tagFetishThe Revenge Party

The Revenge Party


I was lying in bed drowsing. My girlfriend, Michelle, had gone around to a friends as she was holding a lingerie and sex toy party, and I'd got fed up waiting for her return. We'd had a few problems recently after I'd been caught red-handed with a girl from work. Michelle's friends were keen for her to get her revenge and I was starting to think she'd gone onto a club to try and even the score.

As I lay there I heard a taxi come to a stop outside and then the sound of a key in the door. As I listened it became obvious that Michelle had returned with some of her mates and from the sounds of things they had been drinking a fair bit.

After a few minutes I could hear footsteps on the stairs and Michelle entered the bedroom. She nudged me, presuming I was asleep, and asked if I could give her a hand downstairs with the video player as it wasn't working properly. I muttered a protest, but reached for my dressing gown and made my way down to the living room.

There was seven women in the room, some I recognised others I'd never seen before, and they were all pretty tipsy. I made my way to the video and bent down to check the wires. I recognised Julie's voice but didn't catch what she said, whatever it was caused a great deal of laughter. I suddenly felt quiet vulnerable dressed as I was infront of these women.

I soon sorted the wires out and the video burst onto the screen. A blonde woman was sucking a large cock while another was rammed in her pussy; the crowd cheered their appreciation. I was about to make a hasty exit from the room when Wendy asked if I'd like to see what they'd bought. I shrugged and nodded, increasingly wanting to be elsewhere.

With that a range of vibrators, handcuffs, and skimpy outfits emerged from the bags they had with them. I congratulated them on their buys whilst edging my way across the room.

"Michelle say's you know how to use these," I stopped at Lauren's comment. She was holding a bottle of popper's which I'd tried with Michelle to see what effect they'd have during a sex session. "Iv'e never used them before. What do they do," enquired Lauren.

I looked over at Michelle, who was looking at me with a sly look on her face. "They don't do a lot, just make you get a bit giddy," I said to Lauren.

"What do you do with them," enquired Julie.

"Just sniff the vapour," I responded.

Lauren then came back with, "Show us."

The women were unanimous about this, and my sense of unease increased. They weren't going to take "no" for an answer, and Lauren now had the bottle out of the box and was handing it towards me. I took the bottle and became aware of the shakiness in my hands. I tried again to explain the effects but they insisted on a demonstration.

I gave the bottle top a sharp twist and then raised the bottle to my nose. It had been several months since I'd last done this and as I took a large sniff the sharp, pungent vapours shot up my nose. The effect was almost immediate, I felt a rushing sensation from my heart and my senses became enveloped in a warm feeling of disorientation.

I was in a momentary stupour, but still able to detect movement around me and then hands grabbing at me. I could feel the dressing gown being pulled off me, leaving me in only boxer shorts, and my hands being dragged behind me and restrained.

As the vapours subsided I realised that it was the handcuffs holding my arms in place and the women had circled me.

"Do you want to do the honours?" Wendy asked Michelle.

"No I've seen it all before," she replied.

"Right then let's see what he got for us." With that Wendy pulled down my shorts exposing my limp cock to the watching crowd.

My cock was shrunken and shrivelled as if hiding from its assailents. My senses were fully returning now and I looked pleadingly at Michelle. She grinned at me then said "It's get your own back time."

"Yes, and it's going to be painful," chimed in Julie, "real painful."

The women all laughed they'd obviously planned what was about to take place and there was nothing I could do about it. I could see them rooting through bags, looking for something, when Suzanne cried, "Found it." It was a strap-on didlo and Wendy wasted no time fastening onto Michelle, over her dress. Two other women then lead me over to a chair and pushed my head down, leaving my arse exposed.

I could feel them behind me and then the head of the didlo made contact with my arse. I pleaded to be let go, but Michelle's response was, "you deserve this" and with that she began to thrust the plastic cock into me. There was an initial searing pain as it mades its way in and then a she was fucking me; hard and fast.

The dildo wasn't huge, thankfully, so after the initial shock it was the embarrassment that hurt the most as the women laughed, pinched and slapped me.

After what seemed like an age Michelle slowed down and pulled the cock out of my arse. My relief was immense, but short-lived. With a real relish she asked, "Anybody else want a go?"

Julie practically tore it off Michelle and with Suzanne's help she stood before me with the plastic cock bobbing infront of her. "Put him on his back I while I fuck him." With that I was pushed onto sofa with my legs hanging over the edge.

Julie positioned herself between my legs then rammed the cock all the way in. Once again after the inital entry the pain eased off and in this position it was replaced by an erotic tingling. Not least because I could now see the group gathered around me and as Julie fucked me Lauren's hand had begun to massage my turgid prick. Other's pinched at my nipples while Suzanne's hand reached down to cup my balls. The feelings were intense and my cock had now swollen to its full six inches.

Look cried Lauren, "The dirty bastards got a hard on."

"Let's have a feel then," said Suzanne as she replaced Lauren's hand. Rather than the gentle massaging of Lauren, Suzanne began to wank my whole length making it fully engorged and purple.

I was now being abused by five women at the same time. Two were violently pinching my nipples, Suzanne was wanking my cock, Wendy was gripping my balls and Julie was thrusting the dildo into me with increasing speed, causing her ample cleavage to jiggle in front of my face.

I couldn't take much more and my increasingly loud moans made it obvious to everyone that I was nearing climax. This only spurred them on. My nipples felt like they were on fire as they were pinched and twisted. Suzanne's hand went into overdrive and my legs stiffened as I tried to hold off the inevitable.

"He's going to shoot," cried Suzanne as the first spurt shot out of my cock and landed on my throat and chest, this was followed by a second spurt that stretched from my chest to my stomach. Spurt after spurt followed as I unloaded the largest amount of cum in my life.

Before I had time to fully recover I was pulled up from the sofa and sent upstairs to clean myself up, my punishment complete.

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