tagMatureThe Right Treatment

The Right Treatment


All characters are 18 years old or older
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After years of verbal abuse it was time for Jeane Wilson to take action. She wanted her husband and high school aged kids to give her the respect she deserved. Jeane was a long time friend of my mom and would be living with us until she was ready to take the next step in her life. A divorce was not imminent, but I was sure she would consider everything.

I was now home alone waiting for Mrs. Wilson as my parents had already left for work. I was not surprised that my parents had opened their arms to her since they were a respectable couple and had basically raised me the complete opposite of Mrs. Wilson's kids. I only had to wait for a few minutes because it had been decided that she come over early on Monday morning without warning her family.

I opened the door quickly to find her looking around the front yard. "Hey Mrs. Wilson as you know my parents are out to work, but I'm here for anything you need." She greeted me as I got out of the way to let her into our home. Closing the door I noticed she had not brought anything with her, probably to not cause too big of a worry for her family. If she brought clothes and other items it would seem like she completely made up her mind to leave them which was not the case. They would not know about any of this till tonight.

We talked a little bit about the situation, but she was clearly uncomfortable with the topic. Thankfully mom called in to see if Mrs. Wilson had arrived. Mom told her everything would be fine and that she could take all the time she wanted to think. After the call I told Mrs. Wilson that she would probably have to sleep in the couch since our guest room was not able to accommodate her.

When my parents got home from work they spent a few hours talking with Mrs. Wilson while I entertained myself in my room. A few minutes past ten I went down to the kitchen to grab a bite. I found Mrs. Wilson still up watching TV with a blanket over her legs. "Are you not tired or you can't sleep in that old couch?"

"I'm fine I really could not ask for better hospitality." She was still wearing the same blouse and jeans from the morning. Mom didn't have the same curvy body than Mrs. Wilson had, so lending her clothes was not an option.

"I have tried to sleep in that couch before and I know how uncomfortable it is. You can sleep in my room and I'll take the floor." I forgot about getting something to eat as the thought of her sleeping in my bed took over. I had always found her attractive, but tonight It was different as she was in a vulnerable position. Something about her sitting in the couch looking fragile was sexy.

I walked up to her to grab her hand and lead her up to my room. "I know you won't let this go, but I won't take your comfortable bed." I let go of her soft hand as we walked up the stairs side by side. Once we reached my room I pointed to the bed. I was not going to cross the line with her; I was simply offering the left side of the bed.

"C'mon the bed is big enough for the two of us. I just could not sleep knowing you were uncomfortable in the couch and I'm not sleeping in this huge bed while you sleep on the floor." She slowly walked around the bed and lifted the covers on the left side. I did the same and we both got in the bed looking opposite directions.

When I woke up I was alone in my room and the house was in silence. My parents had left for work and I assumed Mrs. Wilson was downstairs. I washed my face then brushed my teeth before heading downstairs. I headed for the laundry room as I heard the washer working. Right when I got to the door I saw a marvellous sight, Mrs. Wilson was in her bra and panties leaning on the wall. She jumped when she saw me, but had nothing to cover herself with.

"Oh! I'm sorry I didn't think you would be up this early and I thought I could get away with washing my clothes real quick. I spilled some juice on my jeans and here I am." Years ago I would have probably left the room, but for some reason I was walking towards her instead of away. The previous night had been subtle for me and now my hormones were looking for more.

I leaned against the dryer still ogling her entire body before speaking. "It's okay I mean you can't be walking around with stains all day. I can lend you some clothes in the meantime." Her baby blue lingerie hugged her assets tightly. I returned to the laundry room with some shorts and a shirt.

She quickly grabbed the clothes and put them on to hide her plus size model figure. She fixed her dirty blonde hair as she thanked me. "Let's go buy you some clothes. You can't use those same clothes for the next few weeks," I told her while pointing at the washer.

"I can go pick up some clothes from my house in a few days it is really no problem." She wanted to let some time pass before even showing her face to her family. My parents had gotten me a credit card, but I had never really thought of using it until now.

"A few days is too long. I will keep on insisting so there is no point to arguing with me." I left the laundry room to go get my car keys from my room. When I returned she was sitting at the kitchen table putting on her shoes.

I drove us to the nearest chain store as I felt my confidence raise by the minute. I was beginning to feel more comfortable around her. She loosened up and started picking out a few clothes while I watched her derriere. After picking out a few blouses, tank tops, and pants she headed for the performance section. My mom and her would start doing yoga together a few times a week.

Looking at the cart she saw that she had piled up quite a few clothes then she looked up at me. "Just a few more things and I'll be done." Walking to the performance section she stopped by the underwear section and got a pack of bikini panties. As she did that I thought about her bra and panties that she was wearing under my clothes.

Once in the performance section she started looking at the yoga pants. She told me how the pants were kind of expensive, but I quickly dismissed that by telling her she needed them for the yoga classes. After that we started walking towards the checkout and I noticed a slight blush in her face.

"Well you know with the yoga pants I'm going to get panty lines with these type." She held up the pack of bikini panties and I nodded. We were now walking back to the intimates section which got my attention as she was about to pick out a thong. I was now trying to put my mind in another place as I could feel my cock starting to react.

"Black or red?" Mrs. Wilson held up both thongs for me to see.

"Get both." I felt my face blush slightly.

We waited a few minutes at the checkout making small talk as I thought anybody who looked our way would think we were a couple. I looked at the time and drove quickly so we could get home earlier than mom. I didn't want to be involved in a I took her shopping type of scenario.

That night in bed Mrs. Wilson was thankful much to my delight. "I appreciate how nice you have been to me since I got here." She pecked me on the lips and turned away from me like usual. I was surprised by her move to say the least. I don't know what compelled me to do the following action, but after the day's events and her peck it didn't seem like too much. I reached over her shoulder to kiss her right cheek and stayed in a spooning position.

The next two days and nights were like her first days in our house. It was a bit awkward for both of us, but we had to put it behind us as mom already knew we slept in the same bed. We certainly didn't want to raise any type of suspicion and we decided to say that she had paid for the clothes. I had not caught a nice glimpse of her body since the laundry room incident.

Friday night my parents and Mrs. Wilson had a few drinks downstairs. At around 11 p.m. I heard a light knock on my door before Mrs. Wilson walked in. I was watching a movie, but that changed quickly as my roommate started taking off her jeans. She pushed them down her thick thighs and finally got them to drop to her ankles. The sight of her fitted black bikini panties was breathtaking.

Her tank top stayed on as she climbed into bed. "No big deal right? You have already seen me in undies and well you bought these for me." Without warning her lips closed in on mine and seconds later her tongue was trying to find mine. My cock stood up in full attention as our tongues started to wrestle. I sure hoped it wasn't the alcohol making her do this. My mouth was dry except for her wet tongue moving around. Ending the kiss Mrs. Wilson rested her head on my chest and stayed there for the rest of the night. My heart was beating fast until I dozed off.

When the sun came up I was alone in my bed. Thoughts of the previous night rushed my head. I washed up before going downstairs to see who was home. Dad liked to golf Saturday mornings and I guess something had come up for mom. I didn't hear anything and was about to go back upstairs when Mrs. Wilson came out of the kitchen with her yoga attire hugging her body. Apparently the two women were planning on yoga for the morning.

"We need to talk about what happened last night. Was it just an incident or something more?" Taking a seat on the table she prepared her next words or awaited my response.

"Mrs. Wilson the past few days." She interrupted by telling me to call her Jeane. I was trying my best to control my nerves to no avail.

"At your age your hormones are going crazy and I doubt you can think clearly. I need to know how you are really feeling before this goes any further." Looking up at me she made a ponytail with her long dirty blonde hair.

"I don't know how this is going to sound, but there is no need to beat around the bush. I understand the situation in your household and since you got here I have tried my best to accommodate you nicely. I know I'm your kids age, but I really do care about you." I avoided saying love and I tried to sound as mature as possible. She was still a married woman after all.

"I have really enjoyed my time here and I think my mind is made up. I want to be in a place that I'm comfortable in with people that I love. I like your parents by the way." Her wanting eyes looked up at me. We both knew we felt something for each other and it had been like that basically since she got here.

Before I could say something else she walked up to me and put a finger over my lips. I followed her thick derriere upstairs. Looking closely I could see she was wearing one of the thongs I had bought her. Was I about to lose my virginity? I wanted to stay cool but how could I with such a thought.

"I can't remember...I can't remember the last time I was with a man." Right as we walked in to the room she let her hair fall down to her shoulders. Turning around she placed her arms around my neck as I reached for her waist. We shared a quick tongue kiss before I sat down in the bed. I almost blew my load as Jeane sat down on my lap, her thighs felt so good.

"Take your pants off baby."I spread her ripe ass and received a soft moan in return. Jeane got off my lap to peel off the tight yoga pants. I grabbed her ass to pull her closer to me. I kissed her belly while Jeane played with my hair.

"I would love to take this slow and have all types of foreplay...unfortunately we don't know how much time we have before somebody gets home." I had received another moan from her as I began rubbing her pussy over her thong.

Jeane pulled down my shorts and briefly took in the sight of my bulge. Next came off my boxers to reveal my cock oozing pre-cum. Jeane pulled her red thong aside as she climbed on ready to get lost in ecstasy. Grabbing my cock she rubbed it up and down her dripping love hole. Before dropping her weight down she made eye contact with me for a few seconds, those brown eyes were full of love.

Smiling, Jeane closed her eyes before dropping her hips down to get pierced slowly by my stout cock. "Ohhhh!" That moment was by far the best in my young life. No feeling could compare to this mature, wet, and warm pussy. Jeane's ass felt great every time it hit my thighs while she bounced. I had jacked off in the morning, but it was not really going to help me last inside her clutching pussy.

"Ahhhh baby!" I thrusted a few more times before feeling my balls ready to shoot my load. I held her ass tighter and pushed my hips upward to explode inside her. I closed my eyes as I felt my cum rushing through my cock.

"Ohhhh baby ohhhh my!" Jeane's pussy squeezed out all of my cum while her back arched. Her dirty blonde hair fell backwards right in time for me to see her face full of ecstasy. Jeane collapsed on me as we were both breathing heavily. I began kissing her neck while caressing her soft back.

The goddess got off my spent cock and laid on her back next to me. "That was amazing...we need to clean up baby." Jeane kissed my lips then went into the bathroom to clean up. I got my clothes and followed her into the bathroom. I stood at the door watching her red panties being stretched by her thighs while she rubbed a towel over her pussy.

We were now fully dressed making sure no trace was left behind. We kissed for a few minutes until we heard mom's car in the driveway. "There's your mom, I'm going downstairs to see if our plans for yoga are still on." We shared another tongue kiss before Jeane headed downstairs. Maybe it was my imagination, but the way Jeane went down those stairs was different, perhaps she was sore from my manhood. I heard mom walk into the house and went to see what was up from the side of the stairs.

They didn't see me looking down on them and from the looks of it they were going to yoga class as they both had water bottles in their hands. Before they left a lustful thought crossed my mind...I hoped mom could not smell Jeane's sex because her thong was full of our juices.

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