The Rising Sun & The Morning Calm Ch. 29


Aiming, Noboru pulled the trigger just as a shriek pierced the dark.

"LET GO OF MY SISTER!" Jumping onto Saburo's back, Linnsa began pummelling him as hard as she could. So intent was she on freeing Angela that she didn't even notice the tiny sting in her side as the bullet intended for Saburo had hit her. Caught off guard, Saburo spun around and lost his grip on Angela, sending her hurtling in Noboru's direction.

Also stunned, Noboru was unable to react quickly enough to catch her and instead both went careening backwards. The impact dislodged the case from his pocket containing the last two remotes and he watched in horror as it sailed across the slippery marble floor and out one of the broken windows. "[KSO!!]"

Having recovered his bearings enough to reach behind him, he yanked Linnsa off his back and held her up to his face. "And who might you be?" he growled.


Saburo turned to see Genzo galloping on all fours towards him, teeth bared, his fur standing on end. "[Yamiro], Uehara-kun, or I'll crush your girlfriend's skull," he threatened.

Digging his claws into the floor, Genzo ground to a halt and watched helplessly as Saburo raised Linnsa higher in the air to reinforce his intent. "[Konnoyaro!]

Noboru helped Angela to sit up and couldn't believe what he was seeing. "What are they doing here?"

"Linnsa, NO!!" Angela's worst nightmare was playing out before her eyes. "Take me!" she begged. "Let her go and you can do whatever you want to me. Just let her go!"

This was getting better and better. His brother's mate would voluntarily surrender her life and Noboru would have no choice but to watch. "Done. Come over to me and I will release this one."

"Angela, no, you must not!" Noboru cried.

Tears welled in her eyes and she gave him a look of sad apology. "I'm sorry, Nobu, I can't let him kill my sister."

"Hurry up, I grow impatient!" Saburo shouted.

As Angela stood up and began walking towards them, Linnsa turned to her and screamed, "[UNNIE], NO!"

Hearing her cries, Genzo froze, finally realizing why her picture seemed so familiar to him. The girl he had carried all those years ago after she had been raped by a Japanese soldier - the one who had hung herself - Linnsa was the younger sister hugging her skirts, crying after she had killed herself. "[Masaka...]"

Standing in front of Saburo, she tried to give Linnsa a reassuring smile. "You have me. Now let her go."

Leaning down so that his face was level with hers, he grinned, showing all of his teeth in smug satisfaction. "You really are stupid," he sneered before grabbing her again by the throat.


oni-san: title for older brother (Japanese)

bushido: the way of the warrior

kso shit (Japanese)

yamiro: stop (Japanese)

konnoyaro: why you (Japanese)

masaka: it can't be (Japanese)

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