The Ride


This almost happened and was the basis for this story - oh had it only happened with him...mmmmmm

I wrote this story when I had a huge sexy crush on a man I saw on the subway once or twice a week. He always smiled and spun his wedding ring around nervously when I sat next to him. I made him nervous I guess.

I left the first poem and story next to him one day, winked at him and then got off at the next stop.

The next time I saw him - he just said "I wish I was still single - you make my heart beat faster than it has in a long time" And then he winked and left me the second poem.

See what you think, hope it leaves you wanting - just wanting more...(giggle and blush)

The Cat & Mouse....

It is a game of cat and mouse and I can feel like a trap is about to be sprung – I sit and wait in anticipation of your arrival. From which direction will you come and when? I am not in control and uneasiness has filled the moment.

Then feel like I am being watched – I scan the crowd and I can feel your presence. Across a room the desire and heat can be are the cat - a panther I imagine – and I, the prey – the mouse. I am right; you are dressed in black - from head to toe. A look that conveys control and darkness. Yes, the panther is indeed on the prowl...

With eyes that give me shivers to my very womanly core you focus on me in a crowd of hundreds. I want to look away, but can't....

Your gaze travels all over my body! My knees go weak - A gasp escapes from me as I feel an all too familiar desire rise within me....

I look for escape...I move quickly, hoping to out run my desire for the physical "you". I feel danger and I move from my seat into the ever-moving wall of dancers. I weave throughout the crowd. My mind races with various scenes of you and I in the throws of passion. The rawness and the realness leave me reeling. I am brought back to reality as a hand grasps my wrist - it's you!

You grab me by my waist and press me close to you. I can feel the heat of your breath on my neck. I see that the hunt to has left you out of breath. I too am out of breath and the closeness of you leaves me more than panting and searching for just mere air. My breasts rise and fall against your chest – it is intoxicating this closeness! You look down at my cleavage and glance up and moisten your lips. That very act deepens my yearning. My body is betraying me, as I feel slight tremours desire run through me!

You caress the small of my back. A small touch that fans the flames of sex and desire within me even more. The humid warmth of the club, your manly musky scent mixed with my overwhelming desire for your body is creating a situation I can not escape from.....

My nipples ache as they brush against your shirt. You draw me closer. I feel your interest in me rising - I try to move away from you. For the first time since seeing you I try to struggle out of your web. I say, "No - I made a mistake - this was wrong! I have to go! This isn't really me!

I don't know what I was thinking -- "I stammer as I continue to try to get free from your hold.

You stop me with a hard kiss that takes my breath away - all the while one hand gliding up my hip. I break away from the kiss. My lips burning and my mind racing! I gasp for breath and again make the effort to push you away - my hands now on your chest. I can feel your heart beating – it is racing as fast as my own.

Your strength is great and with each movement to escape your hold on me becomes stronger. It is useless to struggle I quickly realize! I collapse against your body. I need time to think...what should I do? What do I want to do? With the quick reflexes you take your free hand and softly cradle my chin. I have no choice but to gaze into your piercing eyes You give me a very wicked grin and whisper in my ear, "I think the lady doth protest too much...".

The crowd is now pushing in on us. I am getting moister - I blush - as if you can read my mind and know that my own body is betraying me. My need for you is growing and I can feel myself wanting to make contact with you right here – right now! Reason is fleeting and emotion and desire are taking over. My animal instincts are at the surface – ready to break through at any moment! I want to touch you and touch myself. My mind tells me to run – to get away – to not look at you! I turn my head to avert your burning gaze! Your hand moves from my chin to the back of my head - your hand winds itself into my long hair.

I am unable to move. I can scarcely breath. My pulse is racing and my heart beating faster than it ever has. A strange mixture of fear, passion and raw desire has control of me. I'm paralyzed - I am fully in your power....

Your other hand continues to glide up my thigh and moves ever so slowly across the top of my leg and along my inner thigh. I try to scream the word "Stop", but it comes out rather weakly. Much like a moan, which seems to amuse you. You give me that now familiar wicked grin and bend you head and kiss the hollow of my neck. Your lips traveling a sensuous path down my throat and beyond... I am floating away on a sea of longing and desire.... the ache that fills me is almost unbearable!

I am brought back to reality as I realize you have moved further to my now very moist mound! My eyes widen - you have tricked me - I am caught off guard -.... My mind races, "Please God", I say to myself. I hear you laugh again and darkly whisper, "My dear, God can not help you now!" With that you touch me "there" - that little nub of passion - electricity flies through my body! "I think the devil will have to paid his dues tonight, little one not God!" as my body is jolted to full attention. Every nerve ending sings out with abandonment.

I cling to you as small cries and moans again escape me! I ride wave after wave of passion. You play with me as a cat would with a mouse. Back and forth – back and forth – I ride the waves of desire. You are skilled at what you do and you know how to prolong this aching wanting of lustful pleasure and pure agony! I am helpless and at your mercy!

The music surrounds me - I am lost. I reach for you instinctively and feel your manhood bulging with anticipation. You give me that knowing look of a 'true' captor and I hear these words, "Now little mouse you are all mine...."

This little mouse knows she has been caught and that the real "the game" has just began...... The little mouse has a plan of her own......


I didn't forget now the poem I also left with the story for my "subway crush"....are you hard yet....giggle I hope you go...

I Want....

I want to feel your breath hot against my cheek. I want to hear you sigh against my breast.

I want to feel the trembling of your chest as you surrender to a deep moan.

I want to slip my tongue into places as yet unexplored.

I want to run my fingers through your hair and clench it in my fists, as you nibble on soft and tender spots.

I want to smell the scent of your aftershave, A musky maleness that sends me into lustful tremors.

I want to feel your hands stroke my sides While your thumbs tease my nipples until they ache.

I am going crazy with the need of you. I want to touch every inch of your body, Until your skin burns with my wanting.

I want to squeeze, caress, lick and fondle. Like a jockey at the races, I want to feel the power of you between my thighs. I want to ride you hard, Building this fire higher and higher. I wait for you. - I ache for you. Touch myself in anticipation. I'm wet. I pulse with the need of you. I don't want to come.

I want to wait for you.


Here is his reply and his poem he handed me....

"Pretty One" I was left breathless and yearning for you after reading your story and poem. You are a brave and beautiful woman who obviously is a romantic and a siren. I fear that I will crash upon seeing you gain into the deep waves of passion -

If - and I said IF - I were not happily married you can bet that that longing that I felt and the passion that overcame me when reading your erotic note would be indeed quickly become a reality.

Sweet sweet girl....never lose that fire and passion.

The man that you finally will be with you will be not only lucky, but pleasured I'm sure beyond his expectations and dreams.

He will die a happy and cuckold man. They say in ever woman is a vixen waiting to get my dear are a true vixen! Bravo!

I will return the favour.. After going home and reading your letter and poem - having a cold shower was my only remedy - that and some fine self-pleasuring while thinking of you and your sweet lips... My wife was surprised too that I needed a shower at 2 pm in the afternoon...

I sat down in my study and wrote this...even now I feel another attack of the vixen coming on....This is for you..... Liam



Bewitched by you, my private hell
A place that I love so well
So completely under your spell
Enchanted by your tempestuous touch
Never have I felt so much
My blood pulses thru my veins
Flowing like cool night rain
Disembodied by hunger I've had so long
The decadence becomes so very strong
I live to feel your hands on me
You take me where I long to be.
Until we meet cherie

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