tagLesbian SexThe Return of Carolyn Lord Ch. 03

The Return of Carolyn Lord Ch. 03


Carolyn Lord was returning to high school for the first time since graduation, and she was rather nervous about the whole thing. She always had problems there of one kind or another. Her cool, imperious manner, immigrant background and sharp mind never really allowed her to fit in with the other students.

It had been a lonely, unsatisfying time for her, and now she was going back, for a few hours at least, but as an adult this time.

Now, she would be in control, and that thought pleased her greatly.

She looked down from her driving a brief moment to once again check her clothes. Carolyn couldn't believe she let Tamiko talk her into wearing this outfit. For some reason Carolyn couldn't explain the ease with which Tamiko, with just a smile or a touch of her hand, could get her to do things she wouldn't normally do. Why this teenager, a woman-child actually, had such control over her, she just couldn't understand.

And to do it today of all days! She was to meet Mrs. Stevens at the Enola Gay High School for their Career Day this morning, as a favor to her friend who was the principal there, as well as to assist in the recruiting effort currently being run by the Human Resources division. She wanted to look her best, of course, especially since she herself would be speaking on the role of the paralegal secretary.

Unfortunately, she knew from past experience that Tamiko's idea of looking one's best, and hers, were not exactly the same.

She looked down at her clothes yet again as she drove to the school. It wasn't really too bad at first glance, the skirt was a little too short to suit her (only to mid- thigh really), but it was the former slit which had run up almost to the top of her shapely legs that worried her.

Tamiko fixed it in only a few minutes, being the expert seamstress that she was. Carolyn was quite happy with it now. Tamiko talked her into wearing a sexy pair of panties too.

She was very uneasy about it at first. Going to work dressed like that would have been bad enough, but in a building full of hormonal teenagers? "No thanks!" Carolyn had told her at first.

But Tamiko, ever-reasonable, had said, "Who's going to see them, anyway? Besides, you must be thinking on the same level as your audience or else you'll never reach them. Girls today believe that a professional women can be sexy and competent at the same time. You don't want to lose your audience, do you?"

Tamiko was right of course. Who would know about them except her? After their short time together, Carolyn found that being a bit sexy wasn't a crime.

The problem with the panties was that they were a bit too tight, like everything else Tamiko ever got for her. Even now in the car, she could feel them creeping up where they shouldn't.

At least Tamiko thankfully put some of her special baby powder in them to keep her dry. Carolyn always seemed to be a little wet all the time now. She was probably just coming down with something and would be feeling better in a few days.

Tamiko also talked her into wear a tiny matching bra. "They're a matched set," she told her. "You can't wear one without the other, now can you?"

Well, Carolyn knew she was as fashion conscious as the next woman, so she once again gave in to her friend's suggestion.

But, like the panties, the bra seemed too small. Maybe it wasn't the right size, she thought. Tamiko didn't know her breasts seemed to always be a little swollen, a little more sensitive now. Like the problem with her panties, her breasts would soon be back to normal, when whatever she had went away.

The blouse was another matter all together. She had argued with Tamiko for almost 20 minutes about it. Finally, she agreed to wear it when Tamiko seemed close to tears. Carolyn knew Tamiko could get very peculiar where gifts were concerned.

It wasn't that the blouse wasn't beautiful...it was that a person could see straight through it! She would have to spend the day wearing her jacket. Without it, anyone would be able to see her firm breasts trying to push their way out of the top of her bra.

"She had better appreciate this," Carolyn muttered. Tamiko had done a great deal for her, she realized, more than she could ever acknowledge or hope to repay. But still!

Carolyn almost turned back to change but knew she would be late if she did, and that was out of the question. Carolyn hated to be late for anything.

By the time she entered the school's parking lot, her body seemed to be a little on edge. "Nerves, probably," she thought.

Her nipples were a little too hard, and her pussy seemed to have a warm glow to it. If Tamiko hadn't powdered her panties, she just knew she'd be wet.

"Phew! This is a good way to start," she said to her flushed reflection in the rear-view mirror. She waited a moment and took a few deep breaths before leaving the car.

As she walked toward the deserted front entrance of the school , she looked at her reflection the glass door. Tamiko, bless her, was right again. The suit, although a little tight in spots, made her look very much like most of the business women she was used to seeing.

"Damn," she thought, looking down and seeing a thread dangling from the hem of her skirt. Without thinking, she reached down and sharply pulled the tread. To Carolyn's dismay a good foot of tread came loose, and the closed had opened two inches. God, how stupid could she be?

She hurriedly checked her reflection again. The skirt still appeared to be acceptable, but she must be very careful and leave that damn string alone. She would borrow some scissors at the first opportunity.

Inside the school, Carolyn followed the arrows marked "Main Office". She eventually found Mrs. Stevens talking with another woman in the hall outside a door marked "Principal's Office."

"Miss Lord, right on time, I see," said Mrs. Stevens.

"Thank you," Carolyn replied politely. She knew it never hurt to make a good impression with anyone.

"Marilyn, I like you to meet my new assistant, Miss Carolyn Lord."

"Carolyn, this is the school's principal, Miss Marilyn Perfect."

"How do you do, Miss Perfect? Thank you for having us here today," Carolyn said, as she gave her host a careful glance.

A well-tailored woman, Marilyn appeared to be about in her mid-40s. She was a tall, thin person with a studied air of casual elegance who positively radiated confidence. Carolyn liked her immediately.

"No, it is I who should be thanking you for being here this morning. From what Abigail has been saying about you, I'm sure you will make just the kind of impression I was hoping for."

"Thank you, ma'am. That's very kind of you to say so."

"It's the least I can do. I hope that we'll have time for a little private chat later on. I would like to hear your views on what the well-dressed woman wears these days in the business world."

"It would be my pleasure, Miss Perfect."

"Please, call me Marilyn."

Miss Perfect gave the young woman a quick look and smiled to herself. She was even more beautiful than Abigail had described. She was surprised to see Carolyn dressed in such a revealing fashion. She liked it, of course. Still, she hoped it wouldn't give her students the wrong idea about the woman. They were wired enough as it was.

"Why don't we show you around the building, and introduce you to everybody?" Miss Perfect announced. "The other company representatives have been here for some time, yet the only people the teachers have been requesting to meet with their classes is our special guest Abigail here who has been here many times before."

"Unfortunately, I need to go over my notes before the assembly starts," said Mrs. Stevens. "Carolyn, why don't you go with Miss Perfect and fill in for me. It will give you a chance to see the school, it's very impressive. I'll meet you in the auditorium just before the start of the assembly, in about two hours."

"Are you sure you will not be needing me?"

"Quite sure. Now run along, you two."

Miss Perfect led her remaining guest past the main office and down the hall towards the classrooms.

After several steps, Carolyn's panties, which were riding just a tiny bit where they weren't supposed to be, now seemed to be sinking ever deeper into her tender pussy. Carolyn thought about finding a nice private place to fix them, but she couldn't without mentioning something to Miss Perfect. No, that would be humiliating at best. She'd just have to wait until the woman was done with her tour and she could go to the restroom.

Around the corner of the hall, they almost collided with a young girl dashing along in the opposite direction.

"Oh, good. I was wondering what had happened to you. Carolyn, this is Miss Elizabeth Armstrong. She's the young lady totally in charge of today's events," Miss Perfect said, proudly pointing to one of the most beautiful young women that Carolyn had ever seen, yet she couldn't have been more than 18. With her long, red, shoulder-length hair, big green eyes, and a button nose, she was a true beauty.

"What events?" Carolyn questioned.

"All in good time, Miss Lord," Miss Perfect replied. "You will experience our Career Day soon enough."

The Principal's remark caused Miss Armstrong to burst into the strangest giggle.

"You can call me Beth," the girl told Carolyn. "I'm sure we'll be the best of friends in no time." The girl smiled, and pushed her glasses back up on her button nose. Beth turned to shake Carolyn's hand, which gave Carolyn a look at a pair of breasts that seemed far too large for someone with such a small frame. Carolyn couldn't help but stare.

"Yeah, they're big, aren't they? But they're neat, don't you think?" The young girl said, looking down at her own breasts, and giggling.

Carolyn face felt like it had turned nine shades of red. "Why did I even look?" she thought. "I must be insane."

Trying to cover her grotesque mistake, Carolyn began, "I wasn't really..."

Beth cut off the embarrassed secretary. "It's all Right. People stare all the time. I'm used to it," Beth replied in a bubbly voice. Then she walked over and gave Carolyn a big hug.

The minute their breasts touched, Carolyn thought her heart had stopped. The heat in her panties seemed to increase as well. Before they broke, Beth gave Carolyn a big wet kiss right on the lips, then gave her a big squeeze. Carolyn was stunned at what had just happened. Her heart started beating again, a bit faster now, and she knew that despite the helping powder the Tamiko had put in her panties, she was getting quite damp. Not what she needed right now. Why was this always happening to her, she wondered?

The embrace seemed to last forever, but really it was only a brief moment. When Beth let Carolyn go, the now light headed Carolyn didn't notice that two of the four buttons on her jacket had popped open, showing off her equally impressive cleavage to Miss Perfect and Beth. This did not go unnoticed to either, as both licked their lips when they saw that Miss Lord's blouse seemed to be entirely transparent.

"Oh my! That was a bit impulsive for a nice young girl like that," Carolyn thought, trying to shake off the unexpected effects of the girl's actions. "Kissing someone like that. We're not even related!"

Miss Perfect seemed to read her mind when she said, "Don't be embarrassed, Carolyn. Around this school we make it a point to act whenever possible like we're one big happy family. You know a positive environment does wonders to improve the learning process. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, of course," Carolyn replied, but was still embarrassed at what had just happened.

With Beth in tow, Miss Perfect took Carolyn to visit a selection of classrooms that had specifically requested Mrs. Stevens as a speaker. Each of the teachers were women, but what really surprised Carolyn was that the students were all girls as well.

Everyone it seemed wanted to give Carolyn a big hug and a kiss. Normally, Carolyn would have resisted such familiarity, but with Miss Perfect standing right there it must have been expected for her to go along with it. So, before each class and sometimes after it as well, Carolyn found herself being thoroughly hugged and even kissed by the various teachers and students. Afterwards, she would breathlessly talk about her duties as a former paralegal, and answer any question the students might have for her.

With each hug, her breasts seemed to be swell a little more on her chest. She wanted to check herself after a while, to make sure that everything was all right with her clothes, but she couldn't be seen staring down at her own bust. That would be embarrassing if anyone saw her. It was probably just her imagination, anyway.

What Carolyn didn't know was that the gentle swelling was caused by her breasts being pushed higher and higher in her lacy bra cups. It wouldn't be long before they would pop out of them entirely. Her breasts were eventually squeezed high enough so that the upper curve of her areolas could be seen.

Another thing Carolyn failed to notice was that her jacket had become completely unbuttoned. Now, with each person she met, they could freely see Miss Lord's proud breasts straining to escape their hopelessly small, pretty bra cups.

The constant kissing by teachers and students didn't help matters either, especially when, instead of the usual quick peck she expected, some of the sneakier ones seemed to be trying for some sort of student French- kissing endurance record. After a while, it really took her breath away!

Finally, she had visited the last classroom on the Principal's list, and none-too-soon. Her panties had worked up ever higher into her tingling pussy. The pressure of the panties working against her clitoris was driving her crazy. Her nipples felt like they were ready to pop, they were so hard in the tight bra. She told herself to stay calm, but the heat kept building, until her ears were ringing.

"What's wrong, Carolyn?" Miss Perfect asked her overheated guest.

Carolyn barely heard what Miss Perfect said as the last young girl saying good-bye to her finally broke the kiss and swiftly pulled her sly tongue out of the astonished Carolyn's mouth and ran laughing from the now deserted classroom.

"They are a high spirited bunch, aren't they?" observed Miss Perfect.

"Marilyn, I need to use the restroom," Carolyn said weakly.

"Of course. I'll show you where it is, you poor thing," the woman said, sounding more like a mother hen than a principal.

Inside the restroom, Carolyn was relieved to be away from everyone. All that innocent hugging and kissing had caused her body to come alive. Walking over to the mirror, she almost fainted when she saw that her jacket was completely undone.

"When did that happen?" she wondered in dismay.

Well, it was just her jacket after all, she reasoned.

It wouldn't have been so bad were her blouse not so completely transparent. She must have been out of her mind to have worn this here! You could see everything through it, her breasts and bra, everything! How humiliating!

At least everyone she had been introduced to today had been women. What a stir she would create if she went to the assembly like this! She probably would not have been able to show her face in this school again.

She looked around to make sure that she was alone, then guiltily pulled her skirt up. She was shocked by what she saw. Her panties had slid right up between her now swollen pussy lips. No wonder she was having those weird feeling running through her head.

Carolyn was about to fix them when Beth came in. Quickly she put her skirt back down but it was too late, Beth had seen her.

"Now I know why you looked so nervous earlier. I just hate that when it happens, don't you?" Beth said smiling sweetly, walking toward Carolyn. Beth didn't stop where Carolyn expected, but kept willfully coming closer. The perplexed woman started retreating until the teenager had backed her up against the wall.

Seeing Beth so close to her made her breath a little quicker. "Why does this young girl make me so nervous?" she wondered.

Carolyn couldn't move as Beth deliberately pressed her body against hers. The tips of their breasts just touching made Carolyn feel positively dizzy.

"Miss Perfect had to go back to her office. She sent me in here to see how you were," the girl said.

"Thank, thank you. That was nice of her, but I'm f- fine, really," Carolyn managed to say as Beth brought her nose against Carolyn's neck and sniffed. "M-must you be so close?" she asked, as politely as she could.

"That's a wonderful perfume you're wearing. What is it?"

"It's..." Carolyn couldn't seem to make words form in her head. The young girl was making her feel very nervous.

"It's not important I guess. While I'm here, why don't I help you fix your top. You seem to be coming right out of it," Beth chuckled as she reached up and started to unbutton Carolyn's blouse.

"Please don't. I can do that," a trembling Carolyn, whispered.

"You should have worn a bigger bra, I think. This one seems way too small for you," the girl said as her hands quickly made short work of Carolyn's buttons. The embarrassed woman's blouse was now pulled outside of her skirt and opened completely.

Beth chuckled again as her hands gently squeezed Carolyn's trembling breasts, which were spilling out of their cups. "Now, if we just give a little tug right here, that should do it. I think."

With that, Beth put two fingers in the front of each lacy cup and pulled towards her and down. Carolyn's breasts were now exposed to the strange, smiling young girl before her.

"Oh, man. I am sorry. I didn't think that would happen. I can fix them," Beth said, with a gleam in her eyes.

Carolyn was too shocked to even answer. All she could do was watch the beautiful girl grab the too-small cups and try to push Carolyn's breasts back inside.

Carolyn was getting more light-headed by the minute as Beth's fingers always seemed to end up brushing against her nipples, as her hands cupped and lifted her increasingly swelling breasts. Finally, the clasp that Tamiko had tried to make stronger earlier that morning snapped free under the constant tugging.

"Nope, they won't fit. Besides the clasp seems to be broken. We might as well take it off," Beth said cheerfully.

"Well, I don't know..." said Carolyn, trying to formulate her protests without embarrassing too much the obviously well-intentioned young student.

But, as Carolyn worried about what to say, the young girl spun Carolyn around with an easy grace and pulled off her jacket, folded it neatly and laid it on the counter running over the sinks.

Beth twirled the now dizzy Carolyn back around and slid her blouse off, folding it carefully and placing it next to the jacket. Carolyn quickly put her hands up to cover her trembling breasts from the sparkling green eyes that were staring at them.

"You shouldn't be doing this! What if someone walked in here and saw us!"

"Everyone is in class, silly. But what if someone did? I'm just helping you fix your top is all," Beth answered happily as she pushed Carolyn's bra off, leaving her totally topless.

Carolyn was very embarrassed at being half naked in front of a young girl had she just met only a few minutes ago.

Before Carolyn had time to protest though, Beth dropped to her knees and pulled a shocked Carolyn's skirt up around her waist.

Beth's mouth was so close to her poor superheated pussy Carolyn could feel Beth's breath upon it. Her knees shook and her legs became drained of strength. She was only able to remain standing because she was still pressed tightly up against the restroom wall.

"I'll have this fixed in a sec," Beth said smiling, but never taking her eyes off Carolyn barely covered pussy.

Starting at mid-thigh, Beth slowly ran her fingers up the outsides of Carolyn's shapely thighs, until they reached the thin waistband of the delicate panties. The gleeful teenager slid fingers under the waistband and pulled them up until the silk crotchband dug even deeper in Carolyn's pussy, causing her to moan. Then, ever so slowly, Beth slid the panties downward until the only thing that was holding them up was the tiny piece of silk still wedged between Carolyn's swelling pussy lips.

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