tagMind ControlThe Ring of Cronus Pt. 08

The Ring of Cronus Pt. 08



Waking the following morning, John felt good his penis was hard and warmly enclosed in Amanda's sucking lips and swirling tongue. She looked up over John's muscled midriff into his eyes with longing; her lustful sighs moved him into action. He reached down and put his arms under her and pulled her mouth off his highly aroused pulsing manhood, rubbing her nipples with his thumbs as she slid upwards until her moist opening was wetting his hardness. She reached down lined it up with her open labia and whilst John's lips were sucking her enlarging nipples he thrust it inside the heat of her ripe sex.

"Oh God fuck me hard" she cried "I have waited for this all night, Oh it feels wonderful."

John took her hard and fast. When she felt her orgasm approaching, she wailed,

"Don't stop! Let me feel your sperm high inside me."

John felt the upward surge and started to shoot hot semen into her and she wailed

"Oh God I can feel each shot. It's so good. Don't stop; keep cumming inside me for ever."

Finally John allowed her arousal to come down, her lungs were gasping for air; she was breathing like a war horse after a charge. When she got her breath back she said,

"I feel so much better now; but let me tell you something. You will enjoy today's meeting, it will be lively added to the fact that we have an Earl and a Lord on our London board."

She dressed and went to ready herself for the meeting. John noticed that she was steadier on her feet than usual following one of their sexual encounters her pussy was now getting used to the stretching of her inner vaginal muscles by John's thick prick.

Showering and dressing John ate a hearty breakfast and joined everyone at the board meeting. He was introduced to each and every one; scanning each as he did so learning all about them and their wives many of which, surprisingly, he had met under intimate circumstances the previous night. The only apology was from Lord Gateley who was getting married that day, John thought how he had fucked and impregnated his lovely fiancé the previous evening. Smiling to himself, as he thought from the amount of semen he had deposited inside her willing pussy, imagining the feeling she would be experiencing as she walked down the aisle very wet, and sticky with John's sperm. When she finally allowed he new husband to take her bareback for the first time it would be with John's cream still filling her pregnant uterus.

The meeting progressed and because of the detailed knowledge John had obtained from his mind scan he was able to raise points and questions about production, staffing, and finance. They were shocked at the detailed questions and remarks he knew far more than they had ever imagined anyone could know without being deeply involved with each company in the Group. The Earl said,

"My God Amanda you have picked a good one this time. He certainly has done his homework. Does he ever have time for anything else?"

Amanda said,

"Thank you. I think he is pretty good at everything he does," and turning to her husband said "Don't you agree honey?"

He nodded. The meeting broke up and John smiled thinking of the pleasure each of their wives had received from the ring inspired orgy the previous night. John's thoughts were disturbed the illusions of their sex driven wives vanished as he heard the Earl saying to Amanda,

"You don't have to be in New York for a few days, come and stay at the castle for the weekend and let our new man meet my wife."

She turned to her husband and said,

"We don't have anything booked for the weekend do we honey?"

Jim replying said that the visit would be fine but that he would fly down with the Earl on Saturday for the big race meeting, at Ascot, and they would only return on late on Saturday after the race. Turning to John the two men asked if he was a horseman and John replied that he had unfortunately never been interested in the noble sport or riding, owning or betting on horses. Thinking to himself the riding part of his story is not what Lord Gateley's wife would consider to be the truth. Thanking them for the offer of inviting him to accompany the party to Ascot, he was sure he said that it was a singular honour not issued lightly. He continued however that he would have to decline.

In his mind he knew that he would find something to keep him busy whilst they were away. It was agreed and John, Amanda and Jim left for the hotel to pack. Whilst he was packing the telephone rang and it was Miriam calling from Lusaka. She thanked him for calling her every night before going to sleep, but she was missing him, and needed him to talk to her. John told her they had all been invited to a castle for the weekend and wished she could be there. She said she needed him to talk sexily to her as she was missing his close contact.

John thought he would try something new. He concentrated and pushed into her mind, softly talking to her, stimulating her sexuality as he did so. He felt the connection open in her mind and quickly checked on the early development of his recently fertilized embryo and found it growing nicely. John made her recall the memory of the days before he left for Europe, as the memories flooded in, she rapidly became highly aroused. John increased their level of intensity in her memory until she could actually feel his hardness enter her and thicken as it filled her.

Her breath become ragged as she could now feel John physically inside her and her approaching orgasm was racing to a conclusion. She closed her legs feeling him deep inside her and shuddered to an overwhelming climax. She felt every shot of hot sperm course into her she shuddered and slowly came back down. She said she could still feel his hardness inside her vagina and it was wonderful. John implanted deep in her mind that whenever he was away and she needed sex she would be able to rouse the intense memory and feelings he had just planted inside her memory banks. She said her goodbyes and John joined the other two in the foyer and they were soon on the way to the airport.

The short hop was too quick for John to have an excuse to give the hostesses their usual service, much to their disappointment. They landed on the long runway in the castle grounds, a left over legacy from world war two; shortly after the Earl and his young wife had arrived ahead of them by helicopter. They were driven to the impressive entrance and John was introduced to Amelia, who was a little taken aback when she saw him but recovered quickly and shook his hand. John pictured her upright breasts and huge nipples from the night before and imagined the huge wads of sperm loaded seed with which he had impregnated her. She whispered in his ear,

"You should have warned me that you were coming."

John jokingly whispered back to her,

"I don't normally do that."

Amelia remembered the last time they were together and smiled knowingly. The Earl announced that they would be joined the following afternoon by Lord Gateley's new wife as his Lordship was course Marshall for the Ascot Race meeting.

They all had drinks and the staff produced snacks and the evening wore on until they all retired for the evening neither woman had the chance to speak to John before retiring with their spouses to bed. John arrived at his room as a young domestic arrived to turndown the bed. She was about eighteen years old and quite attractive in a homely sort of way. John scanned her mind and found she was not a virgin; but she had had a rough introduction to sex. The gardener had raped her. She had been too afraid to report it in case she lost her job. She bent over the bed to turn down the covers as John raised her arousal. She blushed crimson as her hormones raced into overload. She turned and was about to run out of the room, very embarrassed at the images forming in her mind when John stopped her with a single thought and made her trust him and relax. She smiled and asked if there was anything else she could do for him.

Calling on the power of the ring, John implanted the suggestion she remove her uniform, a questioning look of incredulity crossed her face but the ring overcame her reticence and when she had tentatively responded and hesitantly removed he apron, skirt and blouse, she stood rather coyly in her plain simple underwear, at the next mental instruction she pulled off her knickers and undid her bra and slipped between the sheets. John undressed and her mouth dropped open as she gaped at the size of the penis hanging between his legs.

Mentally soothing her worries John made her relax again reassuring her that everything would be OK. John slid in beside her kissed her on the lips mentally instructing her how to react to each move he made. Soon he was sucking her young nipples which grew hard in his mouth. John spun around as he slid his mouth down her front and placed his feet either side of her head ending in a sixty nine position with his now erect penis touching her lips and his mouth pressed against her young and now moist vaginal opening.

She had trimmed her pubic hair but was not shaved. John instructed her how to give head and she pulled the bulbous crown of his phallus, not without some difficulty, into her mouth. John lapped at her pussy and alternated by rolling his tongue around her nub. Her breathing grew ragged and he induced her first climax. Her mouth closed over his penis and her sucking got wilder, as she continually dribbled sweet tasting lubricant from her soft outer pussy lips. John eagerly lapped the surplus and the pulling his penis from her sucking mouth with an audible plop he turned round and getting into position between her legs he eased his hard-on between her thighs towards her leaking pussy.

She froze! John relaxed her, using the rings power, he was constantly reassuring her that he would be gentle and not hurt her. His penis narrowed and shortened as he pushed it between her outer pussy lips. Her legs opened wide to give him access. John pushed in slowly, giving her time to get used to the still relatively large size. Gradually it sank deeper until John was fully inserted into her slick sleeve. He gradually began to move in and out of her; her responses were initially jerky and awkward, until her arousal sent shudders through her young body and her natural rhythm took over. Soon she was urging him deeper and John allowed the size adjustment of his phallus to take place filling her to a maximum. She gasped and said breathlessly,

"Oh Jesus! That's nice Sir. I never thought sex could be like this."

John continued building up speed feeling her natural responses become more urgent. Soon she was thrusting up to meet his hips as his penis continually embedded itself to the hilt.

"Oh Sir, I feel so excited what's happening to me?"

Her orgasm approached and John without any consideration as to the consequences began to ejaculate into her, thick jets of extremely highly fertile sperm. She arched upwards as her climax caused her inexperienced pussy to close down squeezing and milking him as she felt its heat being spread inside her and her orgasm rolled on and on.

"Oh God, Sir, that feels wonderful. I can feel the heat shooting up inside me."

John capitulated and once again using the ring's awesome power he left her in a safe state and did not impregnate her. He mentally instilled in her mind that if she wanted to have regular sex she should be on the pill and choose her partners carefully. Easing his sperm covered penis from her and following his mental instructions she sucked and licked it and his scrotum until everything was clean. She dressed and left, not before spraying his room to cover the heavy smell of sex.

John was just falling asleep when he heard the door to his room open and by the light of the hall light he could see Amanda as she slipped like a shadow into the room and carefully closed the door.

"I need you to give me a quickie."

Amanda whispered, and pulling off her robe she pulled back the bed clothes straddled him and dropped down onto his hardening still wet penis. John slid up into her wetness still thickening and lengthening. When he was fully inside her and she felt the crown hit her cervix the very entrance to her inner core, and she started to ride him wildly,

"Oh God I never seem to be able to get enough of you. I need you inside me every waking moment. I need to feel you shot up inside me. The hot feeling is wonderful"

The velvety softness of her muscles clasped him tightly as he continually thrust up inside her. She was rapidly approaching her orgasm and panting she said,

"Shoot that hot seed deep inside me I'm almost there."

John thrust up inside her, releasing sperm from his swollen scrotum, cumming over and over again. Amanda was so excited she did not hear the door open and there stood Amelia, the Earl's wife. She quickly entered and stood waiting for the urgent writhing and gasping to stop. Amanda was the first to finish and she sat up.

"Oh God Amelia what must you think of me?" she said "I just can't resist this man. How did you know I would be here?" she asked.

"I didn't know" she said "I came for some of him myself. Have you left any for me?"

Amelia from her memory of the wild night at the hotel, which now seemed almost like a dream, knew full well that John had the stamina to satisfy all her friends and still carry on. Amanda pulled up off his undiminished ardour and said,

"He's all yours. I must get back in case I'm missed."

She pulled her robe about her and slipped out of the door almost as silently as she had entered. Amelia said "We need not hurry; the Earl will be asleep for hours after all the port he's consumed tonight." She slipped off her robe and climbed on the bed beside John. She bobbed her head down onto his dripping member and sucked and licked it clean. She then pushed him to the back of her throat and attempted to swallow it. John knew how thick it was so he mentally relaxed her gag reflex and pushed in. John started to push in and pull out, virtually screwing her mouth, and her eyes bulged. Suddenly he exploded shooting thick wads of sperm down her throat; she struggled to keep it down but she was having difficulty breathing, her eyes bulged and she was turning purple.

John pulled out of her open mouth and spraying his way down to her open vagina he pushed inside lubricating her with jetting sperm as it slid wetly inside her open sex.

He hit bottom and lay there waiting for her to recover from her surprise at his unexpected entry. The ring worked its power and aroused her and John began to pull out until just the huge head rested inside. Amelia thought he was going to pull out altogether, so she widened her thighs and closed her ankles behind him and thrust up; John's thick prick sank into her slippery wetness to the hilt.

"Oh God" she said," That's wonderful do it again and again."

They continued until the speed built up and her first orgasm approached. Now she was thrusting her hips up faster and faster moaning each time she felt him against her cervical opening.

"I'm there." she cried. "Cum inside me now."

She climaxed and John released into her again. The ring ensured that he had an ample supply. She felt jet after jet of hot sperm blast against her uterus. She lay back feeling the warmth spread inside her already fertilized womb.

John let her come down determined to raise her arousal again. He picked her up and bending her over the back of the nearest chair he slid his penis up to her vaginal entrance from behind her and he pushed back inside her sopping wet opening, rapidly arousing her again. She thrust back against him and in a not too quiet whisper she urged him on,

"Push deeper."

She cried out and she climaxed almost immediately and John shot another load of sperm into her cream filled slick pussy, the semen cannoning off the entrance so recently doused with his previous eruption of cum. John emptied himself deep inside and pulling out and spinning her around, lay her on the bed face up pushing her knees up onto her chest and opening her wide. He pushed his sperm coated cock back inside her and headed toward a third climax. This time he held her orgasm until he was ready to release his own. She thrashed about below him eagerly trying to get to her release.

"Let me cum again." she yelled;

John drove into her spasming pussy time after time enjoying her tightness and the excess of sperm that oozed out of her over filled tunnel as it began to froth and foam between them. John built up speed and holding her back for at least fifteen to twenty minutes before he finally released the pressure that had built up in his testicles; semen surged into her, blasting against her pregnant uterus like a high pressure hose. Her eyes bulged and he released her strongest orgasm yet.

"Jesus." she exclaimed and thrust her hips up hard against him her vaginal muscles milking every drop until he had deposited every last dribble available, inside her. She lay back and when her breathing had returned to normal said,

"That was the best yet. You seem to get better every time; I have never felt so satisfied and so full of sperm. I feel as though I have been service by a herd of stallions. That penis of yours is truly remarkable."

The ring felt warm and comfortable. She grabbed her robe and left, excess rivers of thick cream running out of her sperm filled vagina and oozing down her thighs. Before closing the door she put her head inside and said,

"If I don't clean myself up the Earl will think I have had half the staff inside me. Thanks for a good time. I'll see you in the morning."

John lay back and slept.

The household was awake early and John heard the men leave early in the helicopter, he heard a knock on the bedroom door and the little domestic maid was bringing morning tea. She put down the tray and turning towards him said to him hesitantly asked.

"Sir, could I ask if you could possibly help me? I am in desperate need of some more of what you gave me last night, it was so wonderful."

Before he could answer she threw herself onto the bed and pulling back the clothes pushed her mouth over the dry but still sperm caked, rapidly expanding, penis and started to bob up and down as it grew in length. It slid down the back of her throat and John began to thrust up into her eager mouth. He felt the first stirrings and controlling the pending eruption and only shot a small amount down her gulping throat. She pulled it out and reaching under her skirt pulled her knickers down and parting her thighs she proceeded to straddle him and opening her legs wide she slid down on John's moist penis allowing him into her eager young pussy. John aided her efforts and pushed up until she had his thick prick up to the hilt; John pushed her hard mentally raising the height of her sexual demands of her already aroused pussy and she went wild. It was like she was riding a bronco.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck" she cried as she pulled up on shoulders and gripping him with her knees and continued to hump like a wild cat. Her orgasm burst through her and John felt the usual surge as his phallus swelled and his rich cum filled her eager pussy. When she had calmed down John still hard up her pussy he gripped her around the waist turned her over and laid her flat on her back, he spread her legs and rode her again this time more steadily, her vaginal muscle were working overtime, she thrust her breasts upward asked him,

"Oh Sir, suck them, bite them hard"

He did, seeing the telltale marks appear as her sucked her breasts into his mouth hard; his sucking of her breasts and urgent entry and withdrawal of his rampant thrusting penis quickly bringing on her second orgasm He mentally stimulated her pushing her need to cum up to critical, and when she came he further intensified it. Her eye lids shot open her eyes rolled up, she thrust up taking him fully and hard her against her hot young womb and her felt her entrance give allowing the head to move further in and he began to cum, with steady pulses of surging sperm, hard against her young and tender cervix.

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