tagBDSMThe Reward

The Reward


I didn't sleep much the night before I picked him up at the airport; dreaming of his 'savage lust and brutal need'. The very HOT, extremely handsome, dangerously intelligent man I had been corresponding with online would be arriving late this afternoon and I wanted to look my best for him. Showered, finger and toe nails painted and dressed in a very sexy summer skirt, and shirt carefully selected to show off my ample cleavage, as he requested, I was ready to meet him.

Waiting impatiently at the gate, I checked my makeup again and fidgeted nervously, anxious to finally meet the man who made my cunt ache for him with the power of his words. He was bringing tools to help with the remodeling job in progress at my house, but more importantly he had made me his whore. I was honored and ready to serve him in anyway he desired , 'as payment for his time and labor' he said, but I would have served him without his labor.

I almost didn't recognize him from the pictures he sent me...he was even more handsome in person! My heart raced as I watched him coming toward me. I greeted him with a huge smile and I reached up to touch his face as he leaned over to give me a very sensuous kiss, brushing his hand discretely over my left tit, sending shivers down my spine, priming his long neglected cunt immediately.

The drive to my house with him sitting next to me was almost dangerous because I found it nearly impossible to concentrate on what I was doing. The power of his presence was almost overwhelming. All I could think about was how quickly I could get him naked!

I tensed and nearly lost control of the car when he reached casually across the console and stroked my bare leg, his fingers gently caressing the soft inner thigh. I glanced at him and he smiled as his fingers inched slowly to the edge of my panties, lingering there for a moment. I felt I would have to pull the car over if he didn't stop, sure that my panties were already soaked with my cunt juices. I could tell by the look on his face that he knew this as he found my clit and felt it growing firm under his middle finger.

Driving further was out of the question! Having taken a back road to my house to avoid road construction, I stopped my car in the shade on the shoulder of the road. He just grinned at me when he saw my frustration but didn't stop touching me, so I laid the back of the seat down as far as it would go and opened my legs wide for him. He put is hand in the waistband of my panties and I wiggled out of them as he pulled. I could feel the wetness of the crotch as he forced them down until they were around my ankles. With eyes closed, I moaned softly as I felt his fingers enter his cunt. "You're so wet," he remarked, with an evil grin; then made me lick my cunt juices from his fingers. I could see that he loved teasing me, just as he had relentlessly teased me in his correspondence.

He instructed me to drive on to my house, where I spent three glorious days watching him work, wearing, at his request, either my sexy lingerie or nothing at all.

I sucked his awesome hard cock, often swallowing his cum during his breaks and we made incredibly wild passionate love all over the house, even out on my patio, two or three times during the day and two or three times after dark. I could not get enough of him! His desires fueled my passion to new heights.

The evening before he had to go, he told me to get dressed up in something very sexy because we were going out. I pouted a little because I really didn't want to share him with anyone else, but didn't hesitate to do as I was told.

He smiled his approval when he saw me dressed in the short sleeveless black dress with the plunging neckline and sheer black thigh-high stockings, with the stiletto black pumps that made my legs look long and sexy. He kissed me deeply and slipped my dress up as he kissed my neck to make sure his cunt and ass were bare as he had instructed. I could feel his cock growing hard and pushed my mound into him, grabbing his ass in an attempt to get more friction. "Beg for it whore!" he commanded.

As I pleaded, his attention moved to my tits and he pulled them out, the nipples coming to attention with his touch. I arched my back and moaned when he took first one nipple, then the other in his mouth.

He picked me up and sat me on the dining table, then pulled out a chair, and sitting in front of me, ordered me to lie back on the table. He pushed my legs up to reveal glistening pink cunt lips and almost sent me over the edge instantly when he touched his tongue to my clit. He sensed my urgency when my hips shot up begging for more. I heard him chuckle with carnal delight at his whore's wantonness as I pleaded with him to make me cum. Instead he walked around the table to my head and forced his cock into my mouth. "Suck it bitch!" he commanded. "If you do it very well, you will be rewarded... later," he said, smiling at my groans of agony. The vibration.of my groans, turning into moans intensified the attention she hungrily bestowed his swollen cock. His cum exploded deep into her mouth as the force of his final thrust gagged her but she swallowed it all and continued sucking until his balls were emptied.

I reached for his cock as he pulled it from my mouth and rubbed it lovingly on my face.

He helped me up. Smiling at the puddle of cunt juice on the table, he ordered me to stay while he fetched a wash cloth. He gave it to me and I gently washed his cock, then he laid me back on the table so he could watch me clean His cunt.

We had a very romantic candle-lit dinner, during which his hands strayed repeatedly, torturously to His aching cunt, and I opened my legs to give him better access.

After dinner he drove to a club where he held her close as they danced, inhaling the smell of delicate blossoms from her hair mixed with the provocative perfume she wore for him, feeling the exquisite softness of her full breasts pressed against him, the softness of her long blonde hair, that glowed in the muted lights, caressing his neck and cheek, the side of her nylons rubbing the inside of his thighs.

She seemed oblivious to the effect she was having on the men in the room. He had her total, undivided attention. He loved that about her. He wondered to himself as they drank and talked if she was ready to serve him as he had dreamed she would; if he was ready to share his poised, intelligent, ravenously sexy whore. The answer, he concluded, was yes.

When she excused herself to the powder room he put his plan into action.

As he drove home, I reached for his cock in the car and felt it rise under my touch. I didn't hesitate when he asked me to take it out and suck it while he drove. When I put my mouth over his cock he grabbed a hand full of hair and forced my head down on him, and then sliding my dress over my hips caressed my ass while I sucked him.

As I licked and suck his throbbing cock, His cunt grew wet in anticipation of the pleasure he promised me earlier.

He pulled my head up by my hair when he turned the car into the drive. "I have arranged a surprise for you," he said. "Tonight you will serve me while I watch." Confused at first, my brain slowly processed the meaning he intended...but 'how, who?' I thought to myself. Then realized he must have recruited them from the club. We had discussed many times his desire to have his whore serve him in this way, but my body shook at the thought of it.

A car pulled into the drive behind them, then another and another...how MANY???, I wondered as he, relishing my anxiety, guided me into the house and welcomed our five guests.

Guiding me gently to the table again, he helped me up onto a chair and then helping me to stand on the table told me to remove my dress and bra slowly, leaving on only my stockings and heels. I obeyed, my face flushed furiously with embarrassment, while he turned on some music to accompany me.

He turned back to watch, to see her dress on the floor, and the men all but drooling as they watched her unfasten her bra. I moved my arms to cover myself, but he shook his head to indicate that would not be pleasing to him. "Spread your legs wide," he commanded her. The men gazed in awe as she obeyed immediately. "Pinch your nipples to show our guests how lovely they look when they get hard." As I obeyed, addressing the obviously stunned audience, he said they were permitted to touch if they wished.

Frozen where they stood in awe and disbelief, they moved cautiously to run their hands over her shapely legs, gazing at the beautiful, naked woman standing over them while Master lit some candles and dimmed the lights in the room. He turned again to proudly observe his whore's body, nipples erect, her body glowing with nervous perspiration in the darkened room. "Now turn around and grab your ankles, whore. Give our guests a good look at that beautiful ass and cunt."

I hesitated, my heart racing, embarrassment rendering me momentarily unable to move until I looked into my Master's eyes. The unquestionable power he wielded over me forced me, without words, to comply.

Although he had seen her in this very inviting submissive position before, he savored the rush it gave him to watch the men fondling his whore, to see her cunt gleaming with moisture. "Show them your tempting little asshole, whore."

At his command she reached back to pull her shapely ass cheeks apart, trying to forget about the men admiring her in wonder and anticipation. "How could he do this to me?" she thought.

"All of you men who want to use my whore, remove your pants. The rest of you may leave." Every one of them scrambled to get their pants off quickly, of course.

"You will all do exactly as you are told, understand?" Master quizzed the men, and they nodded their agreement.

He felt her trembling as he helped her off of the table, and putting his arm around her waist to reassure her, led her and his volunteers to the bedroom where he coated a battery powered dildo with gel and told her to bend over the bed. Handing the dildo to one of the men, he ordered him to inserted it gently in my ass. Master watched my face contort as I gasped loudly when the head of the dildo pushed past the tiny clenched orifice, filling my ass to the hilt, before he tied me spread eagle on the bed and then tied my tits up high and hard with a soft black rope and whispered in my ear, "you please me very much. I want you to watch me while these men fuck my whore. Make me proud." His band of hard cocks stared in wonder, waiting for his direction.

Turning to them he said, "I want a cock fucking her mouth, and a mouth licking her clit." Master turned the dildo on so that it vibrated in my ass while the eager participants climbed into position. My body trembled and I moaned as I felt a tongue slide across my clit and a cock fill my mouth simultaneously as the other three looked on.

The trio of sensations was so arousing, I might have cum quickly but it was difficult for me to concentrate knowing that I had an audience. Instead, I focused on sucking the hard cock that was fucking my mouth.

Apparently, my mind, focused on sucking the cock allowed my body to react to the other sensations without thinking. My nipples became hard and erect grazing the ass of the cock fucking my mouth, and my hips started moving in a steady rhythm matching the strokes of the tongue on my clit. Suddenly without warning I heard myself beginning to moan as I felt the orgasm slowly starting to rise somewhere deep inside me.

Master shook his head as he saw the change in my expression. Bewildered, I attempted to hold back the sensation building like a volcano ready to erupt.

Before I knew what was happening a cock slipped into my dripping cunt just as the cock I was sucking emptied his warm slime into my mouth accompanied by a sound that might have awakened my neighbors. I concentrated on draining the flaccid cock in my mouth in an attempt to take my mind off of the urge to cum.

Master had a strange expression on his face, like he was enjoying my distress, but also fighting the urge to punch the men using me.

Instead, he put a man on each tit and watched them lick and suck my nipples. Master knew how much I loved that. He knew the orgasm that was building was ready to explode, but first he put another cock, kneeling over my head for me to suck. He nodded his approval as soon as the cock kneeling over me was firmly in place.

My body responded immediately to the tit sucking, the dull vibrations of the dildo in my ass and the combination of a cock pounding His cunt and a cock rocking rhythmically up and down in my mouth. My hips rose and fell in ever quickening jolts, my arms and legs straining against the ropes, writhing under the cock drilling His cunt. The resulting orgasm was so intense I didn't even recognize my own screams of pleasure, muffled by the cock clearly enjoying the experience. For a brief moment, the room full of men slipped out of focus. Only Master's eyes locked on mine kept me from slipping away to my secret place where I see and hear nothing...only feel.

The urgency of my thrusting hips brought the cock fucking me to orgasm quickly with a resounding growl; my hips still moving when the cock slipped wetly from His cunt.

With cum flowing down over the vibrator to the crack of my ass and now fully aware again of the participants and audience, my face flushed until I felt like I must be glowing as I peered at the men eagerly sucking my nipples while I concentrated on the cock in my mouth.

Master began untying the soft ropes around my ankles and then my arms, and a muffled moan escaped me at the pleasure of being released. Sensing the party was nearly over, the cock in my mouth began fucking my mouth harder and faster, flooding my mouth with so much pungent cum that I gagged trying to swallow it.

I breathed a sigh of relief when Master removed the dildo and sent the men away, and I was already stepping into the shower when he returned. I turned to see him pulling off his clothes to shower with me. The awesome hard cock I love standing at attention.

He held me tight, his cock pressed into my abdomen and kissed me passionately with the water splashing over us, then gently bathed me telling me how proud he was to have such an obedient whore. I bathed him in turn, paying special attention to the cock that gave me so much pleasure. He knew I wanted to blow him, but instead, turning me around he began massaging my asshole with soapy fingers..the hole the other men were not permitted to enter. I braced myself when I felt the wet head of his cock caressing the clenched tiny hole, and gasped loudly as he pulled my hips back onto it, impaling me, thrusting with renewed craving for his lusty whore...pounding his whore's ass relentlessly. He removed his cock and washed it again before permitting me the honor of sucking him to orgasm. If I hadn't braced him with my hands on his ass he might have fallen with the intensity of his orgasm. For a moment he felt weak, the shower walls closing in on him as she continued sucking until he stopped her.

We dried each other, and fell into bed, exhausted, falling asleep quickly, his arm over my chest with a handful of tit, and his now-flaccid cock resting against my ass.

I dreamed of ways to keep him from leaving me, but alas, he had to go...which he did early the next morning after my morning dose of gooey cum.

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