The Road Home


Chris's hand gave me a firm rub, and a gentle squeeze before she sat up and looked around. I gave her a hard dirty look. She smiled and then gave me a leering grin. I slowly shook my head and wonder what that was all about. I also hoped that we had some time before we got to Wayne's because my raging hard on wasn't in any hurry to go away.

Shortly we turned into an open ranch gate and followed the narrow road for a short distance to another gate. This one was closed, so Dixie stopped. I got out along with Chris and stretched again, I also un-tucked the tail of my shirt in hopes it would cover my problem. I opened the gate and closed it again after the truck was clear.

Dixie drove slowly and carefully for another half mile down the tree lined narrow road only to stop at a third gate. There was a keypad on a post next to the side of the road. Dixie leaned out and entered a series of number and the gate swung open. After we had driven through it, I looked back to see it automatically close. I was beginning to wonder what kind of ranch this was.

Before I could ask, we exited the narrow road into a large well-lit parking area surrounded by a high wooden fence. In three feet tall letters I read, "WNR," below that in much smaller lettering was, "Western Nudist Ranch."

Now I had the answer to my question, so what do I do with it? It also explains the casual way Chris and Dixie both dressed and the lack of tan lines on both of them.

There were only a few cars in the lot so Dixie parked near a small gate to the side of the lettering.

Shutting off the engine, she announced, "We have arrived."

To which I replied, "Okay?"

Chris yelled, "Yeah! About time."

Dixie and I got out and headed for the back of the truck. Chris got out and headed for the gate. "Hold it right there, young lady!" Dixie said sharply. "Come back here and grab a load of this stuff."

Dixie looked over the assortment of stuff in the bed of the truck, theirs, and mine. Turning back to Chris, she said, "Never mind, go get one of the baggage carts. It looks like he has some stuff that needs to come inside too."

While Chris was gone, I explained I had just finished a job and had been headed home, so everything left over from the job was with me. The only thing that needed attention was the ice chest and my clothes, most of which were dirty. The rest of my stuff was boxed up and safe where it was.


With everything loaded, we rolled our gear through the gate and down a long wide sidewalk. There was a large older home to the left and several rows of cabins to the right. A large pavilion sat in an open area between. We stopped outside the pavilion and Dixie took a note and envelope off the bulletin board.

After reading the note, she said, "Three C. That's were we belong. It's over that way and to the right." She said to me.

Third row, third cabin to the left. It made sense to me. Each cabin was about one hundred feet from its nearest neighbor. Most of them looked to be twenty feet by forty feet and sat about two feet off the ground with a wide front and rear porch. The landscaping was plentiful and neat but open and airy.

There were trees scattered all along the sidewalks, which weren't straight but had gentle curves and were wide in places and narrow in other. There were wooden and or concrete benches scattered about, mostly around or near the wide places in the sidewalks.

At the cabin Dixie went up the steps and opened the door, turned on the inside and the outside light. The three of us moved everything inside and Chris went to return the cart to the gate.

The cabin was one large room with a small walled off area in the back right hand corner that I figured was the bathroom. The living room, dinning room, and kitchen took up the left half of the building with two short walled areas to the right that I took for sleeping areas. The walls were only five feet high. It made the cabin seem much larger than it was. There were large mirrors spotted around the room that added to the effect. Large windows dominated most walls.

Dixie started to move her and Chris's stuff into the front sleeping area and indicated that I move mine to the other. I took the ice chest to the kitchen and unloaded the contents into the refrigerator and freezer.

Chris returned carrying her dress, which brought a yell from Dixie in the sleeping area. "Young lady, you know the rules. We don't know if Greg has any problems with nudity. Get in here and get dressed."

"Oh, Mom. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a problem with naked people. Do you Mr. Smith?"

I looked from her to Dixie and back again. "No, I don't have any problems with nudity. I've been a closet nudist for most of my life. Naked strangers I might have some problem with as I've never been around it in any formal way."

Looking at Chris totally nude, I could feel my manhood stiffening. Turning toward Dixie, I continued, "I'd be afraid that looking at nude, beautiful ladies like you both might cause a reaction that I would find hard to control."

Dixie chuckled and Chris laughed. Dixie looked hard at her daughter. "Greg is our guest and hasn't been around our way of life so be nice and mind your manners. Now, go get a shower and into bed with you."

Chris headed toward the bathroom after tossing her dress over the low wall. I watched her walk away from me and marveled at the sway and wiggle of her hips. What the hell, I couldn't get any harder than I was right now.

I turned back to see Dixie taking her blouse off over her head. Her breasts though smaller than her daughters were quite nice. Pointy and up turned at the nipples, full and round where they met her chest. There was no sag there at all.

When she walked from behind the wall, I saw the skirt was gone also. She was shaved much as Chris was but with a smaller and narrower pattern. As she walked on toward the kitchen I couldn't help but note that her hip had an even more pronounced roll, wiggle, and sway than her daughters. In the kitchen she proceeded to unpack their ice chest and returned to the living room with a couple of cold beers.

Feeling totally over dressed and slightly like a fool with a hard on, I just stood in the middle of the room watching her. I guess I had a confused look on my face because as she handed me one of the beers she said, "Relax. Take a deep breath and relax."

She reached out, raised the bottom of my shirt, and looked down at the large bulge in the front of my Levies. "I'll take that as the ultimate compliment to me and my nymphet daughter. I had a feeling earlier that she was teasing or tormenting you. Relax, you're among friends, and if it will help, we will get dressed and stay that way. Only the other people here at the ranch won't be." She released the shirt, sat down in a chair, and crossed her long legs.

I took a sip of the beer and looked down at her, then took another long deep breath. "I think I'll be okay, you two need not change your life style because of me. I think I just need time to get used to the idea. I've got a pair of shorts in my bag that might make me feel more relaxed instead of totally over dressed."

I turned and headed for the bedroom and my bag. I stripped and slipped on the pair of dark blue nylon shorts I wore most of the time. I took my time doing all this and had finished half the beer by the time I returned to the living room. Dixie was nowhere in sight but Chris was curled up at the end of the couch.

"Hey, not a bad body for an older man." she said with a grin. "Mom's in the shower and I'm supposed to be nice and not stress you out anymore." Her voice dropped to a whisper. "I'd love to see what that tent pole looks like without the shorts."

I sat down in the chair where Dixie had sat earlier about the time she came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head. Entering the living room she sat down next to her daughter and whispered, "You whisper too loud, dear. Now go to bed." She finished loudly as Chris jumped. I chuckled and Chris stuck her tongue out at me.

"Oh, okay, I've been busted. Goodnight all." She stood up and headed toward the bedroom. Stopping by the wall, she said, "Mr. Smith, I didn't mean to be hurtful, I was just having fun. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Chris, and its Greg, Mr. Smith is my father and he's been dead for a long time." Chris went on to bed as Dixie got up and turned off the main lights and left a small light on in the kitchen.

"If you're ready for a shower there are towels, soap, and such in the bathroom. I think I'll go sit on the back porch and watch the sun come up. When you're through, bring a couple of beers and join me." Saying this she got up and walked to the back of the kitchen and out the door.


Under the hot shower I soaped up and washed my hair. By the time, I'd finished with my hair; my hard member had finally softened back to normal. As I soaped and washed my body, it started to raise its head again. When I washed it, I found it very sensitive and hardening rapidly. Wrapping the fingers of my right hand gentle around the hard flesh, I moved my fist up and down slowly.

Continuing this but with a slight twisting motion I was not long in reaching climax. I let the fluid fly in long ropy spurts as my legs shook and my knees went weak. I continued to lightly stroke myself as the great sensations slowly faded away. I rinsed the soap from my body and made sure the tub was clean before I turned off the water and started to dry off.

At the mirror I combed my hair and tried to remember the last time I had came that hard. I knew it had been a long time ago, probably back when I was married, the last time. Shrugging, I turned and picked up the shorts, then stood and looked at them for a long moment.

At my sleeping area I tossed the shorts on the bed and glanced over to where Chris was sleeping. She was curled up on her side under a sheet. I moved into the kitchen and snagged two beers. Opening one, I headed for the back porch.

Opening the back door, I first noticed the streak of gold along the horizon in front of me. Was it nearly daylight? That would be around six thirty? I had left my watch on the bed so I didn't know for sure. Dixie sat in a lawn chair with her feet propped up on the porch rail. I handed her the other beer and moved a chair over to sit next to her.

"Thanks, I was just about to give up on you and go get my own." She said looking over at me. "Well, I see you took care of your problem and decided to join us in the uniform of the day, Birthday suits and sandals." she finished with a chuckle.

"You might say I finally got a handle on it." I replied, emphasizing the word hand.

She laughed softly and said, "Sometimes that's what it takes. Been there and done that, myself."

Pausing a moment, she sighed and then she went on, "I just love this place. Chris and I have been slipping off up here for years. I guess it will be permanently now that her dad and I have spit up. Wayne has been offering me a staff job here for longer than I can remember. I'm just worried about Chris; she's gotten wilder and crazier lately."

She paused again and looked over at me. Shaking her head, she resumed, "Why am I laying all this on you? It's none of your concern and I've already taken advantage of your kindness way too much."

I sat looking at her in the lightening dawn and smiled. "You can take advantage of me at any time and in any way. You're really good people and those are hard to find. As for Chris, I think she is a lot like you in your younger days and that worries you. How long have you and your husband been apart?"

She looked over and laughed. "Do you mean physically, mentally or psychologically?"

When I didn't say anything, she continued, "We left yesterday afternoon while he was still at work, but he and I have been on the outs for years. I took up martial arts so I could defend Chris and myself from his physical abuse. The mental abuse was far worse; he had my self-esteem nearly down to zero. I had been working for about a year now and had saved a little money. I had it hid but he found it the other night and started in on Chris, and I. He threatened to kill Chris if I didn't quit work and buckle under to him. That was the last straw; we pack a few things and left."

She stared at the bright sunrise and a tear slowly ran down her cheek. I reached over and squeezed her shoulder gentle. "Sounds like you had the bad end of a worse deal. Things will be better in the long run. I could stick around and help you get your little truck fixed and up here. At least you'd have transportation for a while. Until he decides to stop paying for it or some such shit."

She wiped her eyes and looked over at me. "Thanks, but you've done enough for us. You don't need to be involved in my mess. Anyway, I was thinking about calling and telling him where it was and that he could have it. I'm just worried that he'll find Chris and take his sick revenge out on her."

"We could drive over to Bryan or even into east Texas and call him. I assume you have caller ID, or I could call him from Austin and say I found the truck abandoned. That would confuse him either way." I said thinking aloud.

Still looking at me she laughed. "You have a devious mind, is that good or bad?"

"Neither actually, just age and experience." I replied with a smile. "I've tried to help ladies in distress before but always ended up with rusty armor. I know for a fact what I'm wearing now won't rust. I might get shriveled or sun burnt but not rusty." I finished with a laugh.

She tilted her head to the side slightly and smiled. "You know, I believe that part about helping people. I don't think it necessarily has to be a lady, just someone in need." She looked back at the sunrise and stood up stretching, a glorious sight from my point of view.

Turning she asked, "How does breakfast sound?"

"Great, but I didn't see a whole lot to fix in the ice box."

She laughed. "I didn't say anything about cooking. There's a small community dinning room at the pavilion that should be open shortly. Let's grab a towel and see what's going on."

"A towel?" I asked.

"Oh, I forgot, you don't know the rules. Anytime you're in the public areas and sit down; you sit on your towel. Public dress is usually a small waist or handbag, sandals, and a towel, sunglasses, and hats are optional. Being new here and a guest, you could even wear your shorts to begin with. Clothing is an option, not a necessity. It depends a lot on the weather and what you're doing or even your mood."

She paused, grinned, and continued, "I normally wear a tee shirt to meals. It's embarrassing to drag a tit through the oat meal or eggs."

I had to chuckle at that mental picture. "Well, I think I'll chance it with just the towel. I can always wrap it over my lap if I get messy... with my meal."


Going back through the house, we grabbed a pair of towels and Dixie checked on Chris. We walked slowly back toward the pavilion just enjoying the cool beautiful early morning. We saw several people sitting on their porches drinking coffee, all of them waved as we passed. All were nude. I was mentally coming to grips with this no clothing and stranger's thing. It wasn't a sexual thing, just a freedom from covering the body.

At the pavilion we went through a short serving line and had no trouble finding a place to sit, there were only two other people there. They were an older couple and they waved us over to join them. Dixie introduced me to Wayne and his wife, Kaye.

Wayne was a big guy, still in good shape even for his age. From the gray in his hair and beard and the lines in his face, I judged his age as early sixties. Kaye on the other hand was small and trim, even in the oversized tee shirt she was wearing. She appeared quite a bit younger than Wayne.

As we sat down, I remembered to sit on my towel. Wayne asked Dixie. "From your call yesterday, I take it you're ready to go to work here?"

Dixie told him what she had told me earlier only in more detail, then went on to explain who I was and about the problems with the truck. Wayne told her not to worry; he had a member in that area that had a wrecker service and garage. He was sure that the guy would take care of her vehicle and call when it was ready.

Then they got down to discussing Dixie's job. I got the feeling that both Wayne and Kaye were happy that Dixie was out of the mess she had been in and had a real job for her, not just something to help her out. She would be teaching martial arts and exercise classes three days a week. The pay was minimal but room and board went with it. They would even find something for Chris to do if she wanted to work. Good staff was hard to find, I found out.

When they were through discussing Dixie's job, Wayne turned to me and said, "Sounds like you were a life saver and a Good Samaritan to boot. Kaye and I would like to welcome you and I'll make you up a membership card if you want it, at no charge. People who help people are always welcome and needed here. You'll find that nudists for the most part are nice, friendly, helpful people. They're not encumbered by the trappings of society as a whole."

He paused a moment and looked over at Kaye. "Okay, okay, don't kick me again, I'll get off my soap box." He said to her, before he turned back to me. "Sorry, I get carried away about our lifestyle sometimes."

Kaye laughed and said, "That's an understatement if I ever heard one. Wayne was a late starter to nudism; he was the suit and tie, even at home type. His wife passed away, then he met me, and I shook his world up completely. I took him to a nudist resort one time and created a monster. Within two years he had bought this land with the old house and built everything else. The day we opened for business he burned every suit he owned. Now I have to remind him to dress before he goes into town." Again she laughed, and then leaned over for Wayne to kiss her.

"I'm starting to understand it myself." I said. "This is my first time to be nude around strangers but I'm enjoying myself and getting the hang of it. I'll accept your membership on one condition. If you need help with anything around here just ask, I'm pretty handy with tools. Kind of a jack of all trades and a master of none."

"Don't worry." Kaye said quickly. "He's not shy about asking for help with work around here and there's plenty of it, believe me."

"Speaking of which," Wayne said, "we need to get back to the office and try to get the computer system back on line. We have a big weekend ahead; it's the Nude Day Celebration and no way to sort our bookings except by hand. Many of our clients use the E-mail to make reservations or to check if we're full. We also use it for a newsletter and to advertise special event. We really have a hard time keeping the system up and running as neither of us are too bright when it comes to this new fangled stuff."

I had to laugh. "I think we have a winner right here. Believe it or else, I'm pretty much a self-taught computer geek. It's probably the closest thing to a mastery of a trade I have."

Wayne and Kaye looked at each other and then at Dixie and everyone looked at me. "Well, I'll be damned." Wayne said. "When things go right, they go right for everyone. Can you come up to the office and take a look; any help would be deeply appreciated."

I chuckled and answered, "Sure, it's no problem."


Dixie headed back to the cabin to check on Chris and to get a nap, while I went to the office with Wayne. Kaye had to get back to the kitchen.

The computer system was old and out of date for the stuff it was being used for. It had been overloaded and locked itself up. I ended up having to shut it down and reboot. As it did, I checked the setup files and made a couple of changes that should help. Once it was back up, I checked the auto execute and system files. There were several small problems that were easily fixed. Once I was finished, I shut it back down and rebooted it again.

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