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The Roommate


"Vikki are you planning on going out with Chris tonight," my bff asked?

"Yes I am you knew we were going out tonight," I said.

"Good, I want you to introduce me to his roommate," she blurted.

"Kim I do not even know him, I have never seen him, just heard about him from Chris," I said.

She blurted, "Sheila said he was RAD."

"Consider the source Kim," I said.

Kim asked, "are you planning on coming home tonight?"

"Probably not we are going to a party then probably back to Chris's place," I said.

Stepping into the shower I was still not sure what I was going to wear to the party. I wanted my dress to be mischievously hot driving Chris crazy wanting to rip it off my body. I had not seen him in almost a month I wanted the evening and sex to be perfectly wicked. The hot water had steamed everything in my room. I had not realized how hot the water had been on my body while thinking about what I was going to do to Chris. I wiggled into a sexy pair of pink panties, an extremely short off the shoulders lil ruched silver dress. I knew Chris would love this dress the zipper goes all the way to my butt, making it easy to slip to the floor when he desires to slip it off me. Five inch heels, a lil pink lip gloss, and Chanel in the right spots finished off the perfect outfit for the evening.

Chris looked deviously handsome when I opened the door, our eyes roaming our bodies as our lips met in a hot, wet, long kiss.

When our kiss broke our eyes met, he said, " Vikki, I have missed you."

I said, "I have missed you too."

Our lips met again in a passionate kiss that made my knees weak with the desire to fuck him. I led him from the door up the stairs to my bed room, backing away I slipped out of my dress and heels. Laying on the bed next to him brought memories of how exceptional he could be in bed, His hands roaming over my body his lips tasting every inch of my body until he nestles them between my legs tasting my wet center. His hands spreading me as wide as possible his tongue driving my desire crazy with lustful wanting. My orgasm was building with each second all the time him knowing the exact second to lift himself onto me then wrapping and slipping his hot cock into me. Every milli inch slipping in me brings moans of desire and attacks my orgasm with a flurry of fast, hard strokes.

"Oh fuck yes Fuck me Fuck me Fuck me," I screamed.

Chris fucked me harder stroking my pussy as hard as possible. Our bodies became in sync with each other the sounds seeping from us and the slapping of our bodies together making perfect sex music. My orgasm demanded my body to obey its every desire to maximize my the pleasure given to me by Chris. My back arched my nails dug into Chris's back every muscle in my body began to quiver, and my screams of orgasm began to echo through my condo and neighborhood. We lay still until my orgasm had subsided then Chris began to stroke me slowly and deeply into my now orgasm emptied being. Our bodies became in sync again now focused on making him experience the pleasure of orgasm. I pushed him off me, then mounted his now throbbing cock, fucking him with complete control. I brought him to the brink and backed off, stopping then starting the movements of my hips driving him crazy.

I leaned to his ear and whispered. "Baby I need to taste your cum."

Slipping off his cock, I began to kiss down his body my hands slipped to his cock stroking and slipping the condom off. I took him into my mouth cutting my eyes up to meet his. I began to slide my lips from the base of the shaft to the tip of the crown of his beautiful cock. Slowly at first then quicker and with more suction, over and over. When I sucked his balls into my mouth one at a time letting the suction make a sexy lil pop sound, his moans of pleasure became growls of the impending release. I slipped his cock deep into my mouth as his growls became intently focused on his release. His taste of thick honey berry with pure devilish zest of sex filled my mouth and dribbled down my chin. I moved up his body to share his taste with him in a long cum sharing kiss.

I bounded out of the bed pointing at Chris saying, "Holy shit you are so good I have missed that, but you have to take me to a party right now so get your ass up."

The party was in down town Dallas at an upscale, trendy open loft high rise apartment. Chris was not telling who, or how he got an invitation to this party. It was a beautiful 25th floor loft with massive tinted windows on one side and murals on the other three walls. The murals would be considered pornography if seen on the side of a freight train, but considered art in this setting. The furnishing were specifically trendy with comfort being the least of importance. The view of the skyline of Dallas was the most impressive part of the condo. I could imagine waking every day with the warmth of the sun streaming into my bed. The music was loud, and the guest mostly made up of the so called angular beautiful socialites of Dallas. Men dressed in Dallas casual and the women dressed to the nines. I went to the kitchen area to get a Patron' leaving Chris talking to a fake blond, fake boobed Dallas socialite at the window.

"Hi beautiful what would you like to drink," I heard a voice ask?

I turned and said, "Patron' with a salted rim."

As the night wore on the party got wilder, and a bit on the if one wants it get it right here side of life. The only closed area was the bathroom, a highly popular area not only as a relief area but it became a bit snowy in that area. Chris and I were watching a couple make out against the window whispering to each other about which one will chicken out of doing it the girl or guy. Later in the evening after the snowy area had come out of hiding, the party got revved into the stratosphere. We did find out we were both wrong on which would chicken out, after a lil snowy enforcement they resumed the making out then her skirt lifted and his pants dropped. When the show ended I began to hint to Chris I had enough of this Dallas uptown crowd, and I needed to fuck him but not at the party.

Chris asked,"Would you like to take something as a party favor?"

I knew what he was referring to but asked, "What do you think they would give you for a party favor?"

"I will do the trick if you want it," he said.

I said, "I would say yes."

When Chris returned he took my hand leading me to the car as I was asking, "What did you get as a parting gift?"

He said, "You will find out when we get home."

We fell into the living room locked in a long kiss that had started when we got out of the car. The TV was the only thing illuminating the room. All of a sudden I heard someone say "Hi." It came from the couch Chris's roommate laying on the couch in only jeans, by that time Chris and I were in the kitchen. I was watching Chris form the lines of snow on a plate with a knife then I focused on the roomie. Oh fuck I thought, Sheila was right he is RAD. His chest and 6 pac are perfect in every way. Chris quickly introduced Sid, and I, then rolled a bill for me to indulge in the treat he had gotten me. After the treat had been consumed, Chris began to kiss me his hands roaming all over my body the zipper pulled down causing my dress to fall from my hips. I stepped out of my dress and heels just as Chris led me into his room. I turned and waved to Sid as we walked past the couch.

I wiggled out of my panties as I was helping Chris get his pants off, so I could suck that hot cock. I was floating on snow as I attacked Chris's cock. He began to moan as my attack was working its magic. I could also faintly hear the TV and see the changing illumination coming from the door. We had not shut when we came into the room. I began to stroke his cock faster with my hands holding the head of his cock in my mouth, letting my tongue swirl around the head. He began to moan louder as his moans grew ever louder I was sucking him harder wanting his cream inside my mouth. I pulled him down on the bed and took all of his hot cock into my mouth, holding him as deep as possible for as long as possible. I was sucking his cock until I felt the quivering of his impending explosion. His creamy, warm cum filled my mouth, sliding smoothly down my throat as I swallowed all of it. I was flying my pussy was begging for attention, and my body was on fire for orgasmic release. Chris rolled me onto my tummy then began to stroke my pussy and ass with his hand from behind. His mouth trailed down my spine to my ass and pussy his tongue exploring me from behind. His hands spread my cheeks letting him slip his tongue around my ass then his fingers slipped into my pussy. I was moaning constant moans of desire. His fingers being inside me and his tongue working my ass over brought me to the edge of orgasm. He slipped his pussy soaked fingers from my pussy to my butt, slipping them one at a time inside my ass. I was flying on a snow covered orgasm not coming down and not wanting it to end. My body was in uncontrollable and everlasting spasms of lust. Chris pulled his fingers from my ass raised me to my knees then wrapped his cock and replaced his fingers with that hot cock. He went slowly at first until he buried his cock all the way into my ass, the pain oozing out of my mouth in moans and squeals of pleasure mixed with pain. He began to stroke me hard and deep, then slid out of my ass then buried his cock into my pussy. He went back and forth from pussy to ass and ass to pussy. The pain when he slammed his cock in my ass mixed with the raw pleasure of him fucking my pussy made my orgasm escape with a loud scream at the top of my lungs.


I crumpled to the bed he rolled me over kissed me and slipped his still hard throbbing cock into my pussy. We started to fuck each other in a harmonic rhythm spurred on by the cocaine yet delivered by the lustful bodies linked together. His grunts became loud as his cock spasmed with joy as he released into the condom. Slipping down his body, I removed the condom to extend his pleasure by licking him clean with my tongue. We lay in silence listening to the sounds of the TV coming from the living room. I could not stay still for long the two lines had made me hyper horny I needed more, wanted more, and was going to make him give me more. His tongue tracing my nipples as his hand rubbed my clit seduced my illicit horny self into a state of needing another orgasm as he slipped his tongue to my pussy. He slowly ate my pussy making it seem as I was on a slow boat heading for orgasm island making me long to be on that island right that second. My moans and body temperature were maxing out when my orgasm escaped my body with loud moans of illicit nasty words. Sliding up my body, we spooned as I was trying to come down he slipped off to the land of sleepy time. I could not sleep I was still floating on the residual of the passionate sex and the snow. I also had to have something to drink I would have given my kingdom for a Diet Coke at that moment. I slowly slipped from the bed put his shirt on then walked into the living room.

The TV was still on Sid was still watching it only now he had nothing on except his undies. I told Sid I needed a drink and walked past him to the kitchen. The ice water tasted so good sliding down my throat to my tummy. I jumped when I noticed Sid standing in the kitchen asking for a drink of my water. I handed him the glass and watched him drink from the glass. He said nothing placed the half empty glass on the counter as our eyes met he placed his hands on each side of my waist lifting me onto the counter. Sid unbuttoned the buttons on the shirt I had buttoned, and slid his hands to slip it off my shoulders exposing my body to his wants and desires. When we kissed his hands spread my legs as he walked between them. My hands searching down his hot chest and tummy to the waist of his tight whites. His tongue licking my nipples his hands touching my inner thighs made me moan of pleasures I was about to receive. His hands rubbing my clit and pussy while my hands slipped his undies down exposing his massive cock. Our lips met again as his hands slipped to my ass bringing me to the very edge of the counter, his cock now resting on my thigh. He guided his cock into my wetness, a little at a time until he was deep inside me. He began to fuck me long slow strokes his cock almost slipping out as he stroked me. Locked in a kiss our tongues battling as our bodies entwined in a lustful fucking experience. Leaning back, I could watch his dick slide in and out of my pussy the image brought sighs of impending orgasmic bliss to my moans of pleasure. As he fucked me harder I began to orgasm, my back arched, my nails dug into his chest, and my moans became loud. I came all over his cock he smiled knowing the pleasure he had given me. He slipped out of me picked me up from the counter then took me to his bed. Laying on his bed, he mounted me again this time slamming his cock deep into my creamy wetness. Fucking me deeper and harder than before was making me experience small but linked orgasms over and over. His breathing became erratic fucking me harder his moans of pleasure filled the room when his cum filled my pussy. He lay on me while his cock softened after it slipped out he made a trail with his tongue down my tummy to my pussy. He began kissing my thighs and clit while spreading my lips letting the juice ooze out to trickle down my crack. His tongue licked it off me as he buried his tongue deep between my legs. He delivered an outstanding orgasm while tasting the flavor we had made then moved to my lips to share the taste in a long erotic kiss. I could feel his the hardness of his cock against my leg wanting to fuck me again. My hand guided his cock into my wet sex our sweaty bodies began another orgasmic dance. It seemed as we fucked for hours lost in a sexual abyss we had created. Until a shared orgasmic dance began, it seemed like we each threw up half of a million piece jig saw puzzle in the air with all the pieces scattered but, all coming to land in perfect order with a shared orgasm pictured. Our spastic movements began with our orgasms running into each other in my sex, his juices exploding with mine then becoming ours. We lay motionless in a mixture of sweat and juices entwined as one.

"Take me home," I whispered in his ear.

I slipped to Chris's room to retrieve my panties and to the kitchen for my dress and heels while Sid dressed. While giving Sid directions to my condo, I began to rub his cock through his jeans. His cock came to life in seconds after fucking me just 5 minutes ago making me tease him about being a satyr.

"He was laughing as he said, "I am not a satyr, but I can get it up anytime I want." Then went on to say, "I can keep it hard after I cum too."

I whispered in his ear, " I can make it go down when I want."

I struggled to unbutton and unzip his jeans as he was driving. When I took his cock into my mouth, he moaned of the delight he was receiving. My head was bobbing up and down as my lips were slipping up and down on his cock. I could taste myself on his cock as I slipped the head out of my mouth and kissed up the bottom of his hard throbbing shaft. My lips sliding up and down the bottom of the shaft while the tip of my tongue was riding on the throbbing vein on the bottom of his cock. I took all of his cock deep into my mouth and throat sucking hard while slipping up and down then popping the suction hard with my tongue. His moans became louder when I licked the pee hole as the slick, clear precum began to ooze from his throbbing cock. We were at the light down the street from my neighborhood QT when his cum splashed into my mouth moans of "Oh fuck that feels so good." came from his mouth. I swallowed his bitter sweet, thick, creamy sexy tasting cum as I raised from his lap.

"Turn into QT," I said.

I noticed the clock on the dash as I was slipping out of his car 4:30 am. I straightened my dress then walked to the drink Isle to get a Diet Coke. When Sid joined me in the drink isle our lips met in a long hot, sexy kiss. When the kiss broke I noticed no one else was in the store other than the clerk, she was occupied behind the counter. I kissed him again this time I moved my hands to unbutton and unzip his jeans, then went down on him. He was hard again within seconds I sucked his cock in and out a couple times then licked up the bottom. Standing up I picked up my Diet Coke and headed to the counter, I told the clerk he would pay pointing at Sid as I walked out. I was in the car when Sid joined me laughing and cussing me at the same time. I kissed him on the cheek while slipping my hand between his legs feeling his hard through his jeans.

"Don't worry baby we are almost home, I am going to fuck your brains out when we get there." I said.

As we pulled into my drive way he said, "I am impressed if this is your condo."

"Then be impressed baby." I said.

Walking in the door, I took his hand led him to the living room then kissed him when the kiss broke I said, "This is where I watch tv and hang on my computer."

Walking into the kitchen, I kissed him when the kiss broke I said, "This is where I love to fuck."

Walking into the downstairs bathroom i kissed him when the kiss broke I said, "This is the room I never come into."

Walking up the stairs then into my bedroom, I kissed him when the kiss broke I said, "This is where I sleep and fuck sometimes."

Walking into my bathroom, I kissed him when the kiss broke I said, "This is where I shower and fuck sometimes."

Opening the french doors that lead to the balcony then stepping onto the balcony our lips met in a long, sweet kiss, when the kiss broke I said, "This is where I want you to fuck me right now."

The stars twinkling in the sky along with the light coming from the opened doors and the hot summer breeze made for a perfect early morning sex liaison. Standing on the balcony our lips locked in a kiss making my knees weak and my sex wetter. Sid's hands wondered over my body in search of the zipper to release my body to his desires. I stepped out of my dress and heels just before I slipped down to unbutton his jeans, unzip his pants and take his hot, hard cock into my mouth. I began to help him out of his jeans and shirt as I was sucking his cock. My head now bobbing faster and faster as I took his cock all the way in my mouth. My sex was dripping with the desire to fuck him again. He pulled my lips to his lips then in one motion laid me on the lounger slipping his cock deep into my wet pussy. We became one entity fucking each other as hard as we each could fuck. The breeze seemed to amplify our moans of impending orgasms and the sounds of our bodies slapping together as we fucked. All the sounds seemed to echo off the glass windows making them feel charged with naughty cosmic energy captured from the energy of us fucking. He slipped out of me turned me over pulled my hips up then slammed his cock into my waiting pussy from behind. He cock was going deeper and harder with every stroke, my moans of "Oh yes," became constant. I was on the edge when he began to spank my ass I began free falling into the orgasmic bliss he had provided me. Soon after my orgasm subsided his movements became wildly uncontrollable as his cock was spewing sperms into my wet pussy. We lay side by side our juices trickling out of me while we watched the sun come up. When the neighbors began coming out on their balconies to have coffee it was time for Sid, and I to move inside leaving the doors open, so we could enjoy the warmth of the sun while laying on my bed. We were talking about him spending the day with me as I drifted to sleep in his arms.

When I awoke, he was gone I was naked laying on my bed with the French doors wide open. I closed the doors went to adjust the thermostat then went to the bath room to pee I was about to pee all over myself. I was pouting when I found he had taken a shower and not invited me. I looked outside his truck was gone so i slipped into the shower thinking he didn't wanna spend the day with me. The hot water felt wonderful on my body I had crashed from the snow high and was in need of a massage. I stepped out of the shower wrapped a towel around me, and my hair then headed down stairs to get something to drink, It startled me when I saw him in my kitchen.

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