tagNonHumanThe Rising Sun & The Morning Calm Ch. 30

The Rising Sun & The Morning Calm Ch. 30


Thanks for being patient. Sorry this chapter is short, but I didn't have a better place to break. As always I love hearing your thoughts. Don't forget to drop a comment or vote. The end is in sight!


"You liar!" Angela managed to choke, attempting to pry open Saburo's large fingers.

"Of course," he smiled. "You really believed that I would let your sister free? You're either naively idealistic or more foolish than I gave you credit for."

Angela turned her tear filled gaze to her lover. "Nobu, I'm sorry," she sobbed. "I'm so sorry!"

Noboru slammed his fist into the ground, not knowing what to do. He was back exactly where he was over four hundred years ago and the same horrible feeling in his stomach was as familiar as if it had been yesterday..

His lips turning up in a lewd smile, Saburo looked at Angela and said, "Get down on all fours."

"[NANI]?!" Noboru's outraged roar reverberated off the walls.

"I'm going to fuck you in front of my brother," he told her casually, enjoying the fury written all over Noboru's face.

Drawing back, Angela spat into his face. "Why would I even consider letting you touch me? I'd rather die first!"

"Because," Saburo continued, "either I fuck you, or I fuck your sister. It's your choice."

At this statement, Genzo reared up and flexed all his fingers, brandishing his talons, a low snarl brewing deep in his throat. Neither Noboru nor Angela had ever seen him so incensed and even Saburo seemed to falter for the briefest of moments. "Disgrace her in any way and I will make it my life's work to ensure that you live in perpetual agony so long as your immortality holds out!"

Recovering, he smirked. "I don't care about all that. A lifetime of pain would be worth destroying you, [ni-san]." He let go of Angela's neck and she collapsed on the ground gasping for breath. "Now, on your knees."

Noboru felt sick as he watched her obey the order. Linnsa struggled even harder, begging her sister not to listen. "He's lying! Don't do it!" When she saw him snickering to himself, she glared at him and challenged. "Do me instead, but leave her alone!"

Saburo had no intention of honoring this request either, but he found each sister's attempt to save the other amusing beyond words. "And why should I?"

She met his eyes defiantly. "Because, I'm a virgin."

Genzo's deafeningly angry roar momentarily distracted Saburo before he looked at Linnsa with interest. "Is that right?"

"Yes, so if you're so lousy in the sack that you've been reduced to raping women, at least I won't know the difference." When he growled at her insult, she taunted, "Come on, what was your name again? Salmon-roll or something like that? Scared you're going to give a bad performance to a virgin?"

Her words had the desired effect of provoking Saburo's rage and he flung Angela off the the side. "Try to escape, and I will tear her head from her body." Setting Linnsa on the ground, he stood back a few steps from her. "Let me see this unspoiled body. Remove your clothes."

Unable to hide the blush that colored her cheeks, Linnsa stepped out of her sandals and then unzipped her jeans, trying to maintain her composure while she slipped one leg out and then the other. Dropping them to the floor, she then pulled her t shirt over her head. Genzo couldn't help marveling at how beautiful she looked, her eyes ablaze and her skin flushed. Her frame was so tiny, yet she was undeniably feminine. Had he been in any other situation besides the one they were all in, he would have had difficulty restraining himself.

As if sensing his appreciation, Saburo looked at him and sneered, "[Washiyeru], Uehara-kun. Enjoy watching me deflower her." The suggestion drew another howl of rage from Genzo. "Remove the rest. Let Genzo see what he will never have." Her face unchanged, Linnsa never broke with his eyes as she reached behind her back and let her bra loose. "For being so small, you certainly don't disappoint," he added with appreciation. "Now quit stalling and take off the rest.

Linnsa could hear her sister crying in the background, pleading with her not to do it. Hoping that her terror didn't show, she hooked her fingers into the sides of her panties and lowered them off her hips, kicking them off to the side. She stood before him fully nude, her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"That won't do," Saburo clucked. Put your arms down." Summoning all of her will power, she forced her arms to drop. Walking in a circle around her, he eyed her with anticipation. "Very nice." Grabbing on of her breasts, he groped her roughly, turning her so that Genzo could see everything. "[Utskushi], don't you think?" He brought his other free hand between her legs and began fingering her. The pain was horrible and Linnsa couldn't help the few tears that welled up and ran down her cheeks.

"[Dahmeh]!" Genzo thundered.

"And what will you do?" Whirling her around so that she faced him, he had another idea. "See this?" He indicated for her to look down and when she did, Linnsa tried to look unafraid as she saw him stroking his very large erection. "I want you to suck me. After Genzo watches you drink my cum, then you'll suck me back to hardness and I will claim both your holes. He saw her lips move but couldn't make out what she was saying. "What was that?" She spoke slightly louder but he leaned in closer, still unable to make it out. "What did you say?"


Digging her fingernails into his chest wall on either side of his heart, Linnsa let her rage loose and everyone watched as Saburo jerked in place, still holding Linnsa against him. The electricity she unleashed began disrupting his heart rhythm and it began to beat erratically. Unfortunately, the high voltage also caused tetanic contractions in his arm muscles, causing him to squeeze harder. Gritting her teeth as she felt some of her ribs begin to crack, she nonetheless stubbornly dug in her nails as she discharged her anger. The two nodal rhythms of his heart finally uncoupled and he began to shrink back into his human shape finally releasing his hold on Linnsa. Tottering on his feet, Linnsa held her broken ribs with one hand, breathing hard. Ignoring the tearing pain in her sides, she spat, "Was it good for you?" and taking a running start, she high kicked his body out the window. Still twitching erratically, Saburo's naked form flew out into the night air amidst a shower of shattered glass before landing on the pavement with a sickening crack. "Fuck you, asshole," she muttered before toppling forward.

"Linnsa!" Angela scrambled towards her sister, but Genzo was already there. With great care, he gathered her into his arms. "Is she-"

"She's alive," he confirmed, to her great relief. "But she is very hurt. We must get her to the hospital."

Noboru walked over to the window and stared down at his brother's mangled corpse. "[Sayonara], Saburo." Looking back at Genzo, he threw him a disapproving glare. "[Bagayaro!] What on earth were you thinking bringing her here?!"

"[Donno], permit me to take her to the hospital first. Then I will accept whatever consequence you deem fit." His voice caught as he added, "Please, we must save her."

He was right. Now was not the time. "Do it."


nani: what

ni-san: big brother (familiar)

washiyeru: (she's) mine

utskushi: beautiful

dahmeh: stop

sayonara: goodbye

bagayaro: you idiot

donno: my lord


"Nakamura-sensei, how is she?"

Dr. Nakamura closed the door to Linnsa's hospital room and gestured for them to move to a more private area. "She has five broken ribs and was quite hypoglycemic when she came in."

"Will she be alright?" Genzo broke in without.

Smiling, the doctor nodded. "You can go in and see her if you like." Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. "One more thing that we cannot figure out," he added. "There was a strange wound in her side, unrelated to her broken ribs. It almost looks as if something exploded from inside her."

"[Nanda?]" Noburo exclaimed.

"Nobu, what is it?" Angela began to panic when she saw his face go white.

"Sensei, show me this wound," he demanded. He gave Angela a look that said to stay put and followed the doctor back to Linnsa's bed. Pulling the sheet down, Dr. Nakamura gently lifted the side of her gown so that Noboru could look. Examining the little crater he saw that it had indeed been made from the inside out and a chill ran up his spine. "Domo, sensei."

When she saw him come back, Angela ran to him. "What is going on? Why do you look so freaked out? She's not going to die is she?!"

Noboru was silent for a moment. Finally, he gave a sigh and stated, "We should speak somewhere safe." Despite her panicked face, he did not give her an answer regarding her sister's fate.


At his flat, Noboru sat Angela down on the edge of his bed and knelt in front of her. "My love, I must tell you something, but aside from losing you, this will be one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do."

"What is so terrible that you can't just spit it out?!" She was really starting to freak out now.

He sighed. Enfolding both her hands in his, he let them rest against his forehead. "You remember the strange gun you saw me with? The one I told you would be a way to stop my brother." She nodded. "I did not wish to tell you what it was for fear that you would use the knowledge to leave me once again."

"What are you talking about? Why would I leave you?"

He never met her eyes, but continued to look at the floor, "Ryuzo found a way to reverse the effects of the virus. Kaori's tissues provided the basis for an antivirus. To protect everyone, we told no one of this."

She understood now why he'd kept the information from her. "You thought I would want the anti-virus."

The thought sent a pang of loneliness through him. "After all the hardship you have had to endure because of me - you died in a former life and now, after everything that I put you and now your sister through, I knew that it would only be natural for you to wish to unbind yourself from me."

"You're wrong, Nobu."

Lifting his head, he found her smiling at him lovingly. "You do not-"

Settling on the floor next to him, she put her face level with his and taking his face in her hands she kissed him softly, "Nobu, no matter what happens to me, no hardship could be worse than not being with you."

The look of hopefulness on his face was somehow familiar to her. "[Honto]?"

"[Honto]," she repeated. She nearly fell over as he hugged her tight. "Don't break my ribs, too, Nobu!"

Noboru ran the backs of his fingers along her cheek, grateful that she had not decided to renounce her longevity. "There is more though, [ichiban]. Though we only tested the anti-virus on a few men, a percentage of those men showed a deterioration identical to Kaori's."

Angela's sense of alarm began to return. "How long before they showed signs?"

"About twenty four to forty eight hours."

"And my sister somehow was innoculated?"

"That is what I cannot understand," he puzzled. Each dosage was wired to a specific detonator. The devices for both her dose and Saburo's were thrown out the building during our fight. I do not know how it could have been triggered."

"She used whatever charge she'd been saving up to disable him. I suppose it's possible that the high voltage current generated by her body set it off." Once again, her sister's life hung in the balance with no assurance of a happy outcome. "Don't tell her until the 48 hours are up," she requested. "I don't want her to worry for no reason."

"Of course." He tightened his arm around her as she hugged him for comfort.


[ichiban]: little one


At the hospital, Genzo insisted on remaining by Linnsa's bedside. The hospital staff learned very quickly not to insist that he leave her room on pain of receiving a murderous look. Since she'd been admitted, she hadn't regained consciousness. He prayed for her to open her eyes, to wake up and let him hear her voice, but she lay unmoving, the only sound in the room the various beeps and clicks of the machines hooked to her body. Dr. Nakamura had given her a transfusion of carrier blood, but for some reason, she did not respond the way she had the first time he had healed her. Taking her hand, he felt how faint her pulse was. "Linnsa-chan, please, do not die."

A sudden twitching of her hand startled him. Overjoyed that she was coming to, he looked at her but was horrified to see that her entire body was twitching uncontrollably. To add to his concern, her EKG monitor began showing erratic rhythms. Bolting out of his chair, he shouted for the doctor. His head whipped around when he heard the unmistakable sound of the heart monitor flatline.

Dr. Nakamura ran into the room with two nurses. "Get the crash cart in here, right now! She's gone into asystole! Epi and atropine! We don't have much time!"

"Linnsa!" Genzo shouted as he ran to her. He was stopped by Dr. Nakamura's hand on his chest.

"You must go outside, Genzo. We must regain a heartbeat and we need to work fast."

He felt as if his own heart were breaking as he watched him return to her side. "[Onnegai]...you - you must save her."


onnegai: I beg you

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