tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Rough Night

The Rough Night


The night started badly: I was late for work and I ran down the hallway barefooted, my heels in one hand and my car keys in the other, still tugging up my panties and straightening my skirt. My hair was wet and stray red strands stuck to my face. I was pretty sure my lipstick was crooked.

I reached the elevator and slipped my stockinged feet into my shoes while I waited for it to arrive. The bell rang; the doors slid open and I went inside and pushed the button for the car park, fixing my makeup in the mirrored door while we dropped down the twenty stories of my high-rise building.

The bell rang again and the door opened onto the third floor gym and three men entered the lift, all heavyset muscular guys in gym clothes, red and sweaty from a workout. They looked me up and down and I stepped to the side of the elevator. Then one of them spoke.

'Donna!' I turned and realized that one of the men was Raymond.

'Hi,' I replied.

'You don't look pleased to see me.' He looked me up and down again and rubbed his crotch. 'You remember our arrangement?'

I sighed inside. I lost a high-stakes hand of poker to Raymond a week ago – since I didn't have the money to cover my debt I had to pay a penalty and let the rest of the poker table fuck me up the ass (I was playing against six guys, but I had four aces! What was I going to do?). Ray was too drunk to collect at the time and since my butt still ached after getting pounded by the other five guys I'd been dodging him ever since.

'I remember Ray,' I said, 'But I'm really late for work. Maybe I could call you tomorrow?'

'Bullshit,' he said. 'A bets a bet and I'm collecting right now.'

'Gimme a break,' I pleaded. He shook his head.

'Fuck you Donna. When I lost to you I had to clean your fucking car in a French maids outfit. Now it's payback time.'

The elevator door dinged and slid open. Raymond grabbed a fistful of my hair and led me to the car park.

'C'mon guys,' he called to his friends. 'This one's on me.'

He marched me over to my car, pushed me face-down on the front hood and tugged my skirt up over my waist. One of his friends whistled.

'Check out that butt,' he said. 'She can't be a day over eighteen. Man, this is gonna be sweet.'

Ray slapped my ass and I felt a red, stinging palm mark on it. Then he tugged my panties down around my knees.

'Who wants to go first?'

'C'mon Ray,' I pleaded, my face pushed down onto the cold steel. 'I don't have time for all three of you.'

'Shut up slut.' Ray slapped my ass again, harder. I yelped and bit my lip.

'Let's give this little bitch a break,' said one of his friends – a black guy. 'Turn her round like this.'

Ray grabbed my hair and spun me round. He sat down on the car bonnet and pulled me onto his lap – I could smell his sweat and feel his cock pushing between my ass cheeks.

The other two guys tugged down their sweatpants and stroked their cocks – they were rock hard already. The black guy grabbed my knees and spread my legs wider.

'Let's have a taste of that little jail bait pussy', he said. 'You ready Ray?'

'Just a second.' I felt Rays cock pushing against my asshole – it was too tight and dry and he couldn't get it in.

'Dammit Ray! Didn't you even get your cock wet?'

'Shut the fuck up,' he snapped, pushing at my anus with his thumb. 'Somebody gag this bitch.'

The third guy grabbed my hair and pulled me over onto my side, pushing his cock up against my mouth. I parted my lips to cry out and he stuffed his cock deep into my mouth, muffling my words.

Ray had the head of his cock inside my ass – the muscles around the opening were slowly loosening but he kept forcing it deeper and deeper, tearing my tender little ass open. The black guy used his fingers to roughly part my pussy lips then shoved his cock inside.

'Let's get a rhythm going.' he said. They fucked me slowly, at first, then when they had their timing right – the black guy and Ray thrusting in, forcing my mouth down onto the other guys cock – they sped up. My hips started bucking back and forward with their thrusts – my pussy started to feel hot and wet, even though my ass hurt like hell; and I closed my eyes and started to enjoy the situation.

I don't know why I opened my eyes again – I just had the sense someone was watching me. A figure stood at the far end of the car-part, about twenty feet away, silently observing. My eyes struggled to focus – I could feel an orgasm coming and it was a little hard to concentrate – and I realized it was the Rita, the building owner: a business-woman in her forties who I sometimes went clothes shopping with. Our eyes locked and she stared at me open mouthed. I didn't want her to see me like this and I struggled to free myself but Ray had my arms pinned behind me and I couldn't call out because my mouth was full of cock.

The black dude was pinching my nipples through my shirt and calling me a slut, the guy fucking my mouth pushed my head back and slid his cock deeper down my throat – my lips were covered with lipstick, drool and pre-cum. My eyes slid back and I screamed as the orgasm hit.

'I think she likes it Ray.'

Ray pulled my head back and hissed in my ear: 'You like that, slut?'

I nodded, still screaming. I opened my eyes – Rita was still standing there watching; two more people stood behind her: the Laskers who lived on my floor. I baby-sat their daughter on weekends.

The black guy squeezed my tits even harder when he came and I could feel his sperm splashing against the walls of my cunt. I screamed and came again, bucking my hips wildly. Ray grunted and thrust his cock deeper up my ass, filling it with his hot semen.

'Spray her face Lou,' he told the guy fucking my mouth. Lou pulled his cock out and shot several jets of creamy warm sperm all over my face. I was still cumming so hard I barely noticed.

Ray and the black guy pulled their cocks out of me (soft popping sounds) and walked away, laughing and high-fiving each other. I lay on the car bonnet, panties around my knees with my legs spread; cum, saliva and lipstick smeared all-over my face; tiny rivers of cum dribbling out of my pussy and ass, trickling down the red steel hood of the car.

When I stopped shaking I took a deep breath and rolled to one side and sat forward, brushing back a strand of cum-plastered hair from my face. Rita and the other spectators were gone; the car-park was deserted.

I took off my panties and used them to wipe up some of the cum from my ass and pussy; I had a bottle of water in the car so I splashed some on my face and wiped the cum off my lips and eyelids; unlocked my car and fixed my makeup in the rear-view mirror and then sped off to work leaving my panties in a soiled heap in the carpark.

There was already a queue outside 'Justine's'; the bar I work at three nights a week (I'm a med-student in my fourth year; the bar work and baby-sitting pays my tuition.) The bouncers smiled at me and Karl, the head of security, tapped his watch. I gave my keys to a valet and hurried through the door, stopping to kiss Karl on the cheek.

I checked myself out in the full-length mirror inside the doorway and I have to say, I looked pretty hot for a girl who had (basically) just been gang-raped. I was wearing my waitress uniform – and since Justine's is owned by a guy with a school-girl fetish this consisted of a tight white shirt with push-up bra underneath, tight black knee-high skirt and black stockings; I wore my hair up with a few auburn strands falling forward over my face. I blew myself a cherry-lipsticked kiss.

'Good evening Donna.' The bar owner, Billy Glass, an ex-footballer, ex-con millionaire materialized behind me. I turned around.

'You're forty minutes late.'

'I know,' I said. 'I had a really bad day . . .'

'Under the terms of your contract you're liable to forfeit your salary this evening.'

I groaned inwardly and Glass smiled. We both knew where this was going.

'Please Mr Glass,' I begged. 'I need this money.'

'I'm sorry,' he said, pretending to look sad. 'But there's really nothing I can do. I have to set an example . . .'

'Maybe there's something I can do,' I said.

He raised an eyebrow. Jerk.

'Such as . .?'

I cast my eyes down and put my hands behind my back, pushing my breasts forward. He flicked his eyes up and down my body.

'Maybe I could come and see you next week some time?'

Glass took out his PDA and checked his calendar. 'I think you'll have to see me twice to make up for this Donna,' he said. 'Thursday and . . . the Friday after that. You'll need some time to recover.'

I gulped and nodded. 'Yes Mr Glass.'

He smiled. 'I'll see you then.'

Glass is a serial sadist, and I'd just signed on for two twelve hour B&D sessions in his soundproofed state-of-the-art penthouse dungeon downtown. He's into submission – his latest thing is to drug his victim so she can't move or speak, but can only lie there helpless as Glass rapes and tortures her. I like being tied up and whipped as much as the next girl but Glass was beyond the pale. My only hope was that there would be a couple of other girls there (there usually are) for him to spread the sadism around. I needed a drink.

'Hiya gorgeous!' Kim, a hot little Chinese sex-kitten who works behind the bar came up and kissed my cheek. I kissed her back and she brushed her arm against my breast. She's a terrible flirt.

'Is that cum I can smell on your breath?' She asked, grinning, pretending to be shocked. I winked.

'Maybe. Give me a tequila shot,' I said; she poured me out a glass and I knocked it back.

Then I went to work.

Justine's is a suit bar – we get lawyers, traders, venture-capitalists ect. It's a members only club and only the wealthy get an invite. The clients are all big tippers and I earn ten times as much here as I would at a regular bar.

The catch, of course, is that here when a client grabs your ass you lower your eyes and thank him, and when someone invites you to the back room with them you don't have the option of saying no.

I picked up a drinks tray and worked the main room for a few minutes, serving martinis and making small talk; then a Slavic-looking guy in his mid-thirties tapped me on the shoulder and I led him upstairs into a dimly lit room with a stock-bar in one corner; the walls lined with mirrors.

I sank onto my knees and as soon as I started sucking his cock I knew he wasn't going to take long – his balls were heavy and swollen. He ran his hands through my hair and muttered something in Russian before blowing his load in my mouth. I gulped it down and smiled.

'Thank you,' I said.

He opened his eyes, looked down at me and sneered.

'You're a dirty whore,' he said deliberately.'

'Thank you sir.'

He gave me a cruel smile and then stood up and spat on my face.

'Thank you,' I said again, licking the spit off my chin. I thought he was going to hit me, but he turned and left instead.

'Knock knock.' Kim stood in the doorway tugging her panties back up. She straightened her skirt. I knelt on the floor fixing my lipstick.

'Come on in,' I said. 'You want a drink?'

'Love one,' she sat down on the black velvet seat in front of me and crossed her legs. 'I just blew half a bachelor party. You?'

'Just some jerk in a suit.'

I crossed to the bar and poured a finger of brandy into a glass and passed it to her. She sighed and kicked her feet against the base of the chair.

'What's wrong hun?'

'I'm bored,' she said, pouting. 'And horny. I've sucked off a dozen guys tonight and my pussy hasn't seen any action at all.'

'Ssshh.' I said, putting my finger to my lips. I could hear the sound of voices from the next room.

'Who is it?' I whispered.

Kim shrugged. 'Turn the light out,' she said. 'The mirrors are two way.'

I did as she said. Through the mirror we could see into the adjacent room and dimly make out a tall slim blond girl in a waitress outfit talking to two well-built black guys.

'Who is it?'

Kim peered into the gloom. 'I think it's Belinda,' she said, screwing up her face.

'Who's she?'

'New girl. She started last week. She's a real fucking princess.'

'How so?'

'Her family is loaded. She's just working here for the sex.' Kim rolled her eyes. 'I hate tourists.'

In the adjacent room the girl knelt down before one of the black guys while the other pulled down her panties and pushed his thumb into her pussy.

'Damn!' Kim hissed. 'How come her rich white pussy gets some action?'

I was getting turned on by the scene on the other side of the mirror. I turned to Kim.

'If you stop bitching for a minute you might get some action yourself.'

Kim raised her eyebrows and uncrossed her legs.

I sank down onto my knees, pushed Kim's red silk dress up to her waist and pulled her panties down around her thighs. She took a bottle of vodka out of the ice-tray and slid the tip inside her pussy, rubbing her juices on the neck, then she held it down to my mouth and I sucked on it greedily. She tipped the vodka bottle and I swallowed back a mouthful of booze, then pushed my cold tongue deep into her hot, tight pussy.

'Fuck!' she said, and I felt her legs shudder.

She poured more of the frozen liquid into my mouth, and I flicked my icy tongue over her clit and pushed it into her asshole while I finger-fucked her pussy. She dug her sharp fingernails into the side of her head and gasped, moaning in Chinese as she came.

I was working back down in the bar when I met Belinda in person: she walked up and kissed me on the cheek. I was stunned by how pretty she was. She looked like a young Veronica Lake. I kissed her back and we exchanged names and agreed to meet for a drink after work.

See seemed a little annoying, a little nave; like one of those girls that runs for school president.

'I know we're going to be friends,' she told me, waving and disappearing back into the crowd.

'You want to watch out for her.'

I turned around and found myself facing Karl, the head of security (who I have a massive crush on).

'Hi Karl,' I purred, leaning pushing my breasts against him, running my hand between his legs and squeezing his cock (I'm not known for my subtlety).

'I'm serious,' he said. 'Be careful of that girl. Did you hear what happened to Katie?'

Katie was a drop-dead cute Irish girl with short red-hair and legs to die for. She worked at the club but I hadn't seen her round that night.


Belinda met her for a cocktail after work last night and drugged her drink. Katie passed out and Belinda took her to a bar down near the docks and pimped her out for four hours.'

My mouth dropped open in shock.

'No way!'

Karl nodded. 'She doesn't even need the cash,' he said. 'She just gets off on it.'

'She asked me to meet her for a drink tonight!'

'If I were you I'd stick to water.'

I narrowed my eyes. 'I'm going to do more than that.'

'Oh Belinda!'

She turned and smiled. Not a trace of malice on her flawless face. I slipped through the crowd, a dozen guys grabbing my (still sore) ass, and reached Belinda.

'Hi hun,' I said. 'Can you do me a favor?'

She put her hand on her hip. 'Sure.'

'You see that door over there?' I pointed over to a narrow hall at the end of the room, a large red door lay at the end of it.

Her brow furrowed. 'Isn't that the mens room?'

'Yeah. I'm looking for this Japanese guy who hasn't paid his bar bill. I'm going to check upstairs – can you stick your head in there and see if you can see him?'

She frowned. 'Why don't you ask one of the guys?'

'They're all busy. I'll take you one second.'

Belinda shrugged. 'I'll do it,' she said. 'What's his name.'

'His first name is Sew . . .'


'He's Japanese.'

'Oh yeah.'

'His last name is Makshin. Got it?

'Got it.'

'What are you laughing about?'

I leaned on the bar while Kim prepared my drink order. She was still grinning from the head I gave her earlier and I was happy because I'd just totally fucked Belinda over.

'I sent Belinda into the bathroom to look for a guy.'

Kim's mouth dropped open. 'The mens room?'

'Uh huh.'

'You evil fucking bitch!'

'It gets better,' I said. 'I told her to say she was looking for Sew Makshin.'

See, the mens room at Justine's is one of the worst kept secrets in town. The deal is that any girl who goes in there is public property for the rest of the night – as long as she stays in the mens room (and it's pretty hard to leave when there's a queue of thirty guys waiting to screw your brains out). Since no girl would ever go in there by accident if you say no or try to leave they just assume it's part of the game.

I've gone in a couple of times, when I was drunk and it was late, and I've never been fucked so hard by so many guys in my life! (And I was in a sorority for my first year of College.) It's not even midnight yet; Belinda has a VERY rough eight hours to look forward to.

'I think you should go get her,' Kim said, her face serious.

'No way,' I replied. 'Let her get what's coming to her.'

'She's just a dumb kid, Donna.' Kim set her jaw. 'If you don't go and get her then I will.'

I sighed and rolled my eyes.

'Fine.' I snapped. 'But if I spend the next eight hours getting gang-raped it's your fucking fault.'

'Oh please!' Kim replied. 'It's not like you wouldn't get off on it.'

I gave her the finger, turned and headed for the mens room door.

I stopped a tall, bald guy outside.

'Can you let me know if there's a young blond girl in there?' I asked. 'And if there is can you bring her out?'

The bald guy smiled. 'If there's a blond in there I'll fuck her brains out.'

'Maybe you could bring her out after you fuck her?' I suggested politely.

He shook his head. 'Wouldn't be fair to the others. 'Scuse me.'

He pushed the door open and started unbuttoning his fly. I could see a large group of guys gathered down the other end of the room.

'Are you going in there?'

I turned. A bunch of young frat-boy types in suits stood in the hall, looking me up and down expectantly.

'Sorry guys,' I said, shaking my head. Their faces dropped and they filed past me and through the door.

'Shit!' One of them said. 'Look at that crowd. That bitch's pussy is gonna be jello by the time we get a ride.'

The guy nearest me turned around. 'Let's just take this one.' He said. I started to back away but he reached out and grabbed my hand.

'Hey!' I squealed, stumbling forward.

'Come to Daddy,' he said, taking hold of me by the shoulder and dragging me forward into the room.

'Nooooo,' I cried, trying to wriggle away. They laughed and pulled me into the mens room. The door swung shut behind me.

The frat guys bundled me into a cubicle – one of them sat on the toilet and forced my mouth down onto his cock; someone tugged my panties down around my knees.

Here we go again, I thought. I felt someone's cock pressing against my pussy lips. But then . . .

'What the hell is this?' Said a very deep, very non-frat boy voice. The hand on my head disappeared and I pulled my mouth off frat-boys cock and looked around. A couple of black guys stood in the cubicle doorway.

'She's ours,' said the guy with his dick half-way inside my pussy.

'Fuck that,' said the lead black guy. 'She's in the mens room she's everyone's. Bring her into the open.'

Someone grabbed me by the neck and dragged me out of the cubicle and onto my knees in the center of the room. Belinda was there kneeling, looking scared but also excited. I felt another stab of jealousy – she was such a perfect little creature: her skin was pale and flawless, there wasn't a strand of her platinum blond hair out of place; her tits were large but firm; her slim waist tapered down to a finely toned ass and long slender legs.

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