tagNonHumanThe Rising Sun & The Morning Calm Ch. 10

The Rising Sun & The Morning Calm Ch. 10


Rolling over in the bed, Noboru gave a mild start when he saw Angela lying on her side, propped up on an elbow, watching him expectantly. As he didn't usually startle easily, the brief halt of his breath from the shock was quite a reaction for him. "Have you been awake long?" Not changing her position, she nodded and said nothing. "Is something the matter?" It was strange to wake up to her staring at him so seriously.

She blinked slowly and studied his face before speaking. "You mind telling me what's going on?" Dryly, she added, "If it's not too much trouble, Noboru-donno."

"I told you, it is nothing," he answered dismissively. "Should you not be preparing for work?"

"Don't try to change the subject, Smart Ass," she shot back. "The last two nights you've been thrashing in your sleep and mumbling in Korean. I think an explanation isn't too much to ask."

Hoping that she would leave the subject be, he tried to pull her over to him. "It is too early to talk about such things."

She shook her head in disappointment. "I really was hoping I wouldn't have to resort to this."

"Resort to what?" An involuntary moan escaped his lips when she began to tease his cock with feathery soft touches. He watched her eyes, mesmerized as his foreskin peeled back and his shaft lengthened under her fingertips. Grasping him in her fist, he began to milk large drops of precum from him until it was running down her fingers. After eagerly taking a few drops with her tongue, she used the rest to slick over his sensitive skin and began jerking him off at a leisurely pace. Her sweet strokes only encouraged his cock to produce more of it and soon the wet sound of her fingers squeezing his erection filled his ears.

Smiling, she continued to jack him off as she straddled his face. She felt his hands on her hips and his abdominal muscles flex as he raised his head to taste her and she hissed, "No!" with a hard jerk to his cock.

"[Nazeh]?" he gasped, eying the syrup gathering at her lips. The smell was making him salivate.

"Because I said so," she ordered. Making sure to keep her cunt positioned squarely over his eyes, she resumed stroking and lowered her head to lick the soft skin of his scrotum. At the touch of her warm, wet tongue, the skin retracted, jerking his balls up to his body. She felt his cock thrash in her hand and continued to fondle his testicles with her mouth. When she reached the spot where his sac joined the rest of his skin, she pressed her tongue deep into the flesh and felt his body jerk underneath her.

She was driving him crazy, between the attention to his genitals and the view of her dripping pussy. He watched as large, tempting gobs of her juice slid off her lips and felt them hit his face. Almost as if reading his thoughts, she growled, "I better not catch you licking anything." The strangled noise of frustration almost made her laugh. Returning to her work, she took one, then both his balls into her mouth and began massaging them alternately with her tongue and she felt a humming in is cock that warned he was close. "Do you want to cum, Nobu?" she asked sweetly after his dick popped wetly out of her mouth.

"[Onnegai]!" was the strained response.

"Can we have the conversation that I wanted to have?" She licked his taint again in case he needed convincing.

"Whatever you want! Please!"

"You promise?" Putting her face between his legs, she rimmed his anus with her tongue and felt his nuts practically rearrange themselves from the pleasure.

"[Kso]! Hai! Let me cum!" he snarled, bucking under her.

His scrotum was so tight, it looked like it might retract inside himself. Clamping her fingers around the base of his cock to prevent his release, she lowered her cunt onto his face with a wet plop and she felt his claws as he ravenously ate her out. The sloppy noises of his tongue against her pussy were almost as good as the feeling of his licking her. Still cutting off his orgasm, she rode his face as she came and in her orgasmic haze, she heard a distant noise of loud sounds and looked down to see that she was straddling a large heap of white fur. Now it was impossible for her fingers to completely encircle his girth.

Thinking that she had tortured him enough, she knelt on all fours and spread her lips for him with two fingers and gave him a look of consent from over her shoulder. The fur of his muzzle was a mess of fluid and matted hair, and grabbing her by the neck, he yanked her to him and angrily rammed himself into her slit. It wasn't long before she let out another lusty series of cries as she shook deliriously against his desperate thrusts. Looking behind her, she saw that his face was screwed up in an expression of pain. "What's the matter, Baby, don't you want to cum in my hot little cunt?" she asked in a baby voice.

"I...can't..." he said between gritted teeth, still pounding away furiously.

She lowered her chest to the bed, making her twat even tighter around his distended shaft. "Oh, does my poor Noboru have blue balls?" She clenched her pubococxygeus muscle and smiled triumphantly as he let out a tortured growl. "Doesn't it feel good, Nobu?" she taunted him. "Doesn't your cock want to shoot your nasty wad into me? Come on, fuck me! Fuck me with that monster cock!"

As he feverishly stroked into her, Noboru felt like he was going to explode, but what made it worse was that the release never came. It was like he was stuck, and it was agonizing. His orgasm seemed to be just out of his reach and no longer caring if he hurt her, he savaged her only thinking of the blinding need to relieve the extreme pressure distending his balls. When he actually started to think that he was about to lose his mind, he felt her reach between his legs and push her finger firmly into his taint and as if pushing a button, her touch opened the floodgates and he howled like an animal as he reamed her out. Grabbing her hip bones, he dug his claws in almost halfway as he held on tight, stabbing her wildly as he sprayed what felt like a never ending stream of his seed into her. Still in his wolf form, he collapsed on top of her, breathing raggedly.

Angela's head jerked up at the sound of the door being kicked in. Flying off its hinges, the door was followed by Genzo who bolted inside, a worried look on his face. Looking up, he saw Noboru panting limply sprawled out on top of Angela who simply gave him an embarrassed smile from underneath his furry body. Lowering his brows in annoyance, he picked up the broken door and attempted to lean it back into place to no avail. "I will wait for you by the elevator," he informed her, not bothering to look their way.

Attempting to wriggle out from underneath the exhausted body of her lover, Angela found herself firmly pinned down by his massive weight. "You can get off now," she told him impatiently.

"That is easy for you to say," he huffed, still trying to regain control of his mental faculties. "I am considering just staying where I am as punishment for the torment you have just put me through."

Smirking, she tickled him under his armpit and laughed smugly when he jolted off her back. "So much for your threats." Pulling on her robe, she smoothed back her hair and watched as he slid back into his human form. "You don't scare me, Noboru-kun."

"Apparently I am not trying hard enough," he said wryly.

Showering and dressing faster than she'd ever done before, she buttoned her shirt as she left the apartment. "I'll be back for our little chat later," she promised. In case he had thoughts of reneging on his word, she threw him a pointed glare.

"[Wakkatta, wakkatta]," he muttered in resignation.

At the sound of her stilettos clicking on the tiled floor, Genzo turned and pressed the down button to the elevator. "Sorry about what you saw back there, Genzo," she grinned, pulling out her compact.

He watched her out of the corner of his eye as she powdered her nose and scowled at her reflection. "It is none of my business."

"That was pretty fucking cool how you kicked the door in," she cackled gleefully as she put her makeup back in her purse. "Man, if I could do that..." Her voice trailed off enviously.

"You would require more suitable shoes," he pointed out. He was caught off guard when she began laughing uncontrollably. "What is funny?"

Looking at him briefly, she began laughing even harder. "Oh you were being SERIOUS? That's even better – I thought you were joking." Her amusement dwindled to a few chuckles and she took a deep breath when she was done. "Well, time to make the donuts," she said brightly.

"Why do you need to make donuts?" he asked quizzically as they stepped off the elevator.

"Never mind, Genzo."

Exhausted from his near Tantric experience, Noboru felt something by his head and turned to see Yin settling into a little ball next to him. Butting her head against his, the soft sound of her purring lulled him back to sleep.


nazeh: why

onnegai: please, I beg you (Japanese)

kso: shit (Japanese)

wakkatta: I know


"Noboru-donno, there is a call waiting for you." Genzo bowed and left the room.

Setting down the newspaper he had been reading so intently, Noboru felt hopeful as he reached for the phone. After the two atomic bombs had been detonated at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many of the samurai and shinobi that were loyal to him had failed to report in. Not knowing what effect the radiation would have on his followers, he was anxious for any news of their whereabouts. "[Moshi moshi]?"

"[Sashiburi-dana]..." Noboru nearly dropped the phone as if scalded. "...[Ni-san]," the voice continued.

Clenching the phone in his hand, Genzo appeared in the doorway when he heard the plastic straining under his grip. "[Masakka]...Sa-"

"That's right, Ni-san. It's your beloved brother, Saburo." A repulsive chuckle followed.

"Im-impossible!" He'd torn his entire throat out, heard him choking on his own blood. How could he possibly have survived?

"No words of greeting? You disappoint me again, Brother. After almost four centuries, not even a 'hello, nice to hear from you' after all this time?" Noboru could practically see the smug smile on his face. "I guess I don't need to ask if you've missed me."

"How did you get this number?" he demanded.

"Oh, that's not all that important," Saburo drawled. "What is important is that I've finally been able to track you down after all these years."

"What do you want?"

There was a momentary silence on the other end of the line. "What do you think I want, Ni-san?"

"I couldn't even begin to guess," he snarled back.

"[Bakkame]," was the only reply before the line went dead.

"Saburo? Saburo! [Moshi moshi]?" Replacing the phone on the cradle, still in disbelief, Noboru leaned back in his chair and tried to think clearly.

"Noboru-donno, [doshta?]" Unable to sit idly by when he knew something was wrong, Genzo entered the office without being asked.

"Get two through five over here right now. There are some questions that I require answered," he ordered.



sashiburi-dana: been a long time (Japanese)

ni-san: older brother (Japanese)

masakka: it's not possible (Japanese)

bakkame: fool (Japanese)

huh: yes, sir (Japanese)


Noboru referred to his most trusted aides by number when they were not actually physically in his presence. Two hours after being issued the order, Genzo returned with four men. Isamu was second to Genzo only because he spent the majority of his time in Japan even though Noboru had relocated to the States before the onset of the Second World War. After the move, Genzo had taken the position of prominence as his next in command. Third was Ryuzo, a grizzled older man who was actually in fact a molecular biologist from Tokyo National University but valued by Noboru for his keen intellect and shrewd judgment. Shinnosuke was fourth, taken into Noboru's care after being discovered orphaned in Hokkaido after an earthquake. The fifth and last man was Heishiro, also a samurai. Each man was unconditionally devoted to Noboru and each one possessed a unique set of skills that combined gave Noboru the ability to assess a situation from every angle. Heishiro was the first to speak. "Noboru-donno, how can we be of service to you?"

Looking out the window, the sun was beginning to set over the ocean, bathing the room in a warm glow. "I need the five of you to obtain some very important information for me." From his tone, the men knew that whatever it was he required was quite serious. "I have a brother, who I'd thought was long dead, but today I received a call from him and he is indeed very much alive. I require that you find out where he is and what he is doing. Unfortunately I can only give you a name."

"Please, tell us," Isamu urged.

"His name is Saburo. I am not sure if he is still using our family name, but he possesses the same unique physical properties that we do." Regarding the group apologetically, he added, "I know it is not much in the way of information but I am confident that you will find what I need."

"Huh!" Departing the room, only Genzo remained behind. "What do you believe it is that he wants?"

Noboru interlaced his fingers and rested his chin on them. "Revenge," he muttered.


Noboru looked up as a file folder was placed in front of him on his desk. Bowing, Genzo informed him, "I believe we have found what you require." Noboru opened the folder and pulled out a series of photographs. There before his eyes in black and white, was his brother, bowing to a group of men in Japanese military uniform. "Somehow it does not shock me to see that he has taken up with the [Toseiha]."

Noboru examined the photo of him standing in front of Tojo Hideki, the Prime Minister of Japan. Though more moderate than the ultranationalist [Kodoha] group, the Toseiha, a moniker coined by the disdainful Kodoha, still stubbornly held to goals that were unrealistic for Japan in the closing days of the war. It was rumored that the Prime Minister at the Emperor's urging had refused an unconditional surrender to the Allies, resulting in the atomic genocide on the two islands. Now, a complete submission to the demands of the Allied Forces was all but a formality. "I'm sure that the bloodlust of the military appealed to Saburo's sadistic nature," Noboru mused.

"Apparently he has been playing both sides against each other and has made quite a substantial living through his connections with the various [zaibatsu]." Genzo paused before continuing. "We have also received no further word from our men in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. If they were still alive, by now..." His words faltered as he saw the stricken look on Noboru's face.

"So many," he whispered in disbelief. Roughly fifty of his followers had been based at the bomb sites, some who had been with him for over three hundred years. "Well done, Genzo," Noboru muttered. "Continue to keep me apprised of the situation."

"There is one more thing, my lord."


He hesitated before answering. "The information that we found predates the bombings. In the current state of chaos in Japan, we are having considerable difficulty in finding where he is now."

Nodding wearily, Noboru merely said, "I understand. Do whatever you can."

"Huh!" Bowing, he left the room.

Turning on the radio, Noboru caught the tail end of a news bulletin. "... today signed an unconditional surrender to the Allied Forces. Prime Minister Tojo and other members of the upper military echelon are to be tried on charges of war crimes and the surrender has stipulated that in order to prevent any such atrocities from occurring in future, the nation of Japan will no longer possess the right to maintain a standing army. The terms of the surrender also return independent status to Japan's colonial interests, most notably the nation of Korea, which was occupied by the Japanese in..."

Lowering his head into his hands, Noboru wept for the loyal men and dear friends that had been killed. "[Gomen], my friends," he apologized. "You deserved a death more honorable than this – to die with no chance to fight back."

When he felt he'd exhausted all his tears, he turned his chair to look over the ocean. The moon glittered above the placid waves of the Pacific and he was reminded of the night he escaped his prison after attacking his brother. "Ji Eun," he said in Korean, "it is over at last. In our greed, we have destroyed even ourselves and in doing so have provided the means for your people to free themselves. They will no longer suffer any further indignity at our hands. I pray that this news brings you peace, my love. I still think of you every day." Taking in a deep breath to calm himself, he called Genzo back into the room. "Now that Saburo knows where we are based, I believe it is time for a change of scenery. Make the necessary preparations for us to move to a different city and be sure that only those who are absolutely trustworthy are given the details."


Toseiha: Japanese political party that Tojo belonged to that admired Nazi Germany as a model for socialism

Kodoha: Japanese political party that vied for power with the Toseiha, whose policies were far more radical and zealously nationalistic.

Historical note: Tojo was tried and sentenced to death for multiple war crimes. Though he asserted that he alone was responsible for the atrocities, there is some speculation that he was asked to do this by the government who wished the Emperor Hirohito to remain blameless in the eyes of the people.

nani: what

gomen: I'm sorry


"[Mahp sooh sahl...]" Angela noted with disapproval upon seeing Noboru in the exact same position she had left him in.

Noboru jerked awake upon hearing her voice. "[Nanda]-?" Looking out the window he could see that it was dark out. "I have been asleep all day?"

"Mm hm," she nodded dryly.

"How is that possible?"

Handing him a glass of water, she pursed her lips and cocked her head to one side. "Well, Mr. Nagamori, it's well understood that though REM sleep is important for memory consolidation, actual restorative sleep occurs in Stage II of the sleep cycle. As you've been spending a significant amount of time dreaming, you haven't been getting the sleep that allows you to feel rested upon awakening," she explained in her most medical doctor tone.

"[So-ka]," he mumbled.

Waving her fingers under her nose, she made a face and teased, "Okay, stinky boy, you go shower and I'm going to order us some dinner. Then we're going to have that conversation you promised me."

"There is no dissuading you when you want something, is there?" he asked with a dubious expression.

"Nope," she shot back cheerfully. "Off with ye."

When he'd finished cleaning up, Angela had already set the table. "Hope you like Italian," she smiled. Realizing that he was famished, he sat down and tore into his pasta. "Uh, yeah, dig in," she said, with a roll of her eyes.

"[Mi yan]," he managed to say between bites. "[Beh goph pah]."

"I can see that," she laughed. "Which is a great segue way into our little talk. Now fess up. Why do you know how to speak Korean?" She was surprised to see his demeanor take a melancholy air. "What is it?"

Without looking up, he softly replied, "I remember the last time someone asked me that." Raising his eyes to meet hers, he asked, "Do you know anything about the Admiral Yi Sun Shin?"

"Do I?" she scoffed. "He's one of my two biggest heroes, next to Optimus Prime, not to mention the greatest historical figure in all of Korean history. In my humble opinion," she added. When he continued to look at her without speaking, she couldn't believe what she thought he was suggesting. "YI SOON SHIN asked you that question?!"

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