just the two needed. They ate at a small locally own diner called Rozini's. Ava loved pasta and this place had the best around. The two ordered their food and a nice specialty drink to start the night off right. They both got so caught up in conversation about Ava's new interest in women, Dan excitedly fumbled for their drink and accidentally knocked it off the table, right onto Ava's lap.

"Oh, oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! Go to the bathroom and try to get as much off. I'll get the food to go. I'm so sorry sweetheart." Dan apologized. Ava scurried off to the private restroom. Dan explained what happened to the waitress. She told the chef what had happened and she went to the restroom to see if she could help Ava at all.

She opens the door to see Ava standing by the sink trying to blot the red mess off her dress. "Hey, just thought I'd see if I could help?" asked Natalie.

"Oh, thanks but I don't think anything is going to help get this out." Ava looked so disappointed. It was her new outfit she had bought for their wonderful night and it was ruined.

"Here," gestured Natalie, "take it off and we can probably get it better." Ava was hesitant, but then did as Natalie suggested. She slowly slipped her dress down her stomach and over her hips, before it slid to the floor. She stood in the restroom in nothing but her red lace bra and matching thong panties. Ava was so reserved since having the baby just 6 months ago. She felt more unattractive now than she ever has.

Natalie stood in amazement at the beautiful woman standing before her. "I'm sorry to stare ma'am but, you have a stunning body."

Ava sheepishly looked down, "I look terrible, the baby really took a toll on my body."

"Oh sweetie," Natalie lifted Ava's chin with the soft touch of her hand, "you have and amazing body." Ava leaned into Natalie's touch. Natalie and Ava's eyes locked and both girls were trapped in the moment. Ava's fantasy was to be with a woman and Natalie just may be the one to fulfill that or her. Still touching Ava's chin with her hand, Natalie leaned close to feel the luscious red lips of Ava's on her. Ava leaned into the kiss slightly. The warmth of Natalie's lips on Ava's sent chills through Ava's revealing body. Ava grabbed Natalie and drew her closer.

The two were both beginning to breathe a little heavier when Ava got and intense urge to turn Natalie's back to the wall and hold her there as she had her way with her. She pushed her hands on Natalie's shoulders, as if forcing her to stay still. Ava lightly bit Natalie's neck before saying, "Just let me do the work." Natalie could only nod her head in agreement at this point. She was speechless and so hot and wet from the intensity of the encounter. Ava began kissing and biting Natalie's skin. With every bite, Natalie moaned lightly. Ava, standing half naked, pushed her palm against Natalie's chest, which was heaving with every breath. "Stay there." Ava instructed. "Just watch for a moment."

Ava reached both hands behind her back as she undid her bra. She slowly slid her bra down off her shoulders, to her arms, until finally removing it off her hands revealing her taught hard nipples. She slowly caresses her beautiful breasts for Natalie's viewing pleasure. Natalie wanted to caress them herself but was told not to move. Ava then moved her hands down her stomach to her red lace thongs. She began to slide her panties down off her hips and then her thighs, and then turned to reveal her voluptuous, round ass for Natalie. As she slid her panties down, she bent over.

Once her panties were off her body, Ava remained bent over, legs spread apart enough for Natalie to watch her hands glide up her legs to her inner thighs and then her beautiful pink pussy. Ava, still bent at the waist, revealed her pussy to Natalie, which was torture on Natalie who just wanted to play but had been instructed not to. Ava turned and hopped up to the counter next to the sink. She spread her legs wide, showing off her already soaking pussy to Natalie. "You like what you see so far?" Ava whispered, looking at Natalie with seducing eyes. "Come and get it." She demanded.

Ava was spread wide for easy access to Natalie. She walked over to Ava's open legs and slid her hand from Ava's knee, up her inner thigh and then to her wet lips. Natalie put her hands on Ava's inner thighs, holding her legs open to get the full taste of Ava on her tongue. Natalie lightly licked the outer lips of Ava's sweet pussy. Her sweet nectar lingering on Natalie's lips. Ava's swollen clit, hard and throbbing with anticipation.

Oh, she wanted Natalie to suck on her clit so bad, she could barely stand it. Ava began to slide her fingers down to her clit to play when Natalie quickly grabbed her hand and said, "No, it's my turn." Natalie moved one hand to Ava's dripping pussy. She thrust her fingers into Ava's wet hole. Ava moaned and tossed her head back in delight. Natalie saw Ava wanting more. She changed her light licks on Ava's pussy to full blown sucks on her outer lips and then shoved her tongue between Ava's lips to feel every crease with her tongue. She slid from the bottom of her pussy all the way to the top, right up to her clit. She wasted no time finding what Ava wanted. She wanted Natalie to make her cum. She wanted Natalie to make her scream. She wanted Natalie to fuck her like she'd never been fucked before.

Natalie was pounding her harder and harder with her fingers. The harder she pushed, the louder Ava got. Natalie slid her fingers in and twisted and turned her fist, creating a pleasurable fullness in Ava. As she pulled her fingers out, she would pull them across the front wall of Ava's sweet deepness. Natalie moved yet another finger into Ava, as Ava started to whine and almost scream. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah," she whimpered. "FUCK ME!!" she screamed. "uuuuhhhh uhhhhh, I'm almost there, come on baby!" Natalie thrust faster and faster and sucked Ava's clit harder and harder until Ava's clit and pussy lips were totally consumed in Natalie's mouth. Natalie was flicking her tongue harder and harder on Ava's clit, creating an intense sensation for Ava. "Fuck yeah, oh yeah, I'm CUMMING BABY!" she announced as her juices exploded all over Natalie. Natalie kept sucking Ava, as Ava's body was in full spasm from the intense pleasure of it all.

She continued letting out loud moans as she tried to recover from the most passionate, extreme orgasm she has ever known. "You are amazing!" she reassured Natalie, who was still cleaning up the sweet juices from Ava's pussy.

"I want more," Natalie looked at Ava with intense eyes.

"Come over when you get off work, I'll give you more, and I'll give you everything you want." Ava smiled. "Next time, I want to fuck you until you scream for more. I want you to stay with me tonight. I don't want to sleep. I want to fuck you all night." Ava assured her. Natalie smiled and agreed.

The girls forgot about the outfit. They forgot about Dan waiting outside for Ava. The girls put their clothes back on. Ava rushed outside to find Dan patiently waiting. She got into the car with the biggest smile he has ever seen. "Did you get it out?" he asked, not able to see under her coat. "No," she replied, "but have I got a story for you. Oh, and I'm having company tonight!" She laughed as she began to tell Dan her amazing story and of her new friend that she couldn't wait for Dan to meet.

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