The Ride


Lynn thought about the words, ‘a watched pot never boils' as she stared at the clock. It seemed like it was four fifty five forever. Monday was easily the worst day of the week. Five o'clock just meant so many more hours until she was back in cubicle hell, but at least she was going to be free for the day. Finally the hands made the long awaited move, and it wasn't five oh one before she was headed toward the door. She made a beeline to the elevator bay and caught a car just as she had pressed the button to go downstairs. On her way to the subway station she thought about the conversation she'd had with him earlier in the day, just after lunch. He always sent her instant messages right around then, teasing her, telling her dirty things that he wanted to do to her, telling her how he wanted to make her finger herself at her desk. She wouldn't do it, but lord, did it make her moist. He was her afternoon playmate. She'd always tell him how bad he was for doing what he liked to do to her, but she'd never tell him to stop. It had been a long time for Lynn, truth be told, and she liked the sensations that his thoughts created between her thighs. She would sit and clench her pussy muscles together with his every comment, all the while telling him how bad he was and how wet he was making her. She knew it turned him on to think about the waves of wetness he caused to develop deep inside of her. She liked to turn him on. It made her think about the pictures he'd sent her via email. She knew she shouldn't be thinking of it now, but it pushed it's way into the fore of her thoughts, that hard black dick of his. She smiled to herself as she descended the subway stairs. Just thinking about it made her lick her lips. As much as she wanted to feel it in her pussy, she always thought of sucking it first.

She snapped out of her naughty reverie as she was greeted by a platform packed with bodies, people everywhere with the same goal as her: just get home and relax. She didn't have to go very deep onto the platform since she always rode in the very first car of the train. She hated packed platforms and subway cars though. The reality of it crashed her party and she could feel her moistness begin to wane. It was for the best, however. That was no state to ride the train in. Especially with all the strangers and bodies so tightly packed. Any one could be rubbing against her. She made a note to try and get to a spot where she could place her plump, soft ass against a door. No pervert would get his jollies off from her supple, curvaceous figure today, that was for damned sure.

She could hear the train as it rumbled through the tunnel, the lights blaring as it made it's way into the station. The car was already quite full and she found herself a position right by the doors, waiting for them to open. Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw someone familiar, she thought it was her afternoon playmate, but when she looked again she didn't see him. The doors slid open and people flushed into the subway car, filling it to capacity. She was carried in by the influx of people and Lynn found herself in the worst of spots; too far from a pole and not close enough to a seating rail. She was literally being supported by the crowd of bodies in the car. She sighed and cursed under her breath. At the same moment the doors closed and the train lurched into motion. She lost her footing for a moment, almost falling into another woman when she felt someone grab her and pull her back.

"Whoa," he said. "Watch yourself there, lil cutie."

She heard the words ‘lil cutie' and immediately knew it was him. Her afternoon playmate. He had pulled her close to him, squeezed her just so. Her cheeks reddened and in an instant she could feel the moisture begin to surge inside of her again. She couldn't believe that he was there, right there in the subway car. Right there with his arm around her waist. Right there holding her body tight to his. He gave her a wink and loosed his arm from around her waist. He pursed his lips and whispered below the roar of the subway, "Shhh…"

At the next stop, a few bodies bustled out of the car and even more pushed their way in. he managed to slide his back to the door leading from car to car and he took her along with him. Placing his back to the door she slid into place in front of him, moving her soft, full ass against his crotch, pushing back gently; partly from the crush of the crowded train car, but also because she simply wanted to feel him. She'd seen it in the pictures, his cock, but she wanted to feel it on her ass while she had an excuse. The train lurched into motion once more and she pushed back into him hard, pinning him to the door, and softly ground her ass into him. There it was. She felt it, all of it on her ass. He wasn't wearing any underwear, she could tell. She could feel the moisture building up in her. She couldn't believe she was doing this, here, on this crowded subway train. But there she was, doing it and enjoying it. She felt his hands drop to her waist, holding her in place and he began to push into her backside. She liked the feel of his cock on her ass, albeit clothed, and now she was thoroughly turned on. She could feel her nipples hardening under her bra, forming round points in her blouse. Maybe someone could see, but she didn't really care at the moment. She had made up her mind in that moment, that for all the times he had tried to make her finger herself at her job, she was going to make him cum right there on that packed train.

She inched forward as slight as she could and slipped her right hand behind her, feeling, groping for him. She found her prize and began to rub her palm up and down its length slowly. She could feel his hardness in her hand and she began to feel even bolder. She began to grasp for his zipper. Sensing what she was up to, he leaned down and, placing his lips near her ear, whispered, "Go ahead. I dare you." She was way out of bounds and she knew it, but this was way more fun than she ever had riding the subway. She eased his zipper down with a subtle flip of her wrist and slipped her hand inside. She smiled to herself as her hand contacted the warm, silky hardness. No underwear, just like I thought… She began to lightly massage and stroke it to a rhythm as the train rocked and rolled through the tunnel. His naked dick felt so good in her hand, so hot and rigid, like a smooth piece of iron warmed in an oven and wrapped in velvet. She began to clench her muscles between her legs. This was all so crazy. Her pussy was soaking wet, she could feel her lips throbbing. She couldn't stand it anymore. She slipped her hand out of his pants and zipped him up. She turned as best she could and whispered to him, "Next stop."

"Thank God," he murmured. "Another stop and I would have had to ride this thing into the yards."

The train rolled into the station and exchanged one flood of passengers for another as the pair stepped out onto the platform.

"Where to now, my luscious little friend?" He asked.

"To someplace where I can find out just what you can do with that thing."

They headed up to the street and hailed a taxi. Once comfortably in the back seat they were on their way again. He looked at her, his eyes lit with a mixture of mischief and desire. She slid a little closer and placed her hand in his lap. He was still hard and ready.

"Is that for me?"

"Every single inch of it" he replied. "Maybe you should say hello to him…"

"Hmm…" She pondered playfully. Looking up at him with sparkling green eyes, she unzipped his pants and reached inside, freeing his throbbing erection. She couldn't help but smile as she marveled at how delicious it looked, it's dark skin taut and shining. Her mouth began to water as she lowered her face to it. She had to taste it, suck it, have his cock in her mouth this very moment. She kissed the bulbous head, and flicked it with the tip of her tongue before sliding her mouth down the length of the shaft. He felt so right in her mouth she thought to herself as she began to suck his dick. She could hear his response as he exhaled in delight, his fingers running through her sandy blonde hair. She could feel his cock tensing and tightening in her mouth as she sucked him, with each movement of her head, adding more vigor. She smiled to herself as she eased her motions. As much as she wanted to taste him, feel his cum in her mouth, it had to wait. She didn't want him to blow just yet. She sucked one last time, and kissed the glistening head, shiny with her saliva and his pre-cum… "Hello."

It wasn't very long until they were in her bedroom going at it like two wild things in heat, stripping away each other's clothes vigorously as their lips remained locked, tongues in an amorous, hungered tango. They licked and nipped and nibbled at one another's lips, intent on devouring one another with as much lust and passion as they could muster. She loved the way his mouth tasted, like a mixture of sweetened breath and warm summer wind carrying fresh citrus on its wings. She tasted his kiss and he tasted hers and her pussy went wild with wetness. She stopped him and sat back on the bed, looking him in the eye.

"Come and fuck me with that beautiful black dick, baby."

"Mmmmmm," he growled. "I like the way you said that, Lynn." He took his dick into his hand. "One beautiful black dick, coming up, luscious."

She lifted her legs as he loomed over her. She bit her lip and inhaled, anticipating him. He placed the tip of his dick against her hungry, pouting pussy and she closed her eyes as he pushed into her. She gasped and as he filled her, she felt every single sensation along the way, every vein and ridge of his juicy black rod pushing and rubbing against the walls and floor and ceiling of her slippery vagina. Her wetness was so thorough that he glided in and out with perfect ease as he began to fuck her in rhythm. She began to talk to him, to his dick with every stroke.

"Mmm… Yes baby, that dick feels so good inside me. Fuck me with that hard dick, fuck me good…" And, "You like my pussy, don't you? You've been wanting my pussy, and now you're fucking me…" And, "Tell me how this pussy feels." Her words were full of breaths and moans, her voice alive with a lust that started in her belly and was rising through her entire body. This was the fuck that she'd wanted, that she'd desired and she was just getting started.

"Damn baby, your pussy feels so good…" And then she started to squeeze him just a little more with her muscles. "Oh shit, that feels good!"

"You like that, huh?"

"Hell yes, Lynn. Hell yes."

"I know how much you like my ass baby. Why don't you turn me around so you can watch it jiggle while you fuck my pussy from behind?"

"Mmm" He responded as he bit his bottom lip and lifted her left leg high before him, turning her over as he lowered it on top of her right. She propped herself up on hands and knees and presented her ass to him, full and luscious twin globes of alabaster. She looked back at him and winked, "I know you want to spank them… Do it, baby, you know I've been a bad girl."

He stung her ass cheek with the palm of his hand and she jumped on contact. "Ooh" she moaned. "You see how my ass moves for you, baby? Now fill me up with that hot black dick and make my ass work just like that!"

Her words had him so worked up, he wanted to ravage her body. He plunged his dick into her pussy in one full, powerful stroke, instantly filling her to capacity. She gasped audibly and moaned in a deep, throaty growl as she absorbed his force. Again, they began to form a rhythm. She began to purr and moan, "Fuck me baby, fuck me with that dick just like that." And, "shit baby, shiiit you make my pussy feel so good." With every word she spoke, she encouraged him, egged him on. "Pull my hair, yeah, just like that…" And, "smack that ass baby, that's right, smack that juicy white ass…"

Her words, her voice, the sounds of her wetness as he pounded in and out of her pussy drove him. Overcome with lust and a desire to taste her, he stopped pulled out and jammed his face into her and began sucking on her pussy, tasting her juices and inhaling the aroma that they created with their fucking. He licked and sucked and slurped her vagina while he prodded her asshole with his index finger gently. She moaned and cooed in fevered delight. Then he took his dick and shoved it back into her pussy and began thrusting inside of her as he gripped her waist with both hands, pausing to smack one cheek and then alternating to the other, all the while keeping the rhythm they had established. She could feel it now. Welling up inside of her as she clenched and squeezed and gripped at his hard dick with the muscles of her pussy, she was close, so very close to cumming. She began to let out a stream of ooos and biting her lip in between ragged, lustful whispers. It poured out in a single unpunctuated stream. "Fuck me baby... I'm gonna cum all over that big black cock... fuck me baby... fuck me... mmmmmmmm... here I cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" He matched her with his own intensity, hammering away at her pussy like a man possessed. She felt him as she quivered in tiny eruptions. Felt his dick swell and tense inside of her as he thrusted and she knew he was close. She gathered up her strength, and gripped him tightly as she could with her muscles, massaging his length with all she had left. "Give it to me baby, give me that hot, sweet cum, all over my titties!" He rose up onto his toes as he pulled out of her and she turned quick as she could as he began to spurt streams of thick, milky cum onto her waiting breasts. She held them up and pushed them together as he dropped the last thick splashes of his seed onto her, massaging the cum into her titties with the head of his dick. She loved the way his black dick looked against her skin. She slipped his dick in between her breasts and began to massage it with them, kissing the tip and then sucking it as she let her breasts fall away, pulling the last drops of his cum hungrily into her mouth. She dribbled the results back out onto his dick and kissed the tip, a long stream of cum and saliva connecting him to her lower lip.

"Damn, Lynn…. Just, DAMN."

"Right back at you, baby. Right back at you."


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