The River


It was late, about 1am on the Iowa side of the Mississippi river. Pete was meeting some of his friends from work up here at his friends cottage. Just a weekend getaway. Just beer booze and cards. Then maybe a trip into town to the casino and strip club. He was supposed to have gotten here before sundown, be he had to stay late at work. He had told them he would meet up with them later. Now he would have to make the crossing by himself in the dark. He found their cars, and parked. It was the middle of winter, it was cold now, but it had been unseasonable warm up to this point. But they had said that the ice was fine and they should be able to cross.

Well that was a fine plan, when he heard it, but now that he was here it was a different story. Before unloading the car he walked out to the doc. He found a note.

It read ‘Pete, we crossed at 4:45. We put up this rope. Hold on to it when you cross and you should be fine. Cya later. -- Dave’.

It was surreal out here. The sharp coldness, the eerie quietness, the full moon reflecting off the snow on the ground and trees. It was beautiful, yet foreboding. Dave looked at the river and started having a mental battle with himself. There were a few cottages on the other side, but they looked empty. If he did fall in, he would be screwed. But his friends crossed, didn‘t they? He didn’t see any holes in the ice at least, and their cars were here. They had to have made it! So all he had to do was cross, then make the mile trek to the other side of the island and he would be fine. Sit by the fire, drink some beers, smoke a little weed. Tomorrow they were planning on dropping a few hits. This was going to be a cool weekend. Yes! But was it worth death? Aah don’t be a fucking pussy! You’ve driven 2 hours out to the country, you’ve come this far. They got across. It’s colder now then when they crossed. The battle raged in his head. They he finally said fuck it.

He went back to his car and grabbed his gear, a backpack, a sleeping bag, bedroll, and case of beer. At the edge of the doc, the cold hand of fear again gripped him. The doc was moving up and down slightly with every step, or shift in weight and there was about a foot’s width of open water before the ice started. Although Pete was kind of a free spirit, he wasn’t stupid. He knew his 6’4’’ 245 lbs frame would put strain on the ice. But he thought if he did fall in, he would ditch his equipment and pull himself out with the rope, then get warm in his car. He was a weightlifter and kept himself in shape. Surely if he fell in he could claw his way out. If all else failed and he couldn’t he brought a whistle and had it hanging around his neck. If he did fall in, and couldn’t get out, he would make a shit load of noise. Not that anyone would hear it. It seemed desolate out here. But he never really thought he would need it. It was just something he read in a survival book at some point. Always bring a whistle if you do try to cross ice. He did admit it gave him a little bit of confidence.

Ready to go now, Pete threw his backpack out on the ice. It slid to a stop. So far so good he thought, so went the sleeping bag and bedroll. Now, holding the case of beer in one hand and grasping the rope in the other he extended his foot out. Now or never he thought, he would have to commit. He put his weight now on the ice. Crack. Ripple, thud. (Words cannot describe this sound. Unless you have been on treacherous ice, you cannot know this sound, or the feeling it evokes in you as you hear it)

But the ice held, he slowly gathered his belongings and started on the trek. Granted this was not the Mississippi he was crossing, this was just a little inlet of it. Just 70 - 90 ft and he would be across it and on to the island. The ice was crackling, but it seemed pretty sturdy. He continued. Pete was kind of a klutz though, as he was moving along, he slipped. As he fell and tried to catch himself, his belonging scattered. Face down on the ice, he heared the ice crack again. Phew! he was okay, but DAM! his sleeping bag had skidded out 7 or 8 feet from where he was. (and where the rope was. His friend told him to stay on the rope. But the ice was good so far? Just a few feet. He stayed on his belly and slithered slowly out to get it. Stretch aaaah got it! Just then the sound of doom. Crack. He tried to spin around, as he did so, the ice gave way.....

The effect of the water was to jolt his heart, like someone had given him an electric shock! He almost had a heart attack. His clothes instantly became like lead weights. His sinews felt their strength being sapped by the cold. He struggled to get back to the rope. He felt a slight current, trying to pull him under. He struggled with all his might.. He blacked out.. when he came to he vaguely remembered what had happened... the angels...the voices...falling hitting his head and waking up in heaven.....

Susan and Jenny were getting ready for bed. Jenny 19 and on Christmas break was here helping her mom. (actually her adopted mom, Susan and here husband had adopted her at a young age. They were the only parents she ever known) Even in her long underwear and flannel you could tell that Jenny was really put together. Lean long legs with lot of curves. A well rounded derrière and young firm breasts. Yet, even under those layers you couldn’t help but notice that they had some size to them. She was HOT!

Officially Susan was 39, she had been ‘39’ for a few years now. But the years had been kind to her. Even though her face was experienced. It was still very attractive. Her body was the essence of woman. Large well defined hips, and rounded butt, tapering to lean legs. And she was very well endowed in the breast department. She had a little tummy, but who doesn’t. She was drop dead gorgeous!

Susan was heart broken. Her husband had just left her. He had run away with some young little whore. Effectively abandoning her and Jenny. It came as a shock to her. She thought things had been good. They got along, or so she thought. And the sex had been great. She flashed back to those passionately encounters. The touching, the closeness, the feeling of skin on skin, his manhood filling her, the loving words said in the darkness afterwards. But this just made the pain worse, she started to sob inwardly. How could he be so cruel? How could he do this to her? She still loved him, but she hated him! And she hated herself for still loving him. And she chided herself for being so trusting. She really had believed him when he said he was working late, or going out with friends. Ooh, she was such a fool!

Jenny, came in the room and saw her mom crying. She comforted her. Putting her arm around her, she told her what a great mom she was, and thanked her. She continued, ‘And I miss Dad too. But ....he’s....(she searched for the right word, asshole, jag off, fucking bastard! she settled with jerk) a jerk! I feel betrayed too mom. How could he do this to you? You were nothing but kind to him. But he’s chosen his road. And that is not our fault. The sooner you can put him behind you and continue with your life the better. For all of us.’

‘Yes honey you are right, thank you’. They hugged, then Susan continued,’ yes, tomorrow we will start with that. The sooner we can sell this place the better. It has too many memories.. ‘


She flashed back to her and her husband, skinny dipping in the river, laughing, messing around then running up to the cottage naked! Coming inside to make passionate love by the fireplace on the carpet. The fresh smell of the forest, windows open, the heat of the fire warming their naked bodies, his shaft sliding in and out of her...


Coming back to reality Susan, continue, ‘yes, lets get a good nights sleep, then we’ll start early tomorrow.’ Their plan was to take an inventory of everything in the cottage. Later in the spring they would sell it....

‘Did you hear that?’ ‘What?’ Shhhhh, listen.

They could faintly hear the sound of a whistle. ‘What is it?’ They both scrambled to the front door. The frigid air blasted them as they opened it. The noise was louder, fear drove them out on to the porch.

‘Oh my God!’ cried Jenny.

In the glow of moonlight they saw a figure fighting for it’s life trying to climb out of hole in the ice! Cold no longer, they were simply frozen in fear. Each time the figure tried to pull himself up the ice broke and he would go back in. The whistle was becoming less strong and frequent. Any second they expected him to disappear beneath the ice forever.

Susan, snapped into action, she shouted, ‘ HOLD ON! HOLD ON WERE COMING!!’. With that she grabbed Jenny’s arm and they ran back into the house and grabbed their coats and shoes, they immediately spun around and ran out of the house and down to the river!

Pete, although on auto pilot at this point, was finally able to get back to a solid enough piece of ice to pull himself out, he frantically got back to the rope, leaving his gear he started back to the car, but then he heard the most beautiful voices.

The figure was moving the other way from them ‘hey’ ‘Hey!’ ‘HEY! OVER HEAR! Finally he turned around and came towards them. They dared not go out on the ice. But when he got to them he collapsed. Teeth chattering, you could barely make out the pitiful ‘hhhhelp meee’. ‘You have to get up! We cannot carry you! Please get up, we will help you’ The panic in Susan’s voice, spurred him to get up. They helped him back to the cottage.

Once inside, Susan commanded, ‘Jenny throw more logs in the fire and grab those blankets!. I’ll get....’

In an altered state, Pete said something like, ‘Jeeze I left my shoes on how rude off me, sorry’ and before they could stop him, he tried to bend down to take his shoes off. He was in no condition for such a maneuver. His body was frozen and his mind was in shock. The result was, he lost his balance and fell forward cracking his head on a coffee table.

‘Ooh my God.!’ Jenny heard the thud and turned around. He had hit his head and was out cold!

‘Jenny, quick help me!!! We need to get him out of these things, or he will die of hypothermia!’ There was absolutely nothing sexual about this at all. This was a life and death matter. In a panic they tried to get him out of his things. This was not an easy task. Even if he had been dry it still would have been a lot of work. But she was right, if they didn’t do this he surely would get hypothermia and possibly die! The boots came off, so did the socks. Gloves and hat followed. They had to maneuver him by rolling him to get the coat off. Next the sweater, shirt and under shirt came off! Even in their panic, it registered on some level that this guy was really built. Not Arnold Swartzenneggar, but this guy had a very well defined, chiseled upper body.

‘Help me with the pants.’

‘Jenny’s hands swiftly went to his belt buckle. Unbutton his pants and pulling down his zipper she unconsciously thought. ‘jeez that’s a big bulge’ They yanked on his pants, and they started moving down his legs. As it they did so, it brought his boxers with them. As his patch of pubic hair came into view, Susan noticed this and she grabbed his boxers to keep them up as Jenny yanked his pants down to his ankles. They should afford him this modesty, she thought to herself. Jenny finished removing his pants. Their eyes locked.

Jenny inquired,’What about?’ her eyes moving to the boxers and the bulge beneath it. The water had made it like a second skin. If Susan’s intent was saving his modesty, well it didn’t work. You could clearly see the outline of a large penis underneath. Pete, who was out cold had no idea that the only thing separating his penis from their roving eyes was a thin layer of wet material.

‘Wait your right. I’ll get those covers and after he’s covered we can remove it.’ Well that was Susan’s plan at least. As she grabbed the blankets and spun around she froze. Jenny had his boxes down to his ankles and was trying to get them off too.

It was surreal. Jenny removing the final stitches of clothing from this stranger, him lying naked on the carpet. But what had here transfixed was the not the chiseled body, the muscular thighs nor the six pack stomach, it was, well to be honest with herself it was his cock! Even after being tortured by the cold water it was still very impressive!! 2 large balls hung low, with a thick wrinkled shaft crowned by a bulberous head. Had they measured it then they would have found that it was 5 inches long. Completely flaccid it was larger then some men erect!

‘MOM! Hello? HURRY! We need those blankets and towels!’

Shocked and embarrassed. Her daughter had just busted her for staring at this mans cock! She raced over and they put a blanket on the floor.

‘We need to dry him off, or he will never get warm!’ Susan urgently instructed.

They both grabbed a towel and began the task. Susan worked the , Arms, shoulders head, chest, Jenny did the feet, ankles, thighs and...once again this man’s cock took center stage and commanded their attention.

Then Jenny shocked her mom by joking, ‘ I thought water, especially cold water was supposed to cause shrinkage?’

Susan was about to chastise her daughter for saying such a thing. But the vision was just too vivid. In fact it burned in her head. That body! That cock! Flaccid it was just as big as her husband’s erect penis! How big did it get? What did it look like? What would it feel like? In her hand? Her mouth? In her pussy? Her husband felt great, what would it be like to have a 7, 8 or 9 inch cock inside of her? Stretching her. Filling her? Would he cum in dribbles like her husband or would that massive cock spew forth jets of cum like a flesh volcano? Streams shooting, arching from the tip.

Susan, came back to reality. Embarrassed, she said, ‘Jenny! This man almost died! Infact if you weren’t too busy to notice he is still out cold and who knows if he’ll be okay? You should be ashamed of yourself for saying such a thing!’

‘Yes,‘ Jenny said sorrowfully, ‘But still should we?’ again her eyes moved to his penis.

Susan took control, yes they needed to do this. This was a health issue. ’Yes, I’ll take the top half you the lower... but be careful a mans body is very sensitive there’ Susan still had this vision of her daughter being a innocent virgin.

Jenny’s padded his balls dry with the other towel. She had some fun, liftly them up a little and watching them drop down back in place. What funny things these were she thought.

Meanwhile, Susan dried off Pete’s cock with the towel. What started out as just lightly padding, turned into a move vigorous rubbing. She would move it to the left and right. One time she went so far as to put the towel under it and push it straight up. This drew Jenny’s attention. They both watched it as Susan let go and it slapped back down on his stomach.

Even in his catatonic state the effect of the stimulation was for the blood to start flowing to that area. Silently they both continued their ministrations. Pretending that all they were doing was drying this hapless soul off. But in reality, the situation had now changed from before, whether it was lust, or just curiosity, they continued because they were transfixed by the shaft lengthening, and lengthening, 6 inches 7 , 8 it grew, They stopped and for a second or two just watched it. It wasn’t totally hard yet, but it was about 8 inches and it still had plenty of folds of skin left. Susan marveled at this specimen of manhood. Sure she had read or heard stories of men hung like this, but she had never see it! Or at least not in person.

‘Hello mom? Okay, like I think he’s dried off now? Now what?’

Her face flushed red, Susan was daydreaming again. And it was obvious what she was day dreaming about.

‘Yes, your right, okay lets do the other side’.

They rolled him over on the blanket which they had layed down. As they did they both couldn’t help but notice his backside. Secretly they both admired it, not an ounce of fat anywhere and very muscular. They rubbed him down. Again, meeting at the middle, Susan dried of the left cheek and Jenny the other. They were amazed by the firmness of his body. Jenny noted how his testicles we visible even when he was on his stomach.

Then they rolled him over again and when they finally had him squared on his back on the blanket they covered him and put pillows under his head propping him up.

With that she touched his forehead. He had a nasty bump on there. They put ice on it and sat around him, hoping he would come to. As they did they couldn’t help but notice. He had a lovely face, rugged yet angelic. Not quite movie star looks but still very attractive.


Pete couldn’t figure out what happened. He assumed he was in heaven. Ahhhh, he felt a stinging on his head, he opened his eyes. Two lovely ladies were, sitting on each side of him. He was under a bunch of blankets. Ohh my god, he was naked!!

Looking at the angel on his right he managed to say, ‘Where am I?’.

‘You fell in the river, luckily we heard you and were able to bring you inside! Are you okay?’

He shivered, ‘aah yah, just a little, cold still, but it’s my head that is killing me.’

‘Yes you fell and hit your head. I think you were concerned about not taking off your shoes before coming in. You are quite the gentleman.’ Susan’s eyes sparkled. My god was she flirting she thought?

Jenny was captivated by this guy. His voice was hypnotic. She jumped in and cheerfully said, ‘Hi my name is Jenny, what is yours?’

‘Ahh, hi, it’s ahh Pete, and you are..’

‘Susan, I’m Jenny’s mom’.

‘I don’t believe it! You look more like her sister to me!’

Giggling like a school girl Susan replied, ‘I think the cold has made you delirious! Are you thirsty? I’ll make some hot chocolate!’ With that she was off.

Arms resting in her lap, Jenny sitting Indian style next to him, struck up a conversation.

‘You really scared the crap out of me and my Mom! We thought you were going to die!’

‘Sorry, that wasn’t really my plan. But, and ahh thank you. You guys saved my life!’, he shivered again.

‘Don’t worry you will warm up soon.’

Susan, came back in with the hot chocolate. For Pete it was heaven. Nothing had ever tasted this good before.

‘So what brings you out here alone, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere?

‘Aahhh, I’m meeting some buddies up here, just for some drinking and poker etc. But I got here waaaay later then I had intended. And then...oooh shit. If they go out there and see a hole in the ice and my stuff still out there, they are going to FREAK! I need to go there!’

As he started to rise. Susan pushed him back down. ‘Ohhh no sir! You aren’t going anywhere until tomorrow! You have a nasty bruise on your head, and your clothes won’t be dry for awhile. I could not let you go out into the night like this. Tomorrow, we will accompany you over there. Once we see your safe, then we can go. But really you should have a doctor look at your head. You took a nasty fall.’

‘But my fri...

‘Here use my cell phone, you can call them.’

He borrowed their phone and called his buddies He got the voice mail and left a message. As he noticed Jenny get something, she bent over and he realized that she was a hot little minx. ‘aaah yeah, don’t worry about, I’m just fiiiiine.’ As she returned he noticed her breasts jiggle under her flannel,’ooh yes I’ll be oooookay. See ya tomorrow’ and so concluded his voicemail message.

Then they sat and talked for a bit. Nothing heavy just the get to know you stuff. Where you from, what do you do, what do you like, etc. Actually they were having a great time. There was good synergy, they were laughing alot. Soon they had moved from hot chocolate to rum and cokes. As they were getting pretty buzzed, Pete thought to himself that they both had incredible beautiful faces. And their personalities were warm and bubbly. They made him feel very comfortable. He would sneak glances at the rest of them when he could. From what he could tell they were both very well built!

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