tagMind ControlThe Ring of Cronus Pt. 05

The Ring of Cronus Pt. 05



The sleeping passengers were awakened by two very beautiful, radiant and recently impregnated hostesses. Breakfast was served without a hitch and the plane touched down at Charles de Gaulle airport, 16 Kilometres outside Paris. Where many beautiful women met shopped and had wonderful sex. The party were swept through the VIP Customs and Immigration and shown to their stretched limousine which, was unfortunately for John, was not being driven by the lady chauffeuse from Lusaka. He noticed that as they drove into Paris women turned their heads towards the car as the ring which was now constantly warm against John's finger raised their arousal levels. None of them were aware why they felt as they did or who was in the car. Many husbands, boyfriends, and lovers benefited from the sudden raise in their partners hormone levels.

As they arrived at the hotel Amanda and her husband were shown to one luxury suite and John was shown to the one next door. Miss Primm had a room one floor below. John took a mental note of the number for future reference. The suites were the height luxury itself, almost replicas of the one where John had first taken Amada, in Lusaka apart from there being a Parisian influence to the décor, instead of an African one. John had started to unpack when Amanda arrived in the entrance of his suite. Taking him by the hand she said haughtily,

"Oh leave that for the maid, we have far better things to occupy our minds apart from unpacking our clothes."

They entered the second bedroom and she pulled off her clothes closely followed by John's. She knelt and took his thickening penis into her mouth and began to lick, suck and gently run her teeth along John's rapidly hardening shaft. Reaching down John buried first two, then thee fingers, into her already wet carnal entrance. She climaxed almost at once her moans and contractions had hardly finished when she had at no time stopped her ministrations to his penis continued by forcing him deep in her throat causing John erupt and produce the first of his ejaculations, she sucked the pumping white cream as it jetted down her throat. She could not swallow it fast enough and sperm ran out of the corner of her mouth. She pulled the jetting penis from her enclosing lips and let it pump onto her breasts and stomach. John pulled his fingers from her quivering sex and lifting her high into the air lowered her onto his still jerking phallus which he thrust deep within her open sex. The usual thickening and lengthening took place stretching and filling her to the full.

After ejaculations came to an end John continued to drive hard in and out of her gripping muscles never missing a beat. She raced towards her next orgasm and gripped him tighter. Her Legs were gripping him tightly from behind pulling him ever deeper into her orifice. She moaned as her climax rippled on and on and was almost incomprehensible as she babbled,

"Fuck me, fuck me, never stop fucking me. Push that prick up me harder. Cum in my willing pussy, give me everything you have, you wonderful man. Oh I love that thick prick hard up inside me."

John continued thrusting into her feeling his next eruption begin to pump his fertile sperm into her once again. He quickly pulled out still spurting thick white semen, he spun her around, bent her forward, raised her hips and thrust into her willing open and dripping sex from behind. She squealed with pleasure and immediately orgasmed again gripping him with a vice like grip. John finally came down from his incredible orgasmic climax and pulled out from her. Amanda lay for a few moments, her sexual desires satisfied for the moment, as she composed herself, until she rose and went into the shower. John went into the other shower and when they emerged clean, they dressed, and she said to him that she was going shopping and would appreciate it if he accompanied her. John agreed to meet her in the lobby in fifteen minutes time, not quite understanding why he did so, as shopping was something he abhorred.

The two of them left in a cab and she instructed the driver to take them to one of the top fashion houses. When they arrived they were obviously expected and shown into a private viewing room with its own catwalk. The parade began. Twenty of the world's most attractive women paraded showing everything from underwear to ball gowns and whist Amanda made her choices, John scanned the minds of the models. Of the twenty parading women five were either menstruating or suffering from premenstrual pains, these he excluded. Of the remaining fifteen left only three were ovulating or near ovulation seven were on the pill the remaining five were gay. John thought he would like to see just how many women he could manage in a single effort; did the ring have any limitations at all or could he just keep going? With that thought in mind he implanted the subliminal message that they should come without any accompanying males to his suite for a party at 21.00 hrs that evening, at the same time he was easing up the level of their hormonal arousal, reducing their inhibitions, but mentally instructing them they should not have any kind of sexual activity until they arrived in his suite. John did not know if he would be up to this marathon fuck fest but was willing to give it a try.

Returning to the hotel Amanda and her husband were scheduled to go to a cocktail party followed by a dinner engagement; John therefore excused myself and went to his suite. As soon as he heard them leave he rang Jenny's room (Miss Primm) and invited her to come to his suite for a drink. She arrived a few minutes later and sat down. John handed her a drink of sherry and mentally pushed her up her sexual arousal. The sherry made her flushed and the rise in her arousal deepened her colour and she sat back allowing her legs to part showing John her panty clad vagina. She was clearly excited as the moist patch was spreading as he watched, and her outer lips were swelling as her arousal grew pushing her pouting pussy against the darkening material. John sat down beside her and let her run her hands over his hardening prick. She quickly undid his slacks and pushed them off closely followed by his under shorts. She pulled the erect prick up and kissed the end, which was already glistening with pre-cum, in anticipation of the shower it would soon deliver. John wasted no time but lifted her legs ran his hand under her skirt and pulled off her delicate panties. John disengaged her hand from his raging hard-on and rubbed it between her wet and open cleft. She gasped as it ran across her clitoris, which was erect and highly sensitive.

John pulled back and pushed the crown of his erection between the outer folds of her highly aroused pussy and through into her silky inner entrance. Once the crown was inside John thrust forward filling her with one smooth push of his hips banging her cervix and rapidly swelling to fill her, his urgent movements drove into her like an express train; mentally stimulating her mind to react in a similar fashion, but holding her climax back until he was ready. They, it can only be expressed with one word "fucked" for almost an hour with John pounding into her and Jenny thrusting up against him. John had to mentally stimulate her vaginal secretion glands to constantly release more and more of their lubrication to keep her wet and willing. John felt the telltale signs as his sperm begin its journey and he at last released her orgasm. She screamed in ecstasy and clung to him with her legs and arms wrapped around him as though she would never let him go. Her vaginal muscles gripped and milked his pulsating penis and it poured his semen into her. He came filling and overflowing her vagina forming a huge creamy froth in and around her opening, the froth pooled and liquefied beneath them forming a huge wet patch on her skirt which was soaking through to the fabric of the settee below.

John pulled from her aching and very sore vagina and she rose to rush to the bathroom to sooth and clean away the evidence. John who stood behind her thought to himself, a short while ago she was a thirty five year old virgin now she would take his prick any time he needed her. She had become his secretary and sex slave. John asked himself the question should he impregnate her or not? He would decide later. By the time Jenny had dressed and combed her hair before she left John's suite the evening was drawing on and the hour for the party was drawing closer. The ring was not only warm but beginning to vibrate. It was as though it knew what was very shortly expected of the both of them. John showered and changed into a silk lounging robe provided by the hotel and ordered snacks and a drinks trolley, but refused the offer of a barman saying that he preferred his guests to help themselves.

The models started to arrive about twenty minutes to nine and lounged around talking, nibbling lightly on the snacks he had provided and drinking either champagne or spritzers. They were speaking in a variety of languages but the ring enabled John to understand each with ease. The last two models arrived just before nine o'clock, exactly as they would normally do, on time but breathless, for any modelling assignment. The room was full of glamorous very slightly built women; John invaded their minds with subliminal instructions and sexual stimulation. They looked completely at ease as they removed their garments without reservation, until all were naked; it was as though, John assumed, they were prepared to receive instructions from a fashion designer. They believed it was, perfectly normal for them to be chatting and sipping their drinks unclothed, without reserve, waiting for the designer to prepare them and dress them in gowns and exotic clothing for the parade on the cat walk.

John was suddenly aware of a voice in his head he realised he was listening to the voice of the old man who was reminding him that the rings powers were his to use and not to allow the ring too much autonomous power. It told him that he had full control over the rings powers he was fully enabled to use it as he wished he could not only advance or retard a woman's menstrual cycle but could also override any effects created by chemical contraception and reverse any action the ring had carried out autonomously. In other words John could change a woman's cycle until she was at the most receptive time of the month, the point of ovulation, and override the effects of the pill. He could and would impregnate them all tonight and leave them with the thought implanted in their minds that they all wanted to keep their children and not have an abortion. John glanced around looking at all these super models, each one had a shaved pussy, or was trimmed to the minimum of hair, and all had flat or small breasts. John upped the sexual arousal in all of them overriding any inhibitions to men which was prevalent in the gay members of the group.

Having raised their sexual desires to such a level they all wanted, one thing, John's penis inside them. He walked up to a tall and slender woman who seemed to have skin stretched over her bones. She had wonderful skin an elegant beauty but she looked as though she would break, her body looked frail and yet sexy, He leaned over to kiss her reaching down he casually inserted two fingers into her obviously wet and excited vagina. She looked like a startled doe, but she was so aroused that she reached into John's robe and pulled out his thick penis. She started to masturbate him and John pushed her backwards, laying her on her back and raising her feet over his shoulders as he inserted the bulbous end of his penis into her moist outer pussy and pushed upwards. She was so thin that he could clearly see the thickness of his rampant prick as it forced its way up inside her. The inserted prick thickened and grew in length until it was at the entrance to her womb. She was so thin that John could clearly see the outline of the bulbous crown under her skin as it pressed against the entrance to her uterus. Her tight but velvety wet vaginal muscles were closing around him as it slid and thickened inside her love canal. John pushed up and could see the knob moving as he rode her un-mercilessly bringing her to a healthy and erotic climax. She shrieked and cried out,

"Oh my God" Don't stop."

John was watching the outline of his penis surge forward and with-draw as he pulled back through her stretched love tunnel. Leaning forward he sucked one of her breasts into his mouth completely, nipping the tiny bud on the end as he did so, he sucked the other and did the same feeling her flinch as he bit down, her muscles were growing agitated as he continued to abuse her stretched pussy. John brought her to the point of ovulation and released her orgasm. She danced on the length of his pulsating erection and as her climax broke; John pumped shot after shot deep into her innermost receptacle. He could see his penis swell and eject sperm against her womb, through her skin, and he pushed into her thoughts reading the electronic nerve responses to her brain and felt each shot enter her and run into her tubes to coat and fertilise her ovum and he could distinctly feet it enter the pathway, assisted by the waving follicles, to her womb to be embedded into her endometrial lining. She was impregnated. John pulled out of her orifice, with her lying back dazed and her legs splayed wide allowing everyone to see her open oozing labia.

John's penis was hard and dripping as he moved to the next model who had been watching them with admiration and enthusiasm. John bent her over the arm of the one of the settees and parting her legs, he carefully pushed into her open chasm from behind; he bottomed out with the first push and rode her thrusting and banging his sperm filled scrotum against her erect clitoris. She responded by pushing back against him grunting with John's every thrust. She turned towards him and had that haunted, startled doe, look in her eyes that John had seen in the previous model. He reached around and using his thumb and forefinger rolled her nipple between them. The nipple hardened instantly and her buttocks increased the backwards pressure. Her hands flew to her clitoris and she rubbed it for all she was worth. The on-rush of her climax took her by surprise and she moaned deep within her hollow chest cavity. Murmuring quietly to me she cried,

"Oh fuck I'm there. I want to feel you cum inside my pussy."

John held her at the peak of her orgasm pushed her ovaries to release their unfertilised packets and shot into her, urging his highly charged sperm to rush forward each one striving to be the first to penetrate her ova and fertilise her. She felt each shot and the spread of hot semen rushed around and into her now fertilised femininity. John pulled out and she flopped forward leaving her buttocks upwards and her cleft spread open and dripping sperm. Fertilisation number two had been achieved. John relaxed two down and thirteen to go; after all he thought to himself, the night is still young, the ring was hot and vibrating reassuringly on his finger.

John rose and poured himself a drink, his rock hard phallus stood out from hips like a roman soldier's sword. A red head lunged for it and kneeling down took the knob still wet and covered in sperm, with some difficulty, into her pouting lips, eagerly sucking it clean. She was giving good head when John pulled it out of her mouth pushed her onto her back. She raised her knees and opened her legs wide allowing John to align up his sabre and moved it slowly into her open gash, she gasped at the intrusion. She cried out,

"Oh fuck its right up inside me. Oh fuck, its massive Oh Jesus it feels as though it's in my womb."

Struggling to accommodate the thickness and length that was spreading and stretching her inner muscles she gasped like a fish out of water, but was soon into the rhythm, as John took her. The invading sword like phallus was causing her to produce spurt after spurt of her vaginal cum, as John increased the speed of the incessant forward drive of his hips. He was controlling her arousal and ovulation; she gasped at the feeling of being full and stretched one moment and almost empty the next, John's heavy laden balls constantly banging against her ass cheeks each time he bottomed out. Her climax seared through her inner self and she thrust her hips skywards baying like a jackal in the wind,

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I'm cumming Oh fuck, Oh Fuck, I'm there. Oh fuck, don't cum inside me, I'm fertile and not on the pill. Oh fuck you'll get me pregnant. Oh fuck. Oh fuck, don't stop."

Her legs closed around John and she pulled him hard until he constantly banged against her open cervix, his huge knob forcing it to open allowing the bulbous crown to partially enter her very core. When John reached climax, his fertile sperm surged into her clutching vagina flooding her with heat as it swamped her womb and in seconds her state changed from that of being highly aroused to satiated and impregnated. Twelve more models to go.

John casually sipped champagne and surveyed the pleasures to follow. Each had their own beauty and grace. John pulled a slim blonde from a small crowd and realised she was a confirmed lesbian and had never been with a man before. She was a little hesitant and was unsure what would it feel like to have a real penis inserted into her, as yet, unexplored sex; by a male that is. Mentally reassuring her John raised her arousal; her monthly cycle peaked causing the release of her ovum so that she was at the sexiest point of her month. John pushed her legs open wide and inserted his tongue within her womanhood. This, she was familiar with, she responded eagerly by pushing against the probing curled fleshy tongue, getting as much into her vaginal passage as possible. John rubbed her clitoris and she shuddered and her honey flavoured fluid gushed out of her pouty lips as her fist climax hit. The smell of her sex was overpowering almost intoxicating. John licked and swallowed her honey and then moved up her body sucking each breast and watching her tiny nipples become erect.

He reached down, and aided by the models petite hands, he inserted the throbbing phallus into her awaiting wet sex. Easing upwards, he sent off triggers she had never felt before, she was so aroused by the stretching of her love tunnel, the rapid thrusts of John's hot prick was making her hormones reach a new high. Her hips thrusting upwards in as frantic attempt to keep up as she grew more excited; John continued to raise her arousal until she was at screaming point. The lesbian's now prick hungry vagina was almost eating him alive and the heat emanating from her velvet sleeve was tremendous. John sucked hungrily on her small but pointed breasts making her nipples bloom into hard little nubs; his rapidly jerking prick brought her quickly to a shattering climax. She humped beneath him sucking his penis ever deeper into her honey pot. John felt the surge of sperm shoot upwards as he pumped his fertile sperm laden cream into her, flooding her uterus and ovarian tubes impregnating her unsuspecting womb. She cried out,

"Oh fuck! It's like a fountain spaying inside me, Oh fuck it's so warm Oh my God I'm cumming again."

Her cries of joy and exultation drew the attention of several of the other models awaiting John's attention as she felt John's life making sperm flood her inner regions.

She lay back allowing John to continue emptying his fertile semen high into her eager spasming pussy, now forever converted to heterosexual sex. She shuddered as she started to come down; her vagina was so caressing that John needed more and pushed once more into her at a speed that caused her to rock her head from side to side as the thick ravaging penis once more sped in and out of her inviting and tightly constricting pussy, her inner muscled twitched as she raced to yet another orgasm. Climaxing onto John's thick intruding flesh as her muscles gripped the thick invading meat and her whole vagina seemed to be sucking all the sperm it had to offer. John's thickness once more exploded and flooded her; she lay back exhausted and he eased out from her open sex allowing sperm to trickle out and down her cleft and puddle around her anus.

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