tagLoving WivesThe River Trip Ch. 3

The River Trip Ch. 3


I was sitting in the rental car the insurance company supplied me with. It was a piece of junk, but at least it ran. My Van was history after the accident the week before, and I just hadn't had time to get to the dealership to replace it.

I had already figured out that I had to let it warm up for a few minutes, or it would just conk out in a few blocks.

So I was just letting it run, when a car pulled up my driveway and stopped right behind me. "Now what the hell?" I thought, as a guy got out and walked up to my driver's side door.

He tapped on the window, so I rolled it down to see what he wanted. It hit me that he was mad about something, just as he reached in the window with his right hand and grabbed my shirt!

I don't take too kindly to that sort of thing, so I reached across with my own right hand and grabbed two fingers, rolling them forward. He was left with just two options, either turn his back to me and bend his arm, or lose the two fingers. Years of working as a Massage Therapist has helped to give me a pretty good grip, there was no way in hell he was going to get loose!

Then I reached down with my left hand and tripped the door latch, bumping it open into the back of his legs.

He jerked and yelled and called me a few names for awhile, demanding I let him go. I just waited, giving the door a little bump every once in awhile to keep him off balance.

Finally he gave up, so I asked him if he was wanting to have a bit better day and calm down. He agreed, and I let him go.

He stepped away, rubbing his hand and arm, and I saw him size me up. I am about 220#, and just over 6', he was closer to 5'8" and maybe 160 pounds dipped in mollasses, so I wasn't too concerned.

Finally, I asked him what I could do for him..."You fucked my wife!!", he blurted out..

"OOPS!", I thought. I looked at him, still not knowing who he was. "Who are you?", I asked him.

"Eric, Amiko's husband", he replied, giving me a look of almost pure hate.

Well, I had to admit I was guilty as charged, I hadn't set out to do that, it just happened. The truth is, over the last year or so I fucked several guy's wives, and I enjoyed every single minute of each one. But the last thing I wanted was an irate husband in my yard planning on doing me some bodily harm.

I apologized to him, explaining it was just one of those things. An "accident" if you will. That had to sound lame as hell, I knew but when one is standing there confronted by an angry husband who has just caught you, it is a little bit tough to come up with a good response.

"How would you like it if I was fucking YOUR wife!" he yelled at me.

"Well," I answered, "If she was having fun, I would probably like to watch", I replied, giving him a grin. He looked at me like I was crazy, but I saw the confusion in his eyes.

I reached in and shut off the rental car, looked at him and said, "Come on inside, have some coffee, and let's get things squared away."

His shoulders seemed to relax, he was having trouble dealing with my matter-of-fact attitude. I know from my training and experience that violent reactions to a situation like this is almost always the result of upbringing and they way one is "expected" to react. Deep down inside each of us are other real feelings that we repress. So often a calm discussion, that is to the point can bring out the real feelings.

I introduced Eric to Lee, she smiled and said hi! "From the park", I said. Understanding came into her eyes. Eric looked at her, and said, "Yes, he saved my daughter's life but he has also been screwing Amiko!"

I realized he was thinking that he was telling Lee something she didn't know, figuring he would cause me some trouble.

"Yes, I know, Ted told me,", Lee said with a laugh. Eric looked at her almost in shock. "Doesn't that upset you?" he asked her.

"No, of course not", she said with a smile.

I poured some coffee, and we sat at the kitchen table. Lee was just in her bathrobe, the same one Amiko had been in a few days before. I was also aware that Lee was naked as a jaybird underneath. Eric and I were talking, the conversation got around to that day at the park. I could see him calming down and beginning to accept the situation. He had also noticed that Lee was sitting there in just that fuzzy robe, and it was gapping a bit in the front. I spotted his eyes dart to the gap now and then, and then he would quickly look away. I looked at Lee and gave her a wink, she did a little stretch and rached for her coffee cup. The front of her robe slipped a little more, and Eric's eyes darted to the opening again. Then she got up, swinging her leg towards him, he got a flash of her bare pussy for just an instant.

I asked Eric if he wanted to know how Amiko and I got to that point. He looked at me and said yes, so I told him of her coming over to thank us. I explained how my arms were sore, and Amiko had offered to help me, grateful for my getting the daughter out of the river.

Lee came back and sat down again, letting her robe pop open in the process. I knew that from where Eric sat, he had a clear view of her left nipple as she leaned forward to prop her elbow on the table. I explained that during the session, I had gotten an erection, and Amiko had relieved that. "You DO know that she does that sometimes in her practice, don't you?" I asked him.

"Yes", he answered. "I was one of her clients, that's how we met". I had suspected as much, good guess on my part. I didn't tell him that she has almost sucked my balls out through the end of my dick, I thought that might be a little much at this point.

By now, Lee had managed to worry the opening in her robe to the point that both of her breasts were almost completely exposed, Eric was having trouble looking but pretending not to look.

Then I told him how she was all wet from the rain when she came by to give Lee a massage, and I had given her a robe so she could dry her clothes and not catch a chill. I went into some detail about us both being "professional" massage therapists, so nudity was no big deal to us, in fact, it was normal. I left out the part about her sitting straddling my legs, rubbing my shoulders while I fingerfucked her to an orgasm..I just told him that we were both just rubbing out the kinks in each other's shoulders and got excited. I explained to him that she had tried to stop, mentioning her husband and how much she loved him. (Oh all right, so I fibbed some...*LOL*)

And then it just happened, no plans, just the heat of the moment, I explained to him. He seemed to be accepting that more and more as I talked. About that time, Lee propped her right leg up on the chair. This slid the robe completely off her leg, Eric was sitting there with a clear view of her butt and leg. I noted the tent in his pants, looked at Lee and grinned.

It wasn't long before he couldn't stand it, he got up to go replenish his coffee. I just sat and watched, he had to cross the room to the counter, and when he turned around, there was a clear full front on view of Lee sitting there, one leg propped up, the other down, pussy as open and on full display as it could be!

Eric made the turn, looked at Lee and came to a complete stop. His face was flushed, he wasn't mad any more, that much was obvious.

"Do you feel up to giving this gentleman some revenge?" I asked her.

Her body shuddered. "Yes, I think I would like that!" She looked pointedly at Eric, who was still standing there almost in shock.

"Well, off to work!" I said, getting up. I went out to the cars, hopped in Eric's and moved it, and started up mine and drove it around behind the garage, out of sight.

Of course Lee knew what I was going to do. I called the College on my cell phone, claiming car trouble, then I walked up the back to the loft that looks out over the living room. By the time I got in place, Lee had Eric's rock hard erection in her mouth. I took a look, wondering what Amiko was complaining about, this guy had as much meat as I had between his legs.

His hands came around the front and started working on Lee's small breasts as she licked and sucked on him. Then she slid up on the couch, and they nuzzled each other for what seemed like forever. Lee was on top with almost his entire penis in her mouth. Eric lay there, both hands palm up feeling her breasts. His face was between her legs, and he was moving his face back and forth letting his tongue flick across her bare pussy. Lee was obviously enjoying the hell out of the sensations!

Finally, Eric swapped ends, Lee lay back and spread her legs. I watched as he touched her opening, then he reached down and opened her, slipping in a few inches. He stopped and waited as she adjusted, then fed her some more, until finally he had 8 solid inches inside. Then he started a firm rythmm, pressing against her as she lifted her hips to meet him. One thing was obvious, he had stamina! This went on for at least 10 minutes, then his back arched and he came in a torrent! Lee had had no less than a half dozen small climaxes, now she came in a huge groan right behind him!

They lay like that for several minutes, and he withdrew. I realized with a start that he was still hard as a rock! My own penis was tenting my pants pretty good at the sight, let me tell you!

Eric reached over and turned Lee away from him, then got up behind her and slid into her again! He pounded away for what had to be another 5 minutes, and damned if he didn't come again!

I looked closely, not sure if he was in her pussy or her behind, finally deciding her was in her pussy. Lee was sweating like a racehorse, her nipples get elongated when she is hot, and they were hanging down a full inch!

Finally, he withdrew, sitting back on the couch.

I heard Lee say, "How is this for revenge?" He just laughed. She was stroking him, and he began to harden for the 3rd time. "I want it all!", he said, looking at her.

He turned her over again, I saw his hand reach down and pull some of her wetness up and across her rectum. There was no doubt as to his intent, he placed his erection against her and pressed, I saw her take a deep breath and relax her stomach muscles. He pressed some more, and then slid in. She let out another groan as he shoved himself in her rear. I almost couldn't believe this, this guy was up and running for the 3rd time in 30 minutes, and here he had my wife taking it up the butt, something we almost never did ourselves!

Finally they were done, Eric got up and went to the bathroom.

I took the opportunity to get out of there, and headed off for work. My day went uneventful, and I got out an hour or so early. I was thinking of the morning as I made the 35 mile drive.

I came in the house, set down my things, just as Lee came out of the bedroom. I gave her a grin, and asked her how it went. She laughed. "That guy is an animal!" She told me. "Yeah, I saw that," I replied.

Lee looked at me and asked me how long I stayed. I told her through all three times.

She smiled and said, "You should have stuck around, we did it five times!"...."Five?" I said. "You mean right after I left?"

"No, we talked for over an hour, and then he wanted to do it again, so we did. Then I made some lunch, and he screwed me again after that!", she told me. "He left just an hour ago."

"Good grief", I thought.

"I suppose you are so sore that I don't get any", I told her.

"Eric told me to tell you that if you fuck Amiko again, he will be back!"

I looked at Lee, and she just roared with laughter. "Amiko will be here in about an hour!"

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