tagIncest/TabooThe Reverend Joshua and His Emma Ch. 07

The Reverend Joshua and His Emma Ch. 07


Grandma Rose discovers the Reverend and his Emma are lovers

Chapter VII: The Reverend's Little Girls, 2011

Emma's smooth perfumy softness touching warm beside him Reverend Joshua woke up in the dark of the cabin still half dreaming, his hand wrapped around his swollen hard cock.

The devil in them both, hungrily licking, kissing, sucking, their warm wet mouths, their little hands jacking his cock, his mother cupping his balls whispering, "nnnn, Daddy," before sexily sucking him deep into her throat, he was dreaming of his little Emma and his mother Rose.

He was growling, what good girls they were, moaning, "Mmm, my lil babies, yesss, suck Daddy," his incestuous daughters loving on their father, "mmmm my beautiful girls," taking turns sucking his incestuous cock.

"Daddy's little girls," Rose cooed again, Emma and Rose, incestuous little girls with their father, his two little girls, rubbing each other's beautifully full lovely creamy soft breasts pulling on each others puffy hot nipples. Kissing, sweltering hot kisses their tongues in each other's mouths their little hands wrapped around his thick meaty manhood, jacking their Daddy's cock together as they kissed. Rose mewling so softly, so little, "Nnnn, Papaaaa, look at Emma, Daddy, look how good she's sucking you, Daddy. I knew she was, Papa, at night under the covers, sucking her father's cock, making you cum in her little mouth, Daddy," just as the Reverend Joshua woke up.

His dream was so real. As lucid as any he'd ever had. His cock was throbbing, aching hard in his fist. The bed gently creaked in the dark to his rocking hips. His balls tingling hot and full of cum for his little girls, his little Emma, her back her bottom so warm and soft against his side. Her bare arm draped so hot over his pelvis, her little hand holding the inside of her father's naked thigh the Reverend jacked his pulsing hard cock. He shifted even closer so her wrist touched his hot cum filled balls. Her father fucking his cock through his fist, he nuzzled his little girl's hair.

She smelled so good. He imagined her full firm beasts in the pitch dark of the cabin her swollen hot nipples pushing up through her thin little cotton nightgown, how she would cum just him pulling and kneading her breasts. His cock surged hard. He'd noticed the day before how ripe her body was, maybe that time of the month he wasn't sure what, but he desired her more than ever.

He pictured her on all fours her eyelet cloth gown bunched up over her little hips her feminine little bottom pushed out to him, "so warm inside, Papa," her bald little pussy, so sexy, so perfectly gloriously sexy, the way she arched her back, his little lover, "put it in me, Daddy." He loved that his Em loved sucking his cock, "does that feel good, Papa. You like it when I suck you, like this, don't you, Papa." That he could let himself let her suck him let her make him cum in her hot little mouth, "ohhh lil baby, Em, yesss, suck Daddy, lil baby." That they both would do that for each other make the other cum without need of return, "cum for papa, Em, cum on Daddy's mouth, lil baby." His daughter's warm wet mouth, her sucking him long and hard until he came in her warm little mouth, "cum in my mouth, Daddy, cum for me, Papa." Him licking her pink creamy wet little cunny, "mmmm, babyyy," her sweet pink little slit. He loved his daughter's taste, her wriggling under his mouth, his licks through her wet fleshy folds creaming silky wet.

"You like Daddy's mouth on your little pussy, don't you, lil baby," her pushing her buttery pink cunny into her father's licks. Her hot little mewling moans to his long tongue pushing inside her, "nnnn, Daddyyy," licking her clit, "going to, make me..." flicking his tongue over and over her swollen little clit, "cummm." He loved driving her wild, mouthing her swollen little cunt until she gushed hot wet, bucking up off the bed. How sexy she looked, her white eyelet gown pushed up over her tender little hips, her bald mound, her soft warm little belly, his beautiful daughter, his little Em cumming on her father's mouth.

The Reverend nuzzled into his little Em in the perfectly still darkness, nuzzling her cheek, the smell of her, her hair, love, he breathed in her sleepy warm soft fragrance. She wriggled back against him, purring his little kitten. He was going to fuck her. He wanted her again before going out to tend to the farm. And his mother just feet away, in Emma's bed; that bestial animal surge coursing through him again, the devil in him, he knew, his cock throbbing hot hard for his little Em, her scent her fragrance and his animal urge, all cock, his mother asking him the night before to be her Daddy, too, "just like Em," his two little incestuous girls. "I need a Daddy, too," she'd intoned, so hotly he began cumming in her mouth, her provoking an image of his little Em, his two little girls, "sisters," she'd said, incestuous little cock hungry girls with their Daddy alone together out on the farm, his two little girls, his two little lovers.

The sweet sleepy fragrance of Emma beside him made him hunger for her. Him, the bull, his daughter's perfumy freshness like she was in heat drawing him to her, like the wolves out on the plains, the male taking the female as he pleased, her willing, eager, to please him, pushing her hot little cunt up to him. The Reverend growled a long hot hungry groan into Emma's shoulder. Something was different in Em, his aching throbbing erection even harder than usual, his daughter's scent making him even hotter.

His forearm draped over her hip the Reverend wrapped his fingers around Emma's warm inner thigh. He pulled her bottom to him, kneading her flesh in his big hand, jacking his cock in the dark of the cabin. He needed his daughter's ripe warmth against him. Closer, his daughter's warm little hand rubbing bumping against her father's warm-hot balls, in her sleep, made him feel even more bestial, a perverse kind of arousal, his hand sliding up and down his cock.

Pre-cum slippery wet dribbling out over his fist, he felt Emma's hand move, her wrist lift, the back of her hand moving against her father's balls, then his cock, rubbing touching the underside of his magnificently raging hard cock. Her skin so warm-hot, so deliciously dreamy soft and smooth on his skin, her knuckles, the tops of her fingers touching his balls, his cock, he breathed out a hot breath, that she was awake, the Reverend aroused beyond belief.

Emma was already creamy wet feeling her father's rubbing rhythmically against her lower back, his hips pushing his incestuous hot hard cock into his fist. She loved waking this way, the top of his thigh hot and electric soft against the underside of her bare thigh. Him so masculine touching against her, her so tiny next to him, so feminine, him rubbing on her, both their nightgowns above their waists, her father's hot hard cock throbbing, dripping with pre-cum, her little pussy buttery creamy warm.

Half on her side, facing away from her father, him having spooned with her in their sleep, the feeling of his warmth across the sensitive soft dimples of her lower back ignited a love in her for him, that buttery warmth deep in her little belly.

Emma arched her back that surge in her loins. Her breasts tingling she rubbed the back of her hand against her father's hot hard cock, joining him, his hand sliding up and down his hugely hard cock. She pushed her bottom hot against his bare hip. Her nightgown already up around her tender little hips his bare hand on her bare skin, his strong gentle fingers wrapping around her touching at her loins, made her want him inside her. It excited her that her father knew just where to touch her, how to touch her, to make her need him. "Nnnn, Papaaa, you're so warm," she breathed out into the dark, "you...feel so good," she mewled under her breath, rubbing her bare legs on her father's.

The Reverend met his daughter's soft little whispers with a hungry bestial growl, her turning her head toward him, over her shoulder, them kissing, her father's tongue so warm and exciting in her mouth, rocking her little hips.

"Nnn, Daddy, were...you thinking...about me?" waking so sleepy soft, letting her hand touch his, him stroking his cock pushing himself against her, her breasts hot and swollen, her nipples aching for her father's warm wet mouth.

"Nnnnn, Daddyyyy, are you this hard, for me, Papa?" arching her back, touching her hand against his throbbing hot hardness. Feline, rubbing so soft and feminine against her father under the covers, so sexily warm with him under the covers, she whispered hushed in the dark, "I'm so wet, Daddy," not wanting to wake her Grandma Rose asleep just over in Emma's bed, but at the same time, wanting her to know, wanting her to hear her and her father, them rubbing on each other.

"Were you...thinking about me, Papa? My little hands," stroking her father's erection, "my...little pussy, Papa," pushing her bottom so soft warm on his hip, "fucking me, your little girl, Daddy," rubbing the back of her hand on her father's cock, "my...little mouth, Daddy," kissing him, letting her fingers drag over his bare groin his hips raising to her touch.

"My warm little hands, Papa," her grandma Rose in her bed, the perfect excuse for her and her father the Reverend to share his with her Rose there. The devil tingling through all three of them. "Nnnn, Daddy," sliding the back of her hand up and down her father's cock in time with his hand, his pulsing thick incestuous daddy-cock, his deep breaths, him nuzzling warm against his daughter, her sexy, sensual affections.

Knowing exactly what words would turn him on even more, Emma whispered hotly, "do you...want to put it in me, Daddy?"

The Reverend's growling yesss, made Emma wriggle against him. "Mmmm, yesss baby, so hard for you, child, woke dreaming about you, you were...sucking Daddy, baby," nuzzling her hair, his fingers tightening into her hip, curling around, squeezing, then grazing her smooth bald mound.

Seducing her, wanting to make his little girl's pussy tingling buttery warm for him, "feel how hard Daddy is for you, how hard you make Daddy, lil baby."

Her father's hot whisper in her hair Emma imagined him inside her, her breaths quivering, her voice chiming, "so...hard, Daddy, does it want to be inside me, Papa?" the soft warm glove of his daughter's beautiful little cunt squeezing her father's erection inside her, his fingers so lightly touching her creamy wet little slit.

"Nnnnhhhh, Daddy, you want inside me, don't you, Papa," the thought making her little cunny gush buttery creamy hot wet. "Does it...want inside me, Daddy? Your cock, Daddy, does it... want inside me, to fuck me, my hot little pussy, Daddy? Is it so hard, because it wants inside me, Papa?" making herself even hotter sensually rubbing her bottom on her father's hip and thigh, her father's breathing yessss, deepening.

"Nnnn, Daddy, it...makes me...so wet, that your...cock, wants inside me, that you want to be in my little pussy, to slide inside me, before I'm even really awake, Daddy. I -- I want it...inside me, Daddy, want to, let it inside me, slide inside me, Papa, put it in, Daddy," rubbing herself on her father.

"Mmm, you like waking to Daddy being so hard for you, don't you, baby. Yes, child, Daddy's cock wants to be inside you," the Reverend growled, "wants you to cum," squeezing her rounded soft warm hip, "on Daddy's cock, child," his little Em strumming her wrist up and down his cock, "in you, lil baby. Lets give him what he wants, child," the Reverend growled. "Lets put Daddy inside you."

Emma slid her feet along her father's leg, down to his feet, trying to reach his toes, pushing her little bottom against him, rubbing her creamy wet little pussy from behind on her father's leg, against his hip, him pushing back.

"Nnnnn, should we, Papa? It's - it's...so wrong, Daddy," she teased, "to let...him, inside me, Daddy, your cock, in my little pussy, Papa," Emma breathed out hotly at her father in the darkness. It was true, her holding her father's wrist as he jacked his cock was making her little pussy gush slippery hot wet. Her father's cock so hot and hard made her squirm trying to touch the pulsing throbbing want between her legs.

"Daddy, pull on it for me, it's so hard, for me, isn't it, Daddy, for your little girl, for my warm little pussy, my warm little hands, my warm little mouth? You want to put it inside me, don't you, to cum in me, don't you, Papa, to...fuck me, Daddy? Does it want to be inside me, Papa? Will it make it feel better, to be inside me, Papa," Emma whispered, provoking her father with her hushed mewling soft purr, "you can, you can put it in me, I -- I...want you...in me Daddy," rocking her little hips, "to use me, Papa," pushing her little bottom against her father's hot skin, "let it inside me, Daddy, ohhh god Daddy, let it inside me," her imagining her father's big hot hard cock spreading her open, the devil in her father fucking her so deep and hard making her hot little quivering cunt gush creamy wet, her father taking her, him pushing inside her, wrapping herself around it, that hard thick hot thing between her father's legs. Squeezing it hot and hard and throbbing deep in her warm little belly, her father on top of her, her legs spread, wrapped around him, his huge thick hard cock spreading her so perversely open, him gliding in and out of her hot little cunny, so thrillingly hot inside her.

"Mmmm, lil baby, you want Daddy's cock, don't you, child? Tell Daddy, baby, you want me to fuck you, don't you, child, tell me lil baby, tell me you want Daddy's cock inside you, that your little cunny wants Daddy."

"Nnn Daddy, nnngghhyyesss," Emma purred, loving when her father talked like that, "you make me feel...so dirty Daddy, so hot for it, Daddy, yesss, in me, your big cock, in me," Emma gushed out, "my little pussy wants it inside, Papa," rubbing, writhing against her father, his deliciously naughty words, "put it...put it in, Papa."

The Reverend pressed his thigh into his daughter's bottom, against his daughter's hot little cunt slippery wet warm on his skin, "Daddy's big cock inside you," them both churning sweaty hot against one another, embellishing their fantasies, luxuriating in each other's heat, "deep in your warm little belly," their incestuous want whispering through the curtain even more exciting with Grandma Rose just feet away asleep in Emma's bed. Emma arched her back her young full breasts straining into the softness of her nightie, "yesss, Papa," her nipples so swollen excited by her father's morning lust, "nnnn, Daddy" she quivered hot, "put it in me," him pulling on his hugely hard cock. She loved how hot it made them both, this building erotic tension, arousing each other, incestuous lovers, father and daughter. "I'll let you suck my nipples, Papa, like you like."

She felt like her breasts were bigger than usual, swollen hot, so ripe and hard they could almost burst they ached so much for her father's mouth. "I want you to, Papa, want you to suck my breasts, Daddy."

Emma could cum just watching her father jerk off, but loved the feeling of him in her little hands, making him so big, so hard, making him moan for her pulling little hands, how he loved looking at her breasts while she jerked him off, while she sucked him, sliding his thick hard cock between her breasts.

"I love it when you, jack off, Daddy. Do you...want me...to help, Papa?" she gushed, "me to...pull on it for you, Daddy?" her breasts tingling hot her wriggling back against him, the soft of the back of her hand touching him, so hot against her soft skin. "I want to Daddy, to feel you, to pull on you, Papa, to...make you feel good, Daddy. I can make you feel, Daddy."

Emma was making her little pussy hum and gush creamy wet, "to stroke it for you, Papa. Your...cock, Daddy. Let me...pull on it for you," gushing, sliding her little hand up and down her father's cock, rubbing her hand on his, his pre-cum warm wet on her skin, "I'm...so wet, Papa. Need you...to touch me...my tits, Daddy, my...little pussy, Papa, let me pull on it for you. You can touch me. I'm...so hot, feel how hot I am, Daddy, feel how swollen my tits are, Daddy, how wet I am for you, Papa."

Emma loved making her father hard for her. She arched her back rubbing her breasts in her little hand, her nipples so swollen puffy hot, knowing just what to say to elicit her father's hot growling moans.

"Do you, think about me...sucking you, Papa, my warm little mouth on you, Daddy. Do you think about me, naked under my gown, Papa? Nnnn, you do, don't you Papa, my wicked Papa, " she smiled in the dark. "Do you want my warm little mouth, Daddy...me...to suck you Papa, to cum in my warm little mouth, Daddy, in your little Em's mouth, Papa, to fuck my tits, Daddy? Is that what you're thinking about Daddy, fucking my tits, me sucking you off? Your little girl's big tits wrapped around your big. Hot hard cock, Papa, my warm little mouth, me sucking you in the dark, under the covers, our secret Daddy...grandma Rose might hear us Daddy, me...sucking you," Emma taunted and grinned hearing her father's gush of breath.

"Your naughty little girl hungry for her Papa's big cock? She might hear me, Daddy. Does that make you hard, Daddy? That grandma Rose would hear me say how much I love sucking you, Daddy, my warm little mouth, me sucking on you, your hands in my hair, you fucking my little mouth, Daddy? Do you want me...to suck it for you, Papa? I will Daddy, I want to Daddy. I'll suck you so hard, Papa, make you cum in my mouth, Daddy," picturing her Grandma Rose last night sucking the Reverend's magnificently hard thick cock, "I want you to cum in my mouth, Papa," making herself so wet, humming hot wet.

"Nnn, Daddy," her breasts throbbing hot, "want you in my mouth, Daddy," the devil taking her over, she knew, wanting him to have her, wanting him inside her, her father's big hard cock, "nngghhPapaaa, I'm so wet Daddy, so...hot inside Daddy."

Emma rubbed against her father like a soft little kitten in heat, moving with her father's movements, her fingers touching her father's hand moving up and down, touching her fingers to his thick meaty cock squeezing his throbbing hot pole in her little fist, her pussy quivering, the wetness between her legs, that pulsing hot warmth in her little belly.

"Let me, Daddy, put it in me."

The Reverend jacked his cock furiously to Emma's secretive whispers. He loved that his little girl was as sexual as he was, that she loved cock, that she needed it.

"That's my good girl, yesss, pull on Daddy, sweetie, your little hand is making Daddy feel so good, child, makes me...want, to be inside you lil baby, makes Daddy...want to fuck you, Em. Mmmm, yesss, that's my good girl, wrap your fingers around Daddy's cock, just like I...showed you, child," the Reverend breathed out to Emma's warm little hand wrapping around his cock.

"I - I want...to help, Daddy, help you...feel good," interrupting him stroking himself, wrapping her little hand around her father's thick throbbing hard cock in the dark of the cabin, under the covers, grandma Rose just feet away. "Let me pull on it for you, Daddy, let me help, make you...feel good, Daddy, want...to make you feel good," rubbing her palm over the head of his cock, gathering his pre-cum to make her little hand slick, jacking her father's cock, making her little cunt hotter and hooter for her father's cock, "feel how swollen my breasts are, Daddy."

"Oh child, lil baby, yessss, let papa suck your breasts, lil baby, mmmm, so swollen, so hot, your nipples...are so...swollen hard, kitten. Your breasts...are so firm, lil baby. Ohhhh lil baby, Daddy loves sucking my little girl's nipples."

"Ohhh god, Daddy, nnnnnyes, squeeze them Daddy. Nnnn, you're...so hard, it makes me so hot inside," her back to him her father reaching around her kneading her swollen hot breasts for such a little girl in his big warm hand. "Nnnn, Daddyyyy," squeezing her nipple up to his hot sucking mouth, his hot wet tongue, Emma pulled on her father's cock, squeezing his hot hard meaty thickness as he rubbed her swollen breasts, him against her bottom, imagining him fucking her little bottom, the hot satiny hardness of her father's cock pushing into her tight little bottom.

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