tagMind ControlThe Ring Of Power: In Her Mind

The Ring Of Power: In Her Mind


Pre-note: read the other chapters in this series first prior to this one. Thanks to all for your reviews and praises and patience! sorry for the long delay, I've been busy and ill. Please vote! thank you.


Now, where was I? Ah, yes! I had Mary in a trance.

I had just a split second to decide what I was going to do, because my heart was racing too fast. I mean, I did love this girl. So, I decided just to wing it, but slowly. One step at a time. I had to start first with the reason she let me put her under at all, to help her stop smoking.

"OK, Mary, from now on you will stop smoking, and never will smoke again. You will feel great about it, and will not crave any more. If you get any side effects from the cold turkey, they will be easy to handle and ignore. Do you understand?" I asked.

"Yes" she told me.

"Good" I uttered, as I wondered how would I proceed next. One thing I learned during that brief time I had with the ring and this power that came with it, is that you have to be careful in how you do things. Spider-man was right, with great power comes great responsibility. "Mary, answer this question, and be totally honest with me. Do you have romantic and sexual feelings for me?"

"Yes" she spoke. I was elated at hearing from the source, there's no better feeling in the world.

"Mary, why won't you let me get close to you?" I asked.

"I'm afraid that you would think less of me, and that I'd lose you a friend. Your friendship is very important to me. I also didn't know if you liked me in that way." She said, like a computer with lips.

"OK, is that your own view or what you've been told by other people?" I asked.

"Both. I am also afraid that you may have become my friend only to get in my pants." She said.

The light was starting to shine, but it was a shock that she'd think that at all.

"OK, Mary. Listen to me, here's the truth. I always have been your friend, and will always be your friend. I started out just like that, but my admiration for you lit on fire. I didn't become your friend to get in your pants. I became your friend because I wanted to be your friend. But now, I love you as more than that. I will never think less of you at all. Don't feel afraid to get close to me. I love you. Those things and ideas those mega-creeps had put in your head, making you feel unimportant, are pure bullshit. Just like those stories about Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster, OK?" I told her.

"I do believe in Bigfoot." She said.

I let out a sigh of frustration after my jaw dropped. Come on! Bigfoot? For crying out loud! "You got to be kidding me! OK, new plan. You don't believe in Bigfoot anymore, and you also don't believe in any of those things those guys told you OK? you are important."

"OK, Got it." She said.

"so, now, you are free to act on your own feelings for me, without bad ideas or misconceptions blocking you." I said.

"I understand." She said.

"OK, I hope that does it. Now, when I tell you to, Mary you will wake up from this trance. You will feel great and full of energy. You will remember telling you about not smoking, but that's it, and do that other stuff I told you as well, OK?" I said.

"yes" she said.

"OK, now wake up Mary!" i told her.

She opened here eyes from the trance like state, blinked them in confusion like she had just woken up, and looked around. She then faced me, and first seemed confused, but later smiled. "Tom? What...did you....did it work?"

"What do you remember?" i asked.

"I remember you telling me about not smoking, and....that's it I think." She said.

"Yes, that's it. Care for a cigarette?" I asked holding out her latest box of cigarettes out in front of her.

she looked at them at first with the same smile she gave me, but just as she reached out, she looked at them again with disgust. "Yuck! what am I doing? " she said.

"It worked! We did it!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, my God! You're right! it does work for me, and I don't care for them anymore." She said, not before giving me a big hug, unlike many other hugs with her I have enjoyed, but then soon after turned different. she was much closer to me this time, and she held onto me longer than normal.

"No problem." I simply said, still holding her, and just noticing the difference in this hug.

"mmmmm....." she started moaning lightly.

"Are you OK?" I asked her.

"Great. You're the best friend a girl could ever want, and you smell wonderful." She said. this comment threw me off, as I must have forgotten the slight dash of cologne I wear all the time. I had no idea how to proceed after that without feeling clumsy.

"Thanks, Mary..." I said, until my mind froze. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. "Why don't we go out and celebrate your new found nonsmoking abilities?" I asked of her.

she then let go of me, and looked up, and said "I'd rather stay in. Can't we get Chinese or Pizza or something?"

That was fine enough with me, so I agreed. She told me to just dress comfortably, and then she smiled, and then went into her room. I soon noticed that she was throwing away her extra carton of cigarettes, lighters, matches, and stuff like that. I didn't go in for a closer look to see, but that large carton box, sticking out of the small waste basket, was clearly noticeable.

So, I changed into some clothes that I'd just wear around the house, some sweat pants, and an old T-shirt, like she wanted. Why did she specially ask me to dress like this? I dunno.

I waited around for her, and ordered some pizza. I asked if she wanted to order pay-per-view, but she said just no, and just grab any tape from my collection. I snooped around in my collection, and found the first Halloween movie, and popped in into the VCR.

I just sat waiting for the better part of an hour, for the pizzas and for Mary to come out of her room, which has since had it's door closed. The pizzas came, so I paid them, and Mary was still in her room. I got out a six pack from the fridge. I was getting hungry, and was wondering what she was up to.

Just as I was going to knock on her door and ask if she was OK, the door opened. What I saw took my breath away.

Mary was wearing this spigot strap sleeveless shirt with a deep cleavage neckline. Her cleavage was so out there, and held by a small lacy bra barely hiding behind the shirt. She also had on a pair of silk shorts, that were so short, that if they were shorter, I would have been treated to a full and free peek at her full butt cheeks. They looked so sexy on her, I couldn't help but stare. I wanted to catch myself and play it cool, but it was too late.

She refocused my attention up more, when she motioned for her to look up at her face, not her chest.

"My face is up here, big boy." She said.

Busted! I blushed and faced upward like a mad fool. "I am so sor..." I was about to say.

"Shh...! Come on! I'm just fucking around with ya'!" she said, before she broke into a hysterical fit of laughter.

I feel into that one, for sure. I always do.

Anyway, soon enough, her choice or wardrobe was starting to affect me, and thank God I wore my sweatpants, because they helped to hide my growing hard-on.

So we got the plates and drinks, ate a few slices, and started talking about whatever like always, only this time was different. She was dressed in more revealing clothes than I had seen her wear in a long time. And she was sitting in the big soft chair parallel to me on the sofa.

The good thing about where she was sitting, was that she had to lean over to reach the pizza, which meant a free treat to look down her shirt. I almost came when she did, and she did it twice.

We didn't do too much yacking only because we both know each other so well, and besides nothing new has happened since the last time we had a long good chat. Nothing I could disclose anyway. Hey! I just got a ring to hypnotize you to love me. That wouldn't have been the best thing to yack about.

So, we flipped the movie on, and she went and got a blanket, and asked if she could sit down next to me. I said "of course", and she plopped down next to me, on my right hand side. She then said, that she was cold. She wasn't kidding, her nipples were clearly visible through the flimsy fabric she was wearing.

I stood still for a while, and then reached out, and put my arm around her. She didn't resist me, and in fact when I did she shifted positions slightly so that she could cuddle with me under the blanket.

I was OK in this cuddling position, but still trying to hide my erection. Not that I wanted to, but I felt I had to play my cards, if I had any, correctly. I mean, we have cuddled before, and nothing has happened. I just wanted to be careful this time. It was so hard though, I had this hot girl, my best friend right next to me, and I loved her. She also was under my spell to act on her feelings for me. Let's just say that I spent more of the time watching her than the movie.

Then out of nowhere, one of the first scary parts happened on the movie, which I forgot about having not seen the movie in years. She shrieked and came up all on me holding me scared. "Ahh!!"

I held onto her tight as a reflex, to make her feel safe, but in doing so, my dick started to win the war, and started come about to the point where she'd notice.

There wasn't a way in hell she couldn't feel this one. She seemed to choose to ignore it however, as she was still reeling from the movie. That was what I thought, until she shifted her position.

I thought this would help and give me time to shift the hard-on away from her and regain some ground, but she was too fast, and had pressed her silk covered ass right against my hard-on!

Oh, Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, mother of God! That was a head rush to more than one head.

she pressed against it, with her ass, right at the spot in between her butt cheeks, that would be prime for anal fucking, and a few degrees shy of the home pussy.

That thought briefly entered my mind, and that gave my dick the green light to go ahead, and go "Me So Horny" on me. She was still watching the movie, while twitching and moving on my dick, fidgeting around slightly. I slowly and unknowingly started moving around also.

This continued on for the better part of the movie. Soon after, my hands started to wonder down slightly, and then ended up where her breasts were. Just then, she got up, and went to the kitchen area.

Something in the back of my head told me to follow her, and I did.

She was reaching over, trying to get to the shelf where we keep extra glasses. She was saying "I need water. I'm so thirsty from all that beer." The only thing was that we had them in the one over the large counter, so she had to bend over the counter to reach them.

She got her cup, and then some water, and then she reached over the table, bending over, trying to get the last slice. Just seeing her bent over like that, I couldn't take it anymore.

I walked in behind her behind, and touched her back. She stopped reaching, stood still, and cooed a bit I think.

"Listen, Mary, I have a confession to make." I said.

"Yes, sweetie, what is it? She asked as she turned slightly to face me.

"I love you." I told her.

"I know. I love you too." She said and continued to reach for what she wanted. she actually started to try and climb up on the counter.

"No, I don't think you understand what I'm saying here. I am in l...." i started to say, until she interrupted me.

"Can you hold onto me? I don't want to fall down." She said.

So I moved in closer, and held her hips. The material and warmth was so soft and so nice, I was almost in a haze. That quickly changed when it was snapped by the sound of her scream.

She got startled real quick when she lost her balance and fell backward. Being behind her though, I was able to catch her completely. In a brief second she went from on top of the cabinet, to in my arms.

"Are you OK, Mary?" I asked.

"Yeah. That was scary" she said.

"You poor dear. What happened?"

"I thought I saw a bug up there and I slipped and fell on the wet counter. Thank goodness you were here to save me, my hero." She said.

"No problem. It's what I'm here for. I'll always be there for you when you need me." I said.

"Oh, Tom. Do you really mean that?" she asked.

"Of course I do. I love you. I mean I am in love with you." I told her.

she smiled, looked at me in a way like she was about to cry tears of joy. "Tom, you have no idea how long I've wanted to hear those words from you. You have been there for me for so long, through so much, and I'm so lucky to have you in my life. And now I realize what a special thing that is to me. I am so in love with you right now, that it hurts me so much for me to even think, that you don't want me in the same way I want you."

All this was music to my ears and to my heart. Those were touching words, and unlike most guys, words have a serious effect on me sometimes.

"I want you to be a part of my life, for the rest of my life." I told her.

"Oh, Tom..." she said, leaning over towards my face.

"Mary..." i said, unknowingly doing the same thing.

Then that's when our lips met. It's a cliche to say that it was like fire or electricity, but that's exactly how it was. It started as a sweet soft tongue kiss, but it quickly turned passionate and heavy. She started the fast pace, and I was just trying to keep up with her. Our tongues met inside our mouths with such passion, force, and speed, it was like we were making up for all the kisses we didn't get to share while we weren't together.

It was a total haze for me at the time, but looking back on it I can remember so much about those moments. It was a cloudy day, with the sun making occasional peaks out of their way. It felt like it was forever, a timeless moment.

We both were moaning like porno stars in a Playboy marathon, and it wasn't even beyond the holding and heavy making out phase. Now that's impressive.

We were at it for about two minutes, me holding her, while were making out. Then I started to walk over towards the sofa, with her in arms. It was the closest place that we could continue comfortably. Then Mary broke the kiss long enough, to come up for air, and say "not....out here.....my roo..m".

No problem. Whatever the love of my life wants, the love of my life gets. A short wait to make her happy, bring her into her room, and finally we can be together for the first time, as lovers.

So, we stumbled into her room, barely able to keep our hands off each other. I put her down on the floor, standing up, and then grabbed my shirt, and yanked it off of me, and started to kiss and nibble on my chest. She stared at the neck area, and went down to the middle chest area in between the nipples. Then she started to kiss and tease my nipples, and lick me all over them, and the rest of my chest. Her tongue was feeling so good, and she was nibbling on me all over, like a hungry little pet. And in a way that's what she's become, my pet lover. Just at that moment I felt like I was at her mercy.

It was almost too much for me, moving too fast. As she started to come back upwards, kissing and licking me all over, she ended up at my neck. As much as I wanted her to continued, I mustered up what little will power I had left, and gently removed her from her task. It was my turn to take charge.

I lifted her up, and removed her sexy shirt, up over her arms, and completely off. Then I started to slowly lick and kiss my way down to her lace bra covered breasts. I was licking the top of her right breast, while softly feeling up the left one. I wanted to be gentle, enjoy this, and savor this. As I was doing this she let her head back slowly, closed her eyes, moaned, and cooed. She also reached out, and touched my head, running my fingers all through my hair. I did this for a moment or two, before switching places between breasts. As I did this, Mary reached behind her, and undid the bra clasp, and let her bra fall to the ground. Then I was able to really enjoy the wonder of her perfect breasts. It felt like holding a piece of perfection, of heaven's beauty in my hand.

First I went to the nipple, sucking kissing, and nibbling. Then I went to around the area the nipple is, spreading myself out to the whole breast. It was a dream come true for me. Her nipple area was larger than a quarter and just shy of a half dollar piece, while the actual nipple stuck out just about and inch, and it wasn't even fully hard yet. As I began licking it, it did grow to it's full length. And now I hoped I was making her erotic dreams come true. It seemed so, because she pushed me back, and motioned for me to remove her shorts. I did, very gently, to enjoy each second of seeing more of her beauty. slowly, they came down, the thighs, the legs, the knees, the ankles, and then off. All that stood between her and me was my pants, and her thongs.

I then went back to my job, licking and kissing Mary's body all over. I began to work my way down to her pussy area, which was still covered by the thongs. Breasts, chests, stomach, navel, savoring each touch as if was almost my last one. She was enjoying it I guess, because she was still moaning, and almost purring with approval. Then I made my way to the "the spot". I didn't remove the thongs entirely, I just pushed the crotch area to the side, so I could access the fruits that were Mary. Her soft moaning shot up very loudly once I began to work her clit, and entire pussy.

Using my tongue, arousing her, she was already wet. Once I hit the bullseye, softly, she clearly came, because she shook, and let go of my head. She caught her breath, and began pinching and touching her own nipples, as I helped myself to round two of Mary's pussy. I loved it, I could have stayed there forever, honestly. But that wasn't going to be the case, obviously. This because after she came, it's like she went from regular Mary, to super sex Mary. I don't know, maybe the fact I made her come, gave her a super charge of sexual energy. I gave her a second job, and then I knew what was up. She was filling with more sexual energy. She already had plenty of that, but now she was like dynamite.

The first explosion happened she demanded for me to stop teasing her, and to fuck her now. That was the first coherent audible thing she said since I began to eat her out. I guess I was in charge before, but now she was starting to take charge. I didn't know that at the time, because I just looked up at her, and continued to please her with my tongue and fingers.

The second explosion happened when she ripped her thongs right off her body with one hard tug, demanding me a second time to fuck her. Here was the woman of my dreams, naked on her bed. She was on such a sexual high, orgasm after orgasm thanks to me, and now she was ordering me to fuck her. I then decided that it was time at long last to take what was mine.

I stood up, with my tented shorts on. They were so tented, if I were harder, my shorts would've ripped like incredible hulk's clothes. It was a relief for me when I took them off, because my dick was totally free, and visible to Mary for the first time. She was about to get up and give me a treat to die for, I'm sure. It would've been only fair, because I did make her have a couple of orgasms. I knew however that if she even so much as touched me, I would have came violently, and become useless drained for a while. So I let her get up, and when she went to touch my dick, I pulled her up further, so she was standing up in front of me.

"You can do that later, Mary. First, I have to fuck you, right here, right now." I told her.

I then held my naked darling in my arms, kissing her, pressing her naked body against mine, and then moving the both of us over to the bed. I laid her down, and then climbed next to her, switching to on top of her, still just kissing and holding her.

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