tagLoving WivesThe Return of the Other Man Ch. 02

The Return of the Other Man Ch. 02


As I headed back to my room my mind was racing. So far, so good. I had flown half way across the country to provide a revenge fuck with a woman who I had never seen or met. But within thirty minutes of meeting her I had her laid over the back of a sofa with her skirt pulled up, panties pulled aside while I stroked off a load deep in her hot pussy. Rather than satisfying me it was making me even more excited about seeing her this evening. I had yet to see or feel her bare boobs or enjoy the rest of her body. My sample of her female pleasures was very encouraging but made me hunger for what I hoped would be ahead.

Ellen was indeed everything Sharon had said. Very attractive, easy to visit with and with a hot body that seemed made for fucking. Ellen was 28, married 4 years, a long-haired dishwater blond with a nice shape. An innocent naïve wife who could use some experience and self confidence. And nice firm 38C boobs and firm heart shaped ass.

I decided on swimming a few laps then catching a nap as I was hoping for a long and strenuous night and wanted to be well rested. Ellen, Sharon and Joel were to meet me at 7. I planned on taking them to underground Atlanta for a walk and dinner at a seafood restaurant then had tickets for the 10:00 show at a comedy club. I couldn't wait to see Ellen again and also was anxious to see Sharon. The thought of Sharon quickly drew me back to memories of our times together. Sharon had gone from an innocent young wife reluctantly submitting to her husband's desire to see her experience another man while he watched, to a sexual dynamo who could handle cock with the best of them and truly enjoyed being used as a sex object - as long as she was sure it was safe and her husband was watching.

I met Joel, Ellen, and Sharon at the agreed upon time in the lobby. The girls looked fantastic. They had matching outfits of tight miniskirts with enticing slits, heeled sandals, sheer shiny nylons, and semi-sheer blouses that revealed a hint of lacy bras. I presumed Ellen was in stockings and garters with sexy panties as I had told Sharon I expected sexy lingerie. Sharon was even more attractive than I remembered. She was now 33, with stylish auburn hair, 5'5" tall, and with a figure that filled out a 36C bra delightfully. As I had bought her several sets of lingerie and enjoyed removing them from her on prior visits, I knew her body well.

There was one difference, Sharon was dressed in white and Ellen in black. I complemented the women on their outfits and inquired on the color choice. As Sharon hugged me warmly, she said the white was for the good girl and the black for the bad girl. Ellen blushed as I gave her a warm hug and peck on the cheek while noting how I was looking forward to the evening. Joel seemed more gregarious than in past meetings, greeting me as if I was a long time friend and not just some guy who his wife has chosen to do the dirty with her two years earlier.

Our diner was delightful as we engaged in a variety of small talk and caught up on work and leisure events over the past year. Sharon had changed some. She was more self confident than in prior meetings. She was less the naive wife and more like a coach as she tried to make Ellen as at ease as possible. I almost choked on my meal when I found out Ellen's husband was a police officer. All I would need is to have a police officer find out I was the guy who flew into town for his wife's revenge fuck.

After dinner we went to the comedy club and sat down for drinks before the show. I wanted both Sharon and Ellen to be relaxed. Ellen seemed more nervous when Joel mentioned he had brought the camera. The agreed to plan was for Joel and Sharon to get a picture of Ellen having sex with another man so she could show it to her husband as part of her ultimatum that he better cease and desist his extramarital activities unless he wanted Ellen to screw around too.

As the conversation continued I asked Joel what position he thought would be most effective in getting Burt, Ellen's husband, most jealous. He thought for a few minutes then responded in a way that revealed that this was something he was quite knowledgeable about. With an almost professorial tone he said that one way to get Burt most upset was if Ellen allowed another man to do something intimate with her that her husband hadn't been allowed to do. We all turned to Ellen to see how she would react. She blushed and turned red with embarrassment and avoided answering the obvious question by deflecting it and asking Joel, "What else?"

Joel paused briefly before continuing. "A photo with a nice hard cock in your mouth with a smile on your face would certainly get the vast majority of men worked up. Sharon piled on by noting, "Ellen your nipples are showing through your bra and blouse. That must excite you?"

I couldn't resist pointing out, "Sharon you are looking a little flush yourself and your nipples are clearly straining against your white lace bra and thin blouse. It must excite you too?"

Joel continued, "But oral is not as intimate as regular sex. A picture of you on your back with your legs wrapped over a man's shoulders with him plunged deep in you, sweat on both bodies, and an expression on your face that looks like you are moaning in pleasure is a great way to get his attention. He will know you are really getting nailed."

"On the other hand, a picture of you on top riding him with a smile on your face is a stronger message that you are a willing participant and are enjoying the fuck. It also helps seeing the guy with his hands fondling your tits and your nipples swollen hard."

Ellen was flush and aggressively nursing her drink. I was hard just thinking about the scenes Joel was describing. Sharon was also completely absorbed in the discussion and was fidgeting in her seat and had undone a blouse button. Ellen said we all had active imaginations and she wasn't sure anyone was going to get in her panties say nothing of act out these wild fantasies.

I countered saying, "So you still have panties on? You and Sharon should go to the ladies room and remove your bra and panties when they turn the lights down for the show."

Ellen giggled and seemed intrigued with the quick wit.

Joel continued, "Another man between your legs sucking your clit is certainly a hot scene and, of course, a guarantee for jealousy would be a scene with a cock in your hands shooting a load on your face and tits, especially if you don't let Burt cum on your face."

Ellen grimaced and Sharon prodded her, "Fess up time Ellen. Have you let Burt cum on your face and tits?"

Ellen hushed Sharon and told her to be quieter so no one at the other tables could hear her." Sharon replied, "I'll be quiet only if you answer the question." Ellen said, "ok" and shook her head no.

I asked Sharon what scene she thought would be most effective. She said the only other thing she could add to Joel's rather expert list was the prospect of a scene with two guys using Ellen. I noted we did have two guys available. Ellen giggled and said she wasn't sure she was game for one guy much less two. Her tone revealed she was buzzed from her drinks and enjoying the conversation even as she acted noncommittal.

I was surprised when Sharon said, "It would only be fair for Joel to participate and besides, we could arrange a photo where only his cock was visible."

I countered, "Or I could ask my friend Ben who lives in town to help out."

Our conversation quieted as the waitress arrived and hinted the girls looked like they needed a refill before the show started. I ordered rum and Cokes -- hoping it had enough caffeine so that Ellen didn't nod off before we had some fun latter in the evening. The headliner took the stage and we sat back to listen. The show was great and the sex laden naughty comedy added to our already randy mood.

At intermission I suggested we head back to the room for our photo shoot. The girls quickly protested that they were enjoying the show and wanted to hear the rest of it. I indicated that would be alright but as a modest concession Ellen should take a ladies room break and bring me a bra to make the rest of the show more interesting. Ellen protested that her blouse was too sheer. I said fine then Sharon should remove her bra as that was the deal.

Sharon, whose sheer white blouse was more revealing than the black blouse Ellen wore took Ellen's hand and led her to the rest room. The presence of two beautiful sexy half drunk women had me in the mood for some action and if I was going to wait at least I was going to enjoy it.

After a few minutes the women returned to the table. Ellen sat next to me and discretely handed me a white lacy bra. I looked puzzled then turned and saw Sharon had remover her bra and her areoles and nipples were very noticeable through her blouse even in the dim light. Ellen said, "Since I wouldn't comply Sharon honored her promise."

I was anxious for the show to end. Memories of Sharon's naked body and the intrigue of what lay beneath Ellen's sheer blouse and tight skirt occupied my attention. Within the hour I planned to be suckling some shapely tits and fully exploring every inch of the womanly charms now covered by a tight skirt -- it just wasn't yet clear whose charms those would be.

Sharon poured the rest of her drink in Ellen's glass and told her she needed some more liquid courage to follow through with her plan of revenge. As if to goad Ellen into participating she began asking her about her husband's affair. "How many times did he sleep with that woman?" "Didn't he say she was hot in bed?" "Maybe you weren't adventurous enough to keep him interested?" "May be a little practice would be good for you and for him?"

Ellen turned red as the banter continued. I thought I was going to see steam rising pretty soon. Finally she stood up, finished her drink and stormed off. We all watched, not sure how mad she was. We turned our attention to the comic and decided to let her cool off. About ten minutes later she reappeared. She sat next to me and opened her purse revealing a black bra. "A deal is a deal" she said. "I'm ready to go whenever you are."

The show ended in a few minutes and we stood to leave. As the lights were turned up after the show it became apparent just how sheer the ladies' blouses were. Fortunately, they were a little too drunk and horny to care. We settled our tab and made our way to the exit drawing the admiring looks of several other male guests and staff members.

The cool air on the short walk back to the hotel helped to sober up the girls as well as firm up their nipples. As we entered the hotel they looked more like working girls than professionals and wives. I sent Joel to his car to get the camera and tripod and I headed to the room with the girls. In the elevator I had my arms around both of them and was telling them how much I was looking forward to enjoying their company. I admitted how terribly horny I was after spending the evening with such enticing company and talking about sexual positions followed by sex laced humor.

I turned to Ellen and unbuttoned two more buttons on her blouse so the remaining buttons were all below her bust line and her gorgeous cleavage was spilling out. I turned to Sharon and repeated the same steps, unbuttoning her blouse so it too did little to hide her treasures to anyone positioned to see. As the floors passed I turned back to Ellen and gently kissed her then told her I was going to make sure she had a very fun and memorable evening. As she started to say something I kissed her again and said, "Tonight you are mine, you want it and your husband deserves it. No games, no protests, anything goes night of lust. We're are going to give Joel more photo opportunities than the camera men on a porn set."

I turned to Sharon and kissed her and placed my hands on her breasts fondling them gently. "And you are going to stand around in only your panties and help make sure Ellen is comfortable and the lighting is right."

Sharon nodded approval as the elevator came to our floor.

As soon as we were in the room I fixed everyone drinks and adjusted the temperature and lighting. I told Sharon to strip down to her panties to make Ellen more comfortable. As she fumbled with her remaining buttons and skirt zipper I approached Ellen then began undoing her blouse. As I removed it I feasted on the beautifully shaped boobs and commented that her husband must be a fool to look outside of marriage when he had a set of these at home.

Ellen blushed as I gazed on her naked top but didn't offer any resistance. The black skirt was next and revealed a lacy garter belt holding up her stockings and a matching bikini panty. She was stunning. Sharon was now removing her skirt to reveal the same lingerie in white. Joel showed up as the two topless lingerie clad women nursed their drinks and checked out the room.

Joel's only comment was that he was glad he arrived when he did so he didn't miss much. He busied himself getting the camera mounted on the tripod and checking out the room lighting. He assured me that the camera would work in any light conditions and that he had a huge memory card so he could shoot dozens of photos and even some video clips to choose from.

I removed my slacks and shirt. The tent in my briefs signaled I was more than ready to get started.

Joel began taking shots of both girls as I embraced Ellen. The next ten minutes were spent kissing and exploring her body with my hands as we stood in the middle of the room. Ellen smelled fantastic and her skin was soft and warm. She trembled slightly and was very compliant and even participatory with warm kisses and confirmatory sounds as my hands explored various sensitive places. Her nipples were swollen and firm and she had the sexy puffy areoles that I find a huge turn-on. As my hands brushed her pubic area her warmth and moistness confirmed she was ready.

I turned to Joel and said, "You are the photo shoot director and the expert on what gets a husband's attention, you call the shots."

Joel started barking out orders.

"Kiss her passionately and put your hands on her ass. No, inside her panties.

Shift your arm so the side of her breast shows.

Now place your left hand on her boob. Back up slightly so it shows. Leave the other hand on her ass.

Slide the back of her panties down so her ass shows. Good.

Another kiss -- not soft and tender but with lust with your tongue in her mouth.

Turn so the bulge in your shorts shows.

Now Ellen, put your hands on his briefs and slide them down so his cock shows out the waist band. Perfect. Smile, look like you are enjoying it.

Now Tom, turn her to face the camera so I can see her front. Rub her breasts and nuzzle into her neck. Now a hand on her panty front. Good. Now slide the hand inside. Make her pant. I want to see some emotions on her face. That's right, make it clear you are fondling her. We are in video mode now, work her clit and make her cum.

Good. Good. Louder."

"Great, we have the preview, now for the movie."

I interrupted Joel. "Joel, I need to cum too. I am going to fuck her now -- I've been aroused for hours and need release." I took her and laid her on the bed. I quickly stripped her panties off and positioned between her legs. She was soaked and I was hard. No more foreplay, I needed to fuck. I slid her to the edge of the bed, held her legs apart and plunged my cock forward.

Joel had scurried into position and clicked away as my seven inches slid home. God it felt good. Warm, wet and tight. Soft skin and a beautiful set of boobs bouncing as I hit bottom. The pretty smiling face topped it off as I begin thrusting. Sharon stood nearby watching intently and still topless in her panties and stockings. The visual and tactile sensations were too much. I didn't last long and Ellen and I both made unintelligible sounds as we climaxed.

Joel said. "Perfect first scene. Now rest for the next scene."

Over the next three hours Ellen was fucked in every conceivable position. And she came several times, and she liked it. The photo shoot ended with the money shot, I pumped my last load of the night on Ellen's face and tits as Sharon sat nearby on the bed masturbating herself to climax as Joel filmed the scene.

Ellen stayed over and spent the day with me on Saturday. Saturday evening Sharon and Joel came over and played the photos and video clips on a laptop for us to preview. We didn't get halfway through the show before my cock was tonsil deep in Ellen's throat and Joel was titty fucking Sharon in the bed. In 36 hours her oral skills had improved considerably and she took a real liking to being fucked while a vibrator was humming in her ass. Ellen wasn't ready to take a cock up her back passage but she enjoyed watching me unload deep in Sharon's bowels about 3am Sunday morning. By Sunday Ellen had enough pleasurable new sexual experiences to make her question if she really wanted her husband back.

Last I heard Ellen's husband was home and being very well behaved. Perhaps he realized that he wouldn't get away with it if he strayed, or perhaps Ellen was keeping him so well entertained that he no longer wanted to wander.

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